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Gerard Butler: Jennifer Aniston Is Like Family

Gerard Butler: Jennifer Aniston Is Like Family

Jennifer Aniston catches a departing flight out of London’s Heathrow airport on Friday (March 12).

Last night, the 41-year-old actress premiered her new movie, The Bounty Hunter, with co-star Gerard Butler.

“I literally became a member of her family,” Gerry told People. “I [even] went down for her birthday in Mexico. Of course, everyone takes that as something else, but we are very good friends.”

Aniston reciprocated with positive comments about Gerry: “He’s funny and handsome – [a] nice combo!”

FYI: Jen wore her fave custom Burberry leather jacket.

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  • eka

    The best one!

  • Tara


    Hey guys!!! Will you please Google ” Save Better of Ted” and it should be the second link down at ” go petition” and you don’t have to register to sign it. It stars Ellen D’s wifey Portia de Rossi. It’s a great show, it just didn’t get a good time slot, or good promotion. Thanks so much!!!!!

  • Jen

    aw I like what Gerard said. I do think they are good friends and that’s it.

  • Janeth

    LOVE her! They seem like good friends. =]

  • ytsejam

    Obviously Gerard doesn’t know what “literally” means. Another belly shirt. I think Jen thinks she’s younger than she is.

  • j’adore

    Who dresses this woman-child? Heinous. Oh, and Gerry, if she really treated you like family she would ignore you. Just ask her Mumsy.

  • Tina

    Gerry honey she would have taken anybody she was in a movie with to Mexico! and she took her friends not her family. Her friends are her family

  • Dawn9476


    And that is wrong because? Drew Barrymore says her friends are her family all the time and I never seen her get slammed for it.

  • Landy

    Gerard is referring to the Mexican hotel staff as her family. Nice one, Gerard! I think Jennifer might be dyslexic, she read her age wrong and thinks she’s 14, hence the midriff-baring tops.
    ♥ Hulk Hogan + Jennifer Aniston ♥

    ……………….. FOREVER! ♥

  • Dawn9476

    And how do you know she didn’t spend her actual birthday with her family? Her actual birthday was two or three days after she and everyone else left Cabo.

  • zz

    Notice she has to pay her “friends” to go to Mexico, to help the poor Mexicans while she stays in a posh villa with 12 servants with their bad economy (California is booming!), most likely owned by foreigners. Bet she is helping that Mexican drug trade with her taste for the dope and happy. Wow, does she take a private plane to and from Mexico? She might be bringing home “souvenirs” from Mexico. Hmssst.
    Gerard Butler, I hope you have realized not to get involved with Aniston again. You’ll need a vacation after all the damage control you’ve been busting your butt doing to distance yourself from the boiler.

    perfume.. Jenny’s Cabo-hemp

  • janey stomach you 41 yr old hag (in dead winter on top of it)
    boring pics JJ

  • original lexy

    Go Jen!! She does seem like a sweetheart! It’s not wonder she has so many fans and friends!
    As for her paying her friends to go – her friends probably can’t afford to travel in her HW lifestyle. What should they fly coach while she rides up in 1st class? You’d complain about that too!! Besides, she can’t take all that money with her and for all the gossip and paps bugging her – she should enjoy her financial success.

  • RioNemesi

    she is just gorgeous inside and outside, how not to LOVE her :D,

    yay for more Jennifer JJ!!

  • Katsaridoula

    pathetic insecure 40-something who tries to still look like a teenager… get lost JA!!!

  • At least

    she doesn’t look like a veiny skeleton covered with cheesy tats.

  • besane

    PR-romance ‘are they aren’t they’ FAILED thanks to CNN calling for it, so they are doing everything to generate some sort of ‘chemistry’ that there isn’t… well, this is make-or-break Box office test for Miss Aniston. Good luck with that, for Goree Girls, Puma, etc all the projects she can’t get made, is riding for it.

  • Karen

    I just noticed that she is wearing aviator shades just like Brangelina. Architectural Digest, W Magazine, maybe just a coincidence but am sensing a trend here. I actually am beginning to feel a little sorry for her.

  • Katsaridoula

    @At least:

    is that what you look like? :-D bless you

  • Ramona

    When he kisses his real love {mommy} he always closes his eyes but when he kisses JenniferStreisand last night his eyes are open. clearly a sign of non-affection. It is sad how desperate she is to maintain a “i’m over Brad dumping me” image.

  • mare

    she loves to show her stomach.

