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Adam Lambert Says Hello to Tokyo

Adam Lambert Says Hello to Tokyo

Adam Lambert turns up the glamour at Club Eleven on Monday (March 15) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 28-year-old entertainer sang selections from For Your Entertainment at the club!

Adam was recently interviewed for Nightline and shared some personal stories, from his memories of his dad playing David Bowie to how he became obsessed with “Thriller” as a kid and dressed as a zombie – check out the video here!

10+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert in Tokyo…

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Photos: Junko Kimura/Getty
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136 Responses to “Adam Lambert Says Hello to Tokyo”

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  1. 26
    LoveyouAdam Says:

    OMG!!Love him so much…He is the sexiest man ever!

  2. 27
    prgemgirl Says:

    WHOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE GET UP ADAM!!!!!! Super Glammy in Tokyo!!!!! The leggings from Oz fit really very nicely!!!!!

  3. 28
    pouty Says:

    the gayest thing ever! ugh!

  4. 29
    pearlclutcher Says:

    I f*cking love this guy and his “I don’t give a flying f*ck what you think, I’m gonna do what I wanna do and wear what I wanna wear and be myself even if you think it’s ridiculous as ****” attitude. And you know what sets him apart from all the other ridiculousness and over the top poptarts is that he actually has the talent to go with it. He can talk the talk AND walk the walk. Hate all you want… Adam Lambert is still more fabulous than you. And to the guys: HE STILL GETS MORE POON THAN YOU.

  5. 30
    Ilia Says:

    This guy is awesome. There is nothing wrong with the way he is dressed. The only reason people make big to do about his outfits is his sexual orientation. Plenty of straight rockers have been dawning outfits similar to this, and acting much more effeminate on and off stage, but at the end of the day those guys hump women, and that’s what counts to the homophobic, closeted citizens of this country.

    You ROCK Adam; your sexuality is yours to live and not ours to judge!

  6. 31
    Rocker_Girl Says:

    Well, I am a female and just love the look. Sexy, fun and different. Back in the ROCK days when I was a teenager and in my twenties rockers wearing tight pants and eye makeup was for dramatic and often “bad boy” affect and had nothing to do with anything more – and he likes to Glam it up with glitter. Adam likes to change it up and I just wish he would wear that look in the US more often. He use to wear the spandex type pants a lot in his underground days pre-idol. And if any musicians are younger than Adam THEY are following Adam’s look – NOT the other way around!

    Love Adam Lambert’s vocal talent, beyond compare right now in my opinion, charming personality and sexy persona. And yes, he is all man where it counts:-) Women LOVE it and haters must just be jealous….

  7. 32
    Lambertical Says:

    Most talented performer/artist we have seen in decades. And if you got it flaunt it!!!

  8. 33
    apple Says:

    oh my~~~ i can’t sleep right now @@ this is glorious~~~ *_*

  9. 34
    Jessie Says:

    WoW Adam Lambert is copying Bill Kaulitz AGAIN! Adam is copying Bill Kaulitz Humanoid Look!!!!

  10. 35
    chubby's stretchin' his pants Says:

    He’s really thick to be wearing those tight pants

  11. 36
    homoyoudon't Says:

    Eddie Munster meets 70′s David Bowie meets” Rocky Horror Picture Show”

  12. 37
    wtf Says:

    Homophobes are at it again.

  13. 38
    Hmmm Says:

    @wtf, I agree. Adam haters come in all forms. But mostly,they’re just plain nasty!!!!

    Yes,that’s the stupid North American homophobic attitude for you! Some people are given way too much freedom of speech and not enough intellect with which to speak! There ought ot be a law that prohibits them to have thoughts!!

    I’m so sick and tired of having to respond to stupidity!!!

  14. 39
    laura Says:

    adam lambert album gone platinum in canada right now good news-im happy for adam lambert-hes unque and talented and good warm hearted human being.

  15. 40
    sofia Says:

    He shouldn’t wear clothes that are so tight on him. He looks like Elizabeth Taylor in leather and glitter.
    I love his voice and his songs though.

  16. 41
    amanda Says:


  17. 42
    WKE Says:


  18. 43
    umm Says:

    @sofia: I’m sorry but did you watch the video? He looked hot and so lean people were saying he needs to eat more, seriously look at the videos not just JJ photos lol. Come on you should know photos don’t represent anyone exactly. And hush, if he didn’t wear tight pants sometimes his awesome coc.k wouldn’t be as famous as it is, even Justin told him his trousernake beats his when they met at the SAG after party.

  19. 44
    LOL Says:

    @Jessie: LOOOOOOOOOL at Tokyo Hotel fangirls who pollute every site, you idiots think Bill is some god hahahahaha. He can’t even SING for a start. When Adam was in Citizen Vein and in The Zodiac Show and in Burning Man, Bill was still a FEOTUS!!! lollllll. Bill K’s last photoshoot had THREE photos where he was posing EXACTLY the same as Adam was in his RS shoot. NOW who’s copying who LMAAAAAO. I really want to see you brainwashed fangirls explain THAT? Let’s hear it, I’m ALL ears.

  20. 45
    Tyrese Says:

    @Brian: What’s “normal”, Brian? Do elaborate buddy.

  21. 46
    repost Says:

    :) He is my favorite male singer and chameleon ——————>

  22. 47
    :( Says:

    why are you not accepting my links?

  23. 48
    THEPOPE Says:

    Adam Lambert arrives in Japan Airport

    (you may want to put ear plugs in lol)

  24. 49
    THEPOPE Says:

    More Airport vids:

  25. 50
    THEPOPE Says:

    Gotta love Japan:

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