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Gerard Butler Gives Letterman Two Thumbs Up

Gerard Butler Gives Letterman Two Thumbs Up

Gerard Butler gives fans two thumbs up as he stands outside The Late Show with David Letterman before taping an appearance on Monday (March 15).

The 40-year-old Scottish actor’s segment on the show will air this Wednesday (March 17)! Gerry‘s Bounty Hunter co-star, Jennifer Aniston, will be the guest on tonight’s Late Show.

Tomorrow, Gerry and Jen will be premiering their film at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC – if you’re in town, you can try to catch a glimpse of them on West 54th Street near 6th Avenue!

FYI: Gerry kept warm in a Pringle of Scotland black topcoat!

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Credit: David Krieger; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • you’re slow JJ

    Accidental Sexiness has already scooped you – hours ago.
    Tell Gerry’s PR group to contact you quicker next time.

  • tim


  • Gerry Overload

    When will the Gerard Butler overload stop? It would be different if he had made a decent movie lately.
    Please start taking your career seriously, Gerry.
    You are becoming a joke.

  • what is on his lip

    In the second pic, is that cupcake frosting on his upper lip?

  • fugly

    What a fugly tool! LOL He is not a good actor and he’s not easy on the eyes either. Can we say “Neanderthal Nick”? I just call it like I see it!

  • freckles and splotches

    Wow. He looks good, but his skin….brown splotches and sun damage. He needs concealer and sunscreen.
    Stay out of the sun, the tanning beds, and the spray tans, Gerry!!!

  • eliott

    Looking good, Mr. Butler. After tomorrow we can put this whole TBH thing behind us. Just a bad dream.

  • Dawn9476


    These comments continue to crack me up. If you knew anything about Gerry, you would know that he is doing GMA on Wednesday morning and Regis and Kelly on Thursday morning to promote TBH. He is also doing Leno and Jimmy Kimmel next week.

    Also TBH is tracking well. It is suppose to come in strong behind Alice this weekend.

  • ugh

    Just saw this on twitter:
    Hollywood is just going to ram Gerard Butler down our throats, huh?

    That pretty much sums up Just Jared too……ugh.

  • Fritz the Cat

    LUV the coat, G! <3

    He looks terrific. Man, he’s busy this week.

    *waves to my chummies*

  • Maddy

    What a desperate lie. I have never seen more desperate advertisements.

  • Dawn9476

    @Fritz the Cat:

    And next week should be busy, too. In addition to promoting TBH, he will also be promoting How To Train Your Dragon. After that, I think he heads to Serbia to film Coriolanus.

  • make it


  • Jo

    @dawn… Lol at the movies tracking well .. More like you’re tracking his life.. Fine he’s doing press which is a huge mistake.. This movie gonna boooommb for sure.. Maybe after the cheap cost to make it …it will make a profit after international ticket sells combined .. Regardless another flop for aniston and poor career choice for butler

  • Fritz the Cat


    ROTFLMFAO! I don’t know why I found your comment hilarious. I’m getting a mental picture of G on his knees with his hands clasped together pleading with soulful eyes, “Puhleeeeze go see Bounty Hunter! Puhleeeze!’

  • Bored

    @Gerry Overload:
    When will the Gerard Butler overload stop? It would be different if he had made a decent movie lately.
    Please start taking your career seriously, Gerry.
    You are becoming a joke.
    I agree with this statement of Gerry being eveywhere and not because of his acting or a good movie. The problem with being everywhere is that people often tire of you. Not all publicity is good publicity, especially when you are becoming regular tabloid fodder.

  • so Letterman’s

    viewers are supposed to enjoy vapid discussions of this movie two nights in a row

  • eliott


    ” If you knew anything about Gerry . . .”

    Yeah, no. Don’t know a whole lot about the guy. Not like you. Obviously, you and *Gerry* go way back. I do know that he can do a hell of a lot better than TBH. I doubt I’m the only one who wishes to forget his involvement in that sh*tfest.

  • Tim

    Run Gerard Run – Aniston will destroy you….

  • June

    Why is he in this crappy movie with Aniston – it totally sucks!

  • Lina

    @eliott: Dawn is a Jenhen, never mind. Most of his fans are pretty disappointed in the cr-aptfest of the BH, you’re not alone.

  • Gia

    I used to think he was so hot, but if he is dating Aniston I am totally done. I can’t stand her whiny manipulative ways. She will just end up talking to Vanity Fair about how Butler dumped her and how it broke her ‘little Bambi heart’. BARF!

  • Tina

    Is this what makes actors famous in the USA – a bunch of tabloid promotion? This seems like Aniston style PR, suffocating everyone with her on mag covers, interviews, etc. etc. It kind of makes me sick how into PR she is.

  • maybe they

    can have the gaffer and key grip make the rounds of these same talk shows too! pull out all the stops!

