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Gabourey Sidibe: Blue Boots Made For Walkin'!

Gabourey Sidibe: Blue Boots Made For Walkin'!

Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe rocks blue boots while stopping off for some shopping at Victorinox and then eating at Balthazar in the concrete jungle of New York City on Sunday (March 14).

The 26-year-old actress was recently slammed by radio shock jock Howard Stern in which he claimed that Gabby‘s wouldn’t have an acting career in the future because of her weight. Gabby‘s mom fired back, saying, “Get a life. He can see, you can see, I can see Gabby is a big girl. She’s a big woman, so what’s wrong with that? She’s not like everyone else in the world. I don’t see him giving jobs out to anybody, so why should we care what he says? He might not hire her, but someone else will!”

10+ pictures inside of Gabourey Sidibe and her blue boots made for walkin’…

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gabourey sidibe boots made for walkin 01
gabourey sidibe boots made for walkin 02
gabourey sidibe boots made for walkin 03
gabourey sidibe boots made for walkin 04
gabourey sidibe boots made for walkin 05
gabourey sidibe boots made for walkin 06
gabourey sidibe boots made for walkin 07
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  • janelle

    I like her. She seems like a sweet girl. Everyone criticize’s her weight but inner beauty is what’s truly important .

  • shaleen

    She seems severely obese and that’s not good. Yes, she has great inner beauty and a great self esteem but she needs to lose weight, not to the point of being really thin. I think she could lose at least 50 lbs.

  • brightside

    They criticize her weight because it’s unhealthy.
    This is one good reason for Gabby to work towards getting her weight under control:

    I don’t think Gabby is this stupid…but the woman in the article can’t even walk far because of her weight.

  • Madison

    I love her. I think she’s a wonderful actress. Sadly, the gatekeepers of media are strict…i fear she might be typecasted. She shouldnt be though! I hope she isn’t.

    Weight is such a big issue in our culture. And cultural standard of beauty are learned early by children. They understand society’s evaluation of worth based on their physical attractiveness as early as preschool. If you examine traditional literature of childhood, many of the age-old stories center around physical attractiveness. Consider these examples: “The Ugly Duckling”, “Dumbo”, wicked stepsisters from “Cinderella”, and evil queen from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. When “dull” child failed to noticed that the ugly do not become cheerleaders, ugly seldom star in movies, ugly have fewer friends, they can reasonably conclude ugly are less desirable. Not only do we Americans set narrow standard of beauty and then insult and hurt those who fall outside of the standards, but out adult society functions to discriminate children who are not attractive. It is then of no surprise that children who feel they are not considered attractive or desirable develop low self-esteems. And many adults, today, also have a narrow view of beauty. Howard Stern develop contribution to his concept of beauty through the gatekeepers of the media… i can’t blame him. it’s UGLY that’s running these casting offices

  • Rihannna

    im not hating on homegirl but she truly needs to lose a couple of pounds for only health concerns, but all negative comments asides everyone aware she is a good actress so she should at least realize most are not judging her they just stating the “Real world facts”.

  • faith87

    I like her too.

    She might not be ideal and her weight might be a health issue, but she represents those of us who ever felt awkward, or not socially accepted. Regardless if it’s because of weight, low self-esteem, depression, circumstances, (or any of that stuff).

    You go girl!

  • Nate

    Hot, I’m in love

  • Celia

    I love her! She’s so awesome!

  • kez

    feel that i have to say something about her weight
    you can all say that she seems sweet or if she is happy let her be
    im tellng you that deep down.. she is not happy
    5 years ago i weighed as much as she did.
    it was horrible.. you are tired all of the the end of the day your back and legs ache.. you are aways sweaty
    its hard to find clothes that are big enough to fit you
    you go out with all your firends and you are the only big one
    that no guy will ever hit on
    i was diagnosed with type 2 diabeties
    i was told that if i didnt lose weight i wouldnt see 40
    you can be pc all you want
    she is not healthy and not happy
    no one that big is happy deep down
    when you truly love yourself and y our body
    you dont treat it like sh&t by shoving unhealthy crap into it
    to the point where it starts to break down
    she will die very young
    it will be a stroke, heart attack or complications from diabeties
    open your eyes!!!!
    truly happy, confident people who love themselves are not obese!!!!
    in the same way that
    happy people dont exist on one apple a day and exercise for 3 hours to work it off
    both are eating disorders
    undereating and over eating!!

