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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: UK Bounty Hunter Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: UK Bounty Hunter Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston clings onto co-star Gerard Butler at the UK film premiere of The Bounty Hunter at London’s Vue West End on Thursday (March 11).

Jen, 41, sparkled in a Valentino mini-dress, Alexander McQueen tuxedo jacket, Fred Leighton jewels, strappy Jimmy Choo “Lance” sandals and a Ferragamo clutch. Gerry, 40, wore a Gucci “Signoria” suit.

The Bounty Hunter opens in theaters nationwide next Friday (March 19). Excited??

Don’t miss out on Jen and Gerry‘s steamy W cover!

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler premiering the Bounty Hunter in Britain…

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jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 01
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 02
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 03
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 04
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 05
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 06
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 07
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 08
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 09
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jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 11
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 12
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 13
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 14
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 15
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 16
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 17
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 18
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 19
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 20
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 21
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 22
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 23

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405 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: UK Bounty Hunter Premiere!”

  1. 1
    missy Says:

    she looks good.

  2. 2
    Isla Says:

    tight clothes, short skirt, same hair – what is different?

  3. 3
    Tina Says:

    They opened in London as Butler is popular – if they opened in the USA people would know what a crap film it is.

  4. 4
    Heidi Says:

    Another desperate woman using her relationships (real or imaginary) to get PR for her B-movies. Such a role model.

  5. 5
    RioNemesi Says:

    GORGEOUS rocking body :D

    can´t wait for the movie :D

    Thanks for more Jen JJ !!!!

  6. 6
    Marina Says:

    Why is she always so clingy? LOL It’s so predictable.
    Gerard looks great.

  7. 7
    Tim Says:

    I can’t stand her – I totally don’t get what is the attraction? She looks like a plastic American cougar. Plus all her whiny to the tabloids about how Pitt dumped her. Now wonder, even Mayer said she was boring and only wanted to stay home and pet the dog.

  8. 8
    JenRobot Says:

    I am a JenRobot. I will not believe anything bad about her. I will not believe the truth. I will only accept good things about her. I will buy tickets to all her movies. I will say she looks good no matter how old she is. I will worship an aging, smoking, fake tan, bleach blonde her B-actress who every man dumps because I am a JenRobot.

  9. 9
    lillyb Says:

    I FLOVE her. She looks great, like always!!!!

  10. 10
    Free Gerard Says:

    I think we should start the Free Gerard Campaign – to help Gerard get away from the aging tabloid star who will whine to the magazines about her ‘broken Bambi heart’ after he dumps her because she is boring and old. RUN GERARD RUN!

  11. 11
    why gerard why Says:

    Why won’t he just give in and date her? They would be perfect together. they are both orange too. maybe Tim is right, maybe she’s too boring for Gerard? Plus mayer said she is stuck i the 90s. By the looks of it I say he is right. She looks the same as she did ten years + ago.

  12. 12
    Lisa Says:

    Run Gerard Run!

  13. 13
    Vanessa Says:

    I agree on some comments above
    She is a pathetic case , clingy ….yuk !!!
    She is only in the MOST STUPID movies since shes plastic and dumbass

  14. 14
    Landy Says:

    Did anyone see Hulk Hogan raving about her? omfg! lmao He was going off about Brad leaving Jennifer. According to him, she’s very pretty and classy. I almost died laughing because that is precisely the kind of man who finds her appealing and classy! Confirms what I’ve always thought, she appeals to white trash. Has anyone seen his ex-wife?! omfg! I seriously hope she’ll hook up with him. They’ll look so good together.

  15. 15
    Lina Says:

    FREE GERARD!!!!!!!

  16. 16
    :) Says:

    Love her!!!! She looks Amazing!!!!

    Can’t wait for the movie :)

  17. 17
    :) Says:

    Love her!!!! She looks Amazing!!!!

    Can’t wait for the movie :)

  18. 18
    Molly Says:

    I love Aniston because I can relate to her. I am also a ‘past my sell by date’ woman who was dumped for a younger, better looking and more talented woman. I also refused to give my husband children as my body was more important than starting a family. I also spend a lot of money on my appearance and fake tan, bleach my hair and use botox. I also prefer to smoke rather than be healthy. I can also be emotionally manipulative and don’t take responsibility for my actions. I just wish I had all the magazines to take about my ex and what a jerk he is while acting like I am a victim.

  19. 19
    larra Says:



    Micro skirt as usual. I wonder if she has on a bra this time?

  20. 20
    Why gerard why Says:

    Sexual Napalm=Jessica
    likes to pet dogs and thinks it’s 1999= Jennifer
    I guess Jessica would be more Gerard’s speed. haha

  21. 21
    gossiphound Says:

    Gerry looks great – love all the new clothes the last week or so.

  22. 22
    Landy Says:

    Plus, Hulk Hogan could possibly make her look feminine… possibly.

  23. 23
    Tina Says:

    Who is dressing her? sometimes short is not always good, especially if you have short legs. With her figure, she should have worn a knee length tight dress to accentuate her shape. Here she looks boxy because the dress is too short.

  24. 24
    Jen Says:

    Hater’s can say what they want and give a thumbs down to my comment as they do to any positive comment about Jen, so predictable lol. But they both look gorgeous. I love Gerard he has such a cute smile and Jen looks very pretty as well.

  25. 25
    Landy Says:

    Just looked at a coupleof the pics, she has a bigger face than Gerard, not a flattering pairing for her.

  26. 26
    Vicky Says:

    She looks stunning. From her hair down to her shoes. She knows exactly what she looks good in and gets it totally right.

  27. 27
    Yuck! Says:

    YUCK – zoom in on her face – she has so many wrinkles and hair growing on her chin – just like a witch!

  28. 28
    Gina M. Says:

    Jen is so gorgeous! I’m only 38 and don’t look half as good as Jen who is 41! She can really wear clothes well especially the mini dresses! Her and Gerard are not dating, they are just good friends. The reason they aren’t dating is, I believe Gerard is bi-sexual and Jen probably doesn’t want to be involved with that situation. Jen is half Greek which is why you always see her with arms around her co-stars,,,,,it ‘s just a sign of affection. I’m Italian and I am a very touchy feely person also. Looking forward to seeing The Bounty Hunter. It looks hillarious!

  29. 29
    RT Says:


  30. 30
    JenRobot Says:


    I am a JenRobot. I will not listen to any negativity about my idol. I will not see the truth. I will buy tickets to all her movies. I am a JenRobot.

  31. 31
    Janeth Says:

    If you DON’T LIKE HER DON’T COMMENT you brain dead fat idiots!!!!!!!!!!!! They both look great and I can’t wait to watch the movie… And again if you don’t like her don’t waste your time commenting. GET A LIFE YOU FAT BITCHE*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 32
    JenRobot Says:

    . She is beautiful. She is ageless. She is fabulous. She always looks good. She is fierce. She is happy. She is wonderful. I am a JenRobot. I will not listen to any negativity about my idol. I will not accept the truth. I will buy tickets to all her movies. I am a JenRobot.

  33. 33
    unbelieveable Says:

    All the pathetic hateful animals r out of their cages I see. Oh well
    some things never change

  34. 34
    Landy Says:

    She’s clingy because she’s half-Greek? Why on earth would you insult the Greeks?

  35. 35
    Tim Says:


    With your big voice, capital letters and shouting – I think you are the fatty.

  36. 36
    Lisa Says:

    Only ONE picture of Gerry alone?? WTF!?

    I really hope her friendship with him is sincere. He’s too good of a man to be used.

  37. 37
    Lina Says:

    @Janeth: Someone forgot to take their meds today. uh oh

  38. 38
    .... Says:

    @Marina: his arm is around her too. stfu jealous hater

  39. 39
    Not impressed at all Says:

    To be honest I was it to be big but it was the same old jenny with her usual clinging way grabing costar wearing the same old hair ( the style even won’t change for different movies) with her same kind miniskirt and with the same old striper style shoes. She needs a tune up.

  40. 40
    June Says:

    Not sure how having no boundaries and behaving like a tart is part of being Greek? I guess whining to the tabloids about how you got dumped for the last five years, using your divorce to promote your movies and treating your mother poorly is also part of being Greek????

  41. 41
    eliott Says:

    Mr. Butler, you look marvelous. Let’s just forget TBH ever happened.

  42. 42
    Lisa Says:


    That was not ME! LOL I need a new name.

  43. 43
    Puffin Says:

    Jen’s got the best legs!

  44. 44
    Jo Says:

    And the 2010 Razzie for worst movie of the year goes to…….

  45. 45
    Jen Says:

    @JenRobot: That’s the problem with you Angie fans, you are delusional, well the ones who come to this site anyway. My name happens to be Jen, I didn’t put that in the title because of her. I don’t idolize her or any actress for that matter, I don’t idolize other human beings, unlike some of us. I just think she is a great comedic actress who is pretty, nor have I seen all her movies. I also love Gerard Butler, what’s the problem in complementing them?

  46. 46
    Janeth Says:

    @Tim: NO I am not! Send me you email I’ll be glad to send you a picture!!! I just feel that people have the nerve to comment on this lady when they themselves have flaws… It cool if you don’t like her but don’t bash her or waste your time talking shi* to a person you don’t know……. thank you

  47. 47
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    Unsexy, Unpretty and Uncool!!!

  48. 48
    Landy Says:


    Hulkiffer, Hulniston,Honiston, Hognifer…. so many cute couple names.

  49. 49
    .... Says:

    @Yuck!: gerard has wrinkles too. but men are allowed to have wrinkles though, huh?

  50. 50
    gossiphound Says:

    So how come Jen didn’t get the full face lick like Heigl?

  51. 51
    Gina M. Says:

    I am not insulting Greeks. It’s just that she is of Mediterrean heritage and I’m Italian which is also Mediterrean and it’s just what we do. We are very touchy feely people. It’s a sign of endearment and friendship, the Mediterrean Way! And the close up of her face shows it to be flawless…’s obvious she takes good care of her skin especially since she enjoys sunbathing. And her legs are fantastic! I want her legs!!!

  52. 52
    Marina Says:

    @….: Why do people get so worked up over what’s said about this woman? Or any celeb for the matter? lol
    Gerard looks yummy as always. Jennifer needs to stop trying so hard as usual.

  53. 53
    Andy Says:


  54. 54
    bet Says:

    simply beautifull. She looking amazing, he look amazing. Again you can see the fire between them . They look like they are trying to hiding it. I love the dess , the hair, the shoes. Jen signiture look. she look fresh and simple and the leg as usuall look amazing.

  55. 55
    Landy Says:

    Has she even been to Greece? My apologies to the Greek people on behalf of Americans that she has to be associated to you in someway. She’s the all-American “girl”, America’s sweetheart, isn’t she? Someone hand me a tissue, I made myself throw up a little.

  56. 56
    bet Says:

    On one of the picture olding her tight with his big chest . It make you hmmmm.

  57. 57
    bet Says:

    On one of the picture olding her tight with his big chest . It make you hmmmm.

  58. 58
    Jen and Gerry Says:

    Why are people calling Jen clingy because she and Gerry are posing together with their arms around each other? Gerry does that with every co-star on the red carpet. The press asks for pics of them together and they pose. Jen may or may not be clingy, but not because of how she poses on the red carpet.

    I think her dress is too short though. But I have to give her credit, she has rockin’ legs. Gerry looks good in these pics. The movie still looks HORRIBLE.

