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Robert Pattinson 'Very Much' Influenced by James Dean

Robert Pattinson 'Very Much' Influenced by James Dean

Robert Pattinson recently stopped by MTV Radio and spoke about Remember Me, James Dean and getting beaten up!

Here’s what the 23-year-old actor had to share:

On what attracted him to Remember Me: “I read it after the first Twilight film, and I always liked it. It was always in the back of my mind. And then the opportunity came up between the second and third ones, which was a small period of time, so you can only do a certain type of movie. I was trying to remember all the little things I’d read, and this was perfect, and it didn’t need any real prep time or anything. There was something different about it. It didn’t fit into a typical teen movie, and it seemed quite realistic.”

On James Dean comparisons: “I think James Dean was one of the most influential people on young guys – especially actors – definitely in the last 50 years. I’m not ashamed to say I am very much influenced by him.”

On who beat him up in school: “A lot of people, when I was younger. I was a bit of an idiot, always unprovoked – in my eyes, anyways….after I first started acting and I liked to behave like an actor – or what I thought was an actor – it generally provoked a lot of people into hitting me.”

Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin and Pierce Brosnan, is in theaters now – become a fan of the film on Facebook for more fun!

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  • vbn

    He looks retarded. Next.

  • BeReal

    When I saw Twilight for the first time, I couldn’t get over how this man exudes the same charisma as James Dean. He just has that “it” factor that girls go crazy for. He’s understated, calm, cool, and collected. The beauty of Robert is that he’s a natural actor with grace and humility. A rarity in Hollywood.

  • BeReal

    James Dean may not have been perfect in his personal life but he was a damn good actor.

  • Tara

    Please sign to keep the show on the air! You don’t have to register!

  • Kara

    #OTHseason8 #saveOTH

  • Eva

    I know I’m going to be voted down for this but the guy can’t act, and he isn’t even good looking!!! Does he even shower? Argh the fame Kristen Stewart and this guy is getting is infuriating, they are soooooo talentless it’s not even funny. Sorry, needed to vent..

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …huh, “james dean comparisons”, ah, um.. who compares him to james dean?!? nobody has EVER compared him to james dean. ..ahahahahahahahahahahaa.. `james dean is a legend, edward cullen is on no path anywhere near the direct of dean. `ahahahahaaaa.. he’s not even a daring, reckless, trouble maker like dean was.. NOTHING

  • Anon

    I think Robert P. needs away from those Twilght movies, away from romcoms and needs to cut his teeth, no pun intended on something like this. There is just something about him, he’s not perfect but it is his looks and his brain that make him sexy, do not mistake his British sense of humor for arrogance, it is not. I think when RPats tells a story about something he has seen, it makes you want to find out more what he was talking about, see it too, that’s a gift.
    Btw, RPats is basically saying that James Dean was an icon and an idol to be admired. I understand what he was saying without saying it, he was not being arrogant. Don’t be foolish in your personal life, Robert.

  • Anon

    Yep, he needs to get done with the Twilght movies and don’t do the romcoms. Keep developing his craft and use that brain. Sure he can improve on his acting.

    There was something different about it. It didn’t fit into a typical teen movie, and it seemed quite realistic.”

    Stop being bored, RP.

  • Glenn

    Lol you know these posts make you sound like somewhat of a stalker-weirdo? I’ll bet my rent that you don’t know him so stop acting like you do, and making excuses for him. The guy has NO talent!! I think the “Dark Moon” skit Funny or Die did just says so much about him and Kristen Stewart..

  • brenda


  • brenda




  • brenda



  • Kristin M

    NO, no no no no no. James Dean was BADASS, you are as lame and queer as they come.

  • Kristin M

    @Kristin M:

    Ok, why does q.u.e.e.r. get bleeped out?

  • “hater”

    You can pull inspiration from any where you want. Rob obviously inspires the biggest nuts of the internet to take time out to post comments on his inspiration! haha

  • ivesjustives

    JAJAJAJ JAMES DEAN???? yeah ,

    ok if it’s , lindsay lohan is marilyn monroe,

    i think he is most like rock hudson’s inside(just inside) with the apparience of bette davis man version

    check it

  • Mena

    Everyone should learn how to be like him. Just saying.