  • happy girl

    Two separate issues going on here: 1) Howard should not insult any young girl to the degree he insulted her. Ever look at him? If he wanted to help her, why not just call her in private? Why start a rant that was so crude? But the other is issue is #2: Gabby’s mom should be more involved in her daughter’s life and get her to be a healthier big girl. I wonder what in Gabby’s private life has led to this weight? She may have been born that way but there are many things a parent can do, besides self esteem building, to make sure one’s daughter does not end up at a dangerous weight (skinny or fat). But at the end, Gabby has made something of herself so good for her to have the courage. Maybe she can use this platform to teach girls about the path to a healthier big body. Maybe she will do that one day. We hope.

  • the_boyfriend

    i can’t get enough of her, i was sorta over all the red carpet/award show pics of her but she rocks the candids.
    we haven’t watched someone like this before, really, and i think she’s super interesting.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Nice for the mother to stand up for her daughter. Who gives a damn what that p.o.r.n.o loving pervert has to say…he’s the shallowest of all people in the media. I pray to God that he does not become the next AI judge.

  • CrisDizzle

    Told you! I knew there was an earthquake in New York City yesterday!!!

  • sarafina

    I too think Gabby is awesome and her personality is so real and untouched. Yes her weight could lead to health problems, but you take a look at those skinny actresses and i mean skinny there wieght can lead to health problems too, and all of them have low self esteem.
    Put Gabby up against them her self esteem is way up there, i truly wish her all the best and if she does lose weight FOR HEALTH REASONS then good for her. But i do hope she continues to be HERSELF and keeps it REAL.

  • Gabby Supporter

    I love Gabby! She is sooo talented and beautiful. I would go and see her in any movie she stars in. I also abhor Howard Stern and if he joins AI- it will go down the drain.

  • Olga

    She is not big, she is Huuuuuge.. I don’t care what HS says about her acting career.. it’s just not good for her health….

  • Pink Bunny

    @shaleen: 50lbs?! Please, she should lose AT LEAST 150lbs. She is morbidly obese and looks disgusting; it is not healthy and not attractrive. She seems like a nice person, but she is fat. On the other hand: what`s with calling Jessica Simpson fat (when she isn`t) yet so many people comment that Sidibe is beautiful. Double standards? Hypocrites? Jealous of blond bombshell Jessica?

  • Sara

    I like her too, but she needs to lose weight or she’ll die. Its as simple as that. Have you ever heard of a person who is over 300 lbs living a long life? No.

  • GG

    Ok, Ewwww. That is just unhealthy. Inner beauty or not, she really needs to lose weight.

    I have nothing against her but I am pissed that models are criticized for being to thin when this is just as, if not more, unhealthy.

  • Lululovesyea22

    inner beauty is good but when you are that overweight it becomes a life or death situation. my cousin died for weighing just a little bit over that… Garbourey

  • SW

    @Pink Bunny: I’ll tell you what it is. Jessica Simpson was an anorexic starlet who put on some weight and started to look like a NORMAL woman should – how dare she! So people felt it was okay to diss and insult her for getting “fat”. Sibide however is grotesquely obese, and suddenly PC-ness kicks in and people remember that they are not supposed to dump on someone who is fat, so instead that overdo it and start gushing about how “beautiful” she is even though deep down they’re all grossed out by her looks. Well, there surely are beautiful “big” people or those who at least look appealing or attractive still (I don’t see anybody dumping on Queen Latifah for instance), but Sibide is not one of them. I’m sure she is a lovely person and very talented, but she should really lose at least a big portion of her weight, if only for health reasons.
    Howard Stern, no matter how controversial he might be, is right – at this weight, she won’t have much of a Hollywood career, if any at all. If she’s really really lucky, she will be relegated to the role of the comedic sidekick of the lead female character. Which would be sad, because this way she would never really be able to realize her potential.

  • baksuz

    wow, how fat is that??? yeah all that sh*t about inner beauty is cool,but only for the fat girls… there is not a worse thing that you can say to a girl than you are so beautiful on the inside. that usually means that she is extremely ugly, hard to look at or fat as this person.
    i am so sorry for her and i hope that she will lose some of her weight because this is very ugly and so unhealthy. this is not like she has a few pounds more, she should lose more than a half of her weight to just look normal. i know that she will never look good and have a beautiful body, but what now, she should just sit on her big ass and gain more weight???

  • emmy jay

    Inner beauty is not going to get her any more roles, unless they need a big black woman.

    She typecast herself by staying fat.

    Even Halle Berry has said that it is hard to find roles for black women, and look at her…..

    Howard Stern uses the shock factor and makes his living by busting on other people, so no surprise there.

  • Liz

    @kez: You’re completely right. She is a bad example, no doubt about that. Obesity is an important issue, that kills people! So NO, being obese is NOT “beautiful”, just like having only skin on your bones is not beautiful. She should get some help.