  59. 59
    CD Says:

    i could care less. he is a jerk and a playboy. she is a witch and a phony

  60. 60
    ManistH0n Says:

    b*tch stole Beyonce lingerie like metallic dress, the one she put on her stage performance.
    Maniston is so desperate to stay young that she has to copycat Beyonce eventhough that milf has plenty of wrinkles around her eyes !
    Maniston, you are not 29 years old Beyonce, you are not 29 anymore ! Get over it already and dress appropriately at a professional representation, you desperate cougar stuck in 1998 !

  61. 61
    bet Says:

    i mean in one of the picture holding her tight and with his big cheas against her face.. it make you Hmmmmmm. lovely and romantic seen.

  62. 62
    bet Says:

    i mean in one of the picture holding her tight and with his big cheas against her face.. it make you Hmmmmmm. lovely and romantic seen.

  63. 63
    ohmy Says:


    Have the night sweats started yet?

  64. 64
    CD Says:

    i hate him and i hate her. they are both phonies

  65. 65
    bet Says:

    Jen and Gerrry

    who care if she is cling. The way they hold each other make you melt . who does not want to be hold like that.

  66. 66
    Loma Says:

    JJ you need to do something about this, any good comments aren’t getting shown, this is a jennifer aniston page it is not fair! your system is really messed up!

  67. 67
    Landy Says:

    She can’t be a MILF, seeing how she isn’t a Mom and from your comments, I don’t think you’ll love to f ^ c k her. LOL

  68. 68
    Landy Says:

    Where’s that goiter that was on her neck in that magazine cover? How nice to have it removed before the premiere, modern medicine rocks!

  69. 69
    Toto Says:

    Is that truth that G has genital herpes?

  70. 70
    AutumnM Says:

    What’s up with this horrible outfit? This doesn’t look like an outfit one would wear to a movie premiere, especially not if you’re one of the stars of the movies. Jen looks like a cocktail waitress from Vegas or something lol. That stupid jacket doesn’t help either. Tacky. I don’t like her outfit at all.

  71. 71
    why gerard why Says:

    @gossiphound: I think jennifer has way too much makeup on for that. Gerard would get makeup poisoning if he licked her face.

  72. 72
    CynicalButNot Says:

    *counting down to thread implosion*

    G looks fantastic.

    *runs back to safety of Radio One thread*

  73. 73
    .... Says:

    @Marina: so its okay for him to put his arms/arm around her? but if she puts her arms/arm around him its considered “clingy”?

  74. 74
    daffodil Says:

    Jennifer +Gerard look Great Together stop hatin on Jen .

  75. 75
    ohmy Says:

    Good gawd Gerry, you are gonna have to grab a lot of women off the street and make sure the paps record the action to destroy Aniston’s illusions.

  76. 76
    Landy Says:

    why gerard why @ 03/11/2010 at 3:54 pm
    The makeup would actually serve as a protective barrier. Licking her bare skin would lead to instant death…… or at least loss of appetite forever. Poor dude would just starve to death. Poor, Gerry, sniff sniff. Wise of him not to open his mouth when in such close proximity to her.

  77. 77
    Londoner Says:

    Have lived in London for a while, never bothered to see a Leicester Square premeire – so stumbled on this one tonight.

    Can’t stand Jen’s movies, have never seen one and never will.

    Here’s what we, the freezing cold crowd thought:

    a) Jen and Gerard looked like a couple (??)
    b) Gerard was very friendly (he spent over an hour signing autographs, and wore around a pair of dorky green plastic sunglasses a kid gave him)
    c) Jen looked lovely (from a distance) and had nice hair

    Those be the thoughts of the huddled masses in London. Most of whom thought this film looked like crap.

  78. 78
    bet Says:

    Autumn M

    this is jennifer aniston singinture look. Not eveyone can wear short short, unless you have that amazing leg. and also, she love her silver gray cloth. that is her look and she look good on it. She does not want to wear cloth like most hollywood yellow, pink. Everyone has different test. that is her, she never once make a mistake from her signiture look.

  79. 79
    Janeth Says:

    @Loma: I totally agree! JJ needs to do something about this… These people are so immature they are probably older people behaving like little high school students. I myself am 23 and don’t say half the stupid things you guys comment on here. Grow up!


  80. 80
    Jessie Says:

    they both suck!!

  81. 81
    bet Says:

    I love the coat. last time she wear different coat in london permuim and i loved the coat then the coat being available everywhere, she is a trend setter, after she wear it, short hand coat is everywhere,. I am sure this coat will be everwhere again.

  82. 82
    Landy Says:

    Janeth @ 03/11/2010 at 3:59 pm
    This isn’t the CNN blog, it’s a gossip blog, if it upsets your mature 23 self, don’t read the comments. Problem solved.

  83. 83
    Jaaaaa Says:

    Are all of you dissing her BLIND? She is gorgeous and for her age, looks AMAZING!!!! GET THE F*CK OVER IT ALREADY!! You people must have sad f*cking lives….

  84. 84
    Marina Says:

    @….: Let me think for a second………………………………..
    Don’t get so worked up girl.

  85. 85
    ohmy Says:

    Will Chris whathisname, the hair dresser be there to rub dirt and sticks in Jen’s hair to keep just so for $50,000 again? like Marley and Me??

  86. 86
    .... Says:

    @Marina: don’t get so jealous. they’re just posing for the cameras.

  87. 87
    ummahyk Says:

    her legs look nice here.

  88. 88
    Janeth Says:

    @Landy: Shut up! You need to grow the f up! If you don’t like her why waste your time? Do you dislike her that much that you need to take time out of your “busy” schedule to comment??????????

  89. 89
    Joker Says:

    I wouldn’t touch her with a 20 foot pole.

  90. 90
    bet Says:


    posting about your opnion is one thing. but sit there without reading the comment pushing tumb down immediatly, you must have no life.

  91. 91
    Marina Says:

    @….: Oh jealous now, am I? Yeah ok lol

  92. 92
    bet Says:


    jealous people with denial.

  93. 93
    Megan fox rocks Says:

    she’s so GORGEOUS

    and people if you hate her why comment ???? have a life

  94. 94
    Joker Says:



  95. 95
    bet Says:

    You have to have the leg, to wear that short. Love the simple look on her, it is somethig she always wear, That is jennifer aniston look. I love her look, I do not like all this hollywood dress over the top dress. they just represnt me. it to hollwyood for me.

  96. 96
    Desperate JenJen Says:

    bet @ 03/11/2010 at 3:47 pm

    when she was with JM you said the same sh!t. JM is perfect for her blab, blab, blab. After he talked trash about your idol now its Gerald. Gerald said he shaved your idol’s p#bic hair & she is his drinking buddy. And you are right, she wants to be hold like that. like she is desperate for a man. I don’t need a man to be happy but let me cling on him for dear life.

  97. 97
    Landy Says:

    @Janeth Oh, I’m not busy, I’ve got all the time in the world. I was actually shooting for junior high instead of high school. Now, THAT’s insulting. I’ll try harder, thanks for the constructive criticism. LOL

    @bet just seeing your name triggers a spontaneous thumbs down, nobody knows wtf you’re rambling on about anyway. la la la

  98. 98
    yeah baby! Says:

    Yeah baby! Jenny, her surgeons and her hair dresser have come a long way, baby! Girl was working that pose for the cameras back when she was just a mere girl. Jenny, always more f****ble.

  99. 99
    bet Says:

    She does not have to wear over tthe top dress, jus wearing simple silver gray dress,she make it vibrant on red carpet. She is the only person can pull the simple look. perfect

  100. 100
    bet Says:

    Despret jen jen

    still i did not said they are a lover. But still you feel the energy there, may be hiding it. who knows.

  101. 101
    bet Says:

    desperate jen jen

    any ways are we all come here to gossip. that what if feel, they have that sexuall energy that they try hard to hid.

  102. 102
    kiska Says:

    Hi. I’m working with Sony Pictures. Jen’s new movie “The Bounty Hunter” is on Twitter so follow @BountyHunter for giveaways and more updates on the film!

  103. 103
    Joker Says:


    Why don’t you grow the f*** up? You and your Idol needs to grow up. She’s almost 50 for god’s sake and still dressed as a 16 year old.

  104. 104
    unbelieveable Says:

    U haters really need to get a life I mean take up a stamp collection, go on a road trip, get urself laid some of u seem to need that badly, but I don’t care just do something.

  105. 105
    Janeth Says:

    @Landy: Your so stupid! I really hope you didn’t reproduce because they’ll probably end up useless just like you…. dumb as*

  106. 106
    Wrinkles Says:

    this woman has tons of foundation. she has a nice body but her face. come one – her face is all wrinkly from all the sun bathing she has been doing. She needs to stop tanning.

  107. 107
    Landy Says:

    @unbelieveable I am doing something. I’m doing this. Since you don’t care, then why even suggest anything? Make up your mind, girl, you’re talking in riddles.

  108. 108
    Sophia Says:

    Damn Jennifer Aniston has the best legs!

  109. 109
    Landy Says:

    I’m going to make myself useful. I’ll rally my class of junior high to hand out barf bags at the door for the opening of this movie.

  110. 110
    ka-blamo Says:

    She needs a good ol’ dry fist up the baby chute.

  111. 111
    50/50 Says:

    I not the biggest Gerard fan but he has been looking really good lately. She needs to change up her style a bit.

  112. 112
    100mph Says:

    hmmm! both smiles look like they should be stamped
    ”’Made In Hollywood”"
    that’s probably the hardest money he ever earned..sigh! lessons

  113. 113
    "hater" Says:

    Gee, here I am again and what can I say that hasn’t already been said? I use to like JA, as a tv star in an afterschool special, or was that Carrie Bradshaw? who ever let her go to the big screen where her pores are even wider and take up half the wide screen? Why would they let the chin take up so much lighting? I think her neck is bigger than Gerry’s he use to be great, but I think he’s been tainted with mayer uurinne now.

  114. 114
    kara Says:

    You are all mean people! Are you paid by Angelina Ugly?

  115. 115
    Spanky 29 Says:

    LMAO..this thread should be called “Revenge of the Thumbs” or “Thumb Wars”

    Democracy in action…i wonder how many thumbs down till the poster vaporizes completely

    this thread is more entertaing than the Booty Hunter

  116. 116
    kara Says:

    @Wrinkles: yeah she has wrinkles, she is 41 dumbass! Of course, you won’t see wrinkles on Angelina’s face because of all the botox and collagene ah ah!

  117. 117
    100mph Says:

    #109 Landy @ 03/11/2010 at 4:31 pm
    lmao! well said

  118. 118
    Dawn9476 Says:

    They both look faboulous.

    And if Jen is being clingy for having her arms around him, what was Katherine Heigl’s excuse?

    You Jen haters are so funny.

  119. 119
    Sasha Fierce note to Jen Says:

    ‘Listen’ Jen,
    would you please give my ‘Freakum dress back and stop being ‘me, myself and I’ ?
    ‘Girl’ don’t forget your age ! You’re a ‘Suga Mama’ whose been dumped twice by your ‘Baby Boy’ aka, Ninja Mayer.
    All this glitter and ‘Nasty Girl’ look won’t make Butler fall ‘Crazy In Love’ with you. He may look at your body and ‘check on it’ here and there but won’t pay the ‘bills bills bill’s. You may say yes but he wil say ‘no, no, no’ . He likes them young exotic ‘kitty kat’ like me but i won’t give him the ‘Green Light’ though, i have a man unlike you.
    Just because you are the poster girl for the ‘Singles Ladies’ doesn’t mean you are an ‘ independant woman’ nor a ‘Survivor’. You keep on giving the ‘green light’ to the like of Mayer and then ‘Ring the Alarm’ saying you won’t hear that man saying that again when he plays the ‘Soldier’ in DA hood giving press conference over the dumping.
    Your elongated chin, beady eyes and short legskinda makes me ‘loose my breath’ and stay ‘speechless’ in shock….
    I really can’t ‘upgrade U’..Plus this dress seems ‘Deja Vu’ on you. So next time you will ask for one of my dresses, i’ll say to you ‘Too the left, too the left, I am irrepleacable’.
    Signed : The ‘bootylicious’ Beyonce Knowles whose dress was stolen by a ‘bug A boo’ call Maniston

  120. 120
    Lainey Says:

    Can you see her hoo-hoo?

