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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Le Pain Quotidien Pair

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Le Pain Quotidien Pair

Katie Holmes takes her daughter Suri to pick up some sweet treats at Le Pain Quotidien on Santa Monica Blvd. on Friday afternoon (March 12).

At the international chain of Belgian bakeries, the mother-daughter picked up a few cups of hot drinks and pastries. Katie and Suri absolutely love LPQ — they frequent that place so much!

Earlier in the day, Suri went to her daily dance class. More pics at X17!

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  • belle

    mother and daughter bonding! i always looooove to see Katie with cutie patootie Suri ;)

  • Rachel


  • male

    they seem to be living in diferent hemispheres according to what their wearing

  • Rachel

    katie looks radiant

  • just sayin’

    is this a good idea for an autistic child?

  • little suri looks miserable

    Suri is with a sleeveless summer dress while Katie is dressed for march in LA. Suri probably categorically refuses to wear too much clothes. It’s a sign of autism.

  • seriously?

    suri looks terrified!

  • Liz

    Adorable little girl. Just wish her incompetent mother would dress her properly. It’s chilly today in LA. If she was cold enough to wear a sweater, she should have put one on her child as well. And please don’t give me that nonsense that Suri is just a warm child and all that garbage. My children didn’t want to wear jackets or shoes either, but as a parent I did what was RIGHT, not what they wanted.

  • suri is stimming again

    the food prop isn’t hiding it

  • Soniaintown

    Gets to tell ya how amazing!! With Crazy’s bottomless spending power, so much money poured down on this child, yet she still turns out like a homeless child living on the street.
    The hair is a mess, her look is miserable and scantly covered as always.
    Other time, she trotted in high heel and heavier makeup than most of the street ‘workers.’

    I haven’t got to the point that she’s also a certified brat, who would batter her idiotic pimp in public.

    Gets to tell ya, at times, how powerless money can be.

  • BB

    So cute, nice mommy
    I don’t see what u are all complaining about.
    Mind ur own darn business.
    Make sure you are taking care of your own kids.

  • coco

    Suri is so cute! Trop mignonne!

  • Baby Buddah

    Hate this kid! So SPOILED!!!!

  • LuckyL

    Okay, scary visage.

  • lr

    This child looks neglected, with her hair always in her eyes, and never dressed appropriately for the weather. Is this a Scientology thing?

  • pia


  • LuckyL


  • rainbow

    Suri looks so cute! People need to get over the whole weather thing. It’s not cold in LA. Today, I saw photos on another site of Violet Affleck wearing little, pink short-sleaved shirt. Also, one of Britney’s sons is wearing short-sleaves in the pics on this site. Funny how no one comments on that.

  • Syn

    Why does Suri always look like the girl from The Ring? I don’t find her be cute, sorry.

  • AnnIe is not Okay Michael!

    @Syn: lmfao

  • pigglywiggly

    # 17 LuckyL:

    Are you daft? Can’t read yet? JJ is making no such comments.

    But again……Suri DOES wear the pants in that household and its VERY likely she DOES demand going to that sweet place AND wearing whatever she wants.
    Remember…she is a brat. Seriously brat.

  • slambang

    That kid is scary lookin’.

  • Catalina

    @rainbow Apparently it’s cold enough for Katie to wear a sweater.

  • keeoui

    Such an unbelivably spoiled child.

  • kim

    That child should not be allowed to wear lipstick all the time.
    The chemicals in lipstick are going to affect her baby skin, and she is going to discolour them badly and be stuck HAVING to wear lipstick all the time when she is older – whether she likes it or not. Should’nt they be disciplining her atleast for her own sake?

  • kim

    Tom and Katie know Suri is photographed all the time. Why would they be so irresponsible as to let her go out looking like a pedophile’s dream? This is so STUPID!!

  • rainbow


    I’ve seen Katie wearing a sweater in June in LA. Does that mean Suri should wear one.

    And Suri’s not wearing lipstick here. Geez, I swear people just make things up so they can have something to criticize.

  • Pac Man

    She’s not autistic no matter how badly you want her to be, #5.

    Quit trying to diagnose people you’ve never met via photographs, #6.

    Good, #8. Now keep tending to your OWN kids and leave OTHER parents out of it.

