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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: UK Bounty Hunter Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: UK Bounty Hunter Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston clings onto co-star Gerard Butler at the UK film premiere of The Bounty Hunter at London’s Vue West End on Thursday (March 11).

Jen, 41, sparkled in a Valentino mini-dress, Alexander McQueen tuxedo jacket, Fred Leighton jewels, strappy Jimmy Choo “Lance” sandals and a Ferragamo clutch. Gerry, 40, wore a Gucci “Signoria” suit.

The Bounty Hunter opens in theaters nationwide next Friday (March 19). Excited??

Don’t miss out on Jen and Gerry‘s steamy W cover!

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler premiering the Bounty Hunter in Britain…

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jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 01
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 02
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 03
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 04
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 05
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 06
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 07
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 08
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 09
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 10
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 11
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 12
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 13
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 14
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 15
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 16
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 17
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 18
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 19
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 20
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 21
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 22
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 23

Photos: Ian Gavan/Getty, Lia Toby/WENN
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  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Why do I get all the uneducated stupid ones though? :-0

  • Jen

    How does Jen sit down in that dress? It’s way too short. Otherwise, she looks good. So does Butler. The movie, however, looks horrible.

  • LOl

    ManLESSton, I likely

    ROTFLMAO on the uneducated comment? LOL pressing up & down thumb is not education hon! Now go back to your fingering routine and do a 10 refresh post under 3/4 nicks and come back and hit the finger again…. Ringa Ringa LOL

  • mickey

    Still stinky looking and forever desperate–Maniston is at it again. That movie looks HORRIBLE. I still like Gerry, though.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    You can only use the thumbs once per comment little troll. Live with the the fact that you are as stupid as you seem.


    That LOL person is obssessed with the intimate parts, he/she sounds like Maniston herpes…kept in the dark, stuck deeply in her vaj oozing all the stench of Mayer’s sloppy ends and spouting all the ish found in there..
    LOL person stinks hard.


    O-M-G…she is so predictable. Now, I’m going to post on AJ’s page and not give this 2-bit “X” hag anymore hits on the comments page.

    Who is with me!?!?

    Can’t wait to see SALT or The TOURIST!

  • Diego

    OMG She looks so HOT!!! That tanned body!!! damn!!!! only 2% of women are that fit!!! She’s so HOT!!!!

  • donna

    Sad! Jen cant act. period! thats why she need to sell her look

  • Lil’

    Well well well! As Always posts about Jennifer Aniston as repair for hatefull crazy people! I always enjoy taking a look at those comments, it’s a delight to see how mentally sick people can be.
    Because seriously to trash someone like that … either you must have a good reason ( she spit on you, she ran over you with her car, she personnally set your house on fire, she fired you…) or you’re actually kind of crazy!!!!
    And I love the “they say the same about Angelina” argument. Yeaaaaah guys, spoiler alert : those people are crazy too!

    But keep going, it’s quite entertaining!

  • eliott

    @ LOL :

    Mind your manners, freak.
    @ Diego:
    ” only 2% of women are that fit!!! ”

    I don’t know why, but this made me chuckle.

  • Areyoukiddingme?

    @open season on the JP kids: you’re obviously an idiot. Nothing justifies attacks on children no matter who they are or where they come from. Don’t give Jen fans a bad name you as-shole.

  • Dawn9476


    Nothing a Jen hater/JP fan justifies attacks on children. Grow the hell up.

  • Dawn9476

    That should be nothing a Jen Hater/JP fan says.

  • Twinkle

    What does Michael Kors on Project Runway always say? “Short, tight, shiny, tacky.”

  • Fabby

    OMG!!! everyone stop hating on her seriously
    everyone needs to go get a life…. just cause u hate ur life
    doesn’t mean u have to bash others….what if she dresses like that
    everyone in Hollywood does so please!! n second get ur eyes check
    u dont even know them how can u even judge psshhh
    freaking posers ohh n get over the whole
    triangle with brangelina obviously she doesn’t care to know about them…
    n if u wanna hate on me go ahead like i even care!! hahahaha

  • ? Most offensive R sensitive ?

    good question

  • jade

    I like Jen and Gerry. They both look good in these pictures. They look
    comfortable together,but they are just good friends.