    The Bounty Hunter must be really sh-t. Because Jennifer Aniston is pulling out all the tricks. One trick in particular. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a shorter dress. This is not a bend over dress. This isn’t even a take wide steps dress. Yeah, Jen’s bringing out the hoo-hoo so you’ll go see her new movie.

    Here they are, Aniston and Spittle, in London at the UK premiere getting loved up on the carpet. Please. Scroll through these photos. This is not the body language of two people who f-ck on the regular. This is however the body language of two people who want you to think they f-ck on the regular. What do they actually do together? Probably smoke dope. Or maybe some happy. Depends on the mood.

    Back to Jen’s hoo-hoo…

    She really does have a sick body. Sick. And she needs it. She needs it to keep working for her. Because The Bounty Hunter must win. Jennifer Aniston has to open big. Sure she has A List recognition, but she can’t carry on her own. Which is why the hoo is joining the nips. Judging from the trailer, this Bounty will be a tough sell.

  121. 121
    jen's old drama Says:

    Why Gerry, is that a baby bump on Jen? You old salty dog, you. Oh wait, we all know how Jen gets around.

  122. 122
    guido Says:

    Brangelina’s fans were waiting for the link, because it is the first to post long before the fans of jen why? because you know that the couple Gerard and Jen are beautiful. you become ridiculous and stupid, because it changes nothing, I wonder if it’s adults who post because I really doubt;

  123. 123
    guido Says:

    Brangelina’s fans were waiting for the link, because it is the first to post long before the fans of jen why? because you know that the couple Gerard and Jen are beautiful. you become ridiculous and stupid, because it changes nothing, I wonder if it’s adults who post because I really doubt; Finally I would say they are both beautiful tonight

  124. 124
    KyrieM Says:

    @Spanky 29:
    I’m rolling over the floor from laughing Spanky.. never seen a thread like this, it’s almost all hidden!!

  125. 125
    KyrieM Says:

    Gerard looking so good, it’s unbelievable… I hope he learned the lesson, never another movie with JA. He said he’s smart in an UK paper interview, prove it damn Gman… ;-)

  126. 126
    jen's old drama Says:

    This has nothing to do with “Branglina”, why do people link their names anyway or anyone’s for that matter, it is silly. I’m sure the people hate it. This has to do with being a fan of Jennifer’s and taking the blinders off, she can thank Kate Gosselin. Their pity parties, playing the martyr, sympathy ploys, lies and schemes went too far. They’ve been manipulating people and blaming others since their childhoods. What a fool Iwas, no more.

  127. 127
    guido Says:

    her dress is beautiful with this jacket is always chic and class has both

  128. 128
    ytsejam Says:

    Awesome job guys. This was an excellent thread and made me laugh pretty hard. Free Gerard! LOL

  129. 129
    Ms Anonymous Says:

    How old are you guys? FIVE? Grow up, the lot of you. Freaking pathetic.

  130. 130
    Fritz Says:

    LMFAO at this thread!
    Landy, please stick around, you’re hilarious!

  131. 131
    mimilala Says:

    They both look great! Regardless of the truth behind it, they would make a hot couple!

  132. 132
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    LMAO. Some pages here are desert wasteland with all the hidden posts. This is the most entertaining any thread having to with JA has ever been.
    To those whining about the hidden posts…next time just paint a target on your forehead. LMAO

  133. 133
    cbinparadise Says:

    This thumbs up/down thing is so irritating! Apparently all of the people who have nothing better to do than hang on this board all day are RABID Jennifer Aniston haters. So for the rest of us that want to read all the comments we have to stop and click on each one. I, for one am, done….too much trouble & why are the only comments that show up ones slamming JA and/or GB????!!!! This is ridiculous!

  134. 134
    why gerard why Says:

    LoL They think it’s the brangelina fans. I have been a fan of Gerry for years. No blinders here.

  135. 135
    Fritz Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    “target on the forehead!*

    (God, my ribs)

  136. 136
    idani Says:

    You know, she has never really bothered me. But I can say looking at these pictures that it is sad that she feels the need at 40 to try and dress like a teenager. She has huge bunions and these shoes accent them. The dress is for a young girl to a twenty something. Not someone who is 40. The jacket looks ridiculous. And other sites have pictures of her pulling her dress up, so it obviously isnt’ fitting well enough to stay up on its own.
    Botoxed as much as any other actress too. She obviously has had a nip and tuck.

  137. 137
    mimilala Says:

    I was just looking through the rest of the pics and DAAAAAAAYUM Gerard is H-O-T! He definitely leaves old farts like Clooney and leather-face Pitt in the dust.

  138. 138
    LOL Says:

    WTF is this low comment rating thingy. LOL looks like L oons are working overtime and giving thumbs up to only negative comments.

  139. 139
    bella Says:

    Have you heard G the way he spwak what a turn off….he is big baboon…

  140. 140
    Just FYI Says:

    Dear Jen,
    There’s this wonderful thing called red lipstick often worn on red carpet situations.
    Just FYI.

  141. 141
    LOL Says:

    Landy @ 03/11/2010 at 4:31 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +14

    I’m going to make myself useful. I’ll rally my class of junior high to hand out barf bags at the door for the opening of this movie.

    What about using it when you see your face on the mirror everyday ?..

  142. 142
    mslewis Says:

    Boy, that skirt isn’t nearly short enough. Better take another inch off before the next wearing Jen!! Oh, I forgot. You probably won’t wear it again. It can be given to a YOUNG model now. She’ll look less desperate.

  143. 143
    LOL Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely @ 03/11/2010 at 5:44 pm


    Lol What is this name Hon? Is you vajay rusted???? why are you Manlesston/… Go do some work instead of clicking the up down finger in every post… USe it down there … you will know what you are missing for years …

  144. 144
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Thanks for appreciating my tribute to JA. :-)

  145. 145
    LOL Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely @ 03/11/2010 at 6:09 pm

    Console yourself LOL and do a Big LOL in front of mirror..DAMN F’OOL don’t spend your mamma’s who’ring money misusing the computer lil c’unt! Now bend down and thumb yourself there He he….

  146. 146
    Spanky 29 Says:

    I love Guido…you make me smile

  147. 147
    LOL Says:

    Manlesston , just do a refresh and hit the thumb again once here and while refreshing once down there …. LOL.. FOOL ppl can still see the link by clicking see here .. so better use your thum downthere only for an hour lil c’unt. LOl you will enjoy it…If your mama meeds it call meeeeeee.

  148. 148
    ashley Says:

    These Jenhens are so unfunny. Dlisted’s thread on the premiere is up and running and kicking as’s. Recommend to the Gerry regulars who can always take a joke and still like the guy, a trip there.

  149. 149
    Ha Ha Says:

    Gerry is sporting a boner looking @ Jen

  150. 150
    Fritz Says:

    Awwww look Manny…you have YET ANOTHER another stalker obsessed with you.

    *sniff* I’m so proud.

  151. 151
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Why do I get all the uneducated stupid ones though? :-0

  152. 152
    Jen Says:

    How does Jen sit down in that dress? It’s way too short. Otherwise, she looks good. So does Butler. The movie, however, looks horrible.

  153. 153
    LOl Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely

    ROTFLMAO on the uneducated comment? LOL pressing up & down thumb is not education hon! Now go back to your fingering routine and do a 10 refresh post under 3/4 nicks and come back and hit the finger again…. Ringa Ringa LOL

  154. 154
    mickey Says:

    Still stinky looking and forever desperate–Maniston is at it again. That movie looks HORRIBLE. I still like Gerry, though.

  155. 155
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    You can only use the thumbs once per comment little troll. Live with the the fact that you are as stupid as you seem.

  156. 156
    UNLOL Says:

    That LOL person is obssessed with the intimate parts, he/she sounds like Maniston herpes…kept in the dark, stuck deeply in her vaj oozing all the stench of Mayer’s sloppy ends and spouting all the ish found in there..
    LOL person stinks hard.

  157. 157

    O-M-G…she is so predictable. Now, I’m going to post on AJ’s page and not give this 2-bit “X” hag anymore hits on the comments page.

    Who is with me!?!?

    Can’t wait to see SALT or The TOURIST!

  158. 158
    Diego Says:

    OMG She looks so HOT!!! That tanned body!!! damn!!!! only 2% of women are that fit!!! She’s so HOT!!!!

  159. 159
    donna Says:

    Sad! Jen cant act. period! thats why she need to sell her look

  160. 160
    Lil' Says:

    Well well well! As Always posts about Jennifer Aniston as repair for hatefull crazy people! I always enjoy taking a look at those comments, it’s a delight to see how mentally sick people can be.
    Because seriously to trash someone like that … either you must have a good reason ( she spit on you, she ran over you with her car, she personnally set your house on fire, she fired you…) or you’re actually kind of crazy!!!!
    And I love the “they say the same about Angelina” argument. Yeaaaaah guys, spoiler alert : those people are crazy too!

    But keep going, it’s quite entertaining!

  161. 161
    eliott Says:

    @ LOL :

    Mind your manners, freak.
    @ Diego:
    ” only 2% of women are that fit!!! ”

    I don’t know why, but this made me chuckle.

  162. 162
    Areyoukiddingme? Says:

    @open season on the JP kids: you’re obviously an idiot. Nothing justifies attacks on children no matter who they are or where they come from. Don’t give Jen fans a bad name you as-shole.

  163. 163
    Dawn9476 Says:


    Nothing a Jen hater/JP fan justifies attacks on children. Grow the hell up.

  164. 164
    Dawn9476 Says:

    That should be nothing a Jen Hater/JP fan says.

  165. 165
    Twinkle Says:

    What does Michael Kors on Project Runway always say? “Short, tight, shiny, tacky.”

  166. 166
    Fabby Says:

    OMG!!! everyone stop hating on her seriously
    everyone needs to go get a life…. just cause u hate ur life
    doesn’t mean u have to bash others….what if she dresses like that
    everyone in Hollywood does so please!! n second get ur eyes check
    u dont even know them how can u even judge psshhh
    freaking posers ohh n get over the whole
    triangle with brangelina obviously she doesn’t care to know about them…
    n if u wanna hate on me go ahead like i even care!! hahahaha

  167. 167
    ? Most offensive R sensitive ? Says:

    good question

  168. 168
    jade Says:

    I like Jen and Gerry. They both look good in these pictures. They look
    comfortable together,but they are just good friends.

    I’am looking forward to seeing this movie. I liked the trailer and it looks good to me.

  169. 169
    frauds like their idols Says:

    You have to love how many JP fans pretended to be high and mighty, in order to get control of this blog to do what ? BASH

  170. 170
    steph Says:


    exactly! i like jen, she’s pretty and funny!

  171. 171
    ? Says:

    I think jennifer fans want to put blame On Brangelina fans because they can’t believe Gerard butler fans wouldn’t want him with Maniston. LOL It’s hard for them to believe that more than just Brangelina fans don’t like Maniston. So now they will take it out on Angelina’s Kids. LOLOL not that they ever had anything nice to say about them before anyway

  172. 172
    Retarded JP fingers working OT Says:

    click click pigs..haaaa

  173. 173
    "hater" Says:

    @Fabby: Oh but its what I do, and what JenChin’s hair stylist needs to discuss in an interview. me or Brad or he and Angie’s kids. And you call me the “hater?”