    She’s not autistic, #9.

    How can you judge any of these people you’ve never met, #10?

    Right, #11.

    How can you hate an innocent, little kid, #13? So what if she’s spoiled?

    Scientology has nothing to do with anything, #15.

    It’s a double standard, #18. They just hate TomKat and would attack an innocent child to continue doing so.

    Because you watch too many movies, #19.

    And you know all this how, #21? You know TomKat or something?

    Well that’s just her, #24. Check the weather bureau instead if you want to complain.

    So what, #25? Jealous?

    And you know she doesn’t how, #26? Mind your own kids!

    Exactly, #27. She doesn’t care about what other people so she’ll raise her how she sees fit so quit complaining already.

    True. #28.

  • Jolla

    They are just normal, leave them alone! Why can’t people think outside the box for a moment? Suri attended a dance class and they stopped for a takeover from LPQ. Dressed casual, everyone feeling comfy what’s wrong with that? When a 4 year old kid is surrounded by a lot of people laughing, staring at her, talking loudly, taking photos how you expect Suri to behave? Of course she’s scared a little, not at ease. I think she’s a very brave child considering the craziness around her every time she steps out. I am more intersted in how she grows up: her face is not round any more, she seems to have a body of a six year old. People who make sexual comments about a four year child are just sick, sick, sick!

  • Shane

    luckyL- nbr 22

    you must be low class…using those nasty words….perhaps uneducated as well?

    Go back to school and also take a charm class.

    JustJared is not saying Suri can read. Idiot!

    You STILL can’t read! LOL

  • uncle patrick

    Still looking bratty.

  • it’s robo bride

    Wow, I’m in shock. I don’t particularly care for the pieces Katie chose to wear together, but for once she actually was able to use her feeble fashion sense to put together an outfit that is somewhat slimming and doesn’t emphasize her thick thights and calves.

    And ah, she is back to pimping that poor child out to the paps again. Guess she didn’t get her picture taken enough the last week when she was by herself.

  • Liz

    Something I noticed today……THE HUGE CONTRAST BETWEEN SURI CRUISE AND VIOLET AFFLECK. I don’t favor either child, both are beautiful, but I looked at today’s post of Violet and she’s smiling and looks happy. Poor Suri always looks so sad. She barely smiles!! I wonder if this has to do with their home lives. It looks to me as if Violet is a happy, carefree child and Suri looks…..well…..Sad. Perhaps thats a reflection of life in the Cruise and Affleck households OR a reflection of what their Mom’s are like. Violet’s Mom is always happy and sunny looking. Holmes always looks miserably unhappy. Kids only know what they see.

    Also to the person constantly calling Suri a brat……that’s mean!! IF she is a brat, how do you think she got that way?? Don’t blame the poor innocent little kid!! Blame the horrible parenting from Holmes and Cruise!!

  • Princess Molly

    All I want to say is why can’t Katie put some hair barrettes in Suri’s hair to get it out of her face?

  • Pac Man

    Or maybe no one is being ‘pimped’ and these famous people are simply being stalked by the paparazzi, #33.

    There’s no point in comparison, #34. They’re two different kids with different personalities and different parents. They WOULD behave differently.

    There are tons pics pics of Suri Cruise smiling anyway.

    Because she doesn’t feel like it, #35. Now respect that and shut up.

  • meetpetlovers

    they are pretty

  • uncle patrick

    @Liz: “Also to the person constantly calling Suri a brat……that’s mean!! IF she is a brat, how do you think she got that way?? Don’t blame the poor innocent little kid!!”

    “To the PERSON calling Suri a brat!? You think there’s just one? I think you’ll find there are many, many people from this site as well as countless other different news and gossip websites saying the exact same thing about her! So what? Get over it! It’s not an obscenity. It is a word in the english language that fits Suri to a tee. And yes, as with *any* BRAT – it is NEVER the child’s fault, but whoever is responsible for their upbringing. I think most people who use the term are only too aware of this fact!

  • Liz


    And may I ask who you think you are in telling others to “shut up”. There are NOT alot of pictures of Suri smiling. Although all children are different (thank you for stating the obvious), most are fairly happy. Suri obviously is not. Thats easy to see no matter how much you’d like to deny it. Also, the fact that you feel the need to respond to every poster is very, very, VERY strange. i suggest you get a life.


