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'Alice in Wonderland' Tops Weekend Box Office

'Alice in Wonderland' Tops Weekend Box Office

Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska‘s Alice in Wonderland raked in another $62 million this past weekend, clobbering the competition including Matt Damon‘s The Green Zone. Here’s who else placed behind Disney’s 3-D fantasy:

1. Alice in Wonderland, $62 million
2. The Green Zone, $14.5 million
3. She’s Out of My League, $9.6 million
4. Remember Me, $8.3 million
5. Shutter Island, $8.1 million
6. Our Family Wedding, $7.6 million
7. Avatar, $6.6 million
8. Brooklyn’s Finest, $4.3 million
9. Cop Out, $4.2 million
10. The Crazies, $3.7 million

Alice, the Tim Burton-directed movie, has taken in about $430 million globally. Quite impressive for just two weeks out the gate!

WHAT DID YOU see this past weekend??

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  • chloe

    I saw Remember Me. It was a great film.

  • MajorIndulgence

    Alice was good, but not great.

    It doesn’t surprise me that the most escapist film got the top box office.

  • Sunday

    I watched The Green Zone, it was excellent! Tempted to watch it again actually.
    Saw Alice last week, enjoyed it too. Love the Cheshire Cat, always have been my favorite Alice character. And loved the Red Queen “Off with their heads!!!”.
    Avatar was ok, don’t get the hype. Might watch Shutter Island, still undecided. Not watching the rest.

  • a

    Watched Where the Wild Things Are (depressing, but good-not for kids) & Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day (ok)

    I <3 Redbox!

  • ash_williams

    i don`t care, i want to see remember me!!!

  • dollhouse

    I think it’s funny how all these idiots thought Remember Me would be #1 just because Robert Pattinson’s in it.

  • AnnIe is not Okay Michael!

    I thought all the twilight fans would flock to see remember me.guess not

  • depeche

    Watched Shutter Island, and im really impressed. Amazing story, and Scorsese (of course) made the best out of it. DiCaprio really stole my heart. I wasnt his fan before this movie, but he really did grow up, and became such a man and actor.

  • ava

    Saw “The Green Zone”, it was awful, the most anti American movie I have ever watched, people were walking out before the movie ended, just hated it… never knew Matt Damon was another Sean Penn, I mean this sincerely I will NEVER watch another movie with Matt Damon in it.

  • Sunday

    What was anti-American about The Green Zone? Where did you watch it? Nobody walked out in the theater I was in. Don’t comment if you didn’t watch it. Don’t watch it if you don’t like Matt Damon but you don’t have to spew ignorant untruths about the movie.

  • brian

    Robert Pattinson is no boxoffice draw what so ever

  • @11

    Yeah. The little girls only want to see him as Edward. And everyone else is so sick of his over exposure that they will stay as far away as possible from anything that he does.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..seriously, remember me was a really good movie. rob did a great job. some might say he played a angier edward cullen but i think that movie was really really good. the ending was sooooo fcuking sad, and fcuked up.
    ..even the twilight fans should go out and see this. i didn’t like him before but i like him now.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l


  • no

    I’m so sick of seeing Robert EVERYWHERE that I will not see this movie even for free on cable.
    Besides, it got terrible reviews.
    No thank you.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    remember me was empty. the line(s) for Alice in Wonderland was soo fcukinggg longgggg.multiple lines

  • @16

    Robert is supposedly HOT right now. If he can’t pull in an audience now, he never will.

  • ka-blamo


  • sienna

    I saw The Blind Side and LOOOOOVED it!!!

  • erin

    saw remember me…..amazing movie! have a new respect for Robert pattinson :)

  • Diego

    I loved it loved it!!!! I liked all the characters!!!

  • ann

    I loved Alice in Wonderland.

  • gotta see it

    Haven’t seen it yet…


    i saw remember me that movie was full of sadness n i loved it
    robert and the cast did an amazing job with remember me
    i cried at the last 10mins of the movie it was full of sadness i loved it n ill keep seeing it cause i love it
    go rob!!!!!

  • sillyme

    I am kinda with you, Ava. Matt Damon has totally turned me off with some of his political comments. I’m still keeping my Bourne movies, though. And, I’m glad that this movie flopped at the box office. Maybe this movie would have done better a few years ago, during the height of the anti-Bush and anti-war mania, but, except for some hard core liberals, people don’t want to hear that anymore.

  • Kristen

    Saw remember me! honestly, i loved it. i’m not really into twilight that much so. emilie de ravin to me was excellent in the movie. robert and emilie’s chemistry was believable. way more believable than kristen and robert’s chemistry. great movie. sad ending though. you find out why it’s called remember me ;)

  • http://! ivanka

    i totally loved alice in wonderland in 3D.. with johnny depp:)

  • S

    So bomb of Remember me has proved that Robert Pattinson is Mark Hammill? The guy that played Luke Skywalker and never had a career outside Star Wars. They don’t care about him they only care about Edward. They will not go to see him in other movies. It will be hard for Pattinson now to get movie roles in big movies. He will probably star in the ones like Remember me – small budget and anonymous at the boxoffice. And no one will cast him in big budget leading role. Because he can’t act and bomb of Rememer me proved that Twilight fangirls will not run to the movies to see him.

  • TOM

    Green Zone sucked sh@t, Matt Damon is pathetic little twerp, no one they marketed the movie as another Bourne movie, my girlfriend and me didn’t like it all, don’t bother spending 12 bucks, plot : America bad anyone else good… I can’t believe a big studio would make such a movie…. I agree with whoever wrote that they would think twice before watching another Matt Damon movie.