  174. 174
    "hater" Says:

    That one picture of her brushing her hair back and looking up, almost looks like the girl on the cover of W this month.

  175. 175
    Chin is lame ! Says:

    Everytime Jen has a flop her dress shortens itself. Next movie she will only have a thong on the red carpet.
    She looks and acts more and more like Shauna Sandsn, the other bleached blond cougar. She should ask her as well as Pam Anderson to do a flick together : Baywatch sequel :” Return of the aging bimbos in heat.”
    This way she won’t pretend anymore and take openly the route she wants from the beginning : (soft) p0rn. A group s*x cover in Playboy will seal the deal.

  176. 176
    KVB Says:

    She’s beautiful and quirky and so is Gerard Butler…they look fabulous together. Why do you all hate on this innocent woman who was cheated on by a despicable cowardly, lying husband (I don’t know what is worse the cheating or the lying afterwards) with a bi-sexual nymphomaniac. Wait until all those natural and adopted children turn 16 years and the truth about their upbringing is revealed. Most of you will wonder why you ever supported two people with small children who act in violent movies, leave their children to be raised by nannies, and have no personal integrity no matter how much money they give to the poor in Africa.

  177. 177
    juniper Says:

    Jennifer looks great. I am sure 95% of the women out there (all ages) would be thrilled to have a figure like hers. If she was so “desperate” for a relationship as people here are saying trust me she could easily settle down and have kids, instead she is doing what she feels is right for her, she has a great career and is living her life.

  178. 178
    GET OVER IT Says:

    oki i bet everyone who bashes jennifer
    has to be an angelina fan ! haha so predictable haha
    oki just everyone stop people still continue with them its been 5
    get it 5 years GET OVER IT n MOVE ON they
    obviously have!! oki how can people say its lame movie when
    they havent watched it!!! or how can they say she is ugly when u havent met her in person seriously!! haha be Mature n move on Jennifer has a good career and good life what do u have other than bashing jennifer …thank u :) haha

  179. 179
    Chin crossgender reality Says:

    Man gender confusion going overboard, hence the Mayer’s pants she stole lately and the male shoes and jacket…not to mention the scarf hiding her hairy face and testosteronic massive neck
    Hope that little dress she stole from Beyonce has hidden enough evidence of the ‘physical expression’ of her gender confusion.
    Where is Bonnie Fuller when we need her ?
    Is man turning into a …man a la Chaz Bono ? What’s this thing between her legs ? Why all the physical gender confusion on her body (Male neck, micro p**n, deep voice, massive chin, ect…) ?

  180. 180
    juniper Says:

    I never watched ‘Friends’ not into sitcoms, although Jennifer is an Aquarius and not as conventional and one dimensional as a sitcom character. Gerard is just a friend nothing more, she is an affectionate person with everyone, she was also that way when she did a film with Owen Wilson.

  181. 181
    Fritz Says:


    “instead she is doing what she feels is right for her, she has a great career and is living her life.”

    The same could be said for Gerard.

  182. 182
    Hypocrite Jolie-Pitt fans Says:

    They cried, moaned,flagged, whined, and pooed their panties to get Jared to rid JJ of all of the nastiness(on jolie-pitt threads) ..and the result is nastier than ever and you can blame it on these very people

  183. 183
    juniper Says:


    Never said it couldn’t, don’t think you read my post correctly.

  184. 184
    Fabby Says:

    @ “hater”
    omg plizz dont tell me that it really hurts yea hahahahaha
    i love it!!! keep “hating” lol

  185. 185
    Whiny jen's boo hoo sisterhood Says:

    They cried, moaned,flagged, whined, and pooed their panties to get Jared to rid JJ of all of the nastiness(on Chin threads) ..and the result is nastier than ever and you can blame it on these very people

  186. 186
    oy Says:

    “Hollywood’s botoxed, orange ho’s hit Londontown to promote bombcom.”

    Film at 11.

  187. 187
    proofof infestation of JP fans Says:

    Jennifer is Hot ——The adopting /babymachine is not !

    I give this, oh, about 5 minutes

  188. 188
    FAT Says:


  189. 189
    Jill Says:

    Can’t she find some clothes that fit?

  190. 190
    bet Says:

    there is more cute and hot picture at Dlisted and other site too. I think something is up between the two,. there is too much engergy to be that comfortable with each other. love most of the picture.

  191. 191
    LYNN Says:

    Bet, you are making up a romance between Jennifer Aniston and Butler. I went back and looked at each picture and I don see all the chemistry you said is there.

    I hoped you noticed the wrinkles around her knees. I think her dress could have been a little longer to hide that. Jennifer reminds me of a fat person especially a woman. She decides to loose weight and attends the weight loss class for about 3weeks and several people notices that she has lost some weight, and they say to her, Hey girl, you look like you have lost some weight, huh . The first thing she does is start wearing shorts, tight pants and a blouse with her still fat back hanging out from all sides. It is time for miss 40yr old to start dressing better for these occasions. She need to get rid of those shoes that I see street Wh***** wearing.

  192. 192
    bet Says:

    more power to both. They look amazing together.

  193. 193
    Ellen Says:

    She is too CLINGY !!!

  194. 194
    Messing with the JP's (Pavlov) Says:

    The best part of messing with the JP fans is that I could care less about Anniston, but I love F-ing with you JP losers. …and sidetracking the thread.

  195. 195
    Fritz Says:


    I was using your post to make an observation .It was a compliment, not a slam.
    I don’t think you ready MY post correctly, but whatevs.

    Have a good night.

  196. 196
    bobbi Says:

    Im not a huge Aniston fan. I do have a superficial comment: Why doesnt anyone address the major work she has had done on her nose?

    If you look back @ pics from when she was a teen through early 20s to now, there has been some major reduction surgery.

    Im not sure if she had it done gradually over time but it is as plain as the nose on my face that she’s had the bridge and bottom thinned.

  197. 197
    MAN-iston Says:

    Is she a HE or a SHE ?

    I am confused with all the evidences of her gender confusion…she never had a child like she told she was gonna have….she keeps on getting dumped by men who don’t find her napalm enough and pee on her….
    Why the loose too big male jeans lately ? What does that hide ? What was it about the male hormones ? Wasn’t it a stunt to hide the fact that indeed she naturally has too much testosterone in her ?
    Bonnie should investigate that half man – half woman. She is gender confusing.

  198. 198
    bet Says:

    Two days in raw , too hot to handle the hottness in between Jen and Gerry.

  199. 199
    lisa Says:

    @proofof infestation of JP fans:

    sad that an Aniston fan thinks giving a child that his without a home two loving parents and brother and sisters is something negative. You and the other people like you that talk that way are idiots. Angie and Brad didn’t invent adoption. there are lots of people in Hollywood who are adopted and have adopted. Huge Jackman and his wife must fit in your category too they have adopted twice.. so has Nicole K. So disgusting your comment. do you really think calling Angie and or Brad names because they are adoptive parents makes Aniston somehow better. Well the baby machine gets to cuddle and love her children everyday. I think if you ask those kids.. they are the winners.

    I just heard Jen and Heidi Montage are making a film together. Boy that is just awesome. Angie gets Liev and Johnny.. Jenny get Heidi..

    sometimes actors do their best when they are working with their own kind

  200. 200
    LYNN Says:

    By the way she has worn that jacket before with black pants. I think it was at the premier of HJNTIY. I might be wrong about the premier, but I have seen her with it on before. She was standing with about 3 other people.

  201. 201
    lisa Says:


    Enjoy it while it last. After this movie opens next week. They will not be seen together again.. Gerry has new film shooting soon. And Aniston does too.. So please fawn over the pics..

    I thought Actors did a photo call before an Premier like this. Leo was just t his photo call.. and other celebs do them for overseas openings. Why no interviews.. i thought they did an interview in W.. but just found out that was not the case.. WHY? WHY? SOMETHING IS OFF ON THAT ONE..

  202. 202
    Cherry Beef Says:

    I think they would actualy make a good couple – though I know for a fact they arent together – G isnt ‘WITH’ anyone. Let the man live people!
    He said it himself – he iis not into serious sh*t. He doesnt want any seriuos sh*t until he is 30 years OLDER than he is now.
    So let him have his fun – there are people that dont mind that he is jst a fun friendly guy!
    Love you Gerry !!

  203. 203
    "hater" Says:

    Yeah yeah, now we see it, next week when the movie crashes and burns, the scarf will go around the chin and around to cover that dirty hair.

  204. 204
    bet Says:


    i understand , but still i am enjoyint the hottness.. Who knows things can be suprise.

  205. 205
    Cherry Beef Says:

    But I will say she has over-botoxed – WOW. Not a good look….

  206. 206
    annie Says:

    bobbi @ 03/11/2010 at 8:25 pm +3

    Im not a huge Aniston fan. I do have a superficial comment: Why doesnt anyone address the major work she has had done on her nose?

    If you look back @ pics from when she was a teen through early 20s to now, there has been some major reduction surgery.

    Im not sure if she had it done gradually over time but it is as plain as the nose on my face that she’s had the bridge and bottom thinned.


    Yes, you are she has had like 3 nose jobs already since she started showbiz. And mind you she is the only one who was caught by the paps leaving her plastic surgeon’s office after her nosejob.

    The thing is Aniston is with CAA and she has a huge PR firm under Huvane who manages her reputation. After that picture came out they immediately release that she only had a deviated septum correction, but as we can obviously see, she had more than that. She had her nose bridge lifted and shaved her nose.

    Everything good in Aniston’s appearance is FAKE, her hair is not blonde but brown, her eyes are not blue but brown, her nose if fake, her boobs are fake, her hairline has been adjusted, she had cheek implants, etc, etc

  207. 207
    AGA Says:

    @lisa: Don’t forget Jenny’s friend Sheryl Crow adopted.So did Marie Osmand,Meg Ryan,Steven Speilberg,C.Flockhart.R.O’Donnell,Hugh Jackman and Sharon Stone has adopted 3 times. But I guess to the hens these people are great,but adopting when it comes to Brad&Ange it’s evil.
    HYPOCRITES—-I do atually think that JA will adopt one day and all the hens will have to eat there words.
    Is BET still on about JA &GB being together..How many times does poor Gerry have to deny it and he was papped kisssing a girl in Rio 1 week ago!!

  208. 208
    open season #162 Says:

    Record: 45 thumbs down, I believe,…… see what you can do. Or do I have to say something else offensive

  209. 209
    bet Says:

    Jen always stay with her classic look, She never want to be someone else but herself. Not like some, one day want to be prince diana, one day want to be some other old school actress,. Get your identity and stay with it.

  210. 210
    Fabby Says:

    its funny how i put an angelina post on how she is so hot
    all thumbs up now i put she looks like an anorexic wrinkled bulldog all
    thumbs down haha now why is that?? anyone knows the answer??
    this is a never ending battle haha oh by the way no offense if u like
    angelina i was just using it as an example of how many
    people that bash jennifer r angelina fans… i ask myself why if u do not like jennifer why would u come all the way to a picture of hers to write bad about her haha

  211. 211
    Jen Says:

    tight clothes, short skirt, same hair – what is different?
    What is different? She looks 10 years older.

  212. 212
    bet Says:


    Can a women injoy the hottness between them?

  213. 213
    LOl Says:

    UNLOL @ 03/11/2010 at 6:32 p

    How do you know all this gory details hon? Just bent down to see it in full view? Herpes much? Manlesston Alias?

