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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: UK Bounty Hunter Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: UK Bounty Hunter Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston clings onto co-star Gerard Butler at the UK film premiere of The Bounty Hunter at London’s Vue West End on Thursday (March 11).

Jen, 41, sparkled in a Valentino mini-dress, Alexander McQueen tuxedo jacket, Fred Leighton jewels, strappy Jimmy Choo “Lance” sandals and a Ferragamo clutch. Gerry, 40, wore a Gucci “Signoria” suit.

The Bounty Hunter opens in theaters nationwide next Friday (March 19). Excited??

Don’t miss out on Jen and Gerry‘s steamy W cover!

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler premiering the Bounty Hunter in Britain…

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jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 01
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 02
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 03
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 04
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 05
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 06
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 07
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 08
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 09
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 10
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 11
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 12
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 13
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 14
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 15
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 16
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 17
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 18
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 19
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 20
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 21
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 22
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 23

Photos: Ian Gavan/Getty, Lia Toby/WENN
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  • lisa


    Enjoy it while it last. After this movie opens next week. They will not be seen together again.. Gerry has new film shooting soon. And Aniston does too.. So please fawn over the pics..

    I thought Actors did a photo call before an Premier like this. Leo was just t his photo call.. and other celebs do them for overseas openings. Why no interviews.. i thought they did an interview in W.. but just found out that was not the case.. WHY? WHY? SOMETHING IS OFF ON THAT ONE..

  • Cherry Beef

    I think they would actualy make a good couple – though I know for a fact they arent together – G isnt ‘WITH’ anyone. Let the man live people!
    He said it himself – he iis not into serious sh*t. He doesnt want any seriuos sh*t until he is 30 years OLDER than he is now.
    So let him have his fun – there are people that dont mind that he is jst a fun friendly guy!
    Love you Gerry !!

  • “hater”

    Yeah yeah, now we see it, next week when the movie crashes and burns, the scarf will go around the chin and around to cover that dirty hair.

  • bet


    i understand , but still i am enjoyint the hottness.. Who knows things can be suprise.

  • Cherry Beef

    But I will say she has over-botoxed – WOW. Not a good look….

  • annie

    bobbi @ 03/11/2010 at 8:25 pm +3

    Im not a huge Aniston fan. I do have a superficial comment: Why doesnt anyone address the major work she has had done on her nose?

    If you look back @ pics from when she was a teen through early 20s to now, there has been some major reduction surgery.

    Im not sure if she had it done gradually over time but it is as plain as the nose on my face that she’s had the bridge and bottom thinned.


    Yes, you are she has had like 3 nose jobs already since she started showbiz. And mind you she is the only one who was caught by the paps leaving her plastic surgeon’s office after her nosejob.

    The thing is Aniston is with CAA and she has a huge PR firm under Huvane who manages her reputation. After that picture came out they immediately release that she only had a deviated septum correction, but as we can obviously see, she had more than that. She had her nose bridge lifted and shaved her nose.

    Everything good in Aniston’s appearance is FAKE, her hair is not blonde but brown, her eyes are not blue but brown, her nose if fake, her boobs are fake, her hairline has been adjusted, she had cheek implants, etc, etc

  • AGA

    @lisa: Don’t forget Jenny’s friend Sheryl Crow adopted.So did Marie Osmand,Meg Ryan,Steven Speilberg,C.Flockhart.R.O’Donnell,Hugh Jackman and Sharon Stone has adopted 3 times. But I guess to the hens these people are great,but adopting when it comes to Brad&Ange it’s evil.
    HYPOCRITES—-I do atually think that JA will adopt one day and all the hens will have to eat there words.
    Is BET still on about JA &GB being together..How many times does poor Gerry have to deny it and he was papped kisssing a girl in Rio 1 week ago!!

  • open season #162

    Record: 45 thumbs down, I believe,…… see what you can do. Or do I have to say something else offensive

  • bet

    Jen always stay with her classic look, She never want to be someone else but herself. Not like some, one day want to be prince diana, one day want to be some other old school actress,. Get your identity and stay with it.

  • Fabby

    its funny how i put an angelina post on how she is so hot
    all thumbs up now i put she looks like an anorexic wrinkled bulldog all
    thumbs down haha now why is that?? anyone knows the answer??
    this is a never ending battle haha oh by the way no offense if u like
    angelina i was just using it as an example of how many
    people that bash jennifer r angelina fans… i ask myself why if u do not like jennifer why would u come all the way to a picture of hers to write bad about her haha

  • Jen

    tight clothes, short skirt, same hair – what is different?
    What is different? She looks 10 years older.