  • MajorIndulgence

    Remember Me : Robert Pattinson ::: Jennifer’s Body : Megan Fox

  • V

    Pfft..shouldnt you say Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland rather than
    “Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska’s Alice in Wonderland”

    Is a brilliant movie. I’d love to see it again. Maybe next time not in 3d. Cheaper that way, though 3d was fantastic.

  • awww

    Poor Robert.
    A silly comedy with no name actors beat you.
    And you with your Twilight fame and your ‘Lost’ co-star.
    tsk tsk
    This doesn’t bode well for your future. Hope that you are saving your Twilight money.

  • Dante

    Glad Green Zone failed, to spend 100 million dollars on anther anti Bush, Anti Iraq movie when they’ve all bombed, says all you need to about liberals, they will spend and lose even billions to push their agenda on the American people.

    Have a feeling the midget Matt Damon wouldn’t be doing any anti Obama, anit Afghanistan movies, even though Obama has tripled the troops there from the 25 thousand at the end of 2008 to the 100,000 now.

    Wonder were all those crazy anti war, code pink loons went, it wasn’t about being anti- war, it was just about trying to destroy Bush and if they had to take America down with him, too bad right liberals, the same with them and healthcare, destroy it for the 90% of the country that has it.

  • datemybbwfriends

    I love Depp

  • georg

    I went to Remember Me because of the long lines for AIice. Glad I did and it was above average to good. Robert Pattinson is breaking away from Twilght. He needs to be very choosy with scripts from here on, I’ll go see him again with the right one.
    I wanted to go see TGZ but my girl nixed the idea—Alice or Remember Me. I’ll hit TGZ later.

  • Sunday

    From what I know, the soldiers in The Green Zone are actual soldiers who were deployed in Iraq. These are servicemen who were ready to die for our country, to die for you, and they are in this movie that portrays themselves as the bad guys and the other side as the good guys? Get your facts straight. Either this movie is beyond your intellectual comprehension or you didn’t actually watch it. It’s easy enough to follow so my guess is you didn’t actually see it. As I said earlier, you don’t have to like the actor, but don’t claim the movie is anti this or anti that if you haven’t seen it.

  • ANTI-Twilight (movie versions)
    And to all of you “R-Patz fartnatics”… “Remember Me” only made about less than $9 M over 3 days. What are you doing – do you only love him only in Twilight?! You all howl how much you adore him yet you cant even marshal to support his new solo movie what you have done in New Moon in one day. Some fans you are!
    And w/ the rate things are going, look like that the KStew-pid flick would be up “next” to b-o-m-b. And just 2 more !@#$%^&* Twi-movies and those 2 flash-in-the-pan hacktors would be buried fast now to “oblivion”.

  • Carla1

    Alice was good. I’m sick of all the hype around RPattz. I will never go see him in any other movie than the Twilight. To tell the truth I’m getting sick of the Twi-series to. It’s so over hyped.
    They need to put the breaks on that RPattz/KStew dating mess to. Her movies are going to bomb next.

  • BE

    Remember Me failed, Green Zone too. Lol

  • Meg


    Where did it get terrible reviews? Every review I have read have been good and everyone has said Rob was amazing in it.

    It’s also hard for a movie to be #1 when it isn’t as widely released as Alice in Wonderland. I live in a smaller city about an hour away from a big city and all the smaller surrounding cities got Alice in Wonderland, but didn’t get Remember Me.

  • Lasse

    I saw Shutter Island – definately one of Di Caprio’s best movies.

  • bahaha

    Remember Me failed the most for me. what with that very large fanbase and still not resulting to good box office. rob needs to find another job. the movie sucks bigtime.

  • @40

    Your theory on why it wasn’t #1 doesn’t hold water.
    If you divide the total box office by the theater count, then divide it again by 3 (days), you get an average take of a litle over 1250 dollars per theater.
    And lets say that the average ticket costs ten dollars. That means that each theater had only about 125 people each day.
    Thats pretty bad for a opening of a movie with a supposedly hot star.
    Your theory would only have worked if all theaters were sell outs, thus preventing more people from seeing it.
    Face it. It bombed.

  • Brian

    Alice was awesome! I am sad to see that ‘Remember Me’ got 4th??? It was an absolutely amazing movie. Highly recommend it to all :)

  • arlus

    RPatz should know & learn how to respect “vagina”; even probably most of his ardent fangirls got pissed off when he said that he hates it LMAO!

  • arlus

    RPatz should know & learn how to respect “v-@-g-i-n-@”; even probably most of his ardent fangirls got pissed off when he said that he hates it LMAO!

  • pyt

    Wow Jay Baruchel (fr. She’s Out of My League) looks much promising & hotter than Robert Pattinson right now…

  • DJB

    Well I saw She’s Out of My League. Funniest movie I’ve seen since Hangover. A very good movie with a lot of heart. Highly recommend if you liked Knocked Up and The Hangover. :)

  • schnickels

    Since her movie comes up next week, K. Stewart must have getting another anxiety attacks just like when she gets interviewed or speaking in a live audience.
    Her beloved loveteam’s “solo” movie tanks big and to think he’s much much likeable & got a bigger fanbase (than her) in & out of the Twilight franchise…

  • all-knowing

    Alice In Wonderland would “follow” the footsteps of Avatar; that it would take a MONTH right before a new movie would beat it on the top box-office slot.