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Adam Lambert Says Hello to Tokyo

Adam Lambert Says Hello to Tokyo

Adam Lambert turns up the glamour at Club Eleven on Monday (March 15) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 28-year-old entertainer sang selections from For Your Entertainment at the club!

Adam was recently interviewed for Nightline and shared some personal stories, from his memories of his dad playing David Bowie to how he became obsessed with “Thriller” as a kid and dressed as a zombie – check out the video here!

10+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert in Tokyo…

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adam lambert tokyo club eleven 01
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 02
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 03
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 04
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 05
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 06
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 07
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 08
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 09
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 10

Photos: Junko Kimura/Getty
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  • ogosh

    @THEPOPE: he looks ADORABLE in a hoodie.

  • Mimi, 24
  • ……..

    LOL the title of this thread includes Tokyo and all the crazy Tokyo Hotel fans have swarmed it, do you lot even realize how annoying you sound?

  • more acoustic jams
  • Ben

    @ck_always: Except Bill Kaulitz can’t sing to save his life and always looks exactly the same.

  • KONO

    Omg those little lookalikes are adorable lol!!!

  • Vvv

    @Simon: Yeah he’s in Japan. Don’t you follow him on Twit.ter? Twitter . com /AdamLambert

  • keats

    LOL, I can understand why people who don’t follow Adam’s career, performances, candid interviews (all of them not just one or two), and just see random photos here and there would jump to conclusions and start freaking out. He is a story teller, interprets the lyrics to the core and dresses to fit the song, and the venue and his surroundings. ALL aspects are included, that is why we call it Performance Art. He is hilarious and RIDICULOUSLY talented — ever wondered why he has Queen, Slash, Zeppelin, Spielberg, Tyler, Burton, Gaga, McCartney, Marshall, Muse, Cuomo, LPerry….as fans and friends who phone him all the time and go out to dinner and partying with him? It’s because he is the entire package and his talent goes above average, that doesn’t come around often. His versatility is INSANE. As for the obvious homophobes who have personal issues they need to deal with, you are missing out simply because you can’t look past orientation. If a straight dude hammed it up for the crowd, you would just be laughing. It’s a shame but Adam doesn’t give 2 f—ks about people like you. You will end up in wonderful company – racists, facists, bigots, hphobes, modern, god bless you all.


    I have so much love and appreciation for Adam. He is one of the most layered artists and personalities I have ever seen since………..since who?!

  • hmmm

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all sides to Adam but I’m curious, Just Jared. Why did you post this and not post or even link to his Acoustic VH1 Unplugged Sessions?

  • Daisy


    Adam’s album has just been certified platinum in Canada today. Congrats, Adam!

  • Japan
  • Japan fun

    He went shopping with his mate Josh (@pujasays on tw.itter) and bought this ring that opens up [I want it!]

  • Zorro PeterPan lol
  • JordanaOZ

    If you want to see the awesome video of me ‘giving’ Adam Lambert these pants, check this out!!! I suprised him with a gift when he was in Oz and he told me he would wear them in Japan and he did! Check out this video!!!

  • omg

    lol! I love him, woooooooo

  • Mari

    omg OMG OOOMMMGGG Please Adam perform always this away. love your crazy!!


    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL gotta love crazy Tokyo Hotel fans who think everyone wants to be their anorexic skunk boy.

    Bill K’s latest photoshoot involved THREE poses where he was posing EXACTLY the same as Adam was in his RS shoot. I’d LOVE to hear you fangirls explain that lmaaaao.

    It’s hilarious how people who haven’t seen Adam in The Citizen Vein, Zodiac Show, Burning Man…all the rest, think he of ALL people would copy ANYone when he has about a billion crazy outfits of his own and an eccentric never ending creative crazy mind and has been dressing any way he’s wanted to for YEARS – all while Bill was still in his mommy’s WOMB!

    Adam is in TOKYO and the mention of that word gets the TK fans excited lmfao.

    He was GIVEN those pants by an Aussie DJ, that spike jacket and boots were custom-MADE for him by the Blonds, AND he’s had the corset for years – before Bill was even BORN!

  • Japan

    Tokyo Fashion is Tokyo Fashion.

    Speaking of, Tokyo Fashion are following Adam Lambert on Twi.tter, and not anorexic skunkboy.

  • http://Website Stella

    Thank you Jared. I just got home from work and Adam is a beautiful sight to see. I love that he rocking it and having fun on stage. This look totally reminds of something of the ’80s hair metal band day. GO ADAM! Now please tour soon.

  • goldfrapp

    It’s all part of the persona:

    Look at TJ, Adam’s bassist:
    The diff. is he’s straight:

  • fab

    As been said already, it’s all part of the ridic vibe & fun glam-rock persona.

    The pants were given to him by an Aussie DJ as a gift, the boots and jacket were custom-made for him by The Blonds, and the corset he’s had for years lol.

