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Rachel Bilson Joins Gen Art Film Festival

Rachel Bilson Joins Gen Art Film Festival

Rachel Bilson heads to another biz meeting while walking through a parking garage on Wednesday (March 10) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress is expected to attend the premiere of her new movie, Waiting For Forever, on Thursday (April 8) during the the 15th Gen Art Film Festival at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City.

In the movie, Emma (Bilson) and Will (Tom Sturridge) play long lost best friends—or so Emma thinks. When her mediocre TV show is canceled and news of her father’s illness spreads, Emma’s forced back to her hometown, where she meets a new set of unexpected struggles that challenge her to redefine the meaning of family, love and how we live our lives.

Waiting For Forever also stars Tom Sturridge, Jamie King, Scott Mechwolicz, Matthew Davis, Richard Jenkins and Blythe Danner. Pick up tickets to the premiere and after-party at!

More pics at X17!

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  • Hopeless

    another meeting, she really gets around, Rachel is by far is the most interesting and underrated talent in Hollywood…and she is flawless natural beauty too :)

  • linn

    seriously? ANOTHER bilson post?!

  • cami

    Oh Phew, I was getting worried we wouldn’t see her today but I can rest easy now!
    Whereas before it used to annoy me I am now enjoying these desperate attempts to stay relevant, with JJ’s ‘help’ she has turned into an overrated fame whore and we all get to watch her fall into obscurity.
    Bring it on – Rachel posts twice a day!

  • can’t resist

    Soooooo….she’s playing an unemployed actress from a mediocre TV show? Must’ve been a stretch.

  • max

    I cant believe her agent/publicist is allowing this over exposure to occur. This is detrimental to her career even though she was only really on the OC

  • ,

    Lexy is gonna burning that rachel has still done a job

  • all ppl hater

    Now, Lexy know from what she had the money for shopping!



  • Riley

    Jared has to get his dose of loser today I see. So are we to assume here that B/F is going to be at this premier with her or is she riding it solo?? One can never tell with her yet she is always predictable it’s like they have to be seen one a month to keep the idea that they still are a couple going. Again another meeting do we ever really know if she is getting work or just services rendered.

  • brightside
  • Alias

    @8 – she’ll be playing a pot smoker in her next movie, must’ve been a stretch LMAO

  • hoping

    oh yeah, looking forward to see the cute couple at the premier…

  • awesome

    Have you noticed that all of the Bilson posts have had the “Get The Look” feature on them that cross-post how you can buy the clothes she’s wearing in the photos? This looks to me like someone went overboard on some kind of celebrity endorsement deal. Dial it back a little bit guys. No one cares THAT much about Rachel Bilson’s wardrobe. I’d rather see a garish flashing banner ad than sneaky clothing advertising via a has-been actress two times a day. Jeeze.

  • padme

    @#1 Hopeless –
    Dude, you really are hopeless if you think that RB is “underrated” and has “flawless natural beauty”…get your eyes checked, man. Jared’s daily postings of RB makes her the most overrated actress in HW for doing nothing signficant. As for natural beauty, she has none! She has blemishes and saddle bags under her eyes….that’s why she’s always wearing the shades. Listening to her talk…actually, she doesn’t talk…she shreiks…it’s worse than fingers scratching the chalkboard! RB is just pathetic all around….kinda feel sorry for her…ha! NOT!!!

  • Alexis

    @ 5

    Maybe they have said something to her. But she likes attention, so she’s not going to care. As long as she gets her face out there.

  • heidi

    we love rachel jj keep it coming shes great just so many jealous ppl here cant handle her fame

  • rb fan

    JJ please keep posting more and more of rb we love her and are big fans thank you

  • original lexy

    LMAO!!! Wow! We comment about her not going to her own movie premieres and the premiere of this movie at a film festival and now she’s going.When’s she going to take the public’s advice and take some acting lessons??
    JJ it’s interesting how you always manage to “find” this D-lister in underground garages.

  • original lexy

    PS – forgot to add – “business meeting” – JJ you do keep us laughing with this drivel!!!
    Let’s see some more posts on the talented Rachel – you know McAdams or Weisz!!

  • nantia

    I love her look and her!She is so cute..I cant wait to see her new movie!

  • Viper

    Damn JJ how can we go without a day of you posting about this unemployeed, shopaholic. She is only popular by JJ standards other sites could care less about her or her signifigant other. Seems like JJ is paid plenty for advertising this woman out on a daily basis. Hey heres a trick pay for acting lessons not media attention. Get the idea less is more the less we see of her the better.

