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Jennifer Aniston: Letterman Today, Premiere Tomorrow!

Jennifer Aniston: Letterman Today, Premiere Tomorrow!

Jennifer Aniston smiles for photogs outside the Ed Sullivan theater prior to taping her appearance on Late Night with David Letterman on Monday afternoon (March 15) in New York City.

The 41-year-old actress arrived to the studio with her BFF hairstylist Chris McMillan.

Jen will be premiering her new movie, The Bounty Hunter, tomorrow in the Big Apple with co-star Gerard Butler. You can try to catch a glimpse of the twosome at the Ziegfeld Theatre on West 54th St (near 6th Ave).

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Credit: Mike Disciullo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Janeth

    I just love her!

  • RioNemesi

    I want he coat!!
    and hair :D
    MORE JEN please !!!

  • bet

    beutifull. Love the coat, the shoes. as always she wear amazing shoes.

  • Halli

    Her hair is her security blanket.

  • bet

    i think this is new thread of coat, a botton on one side. i am sure many of us will wear in the future when it comes arround ower favort store..

  • bet

    classic jennifer aniston style, that we alwasy admire. those who admire jen style will love it.

  • thats_right

    oh my god, she is sooooooooo trying hard to steal my Angies posing, and guess what Mniston it aint working, you are still ugly and fake, I don’t care how many coats you change in different colors you are still chinifer maniston with no class!!!!

  • ytsejam

    She certainly has a lot of makeup on.

  • Neve

    Awful. Her bff did this to her hair? He must secretly hate her. What a shallow, pretentious little phoney. Poor Letterman, have to endure a few minutes of her nonsense on his show.

  • ytsejam

    Finally, the movie will be premiering tomorrow and we can get all the crappy reviews of it to show all you maniston lovers that it is garbage just like a lot of her movies.

  • BBFan

    Gorgeous coat and much more age appropriate than the other clothes she’s been wearing lately. Trying to dress younger always ages people. This makes her look good for 41 instead of pitifully trying to look under 30 and winding up looking like a crazed 50+ year old!

  • bet


    oh my god, you sound Jessica Simpson.

  • March Hare

    Wow, are the 12 year olds out of school today?

  • bet


    everything she wear is classic jennifer aniston. i am sure there short short dress under it, We can not wait to see tonight.

  • bet


    you know those Short Short dress is not for everyone, Speciall for women with two break stick legs.

  • bet


    Unfortunatly those short dress is not for everyone. Specially for women with two bread stick legs, May be in thier next life,

  • Cheery

    She has such a man face, no wonder nobody wants to be linked to her. That, and she’s an endless pit of neediness and insecurity.

    Gerard Butler: “Here’s the thing–while they’re accusing me of being with Jennifer, I’ve probably been off somewhere else doing damage with someone else.”

    Damn, must suck to be verbally bitchslapped by such a douche. Guess their faux relationship didn’t end so well.

  • bbfan

    Yes, I love the coat but do hope she doesn’t have one of pre-teen minis under than coat. & I don’t understand why if her hairdresser went with her her hair looks like such a mess!!

  • hater too

    Will she be presenting a present from her copycat W shoot to Letterman? Again, she tries to be……like someone else. Well, that hair dresser called us haters who talk sh1t. Apparently, he can’t do much with her hair….boring. Hey, make sure Jen gets all that white stuff off from under her nose—someone did a close shot last time. Trend of women being escorted by their hair dressers, bodyguards!, dance partners around NYC. Desperate, desperate for PR.

  • loyal

    The coat and shoes are cute but sorry, the rest is hot mess. Bobby pins? How old is she? The hair is so silly.

  • janelle

    Her hair looks a mess. Change it up. She’s had the same boring look for about a decade. Pathetic.

  • bet

    Hater too

    how is someone else, The coat is new threand, everhting stand is infront of us Jennifer Aniston,. Classic Jennifer Aniston, She wear Black and Gray since she arrive to hollwyood. Black and gray color does not worn her out, but make her shine. She knows How to wear black and Gray unlike some, make them worn out , beat up. Only Jen can wear black and gray. Classic Jen.

  • Gibson

    Didn’t Gerry make a comment in that one movie with Katherine about women that dresses get shorter and almost showing their hoo haws? Jenny likes to show Letterman and the audience her hoo haw, I think it makes him uncomfortable. Just pose for Playboy already.

  • bet


    that is classic Jennifer Aniston Look, unlike some with identity crisis, still not figur out what is there style.

  • 8675309 Jenny, Jenny
  • Dawn9476


    Bad reviews mean nothing. Valentine’s Day got crappy reviews across the board but ended up setting a record for President’s Day Weekend.