    I love all sides to Adam but I wish the media would post about him and his band’s amazing acoustic jams (YT Adam Lambert Marble Bar etc) not just his out-there performances.

  • Stef

    Gee… Isn’t that the costume from For Your Entertainment video?
    Very hot. Sexy as hell!
    Oh the pants are from the DJ~~!!
    Ahh… I so very much want Adam to do my selection…..

  • Destynie

    *revives* Nu! theres more sexiness (is tht a word?? OxO)

  • Muse

    So far Adam Lambert has been able to perform FYE in Sydney and Japan whilst America is so grossly backwards and cowardly, it’s radio stations won’t play Fever because it contains a male pronoun. If that is not embarrassing, I don’t know what is. A country like Singapore with Muslim girls in head scarves have embraced him, yet America remains as ‘tarded as ever.

  • pshhhht

    As if Tokyo Hotel even KNOW what glamrock is about! Bet they don’t even own vinyl lmao.

    The glamrock 70s spirit was all about freedom of expression and satirical tongue in cheek ridiculous humor. I don’t see any of that in TK’s ‘music’ or performances.

  • tanya, 25

    @nice: I thought the female dancers were hot:

  • sid

    bill take a look! this is how you’d look like with 40 extra pounds
    but even fat i’m sure bill’s face would remain pretty.
    this guy just DOESN’T look good with make up.
    some guys can work it, some can’t. he CAN’T.
    don’t censore me jared!

  • Charlotte
  • persian221

    He is such a Tokio Hotel wannabe, that outfit is a copy cat of BK stage outfits, Give it up you fat drag queen

  • drag

    @persian221: LOL at you Tokyo Hotel fans. Once TH have well respected legends and musicians and Industry pros on their side, someone may even take them — and their crazy, disgusting fans seriously. Too bad they can’t even sing let alone anything else.


    My fave. Adam Lambert looks:


  • Htown

    LOL!! SHESH!

  • PLO

    Yet another American Idol hasbeen.
    Poor thing never had a chance.

  • Saun

    @persian221: Hahahahahaha you pathetic annoying Bill K fangirls should be praising Jesus your equally pathetic talentless band suddenly get so much free publicity because of Adam, half the population didn’t even know who they were until a few months ago. Let’s f-n see. Lambert wore outrageous outfits in The Zodiac Show – whilst Bill K was still undeveloped, Lambert wore outrageous experimental expressive outfits at Burning Man while Bill K was su—-g on his mommy’s milk, Lambert gave ridic underground performances fronting his rock band Citizen Vein that comprised his longtime friend and Madonna’s guitarist – whilst Bill K was still learning to read. Obviously everyone is copying your Bill K, do you TH fangirls even realize how dellusional you sound? Judas Priest was copying Bill K too, right? LOL. F-n dellusional.

  • LMAO

    @PLO: Seeing as Japan swarmed him at the Airport like he was the Pope and seeing as no one from last Season has beaten his Sales and seeing as his fanbase grows by thousands every day including musicians and legends, it’s pretty obvious you’re either trolling or you live under a rock.

  • loco

    Ridiculous, I love it. And his interviews are hilarious. Anyone who takes him or themselves too seriously, will never get him. As for the TH fans LOL! No comment on them or their music, or their….fans.

  • bahaha

    Tokyo Hotel fans are at it again. If Bill is so fabulous and great and godlike and you aren’t intimated by competition why are you so riled up? LOL.

    I want you TK fans to tell everyone why in Bill’s latest magazine shoot, he posed EXACTLY how Adam did in his RS shoot in 3 of the photos? No, seriously explain that lolll. It’s hilarious that Bill was was still in his mommy’s womb when Adam was wearing whatever the F he wanted to. Upset that someone else is on the scene? Someone who’s been working for over a DECADE and can actually SING? Someone who constantly looks different unlike Bill?

    The day TH have Slash, Zeppelin, Spielberg, Tyler, Burton, Gaga, McCartney, Marshall, Muse, Cuomo, LPerry….as friends and fans, like Adam does, someone may even take them seriously. Until then, as others have noted, you will all just sound like dellusional jealous, riled up fangirls.

  • ianaleah

    Sharing good news: Sony reports:
    Great, cuz he earned and he deserves it. Kudos !

  • BK


  • Afrika

    wtf is this??????? wth????

  • mrokay

    gotta say this showbiz needs someone like that….do wut u want to do…adam.
    glam rock…lol

  • hahaha

    LOL crazy bish <3

  • MiikeSnow

    LOL Bill K is a very pretty boy but he will never be this fierce:
    OR talented – unless he miraculously learns to sing.

  • ^^^^^
  • PB

    @Daisy: It’s now also Gold in New Zealand.

  • WOW

    This was a little lookalike underground gig and comp, yet the media are all up in it like it was some big performance? He did some major incredible acoustic sessions and hilarious Japan interviews yet they’re not even linked to? WTF?