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Reese Witherspoon: Rooms & Gardens Gal

Reese Witherspoon: Rooms & Gardens Gal

Reese Witherspoon goes furniture shopping with a friend at Rooms & Gardens on Friday (March 12) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 33-year-old actress, who is back in town after a trip to Washington, D.C. for the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards and a launch of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Women, made a stop at DiDio’s Italian Ices after shopping.

Earlier this month, Reese was spotted buying a magazine about interior design – looks like she’s gotten inspiration from it!

25+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon furniture shopping in Santa Monica…

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reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 01
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 02
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 03
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 04
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 05
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 06
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 07
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 08
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 09
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 10
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 11
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 12
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 13
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 14
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 15
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 16
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 17
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 18
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 19
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 20
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 21
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 22
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 23
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 24
reese witherspoon furniture shopping gelato 25

Photos: GSI Media
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  • BB

    Those boots are hot.
    They must be custom.

  • ke$haluv

    this story is fake, reese doesn’t have any friends wtf?

  • Courtney

    Longhorns! :)

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Where is this “friend”? Grease is alone in all these pictures, desperately alone….

  • CaroleS

    Good to see her back in boots. These are lovely.

  • CaroleS

    Good boots.

  • Jimmy

    Whata bitch. She dumps her boyfriend of several years whom she claimed she adored and could hardly stand to be apart from in a trice and seems completely unfazed by it all. Easy come, easy go, right Reesy?

  • Joanne

    And yesterday started off Jared’s daily posts of Reese arranged photo ops for the next 4 days. How else would she be in the tabloids if she didn’t stage these photo ops. Today was shopping, will tommorrow be coming from the gym or pimping her kids out?

  • original lexy

    Just a reminder – Reese is an A-lister – she doesn’t need to arrange photo opps! I think some of you have her confused with JJ fave Rachel Bilson. With her great personality I’m sure she’s got plenty of friends.
    Also, it’s none of your business that she and her boyfriend broke up. People break up every day. People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on weddings, stand up before God and family and friends and say till death do us part – and get divorced!

  • Howard Wiggins,

    Grace , Call me, I am Hearthstone Interior Design in Nashville TN. I can help 615 306 6053. I am also author of What Were You Thinking? Recognizing Costly Mistakes That Everyone Makes. Visit my websites.

  • PR Flunky

    Original Lexy @#9, tell your bosses at CAA that the last intern was much better than you. She wrote out compliments but didn’t lay it on as thick as you. Does CAA really expect people to believe that paps follow Reese around constantly especially at those really hot pap spots like museums, pig farms and furniture stores? Please.

  • Pattycake

    The one pic of Reese buying Ices really shows how miniscule she is standing next to average sized people.

  • phony Reese

    Give us a break with that ugly phony!
    The ONLY reason Reese Witherspoon did those Washington, D.C. events is because that is part of her AVON CONTRACT – Reese is PAID to promote Avon.

  • PR lies

    @Jimmy: Reese didn’t dump anyone.
    Ryan dumped Reese for Abbie.
    Jake ended the showmance.

  • jus sayin

    It would make sense that she is unfazed by the breakups if she is really a lesbian and this “gal pal” she is always with is really her lover.

  • original lexy

    LOL! I don’t work at CAA but then again you don’t seem to know very much anyway. Again Reese is an A-lister!! And it makes sense that the paps hang out in front of her house and follow HER around. She’s popular and well loved by fans. Her pics proably fetch quite a pretty penny on the market b/c again – she’s POPULAR! And b/c people want to see her.
    So what if she works with Avon?? The bottom line is domestic violence is an important issue that needs some attention! People are so busy worrying about Reese and Lilo that they’ve forgetten some of the REAL problems going on in the world.

  • Pattycake

    @original lexy: Bottom line is that you’re her fan. She has a lot of fans. Granted. But as for your story to explain why she is pictured so often on this site and others, I’m not buying it. There are celeb’s even more popular than she is and we rarely if ever see them pictured. Reese thrives on this. She has a NEED to be liked. Thus her (paid) association with Avon and it’s feel good charities. Being against domestic abuse is sort of like being against Nuclear Holocaust. Who isn’t? It’s a safe cause. Nothing they’ve done, however, has really done anything to address it. With that said I must confess that I am NOT a fan of RW.

  • original lexy

    And you know all this info b/c….you watch Dr Phil….you took a few psych classes at school. Give me a break!!

    Also, do your research Avon does a lot of good work for charities that are female centric – their breast cancer walk is one of the biggest. Go complain about those idiot celebs wasting time on PETA – now there’s a useless charity! No one thinks Reese will end domestic violence or discover a cure for cancer. It’s about making people aware so that they will recognize the signs and help those in need. Avon pays her b/c she’s their SPOKESMODEL – she’s in ads and has her own fragrance. Do you think other celebs aren’t paid for THEIR ads and fragrance lines? Alba and Berry are paid by Revlon and they get their butts out there and support their charities.
    The reason we are seeing more of her is b/c she’s not working. She’s taking some time off and trying to enjoy her life. Should she and her kids stay home all day and hide??

  • shaar

    i don’t like how she’s with one guy who she’s said she’s in love with and the next second she’s with another. somewhere in there, there must have been a lie. and of course those photo ops are arranged, the papparazzi is suddenly way more all over her – wasn;t she an A-lister before she ended that relationship?

  • cowboysdating

    she deserves a husband

  • ***

    Hook em horns!! and luv the boots.

  • ke$haluv


    yup total fake ass bitch, doesn’t care about anyone but herself, screw reese stop posting her godsacks, she probably loves the attention

  • DillPickle

    Her boots are made in Italy, but not custom. The company is Golden Goose, and the model is Charlye.

  • ke$haluv


    only 1274 dollars for a pair of those! WTF is wrong with you reese, you are so selfish, if you actually believe in helping stop violence against woman you would donate that money to the cause and by a reasonable pair of shoes idiot.

  • Anon2

    I wonder when she’ll give up her “I’m just a simple girl from the South” mantra when it’s obvious that on a typical day the total cost of her designer shoes, designer purse, designer clothes, designer salon styled hair, etc., cost more than what a family could live on for months. And that doesn’t include expenses for her multiple multi-million dollar homes, cars, private schools for kids, first-class travel, etc. I don’t begrudge her success, I just wish she wouldn’t try so hard to portray herself as “aw shucks ordinary” and admit that film stardom has it perks that “simple” people aren’t ever going to get.

  • whatever

    Ummmm…WTF is on her head!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Soleil

    Reese is a devoted mother whose children are her primary responsibility in life…congratulations to Reese! Astrologically, she is a Sun Aries and the planets Jupiter in Aries and Uranus in Aries (a long time) will be affecting her life in huge ways during the next three years. It will be at that time she will likely meet someone extraordinary and older than herself. It doesn’t matter “who dumped who” regarding her relationship with Jake G. as I can imagine the relationship was good for both of them until they closed that chapter of their lives.

  • Shameful

    I feel sorry for the kids. Ryan can’t keep from straying – he should just date and not bother with relationships – and Reese is a frigid bitch that can’t even keep a beard, so they ought to install revolving doors at the Philipe/Witherspoon households and hope the kids aren’t scarred for life.

  • Howard Wiggins,

    @Courtney: I am sorry, I met to type Reese not Grace , I once new a Grace Witherspoon.