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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: UK Bounty Hunter Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: UK Bounty Hunter Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston clings onto co-star Gerard Butler at the UK film premiere of The Bounty Hunter at London’s Vue West End on Thursday (March 11).

Jen, 41, sparkled in a Valentino mini-dress, Alexander McQueen tuxedo jacket, Fred Leighton jewels, strappy Jimmy Choo “Lance” sandals and a Ferragamo clutch. Gerry, 40, wore a Gucci “Signoria” suit.

The Bounty Hunter opens in theaters nationwide next Friday (March 19). Excited??

Don’t miss out on Jen and Gerry‘s steamy W cover!

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler premiering the Bounty Hunter in Britain…

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jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 01
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 02
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 03
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 04
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 05
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 06
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 07
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 08
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 09
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 10
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 11
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 12
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 13
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 14
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 15
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 16
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 17
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 18
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 19
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 20
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 21
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 22
jennifer aniston bounty hunter uk premiere 23

Photos: Ian Gavan/Getty, Lia Toby/WENN
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  • Anon

    Omg, in the first pic..Gerry looks like he is fake smiling and thinking, “oh, the f*cking things I have to do with this b!tch to earn the paycheck! What the hell was I ever thinking? Never, ever again! First street performer I see, I’m bending her over….now, does London have TMZ?”

  • ellie’

    I was so forward to see these pictures… Jennifer’s mini dress looks great on her .. love the colors… Gerard has those sexy looking bedroom eyes…Gerard is holding on to Jen as she is to him… Doesn’t make Jen clingy…just loving…They look like they having a lot of fun… Chemistry definitely.. although I know there not together.
    I’m so looking forward to seeing this movie…
    W Mag sexy, beautiful, chemistry.. What a work of art …gorgeous looking couple if they were together….
    But hey Jen looks happy as always… who cares if she single or doesn’t have children…That’s Jens choice.. its her life…
    You Go Jen you the best…..

  • Poor Butler

    me thinks his d i c k crawled up into his a s s to hide, that’s my body language read for ya. chemistry, ya right. dream on.

  • ellie’

    I know exactly what you mean… but your commenting about the wrong couple…:
    move on…sick of all of you.. that’s why the fans and I don’t come on… your are the most obnoxious fools that you make out of yourself…

  • ellie’

    hi sweet jade and my friend Bet… hope to talk to you both soon…Hope all is well with you and family… I’ll check time to time… to see if your on..

  • lol

    Poor Butler @ 03/11/2010 at 10:43 pm

    You are not looking in front of his pant… that looks like a bo ner. Phoney body language expert! LOL

  • Anon

    I think Maniston did do an interview and it probably got canceled when CNN and everyone started calling her out on her 1-2-3 punch of selling movies. Unless, she balked at her ugly cover shot, hehehe. That’s what she gets for stalking and trying to keep the triangle going, Move on, bunny boiler, move on. Throwing hissy fits or throwing your weight around is not attractive at 41 ,Jen, to get your way or the same photographer. Those pictures really did you justice, Jen. lololol. Poor Gerry, no wonder he’s got that look on his face and bolts off after his minimum duties. Best keep running, denying and hooking up with anything but Aniston, Butler. —get photos.

    Thanks JJ for the awesome shots of Brad with his camera on the canal, sexy with just HIS hands, camera and that sly eye looking out under his jacket hood. Bet him and SK laughed their asses off. AJ too.

  • JANE

    Jared, your low comments are good comments , what’s up with the hate. If you don’t like her don’t post anything about her. It makes you look stupid.

  • @ellie’

    we know it’s you, bet, guido, and other names i’m too lazy to look up. everyone knows. stop embarassing yourself.

  • leah

    I hope they get more stars at the NYC premiere, because no one of importance showed up for the London one. Doesn’t Gerry have any actor friends in the UK?

  • Anne


  • SexyLegs, Ang?-Anorexic sticks


  • besane

    She might have reached her age where she should cover her dry knees. It’s grotesque.

  • Jen is hot! /Ang has man hands


  • Jill

    open season on the JP kids @ 03/11/2010 at 7:08 pm
    The JP fans behavior on Jen threads justifies vicious verbal attacks the JP children. Thank You.

    Spoken like a typical Jenhag. Build up your pathetic idol by trashing innocent children who have nothing to do with her. Attagirl!

  • Jen is healthy/Ang is skeletal


  • Gerald HOT/Brad smellyoldfart


  • JA fans take it/AJ fans NOPE!


  • baby bulge for jen
    Is that a baby bulge on photo 15 on Jen? yea! Good for Gerry and Jen!

  • ANNE


  • Fritz


    I think they’re all in New York at the moment.