  • Gerard Butler is intolerable

    It’s Gerard Butler, the dumb, uneducated, pikey fu<ker, who’ll be making some sub-retard utterance tomorrow.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Not liking her hair.
    You bet she has her mini on underneath.

    Another B movie. Maniston fans will flock tosee it and it will be off the screens faster that this.
    It sounds like a remake of a movie from the JuliaRoberts/Brad Pitt-The Mexican.
    That movie was ok. Not super,but ok.
    Anway, Anniston LOVES andLIVEs her life even if it is B movies one after the after and magazine covers w/article about being 40 and fabulous and why she is not over life but is over life’s past . Sappy huh!!
    Honesty,LOL, I do not write for any Anniswton mags.
    that sounds god though and like a cover for her.

    If Iwere her, I wouldfind a nice behind-the-scenes guy to marry, have 2 kids or just adopt 2 kids and stay single, serve charities in the U.S.A. with all of that money . Put something back.

  • lexy

    Jen looks great as always! Clearly she’s got a lot of fans seeing as she keeps getting jobs in HW!! If her films weren’t making any money she wouldn’t be getting jobs and if she didn’t have fans she wouldn’t be getting endorsement deals!

  • Gerard Butler is intolerable

    the filtered word was sub-ret@rded

  • urgent psa

    quick! apprehend the mental intstitution escapee who’s moonlighting as an actress.
    she is known to be highly delusional and dangerous.
    she is prone to exposing herself in public and rambling incoherently.
    men of all ages should take caution approaching her as she likes to pretend you are intimately involved. you will most likely be clung onto and groped.
    this is an urgent psa.

  • Ewww

    I can’t believe Brad Pitt used to be married to this piece of shit. What a hag she turned out to be!!

  • Ori

    Gorgeous!!!. She is a natural classy beauty. She still looks beatiful and lovely with the wind blown hair. I like her mini dress and coat.
    She has good taste. I will love to wear her mini dress if I have her good looking, healthy and sexy legs.

  • just thinking

    I’m sure she brought her hair stylist along to do her hair before she tapes the show. Cute coat.

  • Carol

    wow..woman is aging rapidly. Wow..looking extra rough.

  • Marieme

    ROTFL Snort!!

    Imagine the level of idiocy it takes to so willingly and cheerfully promote YET ANOTHER crappy film! Her life has become a lame & superficial version of Groundhog Day.

  • ytsejam

    Yes, I’m sure that movie will be breaking records left and right *sarcasm* And when it can’t even beat out Alice in Wonderland, a movie that will have been out three weeks, what will your excuse be then?

  • Hmmmm

    Gerard Butler uneducated? He graduated from Glasgow University with an honors degree. Those who doubt can find him in several mentions on the university’s website. Anyway, I thought most people already knew that. It’s been talked about endlessly. He earned the degree in law but got canned during his internship. He said he enjoyed the studies but hated the actual work.

  • Dawn9476


    I know it isn’t going to beat Alice in Wonderland but it is tracking well and is suppose to come in strong right behind Alice.

  • T.O.

    Hot… Hot…..Hot…..

  • IND

    Jen is awesome. She looks better every day even she is aging as everyone. I believe she is a really happy, brilliant, loving and caring woman.

  • Huvane

    Help me! I’m floundering!

  • juniper

    Jen always comes off like a warm real person; unlike a cold, robotic automaton some people seem to love. I like her coat.

  • Witchywoo

    I’ll be interested to see the box office for BH. Some movies this past weekend sure fell flat, including Robert Pattinson’s new film. I wonder if Kristen Stewart’s (sp?) movie will do any better than his? Hurt Locker probably took away a lot of interest in Matt Damon’s movie.

  • Beth

    It’s rainy and windy in the northeast but you know Jennifer is horrified that her hair looks so bad. Hair is her thing.

  • Huvane

    Nah, this is her classic look. I know what I’m talking about and she is going to blow it again with her blabbering. I work hard spinning for my money. Thank gawd, she pays me SO MUCH MONEY TO DUCK, DIVE AND SPIN.

  • Tiny

    No doubt – the coat is hiding a super short, skin-tight dress. Letterman will leer at her and she will act like an aging girl. Maybe she will also slip in some digs at Brangelina – classic Aniston.

  • Jo

    This movie is gonna bomb sooooooo bad….Gerard ain’t doing any U.S. press .. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.. He made some Terrible career moves terrible..

  • Nic

    Woah she is rocking during this press junket, every outfit has been stunning and chic, LOVE that coat, need that caot!

  • zz

    Yeah, but I read movie goers say Pattinson was actually doing ok in his movie. At least he has somewhat of a future.