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George Clooney Says 'Aloha' to Hawaii

George Clooney Says 'Aloha' to Hawaii

George Clooney gets cheeky as he films scenes for his new film, The Descendants, on Friday (March 12) in Hawaii.

The 48-year-old actor filmed scenes in a car and outside near some foliage for a few shots.

The Descendants, expected out in 2011, also stars The Secret Life of the American Teenager actress Shailene Woodley. The film’s about a land baron and his daughters working to keep their family together.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney filming in Hawaii…

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george clooney the descendants hawaii 01
george clooney the descendants hawaii 02
george clooney the descendants hawaii 03
george clooney the descendants hawaii 04
george clooney the descendants hawaii 05
george clooney the descendants hawaii 06
george clooney the descendants hawaii 07
george clooney the descendants hawaii 08
george clooney the descendants hawaii 09
george clooney the descendants hawaii 10
george clooney the descendants hawaii 11
george clooney the descendants hawaii 12

Credit: LAC; Photos: Famepictures
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  • Singalong

    Lookin’ good Georgie boy, lookin good.

  • Carol

    looking old & prune faced Georgie boy..lay off the booze.
    Filming another boring film w/your friends?
    How nice they get to work in this economy.

    I’ll be sure to miss this one too, buddy. :)

  • Robyn

    Is he getting work done? Cause he just doesn’t look like the same guy anymore. Not sure what it is , but it’s not working for me.

  • dani

    Hot as usual, but not likin’ his hair like this.

    AND CAROL #2–let’s hope you look half as good as you age. He looks wonderful for his age and he picks age appropriate parts unlike, say Tom Cruise. He also does a lot of charity work and that alone makes him a good guy in my eyes! How shallow you are to focus only on his looks.

  • overrated

    Im getting so sick of him, another boring film, and he is not looking good well he’s a 48 old hag.

  • Ben

    Hi George! :)

  • zaraaaa

    he’s soooooooo annoying

  • sorella

    His hair is likely for the role. With those pants, maybe set in the 70s?The movie sounds promising.

    I must say he picks interesting projects, all different kinds of movies, not sticking to one genre. And nice to see that at his age, he’s embracing playing the older guy, the father to older children now. He’s not trying to be the young guy any more people, he obviously knows he looks older now based on his recent roles.

  • Antidiva


  • Ily

    he’s bad dressing and hair for the movie but he looks happy and relaxed as usually he’s without the trashie tatued soccers-groupie looking like a man with a big chin, a horse-face and pimples and wrinkles! she’s too an embarassig woman for him!
    good George, I look you well now! a lot good than Oscar!
    you’re a good actor, good job!

  • Firefly

    He is a good actor but he look really weird somehow? I don’t know why… but whatever he does and how bad the movie will be, he is still hot :)

  • Lisa

    He is starting to look like an old sleaze bag…

  • free

    i have never found him attractive, never understood the big deal

    i guess i’m weird

  • Halli

    He’s 48? Christ he looks old.

  • corina

    He looks good but weird in the second main smiling picture.

  • the_boyfriend

    i thought his age had caught up with him at the Oscars, he didn’t look good that night and his attitude didn’t help.

    he was great in Up In the Air.

    btw what happ to that Matt Bomer thread that was here last nite? bah!

  • bandit

    His age is catching up with him for sure…but seriously, he looks better than most other 48 year old men ..take a look around…George is aging well in comparison!!

  • Jennifer

    He still looks pretty good to me, most 48 year old men look like crap..

  • anonymous

    He looks like he’s having fun with this role :)

  • to carol

    : Filming another boring film w/your friends?
    How nice they get to work in this economy.

    tell me, do i detect the green-eyed monster; envy in your post. are you upset that you don’t get to work in the film. hate to tell you this but george’s friends, as you a call them, are talented people who know the business. while, you my friend, are just envious with jealously.

  • to carol

    oh poor baby!! so upset that you don’t have a part in the film are you? well, maybe if you had talent…..

  • Rotflmao

    Why do they keep giving him movies? He is the master at movie bombs. I hope his pay check got smaller. We all know this movie ain’t gonna make shiit at the box office but he might be able to weasle his way into the Oscar * rolling my eyes*

  • meetsinglefiremen

    is he having children?

  • JOHN

    Yes he have child :CANALIS

  • to 23

    george has made no secret that he doesn’t want children

  • Dear Robyn

    It’s called ageing. Everyones face changes as the fat shifts, skin sags and collagen thins. It’s not “work”.

    What is amazing is the ignorant few being confused when a celeb’s face falls in their 40′s.

    Aging is most noticable when you remain thin and posses low body fat. For a fatter person, it doesn’t show for another 10 years.

    Newsflash, your face will fall too. It’s when their faces STAY the same, that they had “work.

    The old adage remins true, you can either save your azzz or your face, but not both.

    Clooney, like Kidman is aging,

  • lol

    he looks 55.

  • BB

    His movies are never that great, I agree.

  • idani

    @Rotflmao @ 03/13/2010 at 3:51 pm

    What are you talking about? All most all of his movies have made money domestically and most of them when you combine domestic and foreign monies–and if you factor in DVD rentals, sales and television rights–ALL of them have made money.

    He has taken a few very serious roles like The Good German which was a small budget film and never expected to make a lot of money. His career is varied when it comes to the roles he has chosen. All of the Oceans have made a ton of money.

    Suggest you do your research before you run off at the mouth.

  • Really!

    George is aging horribly. He looks like he’s in his late 50s.

    He is no longer hot.

  • Janine

    He looks OK I guess, I think he should give up acting and do the directing/writing thing – he seems ok at that. Most of you are right, the majority of his movies are average and despite all his awards (Im not sure how he got them) he isnt a great actor – he’s done alright tho. If you look at his generation it’s all about Sean Penn and Johnny Depp. Those boys are stonking in the acting department. I also find George is looking kinda of sleezy these days, the latest chick is totally scraping the bottom of the barrell. She looks like she has been around….anyway….he was fabulous on ER.

  • Ily

    Up in the air is a very good film and he’s a good actor!

  • http://None Detscan

    Although he doesn’t always pick the right films, George is a gifted actor (ER, From Dusk Till Dawn, etc.), and what he feels shows on his face. At the Oscars he looked bored, annoyed, and a little tipsy; who knows why.

    He refuses to wear makeup, so what we see is pure George. He once said that when a person gets cosmetic surgery, it just looks “wrong.” He is so right. Look at Robert Redford and some of the others; they look bad, and I feel embarrassed for them and uncomfortable looking at them. I’d much rather see them looking older and real, like the rest of us humans.

    It takes a lot of courage for a world famous movie star like George to keep showing us the face that God gave him. So far, to me, that face still looks hot.

  • Teeth

    He got a new set of teeth recently so why do they still look bad in this pic?

  • http://. Not Looking Good

    He’d better get back on the botox and quick!!!! He’s looking like an old worn out FAG! And where’s that tranny looking girlfriend of his?

  • It will bomb

    he likes the strippers, so he’s probably diseased out the wazoo.

  • datemybbwfriends

    He does not have vd

  • meli

    Lol, I think he’s about 55, too! Still looks great, IMO.

  • Brian

    Still looking good :)

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    They’re actually filming this movie near my house. The other day George Clooney actually walked right in front of my house. I wanted to to get a picture of him but he was with the camera crew. He looks handsome even in person!

  • http://justjared allie