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Jennifer Aniston: 'W' Shoot Secrets on GMA!

Jennifer Aniston: 'W' Shoot Secrets on GMA!

Jennifer Aniston waves at fans as she heads inside to tape Good Morning America in New York City on Monday (March 15).

The 41-year-old actress spoke about running in high heels, the scariest part of filming The Bounty Hunter and her steamy W cover with co-star Gerard Butler!

“That was actually one of the most uncomfortable positions!” Jen said of the cover shot. “My leg…that’s asleep! Gerry‘s right foot’s sound asleep. The pained expression on my face is kind of real!”

Jennifer also addressed tabloid fodder about her love life – “It’s almost like another job that you have chosen not to be a part of, a soap opera you did not sign up for!” she said.

Jennifer Aniston Visits Good Morning America
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Credit: Disciullo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Famepictures
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  • yo sista

    Sooooooo sick of her face!

  • Amy

    Wow, she sounds like an idiot and what is up with those weird facial twitches? Yikes! What happened to Rachel Green?

  • jade

    she looks beautiful and the w spread was hot!

  • lila

    she do look GORGEOUS!
    I totally love this courageous lady! shes adorable!

  • lila

    @yo sista: so don’t look her anymore! I’s not an obligation! you can go away! actually you should!

  • lila

    @Amy: go back to the hell, demon!

  • Amy

    Didn’t she use to have an upper lip? There doesn’t seem to be one anymore and it isn’t moving quite right when she speaks. Why do I get red minus sign above my post? What does that mean?

  • n.o.l.a

    LMFAO!!!! Blogosphere is saying how awkward (sp?) and not sexy the cover shot was….Huvane gave her talking points. He REALLY earns his money. While I can’t stand anustain, this movie will open just enough that she isn’t a laughing stock (since her last 2 offerings did not do well)…I’ll say it’comes in third for the weekend. She is the poster girl for all average-looking, well groomed, bottle blondes everywhere. Good fo her.

  • teri

    JA is a dirty snake and enjoys all the rumors she has going on about her. She’s gaining her sympathizers and staying in the lime light. The triangle is helping her and she knows it. PATHETIC

  • MrMarleyFAN

    She looks like Kate Gosslin.

  • releka

    Did she shave off some of her chin? It looks different.

  • Amy

    Are you talking to me? Go back to hell??? Why? Am I wrong, she doesn’t sound like a blubbering idiot? Her face doesn’t move funny? I’m just speaking the truth.

  • vi 1004

    @lila: i agree with you! i think she is wonderfull !!!

  • WOW!!!

    WOW!!! Jen….you look gorgeous as always… and jerry…he is so cute….and the spread of W magazine (nice) I like it….Keep going girl…you are one great actress!!!

  • teri

    We love picking her apart and calling her the fraud she is. When you dirty hags can pick on innocent little babies and children Jennay is fair game. She’s brought this on herself and I’m HAPPY IT’S BACKFIRED ON HER DIRTY MANLY @ss.

  • teri

    Kate Gosslin really? I was thinking Barbara Striesand.

  • Lilly

    It didn’t take long for the haters to appear.

  • aha

    When is this old woman going away? She needs to disappear for a while. A lot of people are getting sick of her and her freaking love life.

    Where are Kate Blanchett, Julie Roberts, Rene Zewelllger, Kate Winslet… These are actresses who talents. I am willing to spend my money on seeing their movies than Jennifer.

  • teri

    She really needs to lay off the botox her face will be so stiff, more so than Nicole or Heidi Montags when that bomber of a movie comes out.

  • teri

    Maybe Heidi Montag can talk Jennay into getting that LENO CHIN shaved down some. Next the smokers voice. BWHAHAHA

  • juniper

    She comes off like a very nice, real person, not smug or pretensions, but human and self-effacing. The person who called her an idiot clearly does not understand humor and took some of her comments literally. She looks great in the interview, very petite, better then in photos.

  • teri

    Where is the link to her speech one year when she looked like Dopey with her huge ears sticking out. I think it deserves this twit right for all the bs for the last five years she’s falsly said about the JP. Next I think Brad should come out and call this fraud out for it. At 41 I think Rosanne Barr and some other twit will come to her defense but they are just as disgusting as a pig as she is.

  • teri


  • Amy

    Watch the interview and tell me I’m wrong. She’s doing this thing where she’s speaking and then she’ll suddenly widen her eyes and raise her eyebrows. It’s very creepy. I’m quite sure she has had a lower face lift because her facial movements are very unnatural.

  • teri

    Yes poor wittle ol 41 year old and weak just like she wants you to think. Dayum just by her a walker and porta potty.

