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Jessica Simpson: I Heart Fried Food and IHeartRadio

Jessica Simpson: I Heart Fried Food and IHeartRadio

Jessica Simpson strikes a pose in L’Wren Scott at NYC’s Ed Sullivan theater before making an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman on Wednesday (March 10).

Later in the evening, the 29-year-old star performed an acoustic iheartradio concert at NYC’s P.C. Richard and Son theater. Here’s what she shared during the event:

On dealing with privacy as a celebrity: “When it comes to privacy, I would love to have it where I could control it, but I wouldn’t give up my purpose in life. I can’t say I’d take it away for my privacy… I hope I don’t die alone… So hopefully I can find a man that understands my life and my purpose.”

On her mom Tina’s influence of eating and beauty habits growing up: “Growing up in Texas for me, fish was a fish stick. We weren’t really the healthiest of people. [My mom] didn’t force me to eat healthy. She did have an opinion on what I was wearing. But my mom has always made me feel confident.”

On John Mayer and relationships: “In John’s case I think he was trying to make a joke, but it wasn’t a joke. I didn’t expect it. I really find it very disappointing. Those are intimate details you don’t want the world to know. He gave away my game! I’m like the good girl and then bad girl sometimes! Maybe in his mind he was thinking about giving me a compliment but he wasn’t. In relationships, in general, going through a divorce and going through very public break-ups — they’re extremely hard and you don’t want to disappoint people who are rooting for you to be successful in love. I just have to find the right man, and if the world is along for the ride, they’re along for the ride. But I still have to live me life.”

Jessica Simpson on Letterman, 3/10

15+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson at Letterman and iheartradio…

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Credit: Ben Ritter; Photos: iheartradio, Justin Campbell
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  • S3WA

    Sounds like she actually liked Mayer’s comment. What is your purpose, Jessica? I didn’t catch that.

  • jorge

    Seems that Jessica is more tactful and articulate than Jen.

  • Rihannna

    im fat now love me better give a record deal, get the F*ck hear jessica.

  • Kitty Kat

    It’s outfits like this that show why Jess needs a stylist STAT!

    The dress makes her look thick and dumpy, while the shoes compleat the down turn by making her feet look huge.

    She actually looks better in the old Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt.

  • gab

    oh jess. you try too hard and you still look bloated and stumpy. i agree with #4 – you look better in the lynyrd skynyrd shirt. get rid of your implants cuz they make you look fatter.. and like you’re gonna burst. i know you say they’re real… you did start out with big old saggy ones, but it’s apparent you’ve since had them inflated with fun bags. you are an absolute natural beauty… who looks like a drag queen when you put make up on. so tone it way down. you just look a mess with all that junk on your face. a more natural look, casual and looser fitting clothes, will do wonders for you.

  • graybeard

    she’s a happy cow, moooo

  • Haha

    If her mom didn’t encourage healthy eating habits, how come Ashley is skinny? she really needs to lose some weight. it’s fine for a normal girl, but if she wants to stay in hollywood, she needs to drop at least 10lbs.

  • ++Logan++

    umm her breasts are actually very natural. I don’t understand why everyone HATES her, she seems like a pretty decent woman.

  • aeg

    she looks like 40-year-old woman

  • plez

    Mayer’s comments have make her interesting. Her career was slowly dying and now has gotten a slight boost.
    She should wear solid dresses. Why she wear patterns is beyond me.

  • Can we talk?

    What’s in her rear end? Diapers?

  • KMcG

    What exactly is her purpose in life? She made a living playing a vapid, busty blonde. She gained some weight, and now she wants to be a poster child for women accepting their natural beauty. That makes me sick. She insulted women everywhere with her stupid act. And it certainly does not look like her mom gave her confidence. She oozes a lack of self-esteem. Her problem is that she has no purpose in life. She has her looks, only, which she constantly exploits in one way or another.

  • Sucks

    Her entire career is now based on being fat and humiliated, wow, what a great role model. And, once this crap tv series finishes she will no doubt lose weight, again, and go on magazine covers where she declares she loves her fit new body. Just give it up and go away tranny.

  • caligirl89

    this is the same dress reese witherspoon wore awihle ago.

  • Rocky


    I agree. She seems very nice. Some people like to talk s**t about people they don’t know and some say hateful things like some of the people here. They’re sad people who can’t say anything nice about someone. They lead really sad lives if all they see is the ‘negative’. Some people who come here sound like junior high school kids. I really feel sorry for them. Being jealous of someone else is very sad. It’s the only reason some people who say the hurtful things they say about someone they don’t even know.

  • British Latin American

    Go away, boring gassy fat girl!

  • eliza

    Not a flattering look.

  • Not her best look

    Pretty face — but definitely needs to tone up. Her backside, unfortunately, looks as broad as a barn. She had an amazing figure in the Dukes of Hazard but lets herself go when the heat’s off about keeping herself in shape. Oh well – she is what she is. But darlin’, learn how to accent the good and downplay the not-so-good in those ‘off’ times.

  • UknowUloveme

    The napalm whore is using this to get people to feel sorry for her…but her “dissapointment” is too fake

  • laura

    I love to read these comments. Sometimes if I need a little chuckle I just get on here and read.

  • jaded

    Wow, that Lynyrd Skynyrd ensemble is hideous on her. I get that she doesn’t care to be a skinny fashion maven but why throw yourself over the cliff along with the Christian Louboutins.

  • Jessica

    You forgot to mention the part where Jessica says she does not brush her teeth and that she uses mouthwash and her sweater.

  • In The Know

    Why is she even on Letterman. Who cares, she is such a zero.

    She’s certainly blown up like a tick.

    Why keep kicking this dead horse? No one gets it!

  • meme

    hey…#11…….u r sooo right, reese withersppon wore the same dress…and almost the same shoes!!!!! what a copycat u r chestica!!!!! toooo bad u look horrendous in it…..and fat as a cow!! whereas…reese looks fabulous!!! as usual………..

    chestica….don’t try to copy reese……..u r a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ta-da!

    I don’t get all the hate on J-Simps. Ya she weighs a few extra pounds than she did earlier but at least she’s got a good sense of humour about the unclassy comment John Mayer made. She’s seems really chill and can definitley take a joke. She’s totally legit, I adore her honesty.

  • helen

    oh my GOD what is that dress???? what the flying f*ck is it?

  • sara

    why the hell is she wearing a skynyrd tee? -.-

  • shell


    They’re real.