  214. 214
    rotflmao Says:

    Did anyone else get to read the crazy aniston fan letter on Dlisted? it was so funny. I have a feeling it was from LOl or fabby

  215. 215
    LOl Says:

    ManLESSton, I likely @ 03/11/2010 at 6:32 pm

    That explains all your alias! can you read diseased pu ssy? I aked you to change your nick post under a different troll name and do a refresh and then press the thumb LOL put your glasses on.. Looks like your eyes are hurting after you saw your Syphilis infected vajay LOL & LOL

  216. 216
    Aqueline1 Says:

    @ bet
    prince diana? WTF?

  217. 217
    whatwillcottonsay? Says:

  218. 218
    James Says:

    Dayum, she’s gorgeous.

    You can tell this site are Brangelina fans. All the people that give Aniston high marks get low ratings.

    Grow Brangelina fans, you’re getting scary!!!!!

  219. 219
    bet Says:

    Until next week when we see another hottness between Jen and Gerry…. until then we all hater and lover injoy it. good night.

  220. 220
    LOl Says:

    Yah Manlesston Yah Post some more under some diff nicks so that you can press more thumbs here & there as well LOL LOL & LOL

  221. 221
    James Says:

    Brangelina fans have no life. Good lord what will happen if they split????

  222. 222
    Jen Says:

    The only one complaining to Jared is Ellie who posts under 25 different names on every Jen thread trying to pretend that Jen has more than 3 fans. She is such a liar and a hater all her comments are being thumbed down because she says the same hateful things over and over.

  223. 223
    Jen Says:

    Ellie, stop your whining, you are just like WHINY OLD 49 year old Jen Aniston.
    Plus, if anyone wants to read the thumbed down thread all you have to do is click on it. Jared has made it possible for you to read all your own hateful posts Ellie. So STFU!

  224. 224
    LOl Says:

    Jen @ 03/11/2010 at 9:10 pm

    LOL ! who’s talking!

  225. 225
    jaliah Says:

    @Gina M #28
    Jen is half Greek which is why you always see her with arms around her co-stars,,,,,it ’s just a sign of affection. I’m Italian and I am a very touchy feely person also
    It’s a shame the cultural side in relation to being tactile is only applied to co-stars………….I was under the impression that in Greece, Spain, Italy all the med and most other cultures the most important person is your mother……so I don’t think the cultural aspect can be applied to Ms Aniston as her co-stars and anyone else that translates to fame or money is over and above in importance to her mother. The woman certainly knows how to hold a grudge…and don’t whine that she is in contact…surely by now her mother, the woman that made it possible for her to pursue her dreams, should have appeared with her at Premieres, beaches, parties, her new house, restaurants but haven’t seen hide nor hair since she gained her fortune.

  226. 226
    LOl Says:

    Ha As soon as Nick “jen’ posts poor james has -3 ratings and she has +1
    LOL and she is the one screaming. Loon LOL!

  227. 227
    Ellen Says:


  228. 228
    jaliah Says:

    @Gina M
    The ‘don’t whine’ is not aimed at you personally it is for whomsoever tries to use that as an excuse in their response.

  229. 229
    LOl Says:

    Ellen @ 03/11/2010 at 9:15 pm

    Nobody wants your 6$ anyways you will wait for movies to come on $1 theater LOL so STFU and sit home, watch your cat instead..

  230. 230
    LOl Says:

    James @ 03/11/2010 at 9:04 pm

    James LOL They put _ve on your every comment so that it will be hidden… Looks like Skeletorlina’s publicist is paying Malesston likely to post and press thumbs LOL

  231. 231
    rigo Says:

    where u from that movie is only $6 and $1?

  232. 232
    UNLOL Says:

    Herpes you are still up in in Man’s vaj ? I can smell your stench mixed with Mayer’s dejections in that human toilet.
    What’s up Ellie, still mad that your idol has so very few whiny hens keft to defend whats’ left of her rep after the Mayernnaise fiasco ?
    Good luck with that STD, Maniston ain’t no good girl, she’ll take another loser to dump his sh*t on her while saying how much you makes her skin crawl….

  233. 233
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Thye Bounty——
    sounds like a remake of Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt starring in the movie, The Mexican.


  234. 234
    Jen Says:

    @jen’s old drama:
    This has nothing to do with “Branglina”, why do people link their names anyway or anyone’s for that matter, it is silly. I’m sure the people hate it. This has to do with being a fan of Jennifer’s and taking the blinders off, she can thank Kate Gosselin. Their pity parties, playing the martyr, sympathy ploys, lies and schemes went too far. They’ve been manipulating people and blaming others since their childhoods. What a fool Iwas, no more.
    ITAWY – Jen’s always trying to blaming someone else for her own shortcomings. She is a total loser and a complete failure and she did it all on her own. Stand up and take responsibility for the mess you made of your own life you old hag and stop blaming people who are not even thinking about you. Even Butler will take a powder and you will never see him again around this old manipulater. Everyone is on to this old hag’s whiny complaints and willingness to blame every one for her messed up life. CNN, MSNBC, all the talk shows are calling her out for her lies and her manipulating the press and it is about time!

  235. 235
    Bingo! Says:

    45 year old woman posing in a too short dress. This is pathetic. That dress is so short if she bent over you could see the crack in her behind.
    She is always flashing some part of her stubby body. At the Golden Globes it was her cooch, in those sad pathetic W shots she showing her thunder thighs and looking disgustin. On the cover of the mag she looks totally constipated and uncomfortable.
    And in these shots she looks like Gerard’s mother. Woman you need to retire and hide your ugly self from the public eye. Everyone is tired of you and your whiny, smoke filled disgusting voice. Nothing classy or cute about this 45 year old hag.

  236. 236
    Ginger Says:

    Jennifer is aging very well. She does keep herself fit. But I’m tired of victim story and how much people hated Angelina for taking Brad away. Their relationship was on a brink anyway. She should just come out and say she was a ***** that’s why Brad left her. I mean, I’m a total ***** too.

  237. 237
    Fabby Says:

    why do all my comments keep getting thumbs down hahaha
    its funny someone ask earlier the most offensive are sensitive come
    on really haha u wanna express what u “think”
    of her so why cant we express what we think of u with all your bashing haha i bet in 10 minutes im gonna get thumbs down one thing to say go ahead bring it hahaha

  238. 238
    Ellen Says:


  239. 239
    Bingo! Says:

    @Chin crossgender reality:

    “Is man turning into a …man a la Chaz Bono ? What’s this thing between her legs ? Why all the physical gender confusion on her body (Male neck, micro p**n, deep voice, massive chin, ect…) ?”
    Good question and you are right. Maniston is looking more mannish
    lately. Could it be all those male hormone pills she took years ago. Is she back to those trying to stay slim. And her voice is husky and mannish. Smoking too much?
    Her neck looked like a man’s neck on that W cover. Her face is rough and leathery looking. She always looks ASEXUAL.
    Nothing feminine or physically appealing about Man-Jen. And what is that thing hanging from between her legs in one of the Bounty Hunter pictures. Gross.
    Butler looks repulsed to be standing next to her. He would not even smooch with her.

  240. 240
    Ellen Says:


  241. 241
    Ellen Says:


  242. 242
    unbelieveable Says:

    I’m going to get thumbed down anyway so I might as well say what I really think about u hateful lunatics. I think each and everyone of u is ceritfiabley insane and u belong in a room with four padded walls. To hate someone u don’t know so much is unhealthy and there has to be some type of illness for this. So go ahead give me the thumbs down see if I give a sh*t

  243. 243
    emmy jay Says:

    Tim Gunn was sure right about Maniston when he said that she tries to hard and comes across as desperate.

    Really Manny? Really?

    Who is her stylist any way? Same hair, same tan, and oh yes, her “fit” body….BORING!

  244. 244
    LOl Says:

    Ellen @ 03/11/2010 at 9:51 pm

    That’s why I said stay with your cat CATLADY;LOL by the way nobody is giving you free movie tickets.. they are not food stamps!

  245. 245
    Up/Down made Jen #1 on JJ Says:


  246. 246
    LOl Says:

    Ellen @ 03/11/2010 at 9:53 pm
    Hmm…. where have I heard these rants before?????…next who are you going to become **** Chenny, Amy Whinehouse or a nutjob in a crackhouse ELLEN?

  247. 247
    LOl Says:

    UNLOL @ 03/11/2010 at 9:27 pm

    UNLOL you jsur peeked @ the wrong door… It was actually your mommy’s Vajay which she was keeping wide open so that she might get lucky today.. Go Control your Horndog!

  248. 248
    *** Says:

    She looks fantastic and so does Gerard-that’s a fact. She has risen and succeeded in everything she has done so far. It’s a good thing Brad left so she can really enjoy life. Gerard is stronger than Brad could ever be. He could never be anyones lap dog to be beaten down to look so sad. GO JENN!!!!!

  249. 249
    Interesting Says:

    Have you guys noticed that everytime Aniston has a premiere there are never any real celebrities at her openings?? There is only z-list at best, the directors, the one co-star and then aniston. Is this huvanes doing to make her shine??? HMMMMM, smells like pr cooty to me.

    Some A-Lister as her fans claims she is. To scared to be showed up by the real beautiful people? Or is it that the true HW celebs really don’t won’t to have anything to do with this woman and her tragedy of a pr-career. Bottom line is she is nothing more than a B-list tabloid celebrity not a movie star.

  250. 250
    June Says:

    She totally reminds me of Mariah Carey with the way she dresses – always too much, too short, too tight, etc.

  251. 251
    Anon Says:

    Omg, in the first pic..Gerry looks like he is fake smiling and thinking, “oh, the f*cking things I have to do with this b!tch to earn the paycheck! What the hell was I ever thinking? Never, ever again! First street performer I see, I’m bending her over….now, does London have TMZ?”

  252. 252
    ellie' Says:

    I was so forward to see these pictures… Jennifer’s mini dress looks great on her .. love the colors… Gerard has those sexy looking bedroom eyes…Gerard is holding on to Jen as she is to him… Doesn’t make Jen clingy…just loving…They look like they having a lot of fun… Chemistry definitely.. although I know there not together.
    I’m so looking forward to seeing this movie…
    W Mag sexy, beautiful, chemistry.. What a work of art …gorgeous looking couple if they were together….
    But hey Jen looks happy as always… who cares if she single or doesn’t have children…That’s Jens choice.. its her life…
    You Go Jen you the best…..

  253. 253
    Poor Butler Says:

    me thinks his d i c k crawled up into his a s s to hide, that’s my body language read for ya. chemistry, ya right. dream on.

  254. 254
    ellie' Says:

    I know exactly what you mean… but your commenting about the wrong couple…:
    move on…sick of all of you.. that’s why the fans and I don’t come on… your are the most obnoxious fools that you make out of yourself…

  255. 255
    ellie' Says:

    hi sweet jade and my friend Bet… hope to talk to you both soon…Hope all is well with you and family… I’ll check time to time… to see if your on..

  256. 256
    lol Says:

    Poor Butler @ 03/11/2010 at 10:43 pm

    You are not looking in front of his pant… that looks like a bo ner. Phoney body language expert! LOL

  257. 257
    Anon Says:

    I think Maniston did do an interview and it probably got canceled when CNN and everyone started calling her out on her 1-2-3 punch of selling movies. Unless, she balked at her ugly cover shot, hehehe. That’s what she gets for stalking and trying to keep the triangle going, Move on, bunny boiler, move on. Throwing hissy fits or throwing your weight around is not attractive at 41 ,Jen, to get your way or the same photographer. Those pictures really did you justice, Jen. lololol. Poor Gerry, no wonder he’s got that look on his face and bolts off after his minimum duties. Best keep running, denying and hooking up with anything but Aniston, Butler. —get photos.

