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Elisabetta Canalis Scores 'Leverage' Cameo!

Elisabetta Canalis Scores 'Leverage' Cameo!

Elisabetta Canalis, aka George Clooney‘s girlfriend, is trying to make a name for herself in America.

The 31-year-old Italian TV personality is set to guest star as an intriguing woman with an unknown agenda in TNT’s hit series Leverage.

Elisabetta‘s character, known only as “The Italian,” will appear in five episodes of Leverage‘s third season this summer.

Leverage follows a gang of con artists who exact revenge against those who use power and wealth to victimize people.

WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch Elisabetta Canalis on Leverage???

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  • a

    No-I don’t watch the show and I won’t be starting just because she is going to be on there.

  • Amy

    I don’t think I will watch it. I don’t know who she is and I’ve never heard of Leverage. I didn’t know George Clooney was dating anyone. Good for him that he’s finally found love.

  • anonymous

    I hope the show has very good makeup artists well capable of de-manning and de-horsing her face. LOL.

  • Nic

    Well good for her, obviously all chicks he dated, got something out of it, not just him,ha.

  • How do I put this?…

    Absolutely not.

  • anonymous

    The show sounds interesting, but like most people, I’ve never seen it. I definitely won’t be watching it this season. In Italy, Canalis is known for ruining shows in which she appears. Italians say she is a terrible presenter and is famous only for nudey pics and sleeping with dozens of soccer players.

  • shell

    I really don’t care if she’s on the show or not. I watch it and it’s a great show but I could careless about some Italian personality joining the cast. As long as she doesn’t ruin the chemistry I’m ok. with it.

  • dundies

    lol de-horse

  • chrissy

    True about the horse looking face…come on now…of course shes trying to make in the good ol USA…but she doesnt understand English…that may be tough…good luck! and No, wont watch it.

  • rachel

    Casting couch ! Shame on George.

  • Jacqueline

    George Clooney’s girlfriend: even that job got outsourced lol!

  • Tina

    there are tons of italian girls better looking than this horse and and talented *real* actresses desperately wanting to work in Hollywood. i don’t think she deserves that just for being Clooney’s latest f*ck, and definitely she doesn’t deserve all this attention.

    and definitely i have to quote comment #6: she can’t do anything but date famous men and being an awful, stupid presenter. she’s not an attention whore but she is trying too hard.

  • dianel

    Never heard of that show so no

  • eden


    HAHAHA OMG I couldn’t stop laughing at your post. Thanks for that. And man, she is ONE publicity whore. George needs to find some quality women at his level, ’cause that silverfox shindig isn’t going to last long. I give it a few more weeks tops.

  • n.o.l.a

    Sleeping with George is good for her career….

  • Who Cares

    They film in my hometown (Portland) and I hope George stops by (as we are supposed to be the most liberal city in the country). *fingers crossed*

  • twpumpkin

    She better get all the jobs she can before old Georgie dumps her assssssss!

  • http://justjared happy

    This is a den of vipers …… told by an Italian!

  • Lily

    She’s only 30? I looks much older.

  • sandy moore

    she does not hold a candle to George’s adorable ex girlfriend, Sara Larson,…ending it with her was his biggest mistake

  • sheila


  • anonymous

    Sandy, I agree with you that Larson was much better than this one, but she ended it herself by cheating on George.

  • Nanea

    Eli “scores”?

    More like had it scored for her. I wonder if her zippers will doubly checked to be OK though, she broke her dress at the Oscars and from behind looked like the cheap wh0re that she successfully likes to portray, nudie pics and all.

    And I thought she didn’t speak/understand English, as per Clowney. Did he lie?

  • marmot

    Nanea, I don’t think she speaks or understands very much English, but she’ll be given scripts to study ahead of time. Also, they can do lots of takes and editing, which I’m sure will be needed. Perhaps we should send the directors a case of aspirin.

  • mimi

    Friends with benefits lol.

