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Natalie Portman Hits J's Kitchen

Natalie Portman Hits J's Kitchen

Natalie Portman (in a Madewell button down) takes a walk around Abbot Kinney with a mystery male in Venice Beach on Friday afternoon (March 12).

The twosome (and her boyfriend Benjamin Millepied) stopped for a bite to eat at J’s Kitchen Vegan Restaurant, which prepares macrobiotic food. It also uses the whole produce. Brown rice is organic. The sprouts, roots, and even the skin of the vegetables are cooked.

FYI: Nat became a vegan in 2009 after reading Jonathan Safran Foer‘s “Eating Animals.”

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  • sophia

    who’s that guy she’s with?

  • katelyn

    Who is he?

  • Celia

    She looks cute! The guy she’s with is very tall!
    I’m working on becoming a vegetarian, possibly a vegan.

  • jjab

    Is the book good? What do you think made her become a vegan?

  • Lyla

    the book made me cry easily…but good read esp. if
    u love animals.

  • LuckyL

    So who’s the guy again? You forgot that part

  • jjab

    @Lyla: thanks, ill check it out:)

  • brightside

    She looks great, and he is v handsome…;-) Nice to see a couple who look so relaxed and as though they enjoy being together…

  • Hopeless

    Nat sloppy dressing, tuck your short correct

  • Lola

    I can’t look at her the same since Polanski.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Hahahaha he’s nearly twice as tall as her!!!

  • Edge

    Fine as hell!

  • brian

    so beautiful

  • Alias

    @11 – that’s right, who’s that guy and that little kid he’s with? Maybe he’s babysitting for someone? LOL

    @10 – you got that right

    @ 8 – you’re an idiot as usual, they could just be friends, and wth happened to Ben? Did he find out she’s a 2 faced hypocrite?

    And she really wash her hair once in a while, she looks like cr@p compared to someone else I know who looks way more beautiful especially casually. No contest here!

  • jess

    Her boyfriend looks like a beggar! This girl has a horrible taste in men.

  • Alias

    Maybe I need some put some eyedrops in my eyes but isn’t that Benjamin walking about 5 steps behind NP in that 2nd pic? And if it is him why go through all the trouble of not being photographed together?

  • original lexy

    It’s nice to see her taking a break and enjoying some time with friends! She’s been so busy making movies she’s had no time to relax. That’s what great about being talented, she doesn’t have to spend 2 hrs getting dressed up or call the paps to follow her around. Her talent gets her work!!

  • Alias

    Funny how negative comments on a certain other actress’ thread gets positive ratings while negative comments on this actress’ thread gets negative ratings. LMFAO The haters of that certain other actress(who are also lame NP fans) must be schizo, hahaha!

    NP must be really ashamed of BM to go through such lengths as to make BM walking that far back when they’re out together, or is it she doesn’t want people to know this good girl is a homewrecker LOL. Watch the negative ratings go sky high on this comment!

  • yo sista

    she’s ugly as hell

  • Ella

    YES! That is Benjamin behind thm! Ha! Caught you Nat!! Trying to be sneaky…can’t fool us!

  • Ishg

    Recession looks good on her

  • NativeNYker

    what happened to her dancer boyfriend Ben Millipied? She get tired of that?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • whatever

    even if I wasnt a Natalie fan which I am I would respect her a hell of a lot more than I do the other ‘actress’ you keep talking about Alias, Nat has 5 or 6 projects lined up what does your other ‘actress’ have lined up 1 lame movie and f all else she is so obviously a pap tipper that it is not even funny anymore and yet you adore her, speaks volums about you

  • Tara

    It’s actually the dark haired guy behind her in the one pic that she’s seeing…NOT the tall guy. He’s a director.

  • Nol

    Benjmain is BEHIND her, don’t worry. The tall guy is a friend, a manager or something like that. She’s still with the frenchy so…

  • Alias

    What’s there to respect, a woman who makes her bf walk that far back just to avoid a photo together, if that certain other actress made her significant other stand that far back while walking together the lame@ss haters would be pronouncing that there’s trouble in paradise. Yeah I can’t wait for NP’s movie Best Buds as she’ll be playing a pot smoker, oh that’ll be a challenge for her (note the sarcasm).

    Notice that she’s smiling and Benjamin’s not, if he walked any further back he’ll have his own zip code

  • Mary

    LOVE Nat!

  • Kathleen Kane

    Wasn’t she vegan before that book…?

  • Laura25

    She is so nice and sweet ! I like her work , she´s doing A LOT of good things , other then movies.

  • Leo

    “Benjmain is BEHIND her”
    That’s NOT Benjmain.