  • bet


    Can a women injoy the hottness between them?

  • LOl

    UNLOL @ 03/11/2010 at 6:32 p

    How do you know all this gory details hon? Just bent down to see it in full view? Herpes much? Manlesston Alias?

  • rotflmao

    Did anyone else get to read the crazy aniston fan letter on Dlisted? it was so funny. I have a feeling it was from LOl or fabby

  • LOl

    ManLESSton, I likely @ 03/11/2010 at 6:32 pm

    That explains all your alias! can you read diseased pu ssy? I aked you to change your nick post under a different troll name and do a refresh and then press the thumb LOL put your glasses on.. Looks like your eyes are hurting after you saw your Syphilis infected vajay LOL & LOL

  • Aqueline1

    @ bet
    prince diana? WTF?

  • whatwillcottonsay?
  • James

    Dayum, she’s gorgeous.

    You can tell this site are Brangelina fans. All the people that give Aniston high marks get low ratings.

    Grow Brangelina fans, you’re getting scary!!!!!

  • bet

    Until next week when we see another hottness between Jen and Gerry…. until then we all hater and lover injoy it. good night.

  • LOl

    Yah Manlesston Yah Post some more under some diff nicks so that you can press more thumbs here & there as well LOL LOL & LOL

  • James

    Brangelina fans have no life. Good lord what will happen if they split????

  • Jen

    The only one complaining to Jared is Ellie who posts under 25 different names on every Jen thread trying to pretend that Jen has more than 3 fans. She is such a liar and a hater all her comments are being thumbed down because she says the same hateful things over and over.

  • Jen

    Ellie, stop your whining, you are just like WHINY OLD 49 year old Jen Aniston.
    Plus, if anyone wants to read the thumbed down thread all you have to do is click on it. Jared has made it possible for you to read all your own hateful posts Ellie. So STFU!

  • LOl

    Jen @ 03/11/2010 at 9:10 pm

    LOL ! who’s talking!

  • jaliah

    @Gina M #28
    Jen is half Greek which is why you always see her with arms around her co-stars,,,,,it ’s just a sign of affection. I’m Italian and I am a very touchy feely person also
    It’s a shame the cultural side in relation to being tactile is only applied to co-stars………….I was under the impression that in Greece, Spain, Italy all the med and most other cultures the most important person is your mother……so I don’t think the cultural aspect can be applied to Ms Aniston as her co-stars and anyone else that translates to fame or money is over and above in importance to her mother. The woman certainly knows how to hold a grudge…and don’t whine that she is in contact…surely by now her mother, the woman that made it possible for her to pursue her dreams, should have appeared with her at Premieres, beaches, parties, her new house, restaurants but haven’t seen hide nor hair since she gained her fortune.

  • LOl

    Ha As soon as Nick “jen’ posts poor james has -3 ratings and she has +1
    LOL and she is the one screaming. Loon LOL!

  • Ellen


  • jaliah

    @Gina M
    The ‘don’t whine’ is not aimed at you personally it is for whomsoever tries to use that as an excuse in their response.

  • LOl

    Ellen @ 03/11/2010 at 9:15 pm

    Nobody wants your 6$ anyways you will wait for movies to come on $1 theater LOL so STFU and sit home, watch your cat instead..

  • LOl

    James @ 03/11/2010 at 9:04 pm

    James LOL They put _ve on your every comment so that it will be hidden… Looks like Skeletorlina’s publicist is paying Malesston likely to post and press thumbs LOL

  • rigo

    where u from that movie is only $6 and $1?


    Herpes you are still up in in Man’s vaj ? I can smell your stench mixed with Mayer’s dejections in that human toilet.
    What’s up Ellie, still mad that your idol has so very few whiny hens keft to defend whats’ left of her rep after the Mayernnaise fiasco ?
    Good luck with that STD, Maniston ain’t no good girl, she’ll take another loser to dump his sh*t on her while saying how much you makes her skin crawl….

  • Go Ask Alice

    Thye Bounty——
    sounds like a remake of Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt starring in the movie, The Mexican.


  • Jen

    @jen’s old drama:
    This has nothing to do with “Branglina”, why do people link their names anyway or anyone’s for that matter, it is silly. I’m sure the people hate it. This has to do with being a fan of Jennifer’s and taking the blinders off, she can thank Kate Gosselin. Their pity parties, playing the martyr, sympathy ploys, lies and schemes went too far. They’ve been manipulating people and blaming others since their childhoods. What a fool Iwas, no more.
    ITAWY – Jen’s always trying to blaming someone else for her own shortcomings. She is a total loser and a complete failure and she did it all on her own. Stand up and take responsibility for the mess you made of your own life you old hag and stop blaming people who are not even thinking about you. Even Butler will take a powder and you will never see him again around this old manipulater. Everyone is on to this old hag’s whiny complaints and willingness to blame every one for her messed up life. CNN, MSNBC, all the talk shows are calling her out for her lies and her manipulating the press and it is about time!