  • “hater”

    @Lilly: Thanks for calling me out, I was not going post any comment at this moment, figuring we are going to see a thread every day until that bomber of a movie hits. LOL at the remark, Anniston, “the pain on my face, I’m in real pain”!
    Hey thats the first honest thing I’ve heard reported from her lips! YEP, THAT’s PAIN, alright, not because her leg is asleep. but she can not longer ride the coats of others and have people buy her sympathy.

  • comment gal

    What’s happen to the movie The Baster. I thought she filmed the Baster before the Bounty. In the Baster, Jennifer Aniston imprinated herself with a turkey baster (GROSS).

  • hazel

    I think those who are on a mission to destroy JA are just so p’ssed off that their heroine AJ is now stuck with Brad, who is getting hideous looking. His good days are long over. The goat beard helps hide the bloat. I’d say Jen probably thanks god every day she’s rid of him.

  • Lisa

    Have another ciggie – you disgusting old hag.

  • Nic

    Aw looking stunning as usual, lovely dress, and i love that coat.

  • Aniston says

    Look at me – I am so fabulous – so trim, so blonde, so great.

  • Ellen



  • Arcor

    It seems Jennifer Aniston is the only celeb who is allowed to LIE right in your face without the mainstream media calling her out.She is,once again,taking credit for her house!Everyone knows that was the work of architects & designers.
    ┬┤This brief interview is so full of LIES and PR manipulations,it’s sickening!The power of PR agencies.

  • June

    Another movie, another opportunity to exploit her personal life.

  • I used to be a fan

    I used to be a huge fan, BUT now she has proven over and over that she rides the coattails of Brad Pitt. Please Jennifer find your own life and move on.

  • Angelina Jolie

    What your talking about here the QUEEN of the surgeries is ME didn’t u noticed my jaw scars????? DUH!!!

  • Dawn9476


    Rene? The woman’s whose latest film went straight to DVD? Since Julia has had kids, she doesn’t work at much. She starts filming a movie with Tom Hanks next month. Kate said at the Oscars last year that she was going to take some time off. She doesn’t go back to work till next month. She is filming a Mildred Pierce for HBO. Kate was doing a staged version of Sunset Boulevard in Australia I believe. I think it was in DC for a while, too.

    Though since you are such a big fan of those ladies, I would think you would know that. LOL.

  • ummahyk

    nice shoes

  • Dawn9476

    @comment gal:

    It’s now called The Switch and it comes out in August.

  • juniper

    I don’t think she had botox (if she did they did a good job) her face does not look frozen and her forehead moves. I think she just has good skin. She looks younger then the typical 41 year old, but I know people that are that age that also look young, so it is not unusual and does not mean she had botox. I think she looks great, I agree that her chin may not be her best feature, but so what, most people are not perfect; she is not a fashion model, but an actress, she has the looks most people relate to, the girl next door with a great figure.

  • Dawn9476

    That should be Cate B that was doing the stage version of Sunset Boulevard.

  • Pablo

    Good for her! she doesn’t care about the J.J haters.

  • ZZ


    Jennifer and Kate Gosselin are of two of the same personalities, NARCISSISTIC. They play the pity party, false martyr, victim, etc. They whine and pander for attention…use their passive-aggressive, self-absorbed ways to create more drama for attention. They always want more and will never be satisfied with enough. Fame-whores of the worst kind. At least Jennifer didn’t involve kids, she wouldn’t give up her vices..drugs and cigs long enough.

  • serena1994

    she looks great, amazing actress and women.
    all the haters are just jealous. you all wish you would look like her, and be her.

  • Tiny


    I am not jealous – I wouldn’t trade my husband, kids and wonderful parents for her life – not for a minute.

  • Anne Marie

    Love the interview! Especially when she talks about the tabloids and how it interferes with her job. She makes total sense.

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    God, it is evident that the loons spend way too much time on a Jen thread, just look at the rating system and it’s clear. Hey, LOONS, if you don’t like someone or some thing, don’t waste your precious time learning everything you can about it or them. That’s just common sense, otherwise you run the risk of being considered OBSESSED!

  • bet

    I love love this woman

    this the perfect way of addressing taboid. She did not single out herself as victime, she inculde everyone who is there in taboid for wrong reason. that what i love about this woman. She said she has tough skin to deal with it. no bother.

  • teri

    Stupid beotchh complains when making millions of dollars for doing exactly what millions of others would love to do. Geesh another simpleton retardd who complains when others are far less fortunate than she is.

  • ZZ

    Look at Jennay trying to cover up that she has lost funding for her movies, Goree Girls, Baster because her other movies bombed. Aniston is desperate now. Look at Jennay making excuses for her pathetic W copycat cover…..I love Steven Klein….karma is a b!tch, Jen. True friends are just that.
    Loved that picture of Brad on the canal with just his hands, camera, and that sly eye on the canal in Venice. Shot by the paps, when was that now? True friends are just that.. Great work, SK.