  • @suckit

    oh woww its nice to know that shes ALIVE. JARED!!!

  • sam

    stfu about rachel bilson every second of the day all i hear from you is washed up actress this rachel bilson that, shes no one, no one cares about her so please STOP WITH THESE USELESS POST

  • team Rachel

    Stop whining, you cry babies.Just accept the fact that she will always be on JJ whenever she is in LA. and sometimes when she is in Canada. So good for her fans, they get a lot of pics.

  • annasaurus

    There better be pics of Tom Sturridge.

  • halle

    I wholeheartedly agree with this comment from Max. This is what her diehard fans and fans of her ‘fashion sense’ don’t seem to understand.

    “I cant believe her agent/publicist is allowing this over exposure to occur. This is detrimental to her career even though she was only really on the OC”

  • original lexy

    It’s like not she’s got some top notch PR people like Brangelina and I wouldn’t say she’s overexposed – outside of JJ. I mean how often do you see or hear about her on E! or ET or Access Hollywood? Maybe she has the same PR people as Kate Gosslin!
    Wow! who knew Rachel had all these fans?? Her movie should kick butt at the box office with all these fans! Look out Avatar & Titantic!! Reese & other A-listers, make room for Rachel!!!

  • jeri

    Rachel is no longer attached to Criminal Empire for Dummies.
    Another actress has replaced her.

  • Abcdefgh



  • original lexy

    Wow thanks jeri for the news that’s 2 weeks old.

  • crazy woman

    He’ll have to wait forever for real hit,

  • crazy woman

    I mean “she”

  • brightside

    Maybe that’s why there have been so many visits to the casting agencies? Not so much ‘What’s up her sleeve?’ and more ‘dumped and desperate’.
    Whatever, the film has Gary Oldman (fingers crossed) in it now so might be worth a see.

  • Meagan

    @28, this is what happens when you’re an entitled self important “I ALWAYS get everything I want” spoiled little rich b*tch. Karma. She needs to have to kiss so much fat, rich producer ass that she cries herself to sleep at night just to get a job. All so she doesn’t have to move to Canada to that farm. She’s thinking about what it will mean to have to give up all that designer store shopping to herd pigs and goats in the rain and snow. Trust.

  • antwacky

    She’s just hacktressing or extrassing in that movie J-Money; filming that movie for only a “week or less”. Jeeez you’re sickly-hyping again BilPUKE as she was the “lead” star but hell not – trust!

  • kaleigh

    @34 – this is what happens when you’re an entitled self important “I ALWAYS get everything I want”

    Pity poor that this Mini-Khloe-Kardassskank cant even get any HW career even for “once”. She probably needs to accompany Jessic Biel in her next mountain climbing…
    as that would a real news even for once in her lifetime LOL

  • kaleigh

    Oops… its “Jessica Biel” & as that would “be” a real news even for once in her lifetime LOL

  • sloane

    I honestly & surely think that its Jamie King who’s the “main leading lady” in this forever movie.

  • original lexy

    Arabian Nights/Alias or whatever you’re calling youself – you’ve got to be kidding me with this stealing my name and making posts!!! LMAO!! You guys are as pathetic as Rachel!!!
    @ Kaleigh – Please don’t compare her to Khloe Kardashian! Khloe may be a fame whore but she and her sisters actually have jobs and had jobs before their show! They’ve got their clothing stores!! Also, she doesn’t claim to be an actress or fashionista. Also, say what you want about Jessica Biel but she’s out there working and it’s got nothing to do with Justin! Her last movie Valentine’s Day opened at #1, she did her stint on Broadway – she’s not Reese Witherspoon but she’s trying!
    @ brightside – I’m with you 100% – this is why she’s been making the rounds at casting agencies! She doesn’t have to worry about money though – she’s got SW money and HC works – I’m sure these straight to video movies he’s been working on pay the bills.

  • the truth

    Why put hayden in this/ all the time? the man is hardly with her. Its not his fault she didn’t do that movie> Its hers if she didn’t follwo him around she would have a job.Hayden doesn’t tae care her . if he didn he would be with her ok. Stop bring hayden into this.And yes hayden is not coming to her movie permiere. Why should he she don’t want him there in the first place.Do anyone know that is she’s going on the the tv show.chuck? And takers are going world wide in august. You all need to stop saying that he take care are her. Don’t she have money too? Hayden don’t give her nothing at all. She the that tried to buy him when he be here last year.Rachel made her choice are what she want and it not being with hayden. If she she would be there with him. 9 Wouldn’t she?) jj might as as said that she’s back on the market cause he haven’t been seem in la with in months and no hayden noyt counting when she went to visit him in canada. That was stupid are her to do. You all should say that she back on market instead are what he’s buying her. That’s what she get for running up there to visit him. Knowing that she suppose to do a movie.And still depending on him to help her to get her one.No one need to hired when she don’t want to it. .She don’t have that much power to do that. she just want it spoiled her time in la .Cause she’s not going to marry no one anytime not even hayden. That have stop putting her name in the magazine about her engagemnt ring i guess it off. If it ever was in the first place.And it goes to dvd it was money well spent. rachel can’t say that she even did a movie. cause she always backing out are them. hayden don’tSuppose hayden stop seeing her then what for you all. look like it anyway!