    Thanks JJ for the awesome shots of Brad with his camera on the canal, sexy with just HIS hands, camera and that sly eye looking out under his jacket hood. Bet him and SK laughed their asses off. AJ too.

  258. 258
    JANE Says:

    Jared, your low comments are good comments , what’s up with the hate. If you don’t like her don’t post anything about her. It makes you look stupid.

  259. 259
    @ellie' Says:

    we know it’s you, bet, guido, and other names i’m too lazy to look up. everyone knows. stop embarassing yourself.

  260. 260
    leah Says:

    I hope they get more stars at the NYC premiere, because no one of importance showed up for the London one. Doesn’t Gerry have any actor friends in the UK?

  261. 261
    Anne Says:


  262. 262
    SexyLegs, Ang?-Anorexic sticks Says:


  263. 263
    besane Says:

    She might have reached her age where she should cover her dry knees. It’s grotesque.

  264. 264
    Jen is hot! /Ang has man hands Says:


  265. 265
    Jill Says:

    open season on the JP kids @ 03/11/2010 at 7:08 pm
    The JP fans behavior on Jen threads justifies vicious verbal attacks the JP children. Thank You.

    Spoken like a typical Jenhag. Build up your pathetic idol by trashing innocent children who have nothing to do with her. Attagirl!

  266. 266
    Jen is healthy/Ang is skeletal Says:


  267. 267
    Gerald HOT/Brad smellyoldfart Says:


  268. 268
    JA fans take it/AJ fans NOPE! Says:


  269. 269
    baby bulge for jen Says:
    Is that a baby bulge on photo 15 on Jen? yea! Good for Gerry and Jen!

  270. 270
    ANNE Says:


  271. 271
    Fritz Says:


    I think they’re all in New York at the moment.

    ANNE…That’s GeraRd, thank you. Arrrgh!

  272. 272
    Ally Says:

    they both look awesome and all of you are spiteful, smug, hateful a**holes. i am 29, but mature enough not to make fun of people because of their age. we’re all going to get older people. if we don’t respect people older than us, then we’ll get treated like sh-t, too. and one can be beautiful at any age. stop judging women so harshly due to their age and then let guys get a pass. the beauty of someone’s soul never ages, but ugly souls will be ugly souls forever. i feel sorry for all you losers with ugly souls who have nothing better to hate on someone who is just minding her own business, not hurting anyone, least of all you.

  273. 273
    nox Says:

    she does look good for someone over 40, but dont know why I do not like those pics.

  274. 274

    J.J you are so low! Go Jen and Gerald. Can’t wait to see movie. Won’t be back anymore too bad energy here. You guys go to hell!

  275. 275
    #277 Says:

    BYE! BYE!

  276. 276
    sasha Says:

    She has slept with so many men if she was a just a regular person she would be considered a ***** but because of who she is its called being a celebrity.

  277. 277
    sasha Says:

    the word is WHO*E

  278. 278
    Observer Says:

    The regulars have gone. Anyone who says anything sensible about either G or J are given thumbs down…and it doesn’t matter what side they are on. The loonies have taken over the asylum. But sanity will prevail. You will be fed your meds. Anonymous, I agree. See you all tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. The thumbs have fu#ced this board on almost every site.

  279. 279
    coke? Says:

    look at inside her nose, there is some white thing, and this is not the first time. There is another pic of her with that white thing inside her nose during Love Happens premiere.

  280. 280
    me Says:

    Oh, my gosh. I just saw photos of Anniston in high school and she has brown eyes! What a phony she is. Is there anything real about her?

    BTW, I saw the previews for this movie and not ONE person laughed. Obviously the studio has to get publicity because the plot really looked lame. I don’t think anyone could make this movie good.

  281. 281
    annie stone Says:


  282. 282
    well Says:

    I saw the preview and the audience seemed to really like it. A lot of laughs. Time will tell. See you next week. My guess is $20 million +.

  283. 283
    The pros Says:

    are saying a mid 20s opening. Agree, time will tell. Remember they said TUT would be a disaster. You remember that little $200 million flop?

  284. 284
    The pros Says:

    are saying a mid 20s opening. Agree, time will tell. Remember they said TUT would be a disaster. You remember that little $200 million flop?

  285. 285
    The thumbs Says:

    have ruined this place. It’s a travisty.

  286. 286
    proof of life Says:

    Well, get your down thumbs ready. I haven’t been interested in movies in a decade. For entertainment, I turned to TV. Then I saw this guy who just caught me. I just adore Gerard. I think he’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. And, I’m not alone. I’ve gone back to seeing a few movies because of him.

  287. 287
    lulu Says:

    She’s beginning to look like Pam Anderson, desperately grapping at the last straw of youth, why can’t these 40 something women acknowlege their age and act , dress like one .
    Never seen Sandra Bullock, Julia Robert , Nicole Kidman , Cate Blanchet , all almost the same age with Maniston ever dressing like THAT !

  288. 288
    sorry Says:

    proof of life is actually russell crowe but hey, it’s cool that you like gerard too. it’s just career suicide for him to team up with this actress.

  289. 289

    Jen has slept with so many men she walks around with a permanent stench on her.
    Mayer’s pee and poop are part of her smell now as you jenfans know.
    Look at poor Butler. He can barely stand being in her company. Feel sorry for you Gerry. Hope you learned your lesson. Every body in Hollywood knows the kind of loose woman Anustain is. Hope you don’t pick up her smell. Run Gerry Run!

  290. 290
    Anon Says:

    Look closely, looks like these two cannot stand each other. Did Gerry say no to Jen?

  291. 291
    Abe Says:

    Her dress was way too short. But I loved the shoes.

    Butler is just Butler. One of a kind. Beautiful bad boy. I’m still thinking about those skinney jeans walking toward the helicopter. Heavens. It just doesn’t get better than that. But, I digress.

  292. 292
    meme Says:

    wow she looks just amacing thoes legs are to die fore they look very good together cant wait to see this movie. to all you haters get a life i bet non off you look tis great and have a great life like her you are just some fat ass LOOSERS

  293. 293
    lulu Says:

    The pros

    No, I only remember her last 2 movies were disastrous bomb !

  294. 294
    Anon Says:

    What are “Loosers”?

  295. 295
    Cia Says:

    Does she know how cold is in London this time of year? She’s the only one wearing sandals and she is all ready ill after last night.

  296. 296
    Gerard/Ange fan Says:

    been there Jen, take a look Ange fans….

  297. 297
    Abe Says:

    Loose women? Makes me think of a visit to Amsterdam.
    I don’t give a hoot about JA, but I do care about Butler’s career, so I hope this movie goes somewhere near a success.
    On to Serbia. (Oh, I forgot the NY premiere and the talk shows will come first.)

  298. 298
    Love him Says:

    That’s it. I just love him.

  299. 299
    Lacy Says:

    Me too.

  300. 300
    Sugar & Spice Says:

    “She totally reminds me of Mariah Carey with the way she dresses” – I agree, but Mariah is cuter AND has a man! lol

  301. 301
    sasha Says:

    Did anybody see “Love Happens” with her and Aaron Echkert? Its a great little movie and I say that because if an actor is talented enough they can carry the movie even if their supporting actress is someone like J.A….Give it a try it was a good one.

  302. 302
    Fritz Says:


    LMAO! Ricky Ricardo lives!

  303. 303
    Love them Both Says:

    Can’t wait to see the movie :)

  304. 304
    Anon Says:

    This is a pathetic site…what a bunch of ********.

  305. 305
    Anon Says:

    a-holes…just to clarify.

  306. 306
    To: #308 Says:

    I thought you were leaving an hour ago???

  307. 307
    infamous Says:

    HOT…Jen has the best body in Hollywood, hands down.

  308. 308
    "Loose" Says:

    @SKANKIEJENANUSTIN: Every body in Hollywood knows the kind of loose woman Anustain is. Hope you don’t pick up her smell. Run Gerry Run!

    If you are into believing rumors then the rumor is Gerard Butler is pretty loose too. Gerard is hardly one to judge Jennifer Aniston.

  309. 309
    guido Says:

    They are happy to pose for photos.

  310. 310
    Marieme Says:

    I want to vomit looking at this predictable and shameless shtik. This empty-headed female has no shame or sense. She’s like Amy Winehouse doing the same madness and wondering what people are going on about. There’s a huge, empty space between those fug ears.

  311. 311
    Anon Says:


    Hey now, don’t be playin’ dirty and stealing my handle. That kind of crap p!sses me to no end. I’ll let loose (I know how to spell loser and loose, too) on your Jenny. My back hurts, it will distract me from the pain so let’s rumble. Don’t be a “looser”. LMAO!
    I’ll start researching about Marky Mark’s cousin and Jenny. Let the showmances end.

  312. 312
    WTF ???? Says:

    Jen is healthy ? Bwahahahah ? If you think having all kinda male DNA in her vaj and pee and poop makes one woman healthy, go for it !.
    Jen is as healthy as the next professional puta working on the street. Her vaj ooozes health, purity, long term relationship with decent guys and mayer’s sweet perfume (sarcasm).
    Oh and she has bad breath for all the smoking she still does and leather skin for all the sun she is taking.
    Yeah that woman ‘s body may look HEALTHY but it stinks UNHEALTHY and oozes the stench of all the multiple nasty uses and abuses she like to submit her body in.
    Healthy ? My a**, rather spoiled and microbes related OVERUSED by various loser-lovers kinda body..

  313. 313
    Anon Says:

    Rachel has no movies confirmed after The Bounty Hunter. Trouble finding funding and distributors? I read one movie exec suggested she leave HW, pack up and move to upstate NY, do not pass TV even. Ouch!

  314. 314
    nico Says:

    Gerry looks sooo goood!!!

  315. 315
    bwahahahaha Says:

    Jen is healthy/Ang is skeletal @ 03/11/2010 at 11:25 pm -12

    Bawahahaha !!! A URINATED and POOPED body !
    That’s the definition of healthy body for you hens ! Bet you like golden showers and mud cover up too, ain’t you ?
    You jenhens are so nasty and wouldn’t recognize an healthy body if it was right in front of you, chosing a human toilet as the paragon of health, a woman who acted as Layer personal toilet paper makes you sounds like a freak and a fool !

  316. 316
    Anon Says:

    Enough Already says:
    March 12, 2010 at 8:26 am

    ROTFLMAO. You people are like the worst analysts EVAH! ANISTON DID THIS PHOTOSHOOT A MONTH BEFORE JOHN MAYER WAS EVEN INTERVIEWED BY ROLLING STONE!!! Geez. At least get you basic facts right, ‘kay?

    This photoshoot is obviously Aniston’s attempt to hit back at Brad Pitt for his 2005 W photo shoot with Angelina Jolie entitled “Domestic Bliss”. It was Pitt who came up with the theme of that concept shoot, shot, not coincidentally by Steven Klein, the same photographer who snapped these pix of Aniston looking constipated. The Domestic Bliss photoshoot is what Aniston referred to as Pitt having “a sensitivity chip” missing. Combine this ridiculous attempt to rib Pitt with her recent turn on the cover of Pitt’s favorite magazine, Architectural Digest, and you can come to no other conclusion that despite all her sleeping around over the last 5 years – and there have been dozens of men she’s boffed – ANISTON IS STILL STALKING BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE. Her every magazine photoshoot and interview is geared to remind the public that she was dumped for another woman. All her attempts to garner sympathy has brought her is a large segment of the population who are sick to death of Jennifer Aniston, her PR games and, most importantly, her wretchedly lame romantic comedy moves. Aniston is in desperate need of a hit movie AS THE HEADLINER. Sure, she’s been in hit movies playing second fiddle to major male comedic actors – Carrey, Stiller, Vaughn, Wilson – but ANISTON HAS NEVER HAD A HIT MOVIE ON HER OWN as the main star. Her last two movies barely earned a combined $24.5 million – and cost $43.5 million + another $50 million in marketing, ie, $83.5 MILLION – and suffered A NET LOSS OF ALMOST $60 MILION. So naturally she’s gone back to selling her movies the only way she knows how – showing off her 4 hous-a-day workout body and encouraging people to join her 5 year-long Pity Party. Enough already. Just go back to tv. Or better still – just go away.