  • francia

    i’m a vegetarian … i do not eat nor consume any animal product of any kind …except MILK due to ethical and environmental issues (personal choice, as for miss portman).

    But if vegans think by eating macrobiotic food ( in other terms organic food) they are gonna be safer … WRONG. They are more dangerous compound in natural product than man-made in past few centuries … why do you think we use and study natural compounds in cancer … people are fooled cause they are just ignorant and do not tend to listen to arguments from both sides ( trust me i’m doing my phd on cancer drugs).

    It’s not a good thing o be vegan it’s choice of lifestyle … i understand that some people, even if they want to be vegan, cant’ be… cause meat costs cheaper. SO all these hollywood stars who prone everyone to be vegan do not consider the social issues and that craks me up as well.

  • PersillaQueenoftheDessserts!

    The tall guy walking in front of Natalie is not “with” Natalie. Natalie’s boyfriend, Ben is walking in back of her. He has dark hair and is shorter than the guy walking in front of them. It only seems like Natalie is “with” that tall guy because of the camera angle. Natalie became a vegetarian when she was 10 years old! She stopped eating meat then, and also chicken and fish. Now she is also vegan,and doesn’t even eat dairy! I bet she is heading toward a raw diet at some point.

  • padme

    Natalie and the tall dude make a better looking couple than her and Benjamin.

  • cowboysdating

    i hope they have peace in palestine!

  • Venom

    Natalie always looks perfect. She truly emulates Audrey Hepburn. Classic natural beauty is not given to a lot of ppl as, to why their are so many haters and bashers on Natalie. Plus, she is really smart and talented too.

    I like what she has on.

  • Alias

    LMAO – JJ finally changed his post to acknowledge BM was in the picture, though the omission was understandable given the guy was walking 10 ft behind, either the guys’ got a limp, a slow walker or he wants to avoid having his pic taken with that Oompa Loompa.

  • she shall remain nameless

    That tall guy is HOT!!! And Nat looks cute as always.

  • Celticwoman

    That guy from behind isn’t Ben plus Natalie has never had once not shown her men in public she isn’t the type of woman other celebrities are when dating she is more then happy to be seen in public. This guy could be a friend she dates plenty she is still very young and I’m sure she is being selective of whom she is looking for in a husband.

  • Realistic

    JJ didn’t say the man behind was ben said these two met ben for lunch at this place.

  • no fan

    this girl is grotesque she cant dress what is that get up now she cant even tuck the shirt in evenly those jeans ae mother jeans and once again those rotten teeth showing what anybody sees in this girl is beyond the world and to the person whos sais shes another audrey hepburn LMAO LMAO LMAO please wake up shes a born looser

  • jill

    she gained weight she looks very hippy in those jeans yuck

  • guest

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeew shes really gross dont know whar happened to this girl she dresses ike shes 70 yrs old no taste not cool at all she could use rachel bilson to help her out with her huge fashion mistakes

  • lori

    what is that gross handbag shes carrying shes a mess

  • original lexy

    Be nice haters and I won’t post under different names and score another person down when I get a chance–no I’m full of BS of course I will.

    Lexy=Ashla700 and proud of it.

  • James


    Doesn’t the term Homewrecker technically applies to someone who wrecked a home? IE split up a family? A live in girlfriend isn’t really a home or a family. So…yeah

  • James

    @Alias: The Term Homewrecker usually applies to someone who broke up a family. A live in girlfriend isn’t really a family or even close to one. So technically…you’re off.

  • original lexy LOL

    James help the mission don’t double post. BTW she was a third party in a live in/engaged relationship and did not think-give the relationship a few more weeks, she will spew him out ,onto the next weak guy, for a bit of fun and PR-because that what bit*h Natalie does.

  • Alias

    @James – I don’t think so technically…no

    As you can see most of these definitions apply to this hypocrite, don’t you think?

    @44 – WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you’re threatening to score the haters down, we should be terrified! LMFAO

  • thats_right

    damn she is so ugly

  • lexy hates bilson

    What happened Arabian Nights – did you get banned for your racial slurs and homophobic comments or is this just your childish way to try and annoy me? I think you’ll like my updated name much better though…
    If Natalie didn’t have any fans or talent she wouldn’t be where she is today – a HW A-lister constantly working and building up her resume. How many actors can say that a the wonderful and talented Susan Sarandon went to bat for them and insisted they give her a part in a movie?? She doesn’t need to get glammed up = she’s got talent! And that talent has gotten her pretty far. Afterall, it’s not Natalie whining in magazines about losing roles to other people….it’s other much less talented faux actors whining about losing parts to Natalie!