  • hmm

    So disgusting!
    Looking at her makes me not want to eat.
    She’s young too so I’m guessing her parents didn’t do anything to try and raise her right and keep her at a healthy weight. Shame!

  • Hola

    Loosing weight can be easier for some people than for ohers … it’s all a question of metabolism, we are not all equal. All she can do is starve herself if she doesn’t wanna get fat and ultimately die. Yes, she can do sports, and diet all her life like all the jenifers are doing in stupidwood … but if she doesn’t want to: let her be ! It is none of your business, it’s HER body. We faught to have some right over our body (abortion, etc) but girls are still fighting over these issues amoung themselves … that makes me sick. Get a life.

  • Brian

    Why can’t people just enjoy people and their acting abilities? The image always becomes a priority. How was she in this movie???

  • Sue

    Sorry she is a cow and not pretty at all.

  • ck_always

    She’s nice and I’m sure she’s a sweet girl, but Howard Stern is right. Regardless of his degree of harshness, he spoke truth and honesty. Gabby won’t get very many roles because that’s the world we live in. There aren’t very many roles made for 400lb black women. Movies would have to be made around her and that’s just not worth the time, money, or effort.

  • bright

    She’s truly a lovely and talented girl. Funny too. Yes, she needs to lose weight, of course, but calling her names and fat all the time isn’t making it any easier for her. Go Gabs!

  • Pandora

    Right or wrong, Howard Stern has “a face only a mother could love”. His face would scare young children. She may not be healthy, this is true, but for him to go on like he did was cruel.

  • Rath

    Howard is right and he is the only person in the media who is not afraid to say it.

    Of course her mother will defend her, that’s what mother’s do. However, shame on her mother for not taking the initiative to pull her daughter aside and get her some help before her mother outlives her daughter. Further, placating Gab, as opposed to having a heart to heart with her about being healthy, makes the mother look like a delusional hanger on that simply wants the gravy train to keep on rolling.

    I want to know how the film was able to insure her.

    If Gab maintains this morbid obesity, there is no way a film could get insurance on her and therefore the weight will indeed end her career-typecast or not.

  • anna

    ok not bashing her or anything, she seems like such a nice girl BUT I find it utterly pathetic and disgusting that people are praising her and complimenting her, but you go onto a supermodels topic who are literally PERFECT and everyone is calling them ugly,etc…..I just find that to be HILARIOUS!!!

  • tante augustine

    Please. Sidibe is a trained psychotherapist, so anyone who says she must be lazy and stupid please STFU. Skinny stars with awful drug problems (Kate Moss for instance) get less flak about their health.

    The truth is, people aren’t concerned with her health, they just cannot stand to look at someone whose body they find obscene and cannot bear the idea that a girl like her gets a career in entertainment.

    Howard Stern is a despicable, ugly, sexist ballbag who thinks nothing of attacking a woman on her looks. How clever.

  • Khristi

    I love her…..I don’t know her personally so I can’t say I know anything about what she’s like as a person. From what I see, she is not so different from anyone else on the streets, or in the store, or the post office-she’s normal. Hell, most actresses are normal, which is why they are not supermodels. I don’t know about you guys on here, but I look up to people with actual talent-talent doesn’t have to do with being skinny. Academy Award nomination!!!!!

  • LCgirl

    Let’s get real. She’s a lovely person and a talented actress, but she’s not healthy and not attractive. Unless she lose her weight, it’s unlikely that she’d get any work. FIlm-making is a visual medium. Appearance matters.

  • MrMarleyFAN

    I love Gaby sincerely. She’s got so much personality and talent, but she’s in serious trouble physically no matter how much she and her mom deny that reality. The weight is detrimental to her skeletal frame, her organs, on her respatory system, her everything. On the professional side, she will be typecast. It is hard enough for minority actors, so why add to it? She has so much potential and I am so scared for her. Even Mo’nique came to her senses and stopped all that fat loving bull and skinny women hateration bull. I want Gaby to get her’s and be here for a long time and to do that, she needs to drop a min of 200lbs. Her mom enabling her is sad and although I can’t stand Howard or Robin, there is some truth to what they say.

  • Jess

    Ya I think she seems like a nice girl and everything but Howard Stern did make some valid points like the sitting on the end of the aisle thing at the Oscars. This is a sad but real thing obese people face. They should have celebrity Biggest Loser and she should be their first candidate because in 5 years this girl could be dead!

    It’s also annoying how people like Oprah are like you’re so beautiful, they’re just reinforcing it and making her feel like her weight isn’t an issue! Also, isn’t obesity a huge problem in the African-American community, what sort of role model is this?