  • Desperado Aniston

    This old ho again???

    Boy, she is milking the cow real good. I see she stopped at Baby Gap to pick up a shirt before leaving.

  • Aviator

    I didn’t realize Angie had cornered the aviator shades market. I’d say thousands of people wear them (including Butler), and they are NOT copying Skeletor.

  • **Newsflash**

    Jennifer did someone forget to memo you??

    It is okay to dress like a real woman in her 40′s now. They do make beautiful clothes that are sexy/classy that you can afford you know.

    You’re turning into Lynn & Tamara of the Real housewives of Orange County. Embrace your age, that’s if you are mature enough to handle it.

  • Diego

    She’s so HOT!!!! She looks like she’s 21 or something!!!! really she’s really hot!!! Can’t wait for her new movie!!!!

  • To#25

    Please stop insulting women in their 20′s.

  • Tara

    she has an awesome style!!!! love her and butler!!! can’t wait to see the movie!!!

  • Protest to JJ


    why on earth you put Jen Aniston’s thread under Gerard Butler? Why??? I am leaving for good or until JJ sorts this mess out. FYI, I only comments on GB’s threads. Period.

  • Neo

    she definitely looks good although these are not her best pics.But she certainly doesn’t look as good as a 20 something that her fans claim.Hardcore fans on both sides of the divide are crazy.but it’s so sad that she’s so one-dimensional,always the same crappy movies and the same characters,although I hav to admit THE GOOD GIRL WAS AWESOME.but other than that i am surprised that she still stays in the business.I would really love to see her in something different,most probably a drama.Anyway good luck Miss Jen.

  • LL

    Jen is getting boring than she was. I am not trying to be mean but she needs a hot man to keep the interest on her or this make it break it movie better be a hit.

  • Duh
  • sweetness

    she wore that blouse with the jacket a few days ago right? just with other shoes, sneakers… and she rolled up the pants.. pretty weird

  • ugh

    she’s such a a-hole, can we switch her w/corey haim (i know that was terrible, but couldn’t help it, she is such a f/cking media whore). i wish gerry wasn’t one as well, because it just feeds into her fantasy world, but he likes attention as well, but i like him, he def is more talented as an actor when he decides to use it. she cant do anything but rachel, and bootyhunter is no exception.


    i.e. No one wants to fcuk her!!!

  • ugh


    hehe thanks for that!

  • happy girl


  • frankly

    ok, they are friends. but they totally made out!

  • unbelieveable

    Damn who let all u hateful animals out of the zoo. Honestly we need to pay our zoo keepers more

  • Comment

    The ignorance of the Brangelina fans knows no boundaries. JJ threads are becoming a joke all over the internet – especially the JA/AJ fan stupidity. No shame people, no shame at all.

  • dljjdl

    @LL: If she’s boring then why do her posts gets so many comments?

  • bet

    lovely woman. and love the boots.

  • ugh


    if u take away commenters who cant stand her and just left with fans like you, you would have an average amount of posts. then when you add butler’s name, stand back!

  • laura

    OMG, those boots are gorgeous!!! love them

  • Landy

    She’s an entertainer and this is me getting my entertainment value out of her since her movies aren’t entertaining. Her personal life, on the other hand, is very amusing and her fans even funnier! She appreciates me, I’m sure. To her, there’s no such thing as bad publicity OBVIOUSLY. I’m giving her thread hits, aren’t I? As her fan, you should be thanking me really for paying any attention to her at all.
    ………… You’re welcome!

  • dljjdl

    @ugh: @ugh: um she’s been getting a lot of comments since before working with gerard. and it doesn’t matter if the person is a fan or hater.

  • jen deserves respect

    JJ, you need to delete some nasty comments! In all last 4 jen’s thread! Please!

  • Anon

    Jared, one of the above post is basically wishing to woman were dead.

    Why do you allow this to go on? I like your site because you have wonderful, up to date pictures, but allowing the war to go on only fuels the bad behavior. The new comment ratings are frustrating since they are only allowing the trash talk to shine.

    I know that your website is not changing the world, but wouldn’t you rather it be respectable, rather than a place for hate to fester. It goes both ways in this overblown war. I think the negative posts about AJ are equally offensive. Do the right thing and lay the hammer down on this nonsense.

  • ugh

    btw, doesnt this stupid cow usually take private planes like she did to leave mexico?

  • LuckyL

    What family?

  • Desperate JenJen

    well, she can’t get gerald to be her man so she settle him as a friend/family. poor jen.