    Aren’t we snotty!! LOL!! I happen to think all the individual posts calling Suri a brat are from one or two posters using several names. Thats my opinion, like it or not. I also don’t believe that most people calling Suri a brat realize its her parent’s fault. In calling a child a brat, they’re obviously not very intelligent so I thought they might need to be educated. Finally, I’d have to be upset about it to need to “get over it”. LOL! I just think its ignorant to call a child a brat and frankly, if you don’t like my opinion, you’re the one who needs to “get over it”.

  • emma #2

    wow………..Guess if you hate the parents so much you won’t like the kid. if you like the parents ,no matter how NOT OVERLY CUTE THE KID IS, you people will say how adorable. There is nothing I see in Suri that says spoilt , I see a kid , not fond of the paps coming close to her , and if you have noticed there are usually 50 for suri, sticking their cameras in her face. Have you seen how the paps lie in wait for suri and her mom, no, just say whatever suits you. So go for it, if it makes you people feel good ,say all the nasty things you feel like, at the end of the day i don’t think it’s hurting Suri any.

  • mandy

    emma#2, the thing is that Suri has “50″ paps around her BECAUSE KATIE TIPS THE PAPS. Or her team does. I even think they have their own personal 2-3 paps who work for them on direct calls. It is so obvious it’s pathetic. The most obviously sad pathetic photo-op lately was that one in New York with Katiepoo and Suri walking in the blizzard.
    The paps are always there waiting for her even when she arrives on site. You see?

  • uncle patrick

    @emma #2: …”at the end of the day i don’t think it’s hurting Suri any.”
    Exactly. Me either. Otherwise I wouldn’t say it. And Liz, you do seem rather uptight and oversensitive about the word ‘brat’, which is what I was referring to when I said “get OVER IT”. ;)

  • Denise

    This is just painful to watch. That Little girl going around with no sock on, in a dress, no sleeves, no sweater. While her mother has on a scarf, jeans, and a sweater.

  • Denise

    Liz.. Suri is a brat. We can tell.

  • pr person

    “lie in wait for Suri and her mom”…. hmmmm…really? How exactly would the paps know WHERE to be, to be able to “lie in wait” for them? See the problem with that comment?

    The truly sad thing is that this mother KNOWS that the paps make her daughter uncomfortable yet she continuously places her in situations that force her to have to face them. Disgusting!

  • annie is not okay Michael!

    Pacman you really need a life.lmao @ you responding to all those posts. You psycho

  • emma #2

    lets see, katie and suri coming out of their apartment, everyday for a week or 5months when they were in new york, ………quick lets call the paps every day while we exit our arpartment to the waiting car, how exciting……………yet the paps are happy to do that [from the apartment to the car] for 5 months. KATHERINE ZETA JONES is in new york on broadway , gets dressed up to the nines , to go the the theatre ,comes out again all dressed up to the nines, false eyelashes in place …………. fur coat high boots, but the paps wouldn’t care less, much prefer to see katie and suri coming out of their apartment 2-3 -4 times a day. you people continuosly shoot yourselves in the foot but your hatred or more like jealousy , prevents you from seeing how immature and silly most of you are.

  • glamblam

    Haha! This is great! PacMan’s or Donkey Dorks’s (or whatever he calls himself now) comments are hidden due to “low comment rating”. I don’t have to worry about scrolling past his long winded posts anymore. They just don’t show up. Brilliant idea Just Jared!

  • annie is not okay Michael!

    Calling Suri a brat doesn’t make you unintelligent.Liz,you said yourself she’s a brat but you recognize that its her parents fault.regardless of where the fault lies,it still doesn’t take away the fact that she’s a don’t make any sense.

  • HeyJude

    Pacman must think they’re a wisecracker, but really is a TOTAL JERK.
    Go piss up a rope.

  • uncle patrick

    @Liz: “I happen to think all the individual posts calling Suri a brat are from one or two posters using several names. Thats my opinion, like it or not.”

    In that case, how do you account for the 10+ posters who have voted for my “still looking bratty” comment?