  • Bingo!

    45 year old woman posing in a too short dress. This is pathetic. That dress is so short if she bent over you could see the crack in her behind.
    She is always flashing some part of her stubby body. At the Golden Globes it was her cooch, in those sad pathetic W shots she showing her thunder thighs and looking disgustin. On the cover of the mag she looks totally constipated and uncomfortable.
    And in these shots she looks like Gerard’s mother. Woman you need to retire and hide your ugly self from the public eye. Everyone is tired of you and your whiny, smoke filled disgusting voice. Nothing classy or cute about this 45 year old hag.

  • Ginger

    Jennifer is aging very well. She does keep herself fit. But I’m tired of victim story and how much people hated Angelina for taking Brad away. Their relationship was on a brink anyway. She should just come out and say she was a bitch that’s why Brad left her. I mean, I’m a total bitch too.

  • Fabby

    why do all my comments keep getting thumbs down hahaha
    its funny someone ask earlier the most offensive are sensitive come
    on really haha u wanna express what u “think”
    of her so why cant we express what we think of u with all your bashing haha i bet in 10 minutes im gonna get thumbs down one thing to say go ahead bring it hahaha

  • Ellen


  • Bingo!

    @Chin crossgender reality:

    “Is man turning into a …man a la Chaz Bono ? What’s this thing between her legs ? Why all the physical gender confusion on her body (Male neck, micro p**n, deep voice, massive chin, ect…) ?”
    Good question and you are right. Maniston is looking more mannish
    lately. Could it be all those male hormone pills she took years ago. Is she back to those trying to stay slim. And her voice is husky and mannish. Smoking too much?
    Her neck looked like a man’s neck on that W cover. Her face is rough and leathery looking. She always looks ASEXUAL.
    Nothing feminine or physically appealing about Man-Jen. And what is that thing hanging from between her legs in one of the Bounty Hunter pictures. Gross.
    Butler looks repulsed to be standing next to her. He would not even smooch with her.

  • Ellen


  • Ellen


  • unbelieveable

    I’m going to get thumbed down anyway so I might as well say what I really think about u hateful lunatics. I think each and everyone of u is ceritfiabley insane and u belong in a room with four padded walls. To hate someone u don’t know so much is unhealthy and there has to be some type of illness for this. So go ahead give me the thumbs down see if I give a sh*t

  • emmy jay

    Tim Gunn was sure right about Maniston when he said that she tries to hard and comes across as desperate.

    Really Manny? Really?

    Who is her stylist any way? Same hair, same tan, and oh yes, her “fit” body….BORING!

  • LOl

    Ellen @ 03/11/2010 at 9:51 pm

    That’s why I said stay with your cat CATLADY;LOL by the way nobody is giving you free movie tickets.. they are not food stamps!

  • Up/Down made Jen #1 on JJ


  • LOl

    Ellen @ 03/11/2010 at 9:53 pm
    Hmm…. where have I heard these rants before?????…next who are you going to become Dick Chenny, Amy Whinehouse or a nutjob in a crackhouse ELLEN?

  • LOl

    UNLOL @ 03/11/2010 at 9:27 pm

    UNLOL you jsur peeked @ the wrong door… It was actually your mommy’s Vajay which she was keeping wide open so that she might get lucky today.. Go Control your Horndog!

  • ***

    She looks fantastic and so does Gerard-that’s a fact. She has risen and succeeded in everything she has done so far. It’s a good thing Brad left so she can really enjoy life. Gerard is stronger than Brad could ever be. He could never be anyones lap dog to be beaten down to look so sad. GO JENN!!!!!

  • Interesting

    Have you guys noticed that everytime Aniston has a premiere there are never any real celebrities at her openings?? There is only z-list at best, the directors, the one co-star and then aniston. Is this huvanes doing to make her shine??? HMMMMM, smells like pr cooty to me.

    Some A-Lister as her fans claims she is. To scared to be showed up by the real beautiful people? Or is it that the true HW celebs really don’t won’t to have anything to do with this woman and her tragedy of a pr-career. Bottom line is she is nothing more than a B-list tabloid celebrity not a movie star.

  • June

    She totally reminds me of Mariah Carey with the way she dresses – always too much, too short, too tight, etc.