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Gisele Bundchen Launches Sejaa Skincare Line

Gisele Bundchen Launches Sejaa Skincare Line

Gisele Bundchen will be launching an eco-friendly beauty line called Sejaa Pure Skincare on March 15, her agent tells People.

The 29-year-old new mom says the line will uses all-natural ingredients, “thoughtful” packaging” and recycled paper.

Last September, fellow Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr launched her own 100% organic skincare line called Kora. Seems like supermodels and skincare work hand-in-hand!

WILL YOU BUY Gisele’s new skincare line — YAY or NAY?

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  • Kate Bosselin

    There’s a girl who works down at my Wendy’s whose hotter than this plain jane

  • helen

    Kerr launched her skin care line last february not in september 2009…

  • cindy

    Gorgeous Gisele!!!

  • Gisele looks amazing and her new skin care line sounds amazing!

  • New Reader

    I really don’t get why people think Giselle is gorgeous. That face ain’t great and her body is too skinny. My opinion.

  • gqstatus

    heck yeah Gisele is gorgeous! I cant wait to try it!!!

  • remember da truth

    Whenever you see a photo of Gisele, try to duplicate the position of her body. You will find it very difficult. She is a top model because she is able to show off clothes like no other.
    And she can position herself in what would be an awkward position for anyone else to show the best features of her body, and hold it, and make it look natural and beautiful.

    Young models are told to study Gisele, if they want a fraction of her success.

  • lala

    giseles face is stunning, I will buy anything she endorses.

  • remember da truth

    Stella McCartney was also developing an organic skincare line, dont’ know if it launched yet.

    Yes, I think there is a tremendous market for organic skin care lines worldwide and they will be taking over and the old companies will have to follow suit or fall behind. Consumers are much more educated and sophisticated now about what these products are made from and why organic is important.

  • laurie

    nay she’s ugly…

  • Norma Stitz

    Man Face

  • fgrtgr

    she is perfection. her face is one of a kind.

  • Label Basher

    Excuse me but as far as my opinion goes…….. Gisele, Kate, Natalia, and Heidi(not sure though) are the real 20th/modern day supermodels.

    Others are wannabe supermodels, so JJ it’s not right to say ‘seems like supermodels and organic skin care work hand in hand’ since Gisele is so far the ‘only’ supermodel who will launch an organic skin care line.

    I’ve never heard any of the 90′s supermodels launched an organic line, neither did Kate, Natalia, or Heidi……… so JJ who are those other ‘supermodels’ you seemed to refer other than Gisele in relation to organic skin care line????? lol lol lol lol lol

  • imacc

    gisele is a goddesss

  • ilovelife

    Cindy crawford,Heidi Klum and many other supermodels all have their own skin care lines. I am glad Gisele will too now. she is amazing inside and out.

  • barbie

    There are quite a few of us enamored of that gorgeous, perfectly accessorized, glamorous plastic blond symbol of femininity. The girl with the dream house, car, clothes, figure, and man. No, we’re not talking about Barbie— it’s Gisele Bundchen, bitch.

  • nicole


  • nicole


  • anna

    if I can only have half of Gisele’s beauty, I will buy it! LOL

  • giselesmiles
  • mb

    she’s the most beautiful woman Ive seen in my life

  • gisbfan

    i love gisele and she is so gorgeous

  • Fred

    Now shes is definitely looking sexy!!

  • Jan

    WHow!!!! She is sooo hot!

  • hmmmm

    Since Miranda has better skin than Gisele, I would go with Miranda’s products.
    Miranda has amazing skin.
    Gisele, not so much. She is a bit blotchy without foundation. Miranda’s skin is flawless.

  • lexy

    Look beautiful as always!

  • hmk

    miranda is younger than gisele. gisele will be 30 in 4 months. her skin looks amazing. and since her baby her skin is looking better than ever. she looks so young and fresh. I hope she keeps some baby weight on herself.

  • ha

    wonder when Tom is going to leave her for another woman?
    it’s what she deserves for hooking up with a man who already had another woman pregnant.

  • JJ

    Is it just me or does she look a lot like kate moss in that picture?