    ANNE…That’s GeraRd, thank you. Arrrgh!

  • Ally

    they both look awesome and all of you are spiteful, smug, hateful a**holes. i am 29, but mature enough not to make fun of people because of their age. we’re all going to get older people. if we don’t respect people older than us, then we’ll get treated like sh-t, too. and one can be beautiful at any age. stop judging women so harshly due to their age and then let guys get a pass. the beauty of someone’s soul never ages, but ugly souls will be ugly souls forever. i feel sorry for all you losers with ugly souls who have nothing better to hate on someone who is just minding her own business, not hurting anyone, least of all you.

  • nox

    she does look good for someone over 40, but dont know why I do not like those pics.


    J.J you are so low! Go Jen and Gerald. Can’t wait to see movie. Won’t be back anymore too bad energy here. You guys go to hell!

  • #277

    BYE! BYE!

  • sasha

    She has slept with so many men if she was a just a regular person she would be considered a whore but because of who she is its called being a celebrity.

  • sasha

    the word is WHO*E

  • Observer

    The regulars have gone. Anyone who says anything sensible about either G or J are given thumbs down…and it doesn’t matter what side they are on. The loonies have taken over the asylum. But sanity will prevail. You will be fed your meds. Anonymous, I agree. See you all tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. The thumbs have fu#ced this board on almost every site.

  • coke?

    look at inside her nose, there is some white thing, and this is not the first time. There is another pic of her with that white thing inside her nose during Love Happens premiere.

  • me

    Oh, my gosh. I just saw photos of Anniston in high school and she has brown eyes! What a phony she is. Is there anything real about her?

    BTW, I saw the previews for this movie and not ONE person laughed. Obviously the studio has to get publicity because the plot really looked lame. I don’t think anyone could make this movie good.

  • annie stone


  • well

    I saw the preview and the audience seemed to really like it. A lot of laughs. Time will tell. See you next week. My guess is $20 million +.

  • The pros

    are saying a mid 20s opening. Agree, time will tell. Remember they said TUT would be a disaster. You remember that little $200 million flop?

  • The pros

    are saying a mid 20s opening. Agree, time will tell. Remember they said TUT would be a disaster. You remember that little $200 million flop?

  • The thumbs

    have ruined this place. It’s a travisty.

  • proof of life

    Well, get your down thumbs ready. I haven’t been interested in movies in a decade. For entertainment, I turned to TV. Then I saw this guy who just caught me. I just adore Gerard. I think he’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. And, I’m not alone. I’ve gone back to seeing a few movies because of him.

  • lulu

    She’s beginning to look like Pam Anderson, desperately grapping at the last straw of youth, why can’t these 40 something women acknowlege their age and act , dress like one .
    Never seen Sandra Bullock, Julia Robert , Nicole Kidman , Cate Blanchet , all almost the same age with Maniston ever dressing like THAT !

  • sorry

    proof of life is actually russell crowe but hey, it’s cool that you like gerard too. it’s just career suicide for him to team up with this actress.


    Jen has slept with so many men she walks around with a permanent stench on her.
    Mayer’s pee and poop are part of her smell now as you jenfans know.
    Look at poor Butler. He can barely stand being in her company. Feel sorry for you Gerry. Hope you learned your lesson. Every body in Hollywood knows the kind of loose woman Anustain is. Hope you don’t pick up her smell. Run Gerry Run!

  • Anon

    Look closely, looks like these two cannot stand each other. Did Gerry say no to Jen?

  • Abe

    Her dress was way too short. But I loved the shoes.

    Butler is just Butler. One of a kind. Beautiful bad boy. I’m still thinking about those skinney jeans walking toward the helicopter. Heavens. It just doesn’t get better than that. But, I digress.

  • meme

    wow she looks just amacing thoes legs are to die fore they look very good together cant wait to see this movie. to all you haters get a life i bet non off you look tis great and have a great life like her you are just some fat ass LOOSERS

  • lulu

    The pros

    No, I only remember her last 2 movies were disastrous bomb !

  • Anon

    What are “Loosers”?

  • Cia

    Does she know how cold is in London this time of year? She’s the only one wearing sandals and she is all ready ill after last night.

  • Gerard/Ange fan
  • Abe

    Loose women? Makes me think of a visit to Amsterdam.
    I don’t give a hoot about JA, but I do care about Butler’s career, so I hope this movie goes somewhere near a success.
    On to Serbia. (Oh, I forgot the NY premiere and the talk shows will come first.)

  • Love him

    That’s it. I just love him.

  • Lacy

    Me too.

  • Sugar & Spice

    “She totally reminds me of Mariah Carey with the way she dresses” – I agree, but Mariah is cuter AND has a man! lol