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Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Sunday Date!

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Sunday Date!

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato walk side-by-side together as they head into a church service in Los Angeles on Sunday morning (March 14).

The 17-year-old Sonny With a Chance actress recently spoke to Billy Bush during an interviewed and confirmed that she’s dating Joe!

Billy: [Have you ever dated any of the Jonas Brothers?]
Demi: Ummm, maybe!
Billy: Which one? Joe?
Demi: Yeah. He’s actually…he’s my best friend.
Billy: So you guys went from boyfriend-girlfriend to best friends?
Demi: No, kind of the opposite.
Billy: OH? So so you’re dating him now?
Demi: Ummm, yeah. He’s perfect!

Check out the rest of the interview below!

FYI: Joe is wearing TOMS Black Burlap Classic Shoes.

Demi Lovato Admits “Jemi”

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  • not so much

    These ily little Disney tweens that try to come off so goody goody and they share their boyfriends around like a used rag. Barf.

  • Krista

    YAY! so happy for them :)

  • Krista

    YAY! so happy for them :)

  • denise

    They look cute :)

  • I hate her

    I really hate her even more now

  • annonius

    i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeee her!!!!!!

  • cindy

    Is this for real? I always thought Joe was gay….Are they just “together” to promote Camp Rock 2? Oh well…..

  • daisyjena

    Adorable…they could pass for brother & sister…will never last…oh remember young love:)


    OMG ! i love them both ! SO HAPPYY !

  • xoxo

    well at least there will be some hilarious songs bashing one another when they break up…should keep me entertained for a while….

  • marissa

    Good luck. It’s not ging to last anyway :)

    she is too cute for him

  • marissa


  • marissa


    Imma go with promoting their disney movie. disney is behind this

  • MAC

    I think they look cute together

  • Chris

    Nay. I am not in favor of this. Fortunately when Camp Rock 2 is out, it will be over.

  • marisol


  • NativeNYker
  • cacey

    i THINK POOR joe is in some sort of closet for sure, he never looks like he is into GIRLS.

  • lalalalla

    instant puke mode, whatever. i hate her so much, always have,,, hey joe why dont you just make her famous like you did to taylor swift…..

  • jack off

    who cares about these two dips.hits

    not me

    nor should you

    get a life

  • ke$haluv

    luv them

  • cindy

    From Demi’s Twitter: “By the way… I would never lie to my fans. I love you all… and I’ve never been happier. :)” [quote]

    Oh okay…yes YOU will not lie to us. Just your manager, PR and Disney will do that for you.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Demi. I’ve seen her in concert….girl can sing and play instruments….I’m not buying into JEMI!

    It reeks from pure CAMP ROCK 2 hype!

  • Uffa

    I adore Joe, like I don’t care about whatever about his personal life is…but something about this situation freaks me out.

    I hope it is just a PR thing and they are both happily in on it. I know they are friends, but in addition to promoting their projects, I kind of feel like Joe has been assigned by their management/his dad to babysit her, to help control all the *issues* she’s supposed to be having.

  • Fabby

    haha r u kidding me
    oh well what can u expect from
    disney channel “stars” haha
    never liked her or him haha

  • eden

    why are there people always hating on the girls for dating a Jonas. who cares. it brings in good pr for disney and that’s it.

  • eden

    omg you see those pictures with the short-shorts? yeah he’s GAY. maybe he wants to stay in the closet who knows.

  • Uffa

    @cacey: He looked pretty into Camilla Belle and his old girlfriend from Oz. (maybe he’s bi?) But Taylor Swift also felt setup to me. He doesn’t seem to really enjoy the fake BS.

  • bossysara

    wat the hell is ur problem people!?
    can’t u just let them date whoeva they wanna date?!
    frankly i dont really give a shit who they date… but looking at them, they seem quite cute.
    i just hate the fact that everyone is bashing on every teen star out there who date one-and-other JUST BECUZ their part of disney… “oh disney is behind this..” “oh just wait till camp rock 2 comes out, then they’ll be over”
    what crap is that!
    everyone should shut the f*** up man. let them LIVE for god’s sake.


  • datemybbwfriends

    she is prettier than taylor

  • yipee!

    just jared jr……NOW!

    well, i might as well say it…these two will not last very long as a couple, their relationship chemistry seems a bit odd and awkward (can’t really see them kissing or anything), they should stick to being JUST friends.

  • xxxx

    lol…. i agree with the post a few before mine.. looking forward to the 10,00000 songs about the break up.. woo woo

  • lalalalla

    the tought of them even holding hands let alone kissing just creeps me out… seriously picture it ewwww. what the hell its just plain wierd

  • meetbbwsingles

    love them

  • stephanie

    i wanted them to date for a while now so im happy for them they are both way hott and make a great looking couple so i see it working out even after camp rock 2 comes out

  • http://! ivanka

    only proomo for camp rock 2 cause the first one was a total FAIL

  • denise

    They look cute. I see some jealous people around here :)

  • Ms Anonymous


    Taylor was popular before she dated him. Get your facts straight.

  • Ms Anonymous



  • Ms Anonymous


    nope she’s not.

  • katie

    always have loved him, always will love him. used to like her, up until yesterday when i heard this news…needless to say, she’s at the bottom of my list right now. this had better not last long. ps, when they DO breakup, their whole “bff” relationship is longgg goneee. and i’m ok with that. this is all just a mistake on their part. i’m disappointed in joe.

  • forever56

    uhm guys… they would’ve done this for camp rock 1 if this was for press. they have been friends for the longest times and both have been single for awhle. i find this only expected and totally natural they are dating now. the way it should be. :) friends first then fating eachother.

  • the_boyfriend

    he’s my fave jonas, i love seeing him out shopping with his male friends, makes me wonder.
    and she’s got a bit of Lohan inside her, right? girl has some issues from what i’ve read.
    they are perfect, i’m loving this.

  • m

    he looks like a mexican without his hair.

  • Rach

    VERY CUTE! Definitely a YAY! :)

  • Anonymous


    Ummm, wow, okay. Can you atleast TRY to spell anonymous right before saying you hate her? Kinda just makes you seem really stupid and stereotypical. Nothing against you, though. Seriously.

    BTW: I like her. She’s one of the few, rare, limited disney stars with actual raw talent, not a computer voice, or lack of brain.

  • bebe

    ummmm…who wears that to church?

  • Sherry

    HAHAHA used rag. haha

    Every tart in hollywood takes a ride.

    Sorry Jonas Brothers are all icky……and so are all his dates.

  • Limer Losers

    These Disney kids have about 20 best friends each. Ridiculous. Everyone they meet is there ‘best friend’. Joe – just say no to short shorts!

  • karla

    Sure it can last. Look at Efron and Slutgens. they are still hanging together.

  • Brian

    Such lil hope eh? C’mon people. Congrats to them both!!!