  • Ann

    good for her :)) she isn’t bad actress

  • Micio

    I’m from Italy and I saw her many times, she’s incapable of acting and putting 2 words together, imagine a stupider version of Paris Hilton.
    Plus her voice sucks.

  • anonymous

    Director: Where is Canalis? She was due on set over an hour ago.

    Assistant: Still in makeup. The de-horsing is taking longer than expected.

  • mslewis

    “Leverage” is one of my favorite series. Their season just ended with a cliffhanger. I’m looking forward to it coming back soon. So, yes, I will watch but not for Ms.Canalis, though I’m sure she will do a good job in whatever role she has.

  • How do I put this?…

    My God, is that possible?

    Director: Dammit! Next time I’ll demand budget for extensive CGI…

  • anonymous

    LOL @ How do I put this?…


    She Doesn’t know or understand English?!? She can learn, how many of you know other languages?? Half of you can’t even spell on this board so it goes without saying, how many of you speak English??

  • anonymous

    Whether “She can learn” (English) remains to be seen, but it won’t really matter since she’ll be given lines to say. Acting ability is another matter, but with lots of takes and editing, the directors and producers might be able to come up with something halfway decent in the final cut.

  • jill

    @33 she spaeaks fluent english idiot do you know what she does for a living

  • anonymous

    @jill, she may know some English, but she is not fluent. Evidently you did not watch the red carpet coverage in which she tried to speak and clearly did not understand the questions being asked in English.

  • marmot

    @jill, I think you’re the one who does not know what she does for a living. None of her past “jobs” have required her to speak fluent English.

  • Kameron

    Definitely true – it’s all in who you sleep with that gets you the roles.

  • ganymede30324

    “Leverage” is AWESOME! Really! Catch up with it if you get the chance. Good action, the right amount of humor, and an attractive and talented cast!

  • ripple

    I never miss the show so having her join the cast for five shows won’t make a difference to me.

  • longchamp

    leverage? how very appropriate, given she used georgie boy’s.

  • Linda

    sh.t woman famous to close all the shows which feature her, seriously, my italian friends told me so! nobody like her in italy!

  • simon


  • Snort

    US TV spot, must be the last payment on her contract, ha!

  • Janine

    What a drag – she must know what the whole world is saying about her. She has this freaky sounding voice and clearly cant speak English but I guess she would have had to do some form of audition to the job. Note to self, sleep with George Clooney to get US TV deal….

  • Antonio Italy

    wow! from bed to bed she’ s coming to Hollywood but she’s incapable of acting, has a chick voice, now drooping boobs, and will be hard to remove wrinkles, pimples and de-horsing her man-face, hours and hours of well paid make-up artist! I think they will use also virtual effects…
    before Elisabruta met Clooney her name in Italy remembered only a word “” and to be ex g/f of several men! she must be a much recommended to arrive in this affair with Clooney! There are much talented and beautiful girl that don’t work becouse not so! thanks George! I don’t understand because George is felt so down in the ground!

  • Abby

    Canalis is trying to get her feet on Hollywood through Clooney, the same way she got her way into italian television dating italian soccer players. She was Christian Vieri’s girlfriend when he was on top – after his career went through a downhill, she dumped him. Btw, she also damaged the relationship of Moto GP driver Valentino Rossi. His girlfriend of several years ended the relationship after he was seen kissing Canalis in a nightclub in Milan. As you see, this girl has a lot of “talent”- she won’t rest till she gets what she wants. It’s a pity some great actresses that could be on the show are losing the part for Canalis.

  • Marcus

    I see she loves George so much! a true disinterested love! complimets George…you are a lucky guy!

  • anonymous

    I notice that most of the articles covering this story don’t even use Canalis’s name in the headline. That’s because no one knows or cares who she is. Most of the headlines merely refer to her as “Clooney’s girlfriend” in hopes that this might interest people enough to read the article.

  • collegesinglesusa

    she has no vd

  • Marcus

    I think that her agents have well studied the thing!