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Lady Gaga & Beyonce: 'Telephone' Video Premiere!

Lady Gaga & Beyonce: 'Telephone' Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere of Lady Gaga and Beyonce‘s new music video for “Telephone.”

It was helmed by director Jonas Åkerlund, who also directed Gaga‘s “Paparazzi” video with True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard.

The vid also features Tyrese Gibson and the “Pussy Wagon” truck, which was loaned out by Kill Bill director Quentin Tarantino.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gaga and Beyonce’s new vid — HOT or NOT?

Lady Gaga & Beyonce: ‘Telephone’ Video Premiere!
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  • Christina

    Where is it???

  • keeden

    i thought the video was fantastic. greatest video, cannot wait for part 3

  • sleepynb

    Oh, come on. A women’s prison video? Remarkably uncreative.

  • WTF?

    Beyonce has tried to collab with anyone she things may be a threat to her artistically or poularity wise. I bet you Miley Cyrus is up next.

  • andrew

    freaking awewsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elijah

    Ambitious, stylistic, and a visual tour de force!

    The plot might be a bit hokey but GaGa and Beyonce worked it out!

    Loved it.

  • icky

    NOT. definitely not hot at all.
    victim of hype

  • UGH

    It’s taking FOREVER to load for me.

  • jason

    a bit weird to be honest, but they looke good, i loved the dancing

  • Celia

    I love this song! Why is the video 9 MINUTES LONG???

  • Kirsten

    I love both of them!

  • Anna

    I haven’t watched it yet (the vid’s not working for me) but everyone’s all “Bad Romance was way better” and “it didn’t need all that talking shiii” and “it’s too long and obnoxious and retard.ed” so we’ll see. I’mma wait ’til it’s on you tube.

  • lol

    @keeden: I think she just wants to have fun, boost her popularity more, stay fresh, test her own creativity…

  • maria

    A M A Z I N G! :) HOT

  • Anna

    “******ed” was re.ta.rded.

  • K

    It’s up on VEVO now, the official release, not leaked.

  • Sara

    Wow, that sucked.

    I was looking forward to that for so long too! Bad Romance was better.

  • yipee!

    that was fierce! i love Lady GaGa, she’s always so creative!!!
    and lol at “pussy wagon” !

  • Celia

    It’s a really good video. I watched the whole thing and didn’t get bored once.
    I love the cameo of the truck from Kill Bill Vol I.

  • sarah h

    Loooove itt!!

  • monster danny

    you guys shouldnt watch it, if you are a true gaga fan

  • meghan

    i usually like videos to work with the song, but i strangely liked this video. I am gaga for Gaga! She’s very unique and i think thats why i like her

  • OK

    Thelma and Louise!!

  • sarah

    wow- that was a piece of SHIT. seeing sir caca’s beak nose next to beyonce’s beautiful face really put it in stark contrast. its funny to me how all of mister caca’s video feature multiple people oogling/ going crazy over his “beauty”- its so pathetic, like the script was written by some delusional zit faced, morbidly obese seventh grade theater nerd who writes an elaborate fan fiction story about the captain of the football team suddenly falling in love with her and her fat rolls. i guess if no one ever paid you attention in real life, and you are a delusional hermit with no friends outside your paid entourage, you think that showing other people PRETENDING to find you attractive will make REAL people do it. sorry, sir caca- no dice.

  • rimches

    This video is amazinggg

  • rimches

    This video is amazinggg

  • anon

    Very unique? Awful but catchy song, so so video with unoriginal choreography, and half naked women? It’s been done by Madonna, Britney, Fergie ….. and so on. Just bleh imo.

  • TOM

    that was some masterful TUCKING action sir caca’s team was able to accomplish- a miracle of engineering, really!

  • Jordana

    I loved it….amazing music video….lady gaga and beyonce are two incredible women!!!!:)

  • Miranda

    Lady Gaga is a genius! Who else could come up with this shit? Probably the strangest and most amazing video I’ve ever seen.

  • trash

    slutty and trash


    that was S***.
    we waited that long for that?
    i’m SUPER disappointed.
    the song was barely in it….sigh.

  • trash

    Lady CaCa go away slut, your 15 minutes of fame are over

  • Pixy

    I dunno…didn’t the age of the “mini movie video” die with Michael Jackson (R.I.P.)?? My generation grew up with music videos so at this point I feel as though I’ve seen it all. It was okay. But I would have found it more entertaining if all of the “acting” was cut out. Just my humble opinion…

  • LoveAnnny

    Yeah. No.

    Hyped up and it didn’t live up to the expectations I had, unfortunately. I really like this song and this video kindda sucked. Although I love that the P Wagon from Kill Bill got a shout but otherwise…lame :/

  • ashcam

    AWESOME!!!!!!!! the outfits are super fun and i love the directing!

  • Alecia

    Absolutely not. This is one song that I was hoping would at least sort of have something to do with the song. It was too long, the talking was unnecessary, everyone knows Beyonce cannot act and apparently neither can Gaga. I just wish it was better because I really do love this song…

  • Omi

    Its a visual trip, like everything gaga.
    But its ovedone, irrelevant, and with a shaky plot.

  • hey

    @Pixy: It WILL be cut for TV don’t worry! :)

  • Tevizzle

    very very bad video.. didn’t like it at all!

  • Ilia

    This is good stuff…

  • daniela

    Love it!!!
    They are the best :-D

  • Dassala

    Love. Love, love, love.

    And notice how familiar the brunette in the jail looks? The one standing next to Lady Gaga? I do believe that is Miss Stefani Germanotta, making a cameo in her character’s music video.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …well, the song’s incredible, obviously. but video.. had nothing to do with the lyrics of the song but it’s good in an artsy kind of way.
    …these two are so far ahead of their competition.

  • Jessica


  • whaaaaaaaat

    O M G, wtffffff. I. absolutely. freaking L O V E it!!!!!!!!! Forget the hype FORGET it and look at this freaking video objectively. WHO ELSE is doing this today? They don’t make em like this anymore! Who is THIS creative and entertaining today, SERIOUSLY?! She puts SO much work and thought into everything from her voice to her music to her costumes to her live performances to her videos and pulls it off like no one else. The last person who did this was MJ. How does one person have so many ideas and visions in her head I can’t even. I used to snort when people would call Gaga a genius but I see it I see it now. She is dellusionally determinded and passionate and ridiculously talented and her creativity just seems never f-n ending. I’m so thankful there is someone like her in my generation, she is a monster goddess. World dom baby. I was entertained from start to finish. This was supposed to be Paparazzi II and it was 10 squillion X better. They should edit out some parts for the alternative shorter music only video. Amaaaaaazing woman. Lmao at “I told you she didn’t have a”.

  • Tania Trejo


  • MarkyDubz

    @sleepynb: Well its a continuation from the Paparazzi video.. So why would it not be in a prison if she got arrested?

  • Jackie Azra

    Gaga looks way too skinny. She has lost so much weight since poker face, which makes me sad because she looked healthy there. Now she just looks unhealthy, and i dont think she is one to excercise which makes me think she is doing drugs :(

  • MarkyDubz

    @Jackie Azra: She lost all the weight after all her tours and concerts etc. ;)