    She needs help ASAP!

  • ringmaster

    there’s my g o r i l l a ! And now she’s an actress????

  • Carol

    It’s sad she is so obese, she will play the price real soon. We all do.
    But, she is very pretty & her confidence is refreshing.
    Her mother sounds like enabler. It’s ok to be a “big girl” but this is too big for her heart, etc.

    Very bad message to give young people(old already know)
    this leads to diabetes & all health problems that are expensive & deadly.

    She looks like she gained recently.

  • cindy

    Howard Stern says what he wants. It’s his opinion. As for Gaby, she has an awesome personality. But her weight for her size and age is very unhealthy. Period. I don’t care what anyone says (Jessica Simpson) to defend that Gaby is okay at this very moment. NO. She’s unhealthy. Gaby should lose weight to be healthy not like lose weight to look like Lindsay Lohan (as example).

  • the truth

    You are no better than howard stern talking about her that way. its not what on the outside it what’s on the inside that costs. beauty isn’t nothing until you have something on the inside. She goes to college and that means alot. Not like rachel bilson who didn’t go and use her looks to get her by. and don’t have no brains.

  • vanessa

    I don’t care, I’m a big girl too but she NEEDS to loose some weight….honestly

  • Unfortunately it’s true

    There are attractive and healthy-looking ‘big’ women – like Queen Latifah (who by the way has actually shed some pounds herself through a popular and well-publicized weight loss program) – and then there’s poor Gabourey who seems to flaunt the fact that she’s grossly obese as though it’s perfectly ‘normal’ to be at least 100 lbs. heavier than a reasonably-healthy person should be. O.K. – she’s talented, smart, and seems to be a ‘nice’ person. None of that will matter when she’s dead at 40 of a heart attack/stroke because of clogged arteries or develops a chronic and potentially life-threatening condition like diabetes. Her critics are right – there are very few decent roles for a woman her size – and what roles there are are usually extremely denigrating or portray characters to be pitied. Those close to her need to stop supporting this girl in her denial of what’s real. Instead she needs their support in making decisions that will ultimately impact her health and longevity – not to mention increase her chances for lasting success and marketability as an actress.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I agree with kez,Olga,and Madison.

  • zz

    Rock on, Gabby’s mom! Why doesn’t Howard Stern start calling out the actresses/actors in HW on cocaine or crank to stay thin? At least, Gabourey got talent, there is in one particular …I guess all that coat-tail riding, making her self more “f….able”, her publicist stirring and feeding the tabloids must be the key and oh, that crazy little thing she does to stay thin. At let Gab’s got TALENT. Keep smilin’, Gabby!

  • nata

    @kez: Well said. How much weight did you lose?

  • Diego

    She’s much more pretty than that horrible Gisele Bundchen who I can’t stand and is ugly!!!! She’s a natural beauty (Gabourey)

  • lucas

    @janelle: Folks aren’t dissing her for being a little chubby. Ms Sidibe is huge. It’s easy money that she’s even pushing what doctors call Morbidly Obese. That’s basically so fat that you are killing yourself. And while I’m not fond of Mr Stern I agree with the notion that Ms Sidibe needs to take a good hard look at her health and deal with that first. Precious was a character in the same lack of health so getting that role was easy. But there are insurance and other issues that will stop her from getting roles. Few folks are going to want to risk hiring her when she could have a heart attack in the middle of filming. And it is a real risk at her weight.
    Also, medical stats show that 1 in 4 African American young women are obese. It’s not helping them to just say “She’s a little big, shut up.” Because she’s not and neither are these girls. No one is saying they have to be sticks. But there’s a huge gap between having 5-10 extra pounds and having 50-150. And Ms Sidibe is in a position to be a real role model and show, just as her movie did, that you can rise about the crap in your life that makes you turn to food, etc and be beautiful AND healthy.

  • lucas

    @faith87: Now picture the positive impact to be had if this young woman stepped up and admitted she has a problem. That her weight is a serious health issue. And that there are a large number of other girls out there with the same issue. But she’s going to deal with it and she knows they can to. Imagine if Ms Sidibe became a spokesperson for a “Healthy is the new Beautiful” campaign that targeted both over and underweight girls. Groups setting up activities where young women could express themselves, could deal with the stress and crap in their lives without over or under eating. Could get diet and exercise advice of the right kind and so on. And all the while folks are seeing their idol doing the work with them. Celebrating their successes and helping girls though setbacks in positive ways. It could be amazing and life changing for literally thousands.
    I think even Mr Stern would give a thumbs up.