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David Schwimmer: Engaged to Zoe Buckman!

David Schwimmer: Engaged to Zoe Buckman!

Former Friends star David Schwimmer is engaged to his longtime love, British photographer Zoe Buckman.

His rep confirms to EW that this will be the first marriage for both of them.

David, 43, and Zoe, 24, reportedly met in London while he was there directing the 2007 comedy Run Fatboy Run. They recently have been living together in Chicago while working on a stage show called Trust.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Photos: Joseph Marzullo/WENN
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  • New Reader

    So 19 year age difference is “no big deal”? OK

  • remember da truth

    If you’re rich, yes, you can get someone 19 years younger. But it also shows where your maturity and intelligence level is. Also if you want kids, you want a young woman, especially if you don’t care about sharing as life equals. She is your trophy and broodmare.

    I always thought David Schwimmer was gay in real life, so maybe it’s a paid beard kind of deal, and she will give him children, but they can each live their own lives.

  • fifi

    yeah 19 years is a big difference, however she doesnt look 24. She looks 30. at the end of the day, they are happy.

  • New Reader

    to what da truth:

    please expand on your “maturity and intelligence level” comment…
    I am curious

    thank you


  • gabrielle

    oh my god! I’m so happy for him, he really deserves it! I tought he was gay too, but whatevs, wish ‘em the best

  • yari

    Longtime love?and she’s only 24???? Sice when is dating for 2 years considered longtime?

  • 19 years is not that bad an age difference, I know people in happy marriages with a 20 year difference- it just depends what works for you.

  • serena1994

    congrats !! ;d i loved him as ross.;d

  • http://! ivanka

    i loved him as ross and the jokes they made him about the times he got married LOL

    congrats, she is a beauty and he isn’t so ugly

  • francia

    People can be matured at 20, depends how you want to live your life and what you have experienced. I see people who are 20 being way matured than 30 and vice versa … maturity does not equal age. Some people need to open up to diversity on this thread.

    But I can bet that if aniston who is on her 40s marries a guy in his mid-20s, critics would be worse, but WHY?? Cause she is a woman.

    Although USA is highly auto-critical about itself, its population stays so prude, surprisingly. It is an interesting aspect though =).

  • ALEX

    She is one fugly looking woman. Not that he’s a stud or anything.

  • deduction


    The film was released in ’07. Casting and filming would of taken place a year or 2 before. So that pretty much doubles the length of what you thought their relationship was.

  • S3WA

    I’m really surprised. I thought he was gay. Best wishes to them!

  • Marieme

    Really like Schwimmer, but old enough to be her father. I mean, c’mon, dude. Women your own age scare you that much?

  • NRC

    Age difference is a question of mind over matter…if you don’t mind…it doesn’t matter!!! However…when this young lady is 40 and Mr. Schwimmer nearly sixty…believe me…the age difference WILL become a factor especially as she is just professionally starting out in life.
    Best of luck to the both of them and frankly even marriages of a similar age sometimes don’t work…so no proof in that pudding!

  • Dreads

    @Marieme: Haha so true. She’s not a hottie (I mean I would never have guessed she is 24) and he isn’t either ….So the whole age difference doesn’t matter I guess. As someone else said before, age has nothing to do with maturity. Some young people in their 20s can be so much more mature than 40 year olds, TRUST ME, I know what I am talking about. It all depends on what you’ve experienced in life (close people’ deaths, accident, heartbreak, love, hatred, bullies, every sort of things). So yeah, she must be intelligent and mature enough, I believe.

  • Ashley


  • sueme

    you people must be the most beautiful people in the world, truly stunning and flawless to be able to label this girl “fugly” (sheesh) or to say she’s not a hottie. I think she is very pretty. She has a beautiful smile, looks happy and radiant, nice eyes, hair, overall very attractive. You are just being mean. Whatever floats your boat.