  • cc


    ha my mom always told me your curses are upon yourself, so maybe it will happen to you one day


  • @27

    Miranda will be 27 next month. That’s a difference of less than three years.
    Not enough of an age difference to explain away the difference in their skin.
    You made it sound like there was a decade between them.

  • Taylo

    Amazing what photo-shopping can do for skin!!

  • @30

    I’m not the one that took up with a man that left afteranother woman pregnant.
    Nothing that even resembles a “curse” there. Just the truth.

  • me123

    only fat chicks hate Gisele, lol

  • cass

    33 that is such old news. I heard they are actually friends. its only ppl with no lives that dwell on that old news.

  • @32

    That’s why I always compare candid pap shots when talking about skin.
    Gisele DOES look splotchy in all of her candids. But if you look at Miranda’s latest candids with Orlando, her skin is perfect. Not a flaw to be seen. Well, except for the little scar on her chin that she has had since she was a little girl. And since we can see that scar, that proves that she isn’t wearing much make-up.
    If Miranda has skin like that after using her own products. i would be willing to give them a try. Gisele’s…not so much.

  • @35

    Old news doesn’t change the facts.
    and @cc
    Didn’t you just wish something bad to happen to ‘ha’? Isn’t that “cursing” them? I guess we will have to see if your mama was right, and the same thing happens to you. LOL!

  • tata

    @ha You are stupid. They will never break up

  • adrienne

    who cares about miranda? I dont. she is nobody compared to Gisele (big time lol)

    I always think gisele resembles kate moss too. just a more healthy,exotic,sexy version. and much prettier. they both have those killer cheekbones

  • Dreads

    She’s indeed a plain jane. I’d rather go Kora. Miranda Kerr is so much prettier, hotter and seems to be such a nicer person than this ho.

  • greg

    dont compare gisele and miranda. miranda is abnormally young looking compatred to anyone. not just gisele. but i did see her up close and she has alot of crows feet already. maybe her skin isnt splotchy, but she does have wrinkles. gisele has no eye wrinkles or anything. just a little blotchy because she used to tan too much. lately it is all gone and she looks real fresh and pale. her skin care must be working wonders!

  • nat

    @Kate Bosselin: yeah too bad she doesn’t have 150 MIL in the bank right? oh wait she works at wendy’s hahaha. and it’s who’s hotter.

  • michelly

    why cut down the girls miranda and gisele? they both seem lovely in their own ways. I hate comparisons. Cindy Crawford has her own meaningful beauty line, and Heidid Klum has hers. Miranda nor Gisele were the first ones to launch skin care lines. shut up ppl! I want cindy crawfords anyway! her face kills ALL wannabe models. gisele is the best model since the 90′s though. I will give her that. she is the last REAL Supermodel. all these other girls can only dream of a careeer as gisele or cindys! haha

  • Adam


    ahah so true. too bad! gisele is so disgusting she is worth 150 million +! wow never heard of such a thing! lol

  • Holly

    She is soooooooooooo gorgeous.
    Only Adriana Lima is prettier than Gisele when it comes to the Vic Secret models, past and present!

  • bobbi

    I’ll buy. Perfection!

  • Adam

    hey who minused me? I was saying a compliment to gisele! being sarcastic in response with nat. meaning gisele is anywhere near ugly or plain to be worth 150 million! she is Gorgeous! perfect!

    last time I checked ugly or plain girls dont make 150 million dollars off of their beauty. that is what I meant!

  • S3WA

    She’s so gorgeous! One of the best bodies in the business.

  • lisali

    How cool… I love Gisele.. so I’ll probably love the line.

  • Sheryl

    Nay.She’s ugly,tedious and boring.
    There are lots of skincare lines already launched in the market,and hers is just another skincare line around.I won’t spend my money buying the craps she wears,launches or show.I hate manipulation in mass,and this s.l.u.t is doing the same thing.i’m not idiot or dumb.I don’t buy the stuff these famous greedy losers sell…
    People like Giselle don’t care about us,never cared,they care about themselves,money and fame and this s.l.u.t loves money.Probably these products will give allergies in many people anyway….
    Famous people only want MONEY,they want to swim in a pool full of money,and when they sell products like this or in general,they want more,more and more money.All are money-hungry,greedy.Period.