    I’am looking forward to seeing this movie. I liked the trailer and it looks good to me.

  • frauds like their idols

    You have to love how many JP fans pretended to be high and mighty, in order to get control of this blog to do what ? BASH

  • steph


    exactly! i like jen, she’s pretty and funny!

  • ?

    I think jennifer fans want to put blame On Brangelina fans because they can’t believe Gerard butler fans wouldn’t want him with Maniston. LOL It’s hard for them to believe that more than just Brangelina fans don’t like Maniston. So now they will take it out on Angelina’s Kids. LOLOL not that they ever had anything nice to say about them before anyway

  • Retarded JP fingers working OT

    click click pigs..haaaa

  • “hater”

    @Fabby: Oh but its what I do, and what JenChin’s hair stylist needs to discuss in an interview. me or Brad or he and Angie’s kids. And you call me the “hater?”

  • “hater”

    That one picture of her brushing her hair back and looking up, almost looks like the girl on the cover of W this month.

  • Chin is lame !

    Everytime Jen has a flop her dress shortens itself. Next movie she will only have a thong on the red carpet.
    She looks and acts more and more like Shauna Sandsn, the other bleached blond cougar. She should ask her as well as Pam Anderson to do a flick together : Baywatch sequel :” Return of the aging bimbos in heat.”
    This way she won’t pretend anymore and take openly the route she wants from the beginning : (soft) p0rn. A group s*x cover in Playboy will seal the deal.

  • KVB

    She’s beautiful and quirky and so is Gerard Butler…they look fabulous together. Why do you all hate on this innocent woman who was cheated on by a despicable cowardly, lying husband (I don’t know what is worse the cheating or the lying afterwards) with a bi-sexual nymphomaniac. Wait until all those natural and adopted children turn 16 years and the truth about their upbringing is revealed. Most of you will wonder why you ever supported two people with small children who act in violent movies, leave their children to be raised by nannies, and have no personal integrity no matter how much money they give to the poor in Africa.

  • juniper

    Jennifer looks great. I am sure 95% of the women out there (all ages) would be thrilled to have a figure like hers. If she was so “desperate” for a relationship as people here are saying trust me she could easily settle down and have kids, instead she is doing what she feels is right for her, she has a great career and is living her life.


    oki i bet everyone who bashes jennifer
    has to be an angelina fan ! haha so predictable haha
    oki just everyone stop people still continue with them its been 5
    get it 5 years GET OVER IT n MOVE ON they
    obviously have!! oki how can people say its lame movie when
    they havent watched it!!! or how can they say she is ugly when u havent met her in person seriously!! haha be Mature n move on Jennifer has a good career and good life what do u have other than bashing jennifer …thank u :) haha

  • Chin crossgender reality

    Man gender confusion going overboard, hence the Mayer’s pants she stole lately and the male shoes and jacket…not to mention the scarf hiding her hairy face and testosteronic massive neck
    Hope that little dress she stole from Beyonce has hidden enough evidence of the ‘physical expression’ of her gender confusion.
    Where is Bonnie Fuller when we need her ?
    Is man turning into a …man a la Chaz Bono ? What’s this thing between her legs ? Why all the physical gender confusion on her body (Male neck, micro p**n, deep voice, massive chin, ect…) ?

  • juniper

    I never watched ‘Friends’ not into sitcoms, although Jennifer is an Aquarius and not as conventional and one dimensional as a sitcom character. Gerard is just a friend nothing more, she is an affectionate person with everyone, she was also that way when she did a film with Owen Wilson.

  • Fritz


    “instead she is doing what she feels is right for her, she has a great career and is living her life.”

    The same could be said for Gerard.

  • Hypocrite Jolie-Pitt fans

    They cried, moaned,flagged, whined, and pooed their panties to get Jared to rid JJ of all of the nastiness(on jolie-pitt threads) ..and the result is nastier than ever and you can blame it on these very people

  • juniper


    Never said it couldn’t, don’t think you read my post correctly.