    Omg, too good not to re-post. Bravo to the commenter.

  317. 317
    i'll help Says:

    From Dlisted.

    At tonight’s London premiere of The Bounty Hunter, Gerard Butler held onto Jennifer Aniston as though she was a ****** wrapped in bacon. And Jennifer Aniston held onto Gerard Butler as though he was….well…as though he was a living, breathing man with a semi-working peen (that’s up for negotiations).

    This is Gerry’s usual thing, though. At The Ugly Truth premiere last year, Gerry posed so close to Katherine Heigl that it looked like they were playing pass the golf ball with their crotches. Gerry isn’t at home on the red carpet unless he’s dry sexing a piece. And hopefully, Jennifer knew this was coming and wore a body condom underneath her dress. If she didn’t, there’s a good chance she caught the herp without the fun. Sigh. Story of her life.

  318. 318
    Anon Says:

    Oh my, I’m almost peeing here! Why can’t Jennifer Aniston’s movies ever be this entertaining?

  319. 319
    Haha Says:

    I really can’t believe how she still gets a role in Hollywood. Instead of going to Cabo, she needs to get some acting lessons during downtime. I wonder if she’d still be in Hollywood if it weren’t for Brad and Angelina.

  320. 320
    Anon Says:

    I don’t think so if it weren’t for the triangle. Either Huvane is the genius but I think it is Aniston herself doing all the work. I think she’s a master manipulator with this stuff. Who has the stamina for it?

  321. 321
    Anon Says:

    Bounty star is quick picker-upper, but seldom gets her man, TexSez@Gawker.


  322. 322
    D-listed Says:

    @i’ll help:

    I love D listed’s comments; the people who post there are some of the most witty and rational people, unlike here at Just Jared. The Blemish is great, too. Perez sucks massive balls with his gay propaganda and Z lister appreciation site and I’m so sick of Lady GaGa this and Lady Gag Gag that.

  323. 323
    kp hearts butler Says:

    Stage 5 clinger! Sorry, couldn’t help myself, she just seems like she requires wayyyy too much attn.

  324. 324
    CC is so much better ! Says:

    CC and Lisa Kudrow have 1000 * more talent than this twit who can’t think thiughts staright. Plus CC is more beautiful and doesn’t need 4 hours/day and chiken salad regimen to maintain her healthy body.
    Enough with the most mediocre of the three ! She isn’t even fit anymore for TV shows. She should just join reality celebrities and advertise to be casted in ‘The Hills’ playing Heidi Montag’s desperate plastico mum.
    That’s HER MOST SUITED role as they both are bleached bimbos, plastic freaks with elongated chin.
    MANISTON the CHIN AS HEIDI’S MAMA in ‘THE HILLS’ !!! sounds perfect and totally suited !

  325. 325
    Pathetic !!! Says:

    Maniston always cling to men like babies do to their mum.
    She has twenty years of exoerience and is so pathetic. She is wack and no man wants her and that’s why that pathetic and desperate loser takes every professional opportunity to throw herself to men and cling to them for dear life like an immature star truck fan will do with her idole. So infantile at 41 years old !

  326. 326
    kp hearts butler Says:

    As I said in an earlier post, she just tries too hard. I mean, you have wealth & happiness, right? Why all the nude photos 6 months ago (the whole tie thing). And now, the pics with GB tryin to look sexy yet again. Is there a point she’s trying to get across? Just seems a little much. Enough sayin “look at me”. How bout putting on a decent acting role, then I might give a rats ****. Rest your chin already. Sick of seeing you. Just looks like she requires the spotlight/attention all the time.

  327. 327
    kp hearts butler Says:

    As I said in an earlier post, she just tries too hard. I mean, you have wealth & happiness, right? Why all the naked photos 6 months ago (the whole tie thing). And now, the pics with GB tryin to look sexy yet again. Is there a point she’s trying to get across? Just seems a little much. Enough sayin “look at me”. How bout putting on a decent acting role, then I might give a rats ****. Rest your chin already. Sick of seeing you. Just looks like she requires the spotlight/attention all the time.

  328. 328
    kp hearts butler Says:

    sorry for the double post, JJ wouldn’t let me put “n.u.d.e.” on first post!

  329. 329
    kp hearts butler Says:

    oh and that’s rats a.r.s.e…I was trying not to say a.s.s. out of fear it would be blocked, mental note: can’t say a.r.s.e either!

  330. 330
    maria Says:

    FREE GERARD!!!!!!

  331. 331
    kp hearts butler Says:

    O! and on another note, G’s pants….the lower region……ha haaa…nevermind.

  332. 332
    Dasha Says:

    They are so cute together!

  333. 333
    sophia Says:

    Hahahaha. People hate her that much that they would even bother to leave comments here. Geez.

  334. 334
    Cia Says:

    Ok! About this shots, is clearly that she is freezing. That’s the reason G. can’t say NO to the hugs. He kind of feels sorry for her posing all most naked in a few pictures (with the coat off). Right now in London the temperture is 44 Fahrenheit, and last night lot lower… So, that’s how is the “Octopus syndrome” (the tentacles oll over him)explainable…
    Oh Lord, have mercy!

  335. 335
    Amazed Says:

    I don’t care for her movies but she looks really good here

  336. 336
    plez Says:

    If maggie gyllenhaal had no talent and felt the need to promote herself by dressing like a Tina Turner backup dancer than she would look just like Jen looks in these pics.

    Thank goodness Maggie has talent and self esteem. BTW you would never see Sandra in such a ill fitting outfit either. Sandra has class and talent also.

  337. 337
    appena Says:

    well, at least you got what you deserved. you are delusional.

  338. 338
    DR Says:

    Love her or hate her, people still want to know about her. If you whiny morons detest her so much, why do you even bother reading this page?

    I love Jennifer, I think she’s amazing. (Now watch my comment get marked down by lifeless ass wipes.)

  339. 339
    kp hearts butler Says:

    @#341, o here we go the “why do you post if you hate Jen?”. Why do you post to stick up for her? Really? same thing. Anyway, I don’t “hate her” I just don’t like all the exposure or attn she needs. Quick! Name another 41 yr old that’s been on the covers of magazines naked like every 6 months. Exposure, exposure, exposure. Look at me, look at me! C’mon now…

  340. 340
    Cindy Says:

    @Isla: Why fix it if it’s not broke…it’s working!

  341. 341
    keixo Says:

    Her hair style is boring … and the black jacket aarrghh! … no style! Dress too short. And her chinny-chin-chin… OMG!

  342. 342
    I'm biased Says:

    @kp hearts butler: I just don’t like all the exposure or attn she needs.

    Ah yes, but many could make the same argument that Gerard has become quite the famewh*re as well. I must admit I like looking at Gerard, though, so I’m willing to overlook his growing need for attention because if he wasn’t such an attention wh*re I wouldn’t get to see as much of him.

  343. 343
    lila Says:

    Jen looks splendid!!!!
    How can she be sooo pretty???
    Love her outfit!!!

  344. 344
    Ang is an addict/JA is healthy Says:

    bell rings—– now respond little doggies

  345. 345
    Jen is a coke addict Says:

    and a toilet for male dejections….Ask Mayer about it….

  346. 346
    Jack Daniels Says:

    this lady looks absolutely gorgeous!! she makes me horny!!!

  347. 347
    Ok fine Says:

    I am an Angie fan. And a GB fan. Not Jen. But I have to admit. She looks beautiful here. I never thought about her as that before. She needs to take the hair back off her face more often. I have to be honest. She has great skin and hair.
    I hope she meets a man outside of the industry and a softer life so we can stop talking about Brad, Mayer or Gerard or whoever.

  348. 348
    David Peet Says:

    She did perfect job showing off her splendid legs and feet there! See full set of pics and also ultimate collection of Jennifer Aniston’s feet pics here:

  349. 349
    Jane Says:

    Don’t these haters ever go to school or do homework? Where are these kids parents?

  350. 350
    Who is Sasha Fierce? #119 Says:

    Sasha Fierce #119, your post was so creative & funny!! Had me laughing out loud. Would like to know who really wrote it? Who is Sasha Fierce? Ha, ha. Thanks for the uplift in my day!

  351. 351
    mia Says:

    hot hot hot hot
    they look great togther!

  352. 352
    kristian Says:

    she looks great. love the dress and shoes.

  353. 353
    Wonder Says:

    She is certainly a beautiful women- regardless of her acting skills.. Why is it so difficult to accept?

  354. 354
    gossiphound Says:


    I hope Baranski shows up I love her. Her just being in the movie gives it a one thumbs up.

  355. 355
    gossiphound Says:

    Anyone see the 3am Girls Red Carpet interview of Jen and Ger – priceless, snark alert to fans but still priceless – Gerry was hurt that anyone would think he might be a “dirty rotter”, LOL, Oh I love the English.

  356. 356
    gossiphound Says:


    Oh no I am starting to daydream too…..was he cheering for Man U I hope?

  357. 357
    ellie' Says:

    Hi Sweet jade… Hope to talk to you soon….

  358. 358
    From the Says:

    Huffington Post:

    Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler premiered ‘The Bounty Hunter’ in London on Wednesday, walking the red carpet like a real-life couple.

    Lately they have posed for a dirty magazine spread together and Gerard has discussed trimming Jen’s bush. The movie comes out March 19 so maybe just one more week of this.


    nice editorial comment at the end

  359. 359
    Anon Says:


    ……………..yet another movie that will go “straight-to-DVD” for the no talent, one-trick pony Jen whose acting range is the persona of Rachel Green [ala Friends]. Also, this whole thing of coupling up with her co-star reached the gagingly trite, and predictable stage long ago hasn’t it??? The word desperate comes to mind…..

    I think Jennifer is very hot, but when I saw her smile in this movie, I was surprised to see how plastic her face looked…what a shame…

    What a sad, needy, aging never quite made it, but desperately keeps needing to try B lister she is.

    - + New Maxamillionair

    i can see why she always keep her legs covered. this is the current TV/movie “good girl” but she’s trying to make the switch to “bad girl”. won’t happen. lindsy lohan currently has that spot taken. this generic looking cover girl has zero sex appeal, even less then julia roberts, if that’s possible. julia played a sexy hooker to try to make the switch. didn’t work.
    From the HP commenters’ samples, who usually are JA fans….this doesn’t sound good.

  360. 360
    Lil' Says:

    Seriously Jared you should change your low rating comments policy. It is so absurd and ridiculous. Not one single post nice about Jennifer Aniston is still on.
    You people are so hatefull than you can not even admit that not everyone agrees with you.
    LET IT GOOOOOOOO. You don’t know her, you don’t Angelina Jolie, you don’t know Brad Pitt. You know basically nothing about any of those people.
    So please, without any hatefull comments, would tou tell me why you are trashing her like that. You are allowed to not like her but at this point that’s sick… Did she kill someone?

    Ho, would you be kind enough to act like grown up people and not low rating this comment!

  361. 361
    Witch Says:

    I wonder who the ex is who he said was there? He said they got back together twice and it didn’t work out.

