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Kate Gosselin's New Haircut: Before and After

Kate Gosselin's New Haircut: Before and After

Kate Gosselin chops off some inches as she gets a new haircut at Ted Gibson’s hair salon on Wednesday (March 10) in Tribeca, New York.

According to Radaronline, the 34-year-old reality show mom spent 7 hours at the salon before grabbing lunch with her dance partner Tony Dovolani.

Kate is currently getting ready for her big debut on Dancing With The Stars. Other celebrity competitors include figure skater Evan Lysacek, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate‘s new look – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin leaving the salon with her new ‘do…

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Credit: Flannery; Photos: Flynet
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  • Rosie

    7 hours at the salon for a haircut!?!?

  • Lori

    She looks a lot younger and less stressed with short hair. Just my opinion. I think she’s beautiful.

  • pshrms

    So it looks like all the extensions are gone….

  • kizbit

    Can’t stand the woman, but her hair looks much more age appropriate and is a better look for her.

  • LuckyL

    You like such terrible people Jared.

  • trixie

    7 hours in a hair salon? who is taking care of her children?I only have one child and i wish i had the luxury of getting my hair done at least for one hour once in a while

  • LC

    Why would anyone, especially with 8 children, agree to spend hours and hours in several sessions just to get the right hairstyle???? I’d say it’s VANITY!!!

  • lisali

    She is the most self centered, narcissistic, controlling, greed filled creature…. I truly find her loathsome.

  • Puffin

    This style is much better that her original rooster hair, and I like it better than the extensions. It is more age appropriate for her. She had the extensions removed – that is why she was in the salon for 7 hours.

  • The Doctor Is In

    This woman embodies what is wrong with society. She is truly a waste of skin.

  • zz

    Don’t like the Kate, but the hair looks better on her now. The longer do made her look older and trying too hard.

  • zz

    PS…Kate, cannot stand you, but for the love of all good…don’t let Ted Gibson put extensions back in your hair, read he was going to, Ted is trying to himself relevant like you are.

  • zz


  • jn

    Who’s raising those 8 children?

  • Shelly

    yet you take the time to comment on her – priceless

  • Shelly

    I like the new shorter style and love the color. I’m going to use all my votes (3 phones and 4 email accounts) to vote for her on DWTS to keep her on just to annoy you haters!

  • Cat

    The problem isn’t the hair… it’s her PERSONALITY… which affects her facial expressions… which can’t be fixed with any hairstyle in the world. Beauty comes from within and should be effortless…

  • Danielle

    She looks older with her new haircut!

  • BeReal

    You know what the problem is with today’s hairdressers??? They bleach the crap out of women’s hair so that they are locked into this vicious cycle of continual upkeep. Her hair looks OVERPROCESSED like so many other celebs today.

    The best thing I ever did was get off this vicious merry-go-round of bleach patrol and ALLOW my NATURAL color to grow back in with a few strands of highlight at the crown with a cap using Revlon Frost and Glow for only $6 bucks every few months. I had a good colorist match me with my natural color for the transition and I’ve never looked back. Amen.

    There is nothing wrong with long hair on older women if she has a fresh HEALTHY face for it. If she is gaunt with deep wrinkles along with skin of a boozer then noooo, long hair is not for her.

  • lisa

    That cut is way cute..Still tired of seeing her..but I love the hair.

  • BeReal

    And noooo I wasn’t referring to Kate as a boozer. I just think she should go with her NATURAL color (whether she likes it short or long) with just a few highlights. A good stylist can do that for her.

  • TopTwitsBlog

    When is she going to start tweeting?
    Maybe never, and that’s why Jon is talking about her on there

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    Is this twit ever at home with her children? So much for the good mom. What’s on the outside doesn’t matter Kate. You can plastic surgery yourself to death, tan, botox, tummy tuck, boob job, hair extensions, no hair extensions, it won’t matter. You are still a miserable selfish person.
    God help your children. You won’t.

  • whit

    I don’t get it she had the same cut for YEARS and now shes changing it every few weeks…

  • The Kate Haters – Have Issues

    The Kate Haters – Their issue really is not with Kate. It is within themselves. They are envious and to feel better they nag on and on about Kate all day long. Miserable unhappy women who want to take their misery out on Kate, an easy scapegoat they can bully.

    It is getting so old, I cannot believe how they can go on like this for years and years. It truly is a type of mental madness on their part.