  • Fabby

    @ “hater”
    omg plizz dont tell me that it really hurts yea hahahahaha
    i love it!!! keep “hating” lol

  • Whiny jen’s boo hoo sisterhood

    They cried, moaned,flagged, whined, and pooed their panties to get Jared to rid JJ of all of the nastiness(on Chin threads) ..and the result is nastier than ever and you can blame it on these very people

  • oy

    “Hollywood’s botoxed, orange ho’s hit Londontown to promote bombcom.”

    Film at 11.

  • proofof infestation of JP fans

    Jennifer is Hot ——The adopting /babymachine is not !

    I give this, oh, about 5 minutes

  • FAT


  • Jill

    Can’t she find some clothes that fit?

  • bet

    there is more cute and hot picture at Dlisted and other site too. I think something is up between the two,. there is too much engergy to be that comfortable with each other. love most of the picture.

  • LYNN

    Bet, you are making up a romance between Jennifer Aniston and Butler. I went back and looked at each picture and I don see all the chemistry you said is there.

    I hoped you noticed the wrinkles around her knees. I think her dress could have been a little longer to hide that. Jennifer reminds me of a fat person especially a woman. She decides to loose weight and attends the weight loss class for about 3weeks and several people notices that she has lost some weight, and they say to her, Hey girl, you look like you have lost some weight, huh . The first thing she does is start wearing shorts, tight pants and a blouse with her still fat back hanging out from all sides. It is time for miss 40yr old to start dressing better for these occasions. She need to get rid of those shoes that I see street Wh***** wearing.

  • bet

    more power to both. They look amazing together.

  • Ellen

    She is too CLINGY !!!

  • Messing with the JP’s (Pavlov)

    The best part of messing with the JP fans is that I could care less about Anniston, but I love F-ing with you JP losers. …and sidetracking the thread.

  • Fritz


    I was using your post to make an observation .It was a compliment, not a slam.
    I don’t think you ready MY post correctly, but whatevs.

    Have a good night.

  • bobbi

    Im not a huge Aniston fan. I do have a superficial comment: Why doesnt anyone address the major work she has had done on her nose?

    If you look back @ pics from when she was a teen through early 20s to now, there has been some major reduction surgery.

    Im not sure if she had it done gradually over time but it is as plain as the nose on my face that she’s had the bridge and bottom thinned.

  • MAN-iston

    Is she a HE or a SHE ?

    I am confused with all the evidences of her gender confusion…she never had a child like she told she was gonna have….she keeps on getting dumped by men who don’t find her napalm enough and pee on her….
    Why the loose too big male jeans lately ? What does that hide ? What was it about the male hormones ? Wasn’t it a stunt to hide the fact that indeed she naturally has too much testosterone in her ?
    Bonnie should investigate that half man – half woman. She is gender confusing.

  • bet

    Two days in raw , too hot to handle the hottness in between Jen and Gerry.

  • lisa

    @proofof infestation of JP fans:

    sad that an Aniston fan thinks giving a child that his without a home two loving parents and brother and sisters is something negative. You and the other people like you that talk that way are idiots. Angie and Brad didn’t invent adoption. there are lots of people in Hollywood who are adopted and have adopted. Huge Jackman and his wife must fit in your category too they have adopted twice.. so has Nicole K. So disgusting your comment. do you really think calling Angie and or Brad names because they are adoptive parents makes Aniston somehow better. Well the baby machine gets to cuddle and love her children everyday. I think if you ask those kids.. they are the winners.

    I just heard Jen and Heidi Montage are making a film together. Boy that is just awesome. Angie gets Liev and Johnny.. Jenny get Heidi..

    sometimes actors do their best when they are working with their own kind

  • LYNN

    By the way she has worn that jacket before with black pants. I think it was at the premier of HJNTIY. I might be wrong about the premier, but I have seen her with it on before. She was standing with about 3 other people.