  • Ipotpal Tihomir

    looks god!.

  • RP is next JD


  • Anon


    I’m saying he needs to get out of the lame Twilght movies or any romcoms and work on his craft. No, I don’t know him but I have read interviews and don’t just make comments based on pictures. I think someone needs to work with him to help develop his skills past teen-age movies. RP even said that. You all act like he said he thinks he’s the next James Dean. That is not what he said.
    Stalker weirdo? Because I’ve read the complete interviews? Because he got me interested in other subjects, I didn’t know about it. Ha! He is an interesting person when the reporter isn’t a dimwit asking him the same, old dreary questions.
    Wonder if James Dean was like that, you seem to know so much about him. Like James Dean, Robert Pattinson is a young guy still making his way. Hopefully, he will have the icons and mentors helping him as James Dean did.

  • Rihannna

    of course james dean, he tries so hard to be him , with all i dont give a S*hit about hollywood, that of course it has to be james dean. why cant self-conceited actors be hemseves these days, its sad people think of these crap talented. even george clooney has dissed his acting and immidiately people were like george is hating, um no he was not why would he anyway dude isfilthy richer than robert will ever be he was stating the truth of the facts. if you found what i wrote offenive go fff your loving mother to feel better.

  • Halli

    “Not ashamed to say I am very much influenced by him”.

    What the hell is there to be ashamed about you fool?
    James Dean was actually a real talented actor. Watch East of Eden for his best acting. He only released 3 freaking movies in his short life but in those three films he’s eclipsed many actors of today who are lackluster and crappy. Robert Pattinson is one of them. All that greasy hair won’t make you look or act like James Dean you hack.

  • schuellen

    Ive got a gut feeling that his career will just start and ends ONLY in Twilight.

  • kaleigh

    PLEASE James Dean is absolutely handsome not too mention a real & raw talent plus clean-looking while this Twilight creature is plainly/simply NOT!

  • dany

    he’s young, and he’s not a famewhore, he’s working hard, leave him alone

  • bea

    he’s learning and doing well. Good luck for the future Robert!

  • patty

    He never said he was the next james dean, he said he was not ashamed to say he was inspired by him. What’s the problem? he’s honest and there’s nothing wrong in it.

  • czkia

    rob is good looking and has some potential. we”ll see what he does with it. I predict good things, I remember how bard pitt, johnny depp or george clooney started their carrers

  • remember me

    I just saw remember me, it was a really beautiful movie, not really great but still beautiful. Rob was really good, very different from Twilight. Seriously, he has the most expressive eyes haha.

  • me me me

    he just might make something of himself if he keeps working hard, he’s young and i don’t see any other guy of that type coming around right now, so there will be room for him in hollywood. oh, and he didn’t compare himself to james dean, he merely answered a question. reading comprehension people.

  • tsktsk

    Not ashamed to say I am very much influenced by him”.

    woot? james dean should be ashamed he’s influencing you coz obviously ur not gettin it right. rob is too far from being james dean cmmon!

  • meetsinglenurses

    he is the best

  • beats_me
  • Lica

    Why people feel the need to attack someone who´s in the spotlight with such fury? I don´t know Robert personally to affirm things about him but from the several interviews I saw or read, he seems to be a nice, authentic person, not an attention seeker. He´s young, trying to improve as an actor, what´s the matter? I don´t like a bunch of artists whom are already in the business for a while but I don´t go sentencing them like if they had offended me personally. I simply don´t watch/listen them. Every artist has his audience.
    I think sometimes the midia puts the artist in a pedestal more than the artist himself wants to be or really is. I´m not a Twilight fan, I like Pattinson because he seems to be what he looks like, not a hollywood stereotype to please everybody. And I wish him all the best on his career.

  • ANTI-Twilight (movie version)

    Damn too sure that the KStew-PID flick would be up “next”.
    And just 2 more !@#$%^&* Twi-movies and those 2 flash-in-the-pan hacktors would be buried fast now to oblivion.

  • Ha!

    Well, James Dean was also gay. Coincidence?

  • свадебные платья Киев

    Robert Best Actor at this time.