  • the truth

    Real actress don’t turn down jobs like that.Rachel always do things to keep her in public eye. if she don’t want to be with hayden anymore just tell him.This all about her going to meeting just an excue not be with him. no one to told to get involved with him. she knew what was getting herself into.If she want to work she would have done it longtime ago.No one told her to give her to a guy that already have done alot and she haven’t. she set her own set up. What if this movie become hit. then what she too busy to be in relationship.She already had said that her and hayden wasn’t going to be seeing each other much anyway. That he was in her space. he only came there for work. But she had no business going to canada with him up that was how it was going to be.She knew that living up there wasn’t going to work.She should have said that she want to. She only want what he could give her at the time. ( she use him) Hayden don’t need to come and support she didn’t want to that for him in sept.Seem like that they are slipping away from each.other.Going up there to visit him didn’t solve it. just to make people think things are ok. Hayden looks happy without her. She just a liar at heart . stop posting her so much.

  • @the truth

    You are the only one persistently talking about Hayden on Rachels post. Nobody is sooo obsessed like you. What would you do if they ever get married?

  • original lexy

    If he’s not giving her money where is she getting all this money for these shopping sprees and photo shoots? She’s not exactly shopping at Walmart. Sure these things are tax write offs for her but still, she has to lay out the cash initially. I think he’s very happy with her. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be with her. I know people say she’s his beard and gay but if he were gay I think he’d spend more time shopping and doing nothing with her vs. hanging out with whoever in Canada. If she pimps out their relationship and spends all his money – that’s the price he has to pay for getting laid!



  • fan

    loove this girl she is so gorgeous and talented cant wait to see her new project has anyone heard about i did and it sounds awesome actually there are many she has going on

  • Viper


    Where did you get the idea she has a tax write off here she is far from a business or what she has is not bought by Instyle she has done this crap since before any magazine hired her. As for bifriend giving her handouts with his own family sponging from him I don’t’ see how he can have a ton of income left to support her personal indulgances. Looks like she is pimping herself out to any director who will give her a personal auditon.

  • brightside

    I can’t see see Instyle paying her much for the fashion advice slot she does. It’s not in the magazine’s fiscal interests to pay huge sums of money to it’s employees. A newspaper will pay large sums of money for an exclusive solely on the basis that it’s an exclusive and people will buy the newspaper to read it. But for the staff members, the pay isn’t all that much and she’s not so notable a fashion personality that she can demand a high wage and receive it – editors would cr*p themselves laughing if she tried to that.
    Instyle’s mostly free advertising for her. It gets her name in print.

    @original lexy:
    I don’t think she’s as flush with money as people think. The Olsen twins have a $Billion retail industry and stand 37th in the Forbes Celebrity list (and that’s pretty damn impressive considering their age).
    Reese, Sandra, Jennnifer, Angelina, Drew are on there, hell even Jennifer Love Hewitt at the bottom with $6 million. Still even a paltry $1.5 Million will by you a few Louis Vuittons and Christian Louboutins.

  • Ahari

    When you think about it, you don’t see her actually buying a lot of stuff on a regular basis. I think a lot of the design houses see that she’s a pap tipping fame wh*re constantly walking the streets so they send her complimentary stuff. Then JJ always says what designer people are wearing, so that’s free advertising for the them. And don’t for a minute believe she does this “for” the designer, she does it to get free sh*t and to get her picture taken. Period.

  • Viper

    The only way she would get free anything is if a designer would give it to her. There isn’t one designer who is requesting her to model their designs she basically has to bribe them to sport their stuff at events, good chance she bought it from them. You see her a ton of times with shopping bags in her hand in and out the elite shops plus she mentions in her articles, also in interviews she buys this stuff. Fashion Week if she had actually gone would have given her some free stuff but, she has missed all of them this year from Milan, NYC and now Paris. This shows how devoted she truly is to being this so called fashionist. All she is some high priced expensive spoiled little rich girl.