  • Dawn9476


    Jen is already being called a cougar by her haters and she has never been linked to someone in their twenties. I can only imagine the fury she would get if she were to actually date someone in their twenties.

  • Keep it Real

    Let’s keep it real. A 43 yeard old man is marrying a 24 year old women and sure as heck aint because she is SOOOOO mature. That maturity BS is just something girls tell themselves when they want to overlook their man just sees them as a pieces of A**.

  • Marieme

    Dreads @ 03/14/2010 at 5:28 pm #16

    I know, Dreads, and I’m not trying to be a snark here, but 24! Ay yi yi. Yes and it’s also true age doesn’t mean someone is properly mature or immature. It’s just a tad gross that out of all the women David’s met (tons, no doubt) this child is what he finally decided on, as lovely as she is. No offense to her.

  • August

    I would have thought with all that money he has he could have gotten at least a good-looking woman; she looks like a female version of him!

  • Ibanez

    Long time love? If she is only 24, does that mean she was in high school when he started dating her?!

    And Schwimmer just continues to get more ugly.

  • Asha


  • queen bee

    He’s pushin it with the 19 year age difference….but I can see him as being immature enough to make it work!…

    I’ve seen a couple of posters on other sites say they wished jen and schwimmer had gotten together cause he’s the only one she’s had chemistry with, and that they’re a little bummed….

    …SO JEN ANUSTON LOOSES AGAIN….(all her men are getting married/coupling up with mates….)…


    …I thought jen was toned, but check out the thing FLAPPING UNDER HER ARM AT 4:14…? whats’s THAT? ewww!….Also, check out the poll they have asking who jen was talking about when she said she would GET BACK TOGETHER WITH AN EX…..BRAD PITT IS WINNING!….I guess everyone still thinks JEN ISN’T OVER BRAD…..and they STILL WANT HIM BACK WITH HER…BEARD AND ALL! LOL!…the jenhags are soooo desperate, yet they put down Brads looks all the time….THEY KNOW BRAD IS KING NO MATTER WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE!….hehe!

  • BeReal

    The SAD part is this guy is old ENOUGH to be her Dad. Creepy and weird. David, why are you unable to connect with a woman right around your own age? Plenty of decent women out there but you used them all along the way, didn’t you? Oh yes, vain and shallow comes to mind. Poor guy will end up divorced in a few years and she’ll be milking him for life as a baby mamma. This tale has been told a million times over with rich empty men. You’d think he’d get a clue and grow up!

  • meetpetlovers

    He is so lucky

  • stayhighj

    she looks like an older more busted mandy moore..

  • Carla1

    Congratulation! he seems like a very nice guy that deserve the best.

  • me

    Nooooooo what about Rachel???!!!
    Who is going to love poor Rachel?:)

  • Brian

    Congrats!!! He is looking a lil rough around the edges these days, eh?

  • mitcha

    ahhh.. I wish him and Jenifer could stick together..

  • kacee

    disgusting. men in their 40s need to grow up and stop robbing the cradle.

  • Sadie

    @francia: People can be matured at 20, depends how you want to live your life and what you have experienced” Are you crazy? Your pre frontal cortex doesn’t even fully develop until 21-25 Einstein!

  • amy


  • Jenni

    @New Reader: When I turned 18 I married a 30yr old…lasted 8 1/2yrs… I’m 26 now & he’s 39..

  • The nun who watches TV

    LOL! Ross was the LEAST funniest on Friends. I always wanted to take a roto-rooter to his nose. He was so whiney! He is also the least attractive. How he landed that gig, I’ll never know. Monica was cute, Phoebe was hysterically funny (in real life, she has a degree in science – chemistry, I think!) Also, Joey was cute and funny (too bad his spin off stank) and Chandler – could anyone BE any funnier? They should have made the gay jokes about Ross, not Chandler. Anyway – Schwimmer always had the goofy hair cut and goofy personality. No wonder his wife left him for a girl.

    There – got that off my chest.

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