  • Shelly

    @The Kate Haters – Have Issues:
    It’s because the haters have no life. They hate Kate but take ~every~ opportunity to read stories about her and take the time to post. I agree with your post 110%.

  • MKK

    Looks to me like she wasted 7 grand having extensions in the first place.

    And what is she famous for, having sextuplets. PUHLEEEEEEEEZE.

    FK HER.


  • Oliver48

    Don’t you people know that someone has to make a living?
    Her EX isn’t supporting her or the kids..that is 8 kids to put through college…someone has to do it. Would it be better if she got a 9 to 5?
    I’m sure she isn’t away anymore that any working mother. Give her a break…
    by the way, love the hair.

  • fl

    Kate is an evil psycho. Selfish b.i.t.c.h. So selfish, she spends time away from her kids for this stupid show and won’t let those kids father have any extra time with them. Why? Because she can and she’s a hateful b.i.t.c.h.

  • Cashier

    Her new cut makes her look like the Brady Bunch mom.

  • Anon


    In this economy, what single or divorced mom or any mom for that matter could ever afford to spend the money or time at the salon such as Kate? Most parents would rather spend the money on their kids and that many hours away, suffer from too much guilt from their any time their kids spent with sitters while they work.
    These extensions haven’t really made her look any better, imo. That TLC show that hired Ted Gibson was a fool.

  • Wow

    Lmao@25. Must from radar. People sit awhile on that sight and watch these same people attack others who dare say anything against Kate or watch them worship the wooden spoon child beating mother.

  • lily

    ugly as ever. even uglier on the inside.

  • burp

    @25 – is it so inconceivable to believe that people are not jealous of her, they just plain DON’T LIKE HER because she has a HORRIBLE IMAGE of being MORE CONCERNED WITH APPEARANCE THAN PARENTING HER CHILDREN?

  • Simply M

    Momma gotta look good for the show – that’s what pays the bills, right?..

  • Stacie

    Shame on you people who have nothing nice to say about Kate. Stop with all the name calling and take a look at yourself. Your not perfect! Chances are you’d have a harder time with handling 8 kids on your own too. So my opinion is…let her go out and have a few hours to herself. It is none of anyone business where her kids were while she was out getting her hair done. There is such a person called a sitter. So tell me where are your kids when you have a night out, or take a few hours to yourself or when your at work?…A sitter of some kind or there off at school right. Kate I think your new hair style is wounderfull.

  • Bab

    7 hours in a salon? Who has the patience for that?

  • Sweetie


  • lauren

    7 hours???? Holy crap! I don’t even have kids and I wouldn’t be able to find the time to spend 7 hours getting my hair done. Wow. Who watches her kids?

  • dawne

    Awwwwww, ‘Poor Me Khate’ has spent the

    Awwwwwww, ‘Poor Me Khate’ is on another contradictory mission…what a fame ho!!

  • lucas

    @Puffin: you know I actually liked the original cut. Just not the weird bit in the back. if she’d stopped that, the rest was fine

  • lucas

    @lisali: sorry but I think that the OctoMom wins that. That twerp used her welfare/disability money to get knocked up with multiples, more than once, on purpose to try to get famous. totally mental and self centered and that doc better not have a license anymore

  • Rene

    Wow, she looks great. I am sure the 7 hours in the salon chair was a breeze. KG was on bed rest for the majority of her second pregnancy. She’s strong and tenacious.

  • kath

    7 hours for that? my 4 year old daughter could have done better in 5 minutes!

  • venezia

    What I think? I think she should be home with her kids. When do they get a chance of seeing their mom when she spent 7 hours at the hair saloon? I wish she would get her priorities straight, and start being a mom. Kate you wanted those 8 kids, now it’s time you take care of them.

  • KC

    Never mind the hair….I just can’t get past those nasty looking legs!

  • SheepleZapper

    @The Kate Haters – Have Issues: and the Kate FANS have issues too. They are so obsessed with the “khaters” that they don’t see that they are defending an abusive narcissist who doesn’t give 1 crap about them. She’d assume step on you than give you the time of day but you are all defending her as if she’s your friend. Kate “doesn’t do” friends.

  • SheepleZapper

    Jon pays over 10k a month in child support. Is that not enough for Kate?

  • http://justjared deke

    I wish my hair looked like that.

  • pamela

    this broad is a waste of space on the earth.