  362. 362
    former fan of JA Says:

    I like Gerard Butler and used to be a fan of Jennifer Aniston, but then something became off about her in her interviews. Maybe it was seeing other so called stars using the same manipulation tactics. After digging up her old interviews and rereading the history of what happened, I have changed my mind on Jennifer. Even her movies seem like the original script has been changed to make it all about Jen’s life and to trick the viewer’s mind into remembering Jennifer’s misery and the Jolie-Pitts, with their 6 children…how dare they? She manipulates the media..they love it, sells them lots of copies, $$$$ but Jen and the media have taken too far, for too long. When Jennifer name dropped the Jolie-Pitt kids’ names, SHE WENT TOO FAR, her fans went after those children with rabid ugliness. No one should do that to children.
    Like the W spread, Jen wants you to remember and she convinced W that it will sell copies, to use the same type of spread and THE SAME PHOTOGRAPHER that they did 5 years earlier for BP/AJ. Did Jenny think those pictures were sexy, was it her story? She wants you to remember. (I don’t think Klein likes being pushed.)
    As a former fan that seen Jen supporting sexual assault/abuse charities and enjoys the media attention it brings her—why would she agree to these pictures? She degrades women and the police. Butler looks miserable, Jennifer looks hard, plastic and interested only in the cold hard cash. What next? Going on David Letterman to gift him her hosiery from the shoot like she did from the tie of GQ?(there is even a back story about that and her reason for doing that..Brad take notice, like AD spread..i.e. Rat Pack reference, bathroom -read the back stories).
    Jennifer Aniston’s hairdresser can call us former fans, “haters” and say we “talk ****” but what is really happening is that we are figuring out that Jenny only cares about keeping her face in the tabloids and getting attention, being forever linked to Brad (and her hate for Angelina) and cold hard cash. Read the back articles, she doesn’t even have good things to say about her fans. Anyone that stands in Jen’s way, is seen as a hater or enemy. Hmm, sounds like Palin and Gosselin. Narcissist.

  363. 363
    Jen Says:

    That’s the problem with you Angie fans, you are delusional, well the ones who come to this site anyway. My name happens to be Jen, I didn’t put that in the title because of her. I don’t idolize her or any actress for that matter, I don’t idolize other human beings, unlike some of us. I just think she is a great comedic actress who is pretty, nor have I seen all her movies. I also love Gerard Butler, what’s the problem in complementing them?

  364. 364
    Jen Says:

    @former fan of JA: They just love to hate on Jen and criticize her for things as being single, having too many boyfriends, not having kids etc… but they are plenty of actresses around her age who are in the same situation who do not get criticized so severely, like Cameron Diaz. I kinda feel bad for Angelina, I wonder if she knows how mest up her fans are.

  365. 365
    Desperado Aniston Says:

    If her next bomb “The Switch”/”The Baster” don’t go straight to dvd how will she promote it?? Pose in Playboy?? Hire another paid escort?? Or will she finally come out the closet with her acting coach??

    Because Jason bateman is married so she won’t be able to hang all over him like a tree monkey at the premieres or start dating rumors.

  366. 366
    ivermom Says:

    Killa legs Jen! Jared this site now stinks!!! I only go to the last page of posts because there is no point in reading them anymore!!!

  367. 367
    Lucky Charm Says:

    To answer an earlier post why Jennifer Aniston’s movies aren’t this entertaining: It’s because she’s in them. And I think she’s heading dangerously close to Pamela Anderson territory with her whole “look at my 40+ body, please, because I have nothing else left!”

  368. 368
    Tara Says:

    she looks really sexy and self-confident!!!!
    definitely: JEN ROCKS!!!!!

  369. 369
    Fabby Says:

    haha go jen go jen!!!
    wats with all the hating guys haha
    now now behave n dont be jealous haha
    admit it because i ask myself if u dont like her than what do u
    care wat she wears or does haha simple as that n
    someone plizz give me a good reason not the lame ones where its cause she is stupid or s*hit like that hahahaha

  370. 370
    liana1212 Says:

    jen has gained

  371. 371
    Caio Says:

    Of course she looks pretty! People who say the opposite is jealous or blind! Seriosly, she looks stunning! It’s hypocrisy to deny that!

  372. 372
    Paula Says:

    Love the earrings

  373. 373
    sweetness Says:

    @ annie # 206

    her hair, her boobs, her nose and everything are fake.. but not her eyes or her cheeks

  374. 374
    besane Says:

    @Desperado Aniston: All films which Aniston couldn’t latch onto her co-stars like a “TREE MONKEY” as you said (LOL!!) bombed– Love Happens (Eckart has a girlfriend), Management -Steve Zahn (married), etc. etc. So yes, Baster Bateman might actually show up with his wife. Bomb written all over it.

  375. 375
    anna Says:

    WOW!! so many haters in this site.. I’m in shock! I hate these votes, now you block all the pro jen comments!! shoo brangelina fans! get a lifee! she’s gorges and still looks the same as when she was 20, DEAL WITH IT!!

  376. 376
    Goodness! Says:


    Do you know who the ex was that he was referring to being there? He said “one of my exes is here..we got back together twice and it didn’t work”.

  377. 377
    yo sista Says:

    She looks great! LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the clothes!

  378. 378
    LuckyL Says:

    Landy @ 03/11/2010 at 4:04 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +16

    Janeth @ 03/11/2010 at 3:59 pm
    This isn’t the CNN blog, it’s a gossip blog, if it upsets your mature 23 self, don’t read the comments. Problem solved.


  379. 379
    LuckyL Says:

    They’re going to have to start blurring this b*tch soon, she looks so scandalously. Chicky can’t realize she “ain’t no spring chicken”?

  380. 380
    gossiphound Says:


    Good question, there are so many exes. Had to be one of his few serious relationships relatively speaking. He had more steady girlriends back in the London days I believe though I doubt he behaved much differently. He was so pretty in those days.

  381. 381
    LuckyL Says:


  382. 382
    LuckyL Says:

    Jen and Gerard on Cover of W: Sexy Couple or Sad Copy Cats?

    by Colin Goldman on Mar. 11, 2010 08:09 AM / 31 Comments

    Are Jen Aniston and Gerard Butler still a fake item? So hard to keep track. Nevertheless, the two co-stars and “rumored” romantics appear on the cover of the April edition of W Magazine. Hmm. As photographed by Steven Klein. Double Hmm.

    Devout Brangelistas will recall that it was the very same Steven Klein, for the very same W Magazine, that photogged the retro-themed cover and spread of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in July 2005. This was very shortly after Brangelina became something of an official couple, though a solid year or so since they were rumored to be practicing more than just their lines in their trailers on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

    Is it possible, in any known universe, that super-self-aware-and-controlling Jen Aniston was unaware of this coincidence?

    When we did a quickie “first words that come into your head” game when comparing the 2010 W Magazine photo of Jen/Gerard to the 2005 W Magazine photo of Brad/Angelina, here were our results:

    W magazine spread

    Now, we know the Jennifer Anniston defenders will come barrelling out with double-barrels insisting that Jen be left alone, but, let’s be real here, she chose this magazine, this photographer, and this cover so that the media WOULD pick up on the obvious Brangelina comparison.

    Why, Jen, why?

    Tell us what you think.

  383. 383
    LuckyL Says:


  384. 384
    angelinafraud Says:

    Love Jennifer! Can’t wait to see this movie next Friday! YES!

  385. 385
    Curious Carla Says:

    In response to the ex-girlfriend he mentioned at the premiere, it’s possible it was Josie D’Arby, since he was in London, and she lives in London. He and Josie went together for quite a while and that my be who he was referring to.

  386. 386
    Anon Says:

    sweetness @ 03/12/2010 at 3:54 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down -2

    @ annie # 206

    her hair, her boobs, her nose and everything are fake.. but not her eyes or her cheeks

    Do you know what color Jennifer’s eyes are?

  387. 387
    zz Says:

    here jen, since that W thing didn’t go according to your plan, only thing hot about that was those shoes.

  388. 388
    Check It Says:

  389. 389
    daffodil Says:


  390. 390
    daffodil Says:


  391. 391
    amanda Says:

    jen looks gorgeous and elegant
    they are a great couple
    so cute

  392. 392
    Leonidas Says:

    she should take off this jacket so I can see her body better

  393. 393
    zce Says:

    jennifer looks like a clown

  394. 394
    gossiphound Says:

    @Curious Carla:

    well he was working in London for a few years I am sure he has a few exes still living in London, the casting director, the red head waitress, a few British actresses, LOL – and sadly there are no photos yet of anyone of note at the premiere or any indication of an afterpary – going low budget?

  395. 395
    postwatcher Says:

    Jennifer has the best bod in hollywood.

    These two do look good together, but I doubt they are together.

    My image of Jennifer was ruined when she dated John Mayer.

    Jen should marry John Stamos.

    If Gerry is not gay, then I see him with one of the single actresses from Mad Men…either January Jones or Maggie Siff…

  396. 396
    Oh Please! Says:

    Two words for you delusional Aniston fans: STACEY DASH!

    Stacey makes Aniston look like 100 year old pond scum at the age of 44!! Not only do she have a body that won’t quit but she has actualy given birth to 2 chidren!

    Second best would be Halle Berry.

    So no your prune face Aniston is not the hottest or the best body in HW. It’s another lie sold to you by Aniston and her pr team.

  397. 397
    Hmmm Says:

    @Oh Please!:

    Who the hell is Stacy Dash. Halle Berry is hot but she’s no fun. Ever watch her interview the gals is a wet noodle. G is all about Fun. He’s probably better off with a person that matches his sense of humor.

  398. 398
    AutumnM Says:

    @Oh Please.

    I totally agree. Stacey is beautiful with a great body and a wonderful personality. I think she’s around Jen’s age or maybe even a year or two older and she has two kids, but she kills Jennifer in the looks department!

    Stacey Dash is an underrated beauty. Too bad many don’t know who she is.

  399. 399
    angelinafraud Says:

    notice that gerard does this with all his leading ladies…..go back in look at the ugly truth……..wonder why brangelina didn’t comment on them. oh yes they can’t let jen go………!

  400. 400
    natasha smith Says:

    WHAT ON EARTH IS THE MATTER WITH YOU ALL. I wonder hou you would all stand the spot light in walk a few steps in Jens shoes.
    She hadled her divorce with grace and class. She took all the heat and the unfair coments with grace and and understanding. so why on earth is she poor Jen when there a millions of women who are single and not in relationships. If she is a poster girl for poor single women how sad that other women cannot understand. May be you lovely perfect women who are making these judjments have the most loving relationships have never had your hear broken, never felt love for your ex and just got over your fellings from broken relationships just like that . It must be fantastic looking through your rose coloured fragile glasses. . If your checking this sight out to look at Gerald who is 40 and ner been married and probably a nice guy. what implications and how come he is not a sad case not having this perfect loving relationship and single and Jen is the sad case… so much for women supporting women and you wonder why ou have low self esteem becuse you must since you find the need to put slur Jen an put her down.

  401. 401
    kathy b. Says:

    She is wa;y to plain for him. How many times does he have to dump her for another woman and she keeps chasing after him.Jen wants him so bad. It is just pathetic.

  402. 402
    kathy b. Says:

    She is to plain for him.How many times does he have to dump her for another woman?She keeps chasing after him she wants him so bad.of course I really can’t blame her after all he is beautiful Gerard Butler.

  403. 403
    kathy b. Says:

    She looks like ****.

  404. 404
    david white Says:

    She looks absolutely horrible. Can she get any plainer.

  405. 405
    tuncay Says:

    Jennifer Aniston twenty years in the air like a mini-dress with a sexy young girl’s body had sergiliyerek hearted caper, oh I’d be there

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