  • Emmy

    Why did he choose the Matthew Mcconaughey career path .. He had such a spark and to take cheap roles in ugly truth gamer and the bounty hunter which is the absolute icing I will never know ..This move will win the Razzie for worst movie of 2010 for sure .. Watch the trailor and tour head will explode..

  • sukar

    I’m really interested in seeing this interview. I’ve always found Letterman to be much funnier than either Leno or Conan. I think this will be the battle of wits between him and Gerry :)

    Does anyone know if Gerry ever did Letterman before?

    Anyway, I don’t really like his look in these photos. He looks a bit bland.

  • candi
  • saywha?

    It looks like he dyed his hair really dark again, like it is in the film. It looks terrible. It’s too dark for him.

  • Dawn9476


    He was suppose to do it back in September for Gamer but had to cancel to finish work on the Bounty Hunter.

  • sukar


    Thanks :)

  • candi
    “Who knew Gerry had such a sweet tooth? But Jen confesses that getting Gerard to stay committed was tough, “I have never seen someone sneak and hide more and more in my life. Tim, who is his trainer, would literally I think took bread out of his fridge and stuff.”

  • Besane

    I didn’t realize that, after the 300, Butler had to sink starring with a sitcom actress. Whatever happened to his career?

  • Dawn9476


    LMAO at Hollywood life. That is not really what she said. And it was not her who was trying to keep him committed. It was his trainer. Jen said how Gerry was always telling her don’t tell his trainer that he was eating something not good for him. I

    You got to love how Hollywood Life took it and twisted it around.

  • jennifer aniston’s fan

    I’m sorry for the ridiculous JP’s fans comments…
    Gerard looks very beautiful! Love him! He seems to be a nice person!
    The movie will be a success for sure! After all is a very funny love adventure!

  • Cassie

    So when does the Letterman interview air??

  • SEXY G

    He looks delicious.
    It makes me wonder how he is in bed!!!
    I would give my eyeteeth for a roll in the hay with that one mmmmm

  • @Cassie

    Cassie, try reading. The post states when it airs.

  • Yasmin Ianna

    So hold on…the only reason Beatriz yapped to the Brazilian press was for her 4 minutes of fame.
    Violin chick was a dogfight i.e. a bet between gb and his buddies.
    Where are the women that GB is f/arting around with? Where’s the gossip? I thoguht this was a gossip page? If you are out there and you effed Gerrard, do you know how much money you could get for your story(ies)?
    When you guys say “confidentiality agreements” what does that mean and why would a woman sign that??

  • Cassie


    Eat me mkay?

  • hellotheregb

    JA on Letterman, black dress, short not surprise, heels, and fixing her hair. Letterman starts out by talking about Gman finally he gets to the movie still not on her!

  • AGA

    Why would Letterman want these two on, on separate days.Massively boring to talk about the TBH two nights in a row. I bet they both say how great the other is,Blah Blah Blah
    Also lots of Butler fans are pis sed he got involved in this mess–so blaming J-P fans is plain wrong!!

  • hellotheregb


    radio show were G asks out the host!!!! I have not even listen to the interview but listened to the following day and it is outstandingly funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO regs you have to listen to it!!!

    ok I am going to catch up with this thread then listen to the orginal interview!

  • hellotheregb

    lost interest in Ja on Letterman should I go back and watch her talk about her “house” again for the millionth time!!

  • hellotheregb


    candi: watch the “chicken charile ep” of Bonnie Hunter with Gman. back in the fall. Very cute interview and he eats up this fried mars bar! on youtube

  • Old Mia

    I just watched Jennifer on Letterman. Well, Letterman really likes her. It seems like a real setup for Gerry’s appearance. I hope this will be as good as it seems. That setup is really all about G. Non-American starring in films. Is he really that hot? Oh, this should be a hoot. I hope Butler is up for this one.

  • never have so many

    publicized so much for so little

  • hellotheregb

    Ok, I have just listened to the Radio show in London post back a few with Gerry and Lisa/Johnny. The interview does not have the part where he is asking her out, at least what is posted on the web page. Today’s show titled “Lisa shuns Gerard Butler” is great. I would love to listen to this morning show “Johnny is great!

    hey regs where are you?

  • hellotheregb

    Don’t get me wrong,sounds like G is just asking a woman out to the premier, not big deal, but Johnny is so funny explaining the very short interaction.

  • Spanky 29

    @hellotheregb: I am here…reluctantly because i have reached my saturation point on Jen.A her fans and the Booty Hunter but I just wanted to say hi and i loved the radio clips ..too funny..

  • Old Fan

    I’m coming from way back, when I saw this guy on Lucy Sullivan. This was before anything important like The Jury or Attila. I was fascinated. Flash forward. He’s everything I knew he would be. Gawd, he’s gorgeous. He just gets better and better.