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Ryan Gosling to McDonald's: Save the Birds!

Ryan Gosling to McDonald's: Save the Birds!

Ryan Gosling may not be vegetarian, but that’s not stopping him from ruffling feathers at McDonald’s over the company’s outdated chicken-slaughter practices. The 29-year-old Canadian actor has just fired off a letter on behalf of PETA to McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner. Check it:

“Dear Mr. Skinner, I was shocked to learn from my friends at PETA that McDonald’s, a company that claims to be an industry leader in animal welfare, still allows its suppliers to use an outdated chicken slaughter method that results in broken wings and legs and causes birds to be scalded to death in defeathering tanks.

“Many of McDonald’s suppliers in Europe already use a much more humane slaughter method that eliminates the worst cruelty. What’s your excuse?

“Because no federal laws govern the treatment of chickens during slaughter, the responsibility lies in your company’s hands to create and maintain a high standard of animal welfare. I hope you will agree that the time has come for McDonald’s to truly take action to reduce the suffering of chickens killed for its restaurants. I look forward to hearing your decision. Thank you. Sincerely, Ryan Gosling.”

In 2008, Ryan wrote a similar letter to the largest franchisee of KFC’s in Canada asking the company to update to the more humane, modern methods; just days later, the company that coordinates the purchase of chicken for all Canadian KFCs agreed to phase in the purchase of 100 percent of chicken from suppliers that use these methods.

To write McDonald’s yourself, contact Jim Skinner, CEO, McDonald’s Corporation, 2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523.

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  • wha

    He’s gorgeous and sexy and hot so I agree with whatever he’s saying.

  • Kate

    This only makes him more attractive :) As for McDonalds, no one should be eating there period.

  • Brian

    That method doesn’t sound too good to me. I guess I will agree on this one.

  • rock_chick_chic

    what is a the difference, people are going to eat it does it really matter how the kill it? its gonna end up in peoples stomachs anyway.

    PETA piss me off, and all these celebs who kiss PETAs arses annoy me.

  • caleigh

    I just couldn’t agree more with you kate. I hope one day ryan will go vegetarian. animals deserve to live as much as we humans do.

  • Celia

    I love when celebrities support causes like this. More of them need to step up! I sent a letter to a couple of fashion coroporations about their use of fur and I actually got a response. So these people DO listen. People just need to speak up! It’s inhumane. This is 2010, animals should NOT be tortured or slaughtered like this! Obviously, everyone in the world is not going to stop eating meat, but the meat industry needs to change it’s methods! These ANIMALS should not be kept in small cages and have their tails or wings CUT OFF and fed antibiotics and other chemicals to keep them alive just so they can be slaughtered inhumanely! It’s not right! *end rant*
    No more McDonald’s for me.

  • andreas

    I’m so proud of ryan! it sickens me how people heartlessly slaughter animals fo just eat them and to wear them, like how effing selfish are they? animals are living things with feelings, with a heart. how can people not feel bad about torturing animals as inhumanly as possible is beyond me. like celia said, people will continue to eat meat for years, at least use better methods to, hate to say it, kill them so they don’t have to suffer greatly. yeah caleigh, be a vegetarian ryan!!!

  • mmm

    now i’m hungry for some mcnuggets

  • Laurel

    Here’s video of the slaughtering method that companies like McD’s uses versus the more human standard that Ryan is talking about:

  • andreas

    one more thing, animals want to be loved, not to be killed.

  • Manic

    GOOD! I f’ing hate McD’s and there disgusting meat. I am not a vegan, but Americans consume more meat then ANY other country!

  • Yeah

    Handsome and smart *sigh

  • canadian_gurl

    I am a vegetarian for exactly these reasons.
    Ryan is such a sweetheart and he cares about animals. Good for him!
    Go veg Ryan! It’s the only way to stop this cruelty.

  • Ann Grubbs

    I wish my children did not LOVE McDonalds. I appreciate that they now offer apples instead of fries with their kids meals as a mom how tries to feed my kids with healthy foods that are good for them. My kids and I are animal lovers so it will be easy to boycott McDonalds after reading this. If/when I hear they have come up to standard with their slaughtering standards, I will return to McDonalds but not until. My kids also love Chick-Fil-A and Wendy’s (for a drive thru purchase)just as much and I feel like I’m feeding them healthier foods going there and don’t mind paying more. The chicken nuggets at McDonalds do not even look like real chicken anyway. I will not support in-humane measures for slaughtering. Thanks Ryan, for taking a stand for what you believe in and for making so many others aware of unacceptable practices.

  • americandiet

    the american diet is scary and most people DON’T want to be informed of what’s going on inside that $2 chicken patty sandwich. it’s easier to be ignorant and enjoy it than realizing A.) the chemicals you’re putting into your body and B.) how that animal was raised, slaughtered, and processed before heading to the deep frier.

    i truly hate PETA because i think they’re a bunch of idiots who spend a lot of money advertising celebs and whining about eating meat. but good for ryan for sending in a sensible letter. hope they listen, but it’s doubtful, they won’t want to sacrifice a cent on better lives & deaths for chickens.

  • http://yo

    I would suggest anyone with a conscience or would consider to be informed to read “Eating Meat” by Johnathon Faer. There are documented FACTS that Americans consume TOO much meat without realizing that producing meat pollutes the environment MORE than automobiles, airplanes and trains COMBINED. Not to mention that millions of cows, chickens and pigs are tortured before they are murder. Even as far as pigs being rape!!! Before you criticize PETA, you should educate yourself on what they do. You think a delicate politically correct message would induce compassion and intellect into most people? That explains why PETA would have to resort to certain measures to draw attention. Their methods may not be to your liking but the way animals are killed for your appetite is okay?!?! If you knew the CHEMICAL TOXINS that are injected into these animals to stimulate abnormally fast growth and size, you would be shocked. Moreover, if these animals are induced to grow substantially, think about why cancer are becoming more prevalent and why humans have become more resistent to many deadly bacteria. And the list of horror continues. If not for the humane treatment and respect for animals, at least for your vanity and livelihood–that is why we all should care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lastly, please read EATING ANIMALS

  • natt

    Sometimes it takes someone in power to bring this disgusting inhumane people down!!! Now, i’m never gonna eat mcdonald for atleast 6 months. To pay back their cruelty towards animal! Serve you right stupid ignorant buffoons!

  • meli

    Good letter, Ryan, and I love you!

  • Marieme

    My fuggin’ hero! Yay, Ryan!

  • alex

    One of the best actors of his generation and a compassionate human being.

    @#4 Read about the inspirational Temple Grandin. Just because you choose to eat meat does not mean that you should not care how animals are treated or slaughtered. And remember that it often animal right activists that expose inhumane and unsanitary conditions at these slaughterhouses that try to sell meat that is unsafe for human consumption.

  • ─╗oha


  • Sam

    As much as I agree with this letter and everything said in it, I still can’t help but find this guy extremely hypocritical.

    In my eyes any animal being slaughtered is disgusting no matter how it is done (obviously some ways are far more barbaric than others, but nevertheless an animal will still inevitably have their life cut short), and to talk about this subject as though he has remorse for animals being unfairly killed when he obviously still persists to fund the people doing so by eating meat is somewhat out of order.

    I genuinely believe that he is a nice guy and is only doing what he thinks is right however, I do think he needs to look up the phrase “practice what you preach”.