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Jennifer Garner Picks Violet Up from School - Literally!

Jennifer Garner Picks Violet Up from School - Literally!

Violet Affleck gets a piggyback ride from mama Jennifer Garner as they leave Violet‘s school on Monday (March 15) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The four-year-old cutie, who was pretty in a pink hoodie, held on tight to Jen as they headed to the car together.

There are conflicting reports out about who will star opposite Jen in Butter, a story set in Iowa featuring a butter-carving contest.

NYMag reports that Jim Carrey is in negotiations to star as Jen‘s husband, while Movieline says he’s already passed on the role.

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  • Kate Bosselin

    I’m not diggin that lesbo gym teacher look Jenn always gotz goin on.

  • Rain

    She gets dolled up for red carpet events but in her everyday, normal life she looks like a slob. She needs to get a makeover…Stacy and Clinton…please come a knockin on her door!

  • Dreads

    @Kate Bosselin: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That was hilarious! So true. Well, at least she’s no Paris Hilton, getting dolled up even just to go walk her dog! Regular life is no red carpet or runaway. I’m all for people who are proud of their own unique style……I mean, people who dress hippie or like Jen, at least they don’t conform to what everybody wants them to. So my point is, though Jen does look like a slob or something, at least she’s not too stuck on what she looks like for picking up her daughter at school!

  • James

    Why are they following her to her child’s school?
    WTF?! If I was them I would move to Canada or something away from these parasites.

  • sussy

    i think she look like most of the womens that pick her kids in school i dont see what is the problem .

  • Abcdefgh

    breaking news

  • brightside

    She’s a good mom – most HW types send their assistants to pick up the kids, or their nannies or the hired help.

  • give them some

    privacy already. that’s really enough. this is personal family time for them.

  • P*s

    lol leave them alone! P.S little Violet is so cute :)

  • lexy

    She really needs to stop being so nice and call the police. She and Ben pay taxes and their children deserve some privacy.
    JJ you should be ashamed to pay the paps for these pics of a child being stalked at school. If grown men were taking pics of kids at schools they’d be arrested for being perverts but just b/c it’s Jen Garner’s kid it’s OK. I bet their are pedophiles now hanging out at the school pretending to be paps!

  • lisa

    Sorry don’t care what anyone says. she always looks like she needs a shower. That hassled look is old.. like she is doing it all her self. We have seen picx of her with the nanny. And yes she has help. She has two children. And she has help. Nothing wrong with that, but please she is not doing it all alone. Again nothing wrong with that.. but please stop painting her has this perfect mother because we see her with her children..

    I think Ben is still interested in a Political life somewhere down the road.. and he is so laying the foundation.. he needs to have the perfect family. Garner has changed her look. She is not the hassled, perfect mother. Again she always looks messy and unkempt. And that is not cute. Lots of people have 2 or more kids and manage to look half way decent.

    like her all you want.. think she is perfect all you want.. but she looks terrible. And there is something behind that.

  • Lily

    Trust me, Jennifer Garner would have a HEART ATTACK if the paps stopped taking her picture here. She wouldn’t be able to push her (incredibly boring) image of being the PERFECT MOM if they stopped with all the pictures.

  • kizbit

    I cannot believe there aren’t any laws to keep the paps away from a preschool. That is crazy.

  • Laws, the US needs new laws

    We lived perfectly well without tabloid websites featuring children for over 200 years.

    We will be fine without this.

  • brightside

    @Laws, the US needs new laws:
    ‘tabloid websites over 200 years ago’

    Are you sure?

  • nicollle

    So cutee! I think Jen Garner is an amazing mother, from what I can see, but why do people assume every other celeb mom isn’t just as good as her? Just because she’s a celeb who constantly gets pictured picking up her kid from school, etc. doesn’t mean every other mom has an assistant or nanny picking up their children or taking them out. To be honest I hardly EVER see celeb kids be taken out with only a nanny and not one or both of their parents.

  • Kelly

    They were talking to Jim Carrey about co-starring to Jennifer Garner? Seriously? I know his career isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still far better than ANYTHING Jen Garner’s done!

  • kacee

    @Kelly: She knows she’s getting too old for the “romantic” or “action” flicks so her people are trying to make her into a comedic actress. Unfortunately, she’s no Sandra Bullock even though she desperately tries. She should go back to tv. Something is mentally off with her or her marriage. I’m sorry – she looks like a slob. With that much power, fame and money from Ben (he’s worth $80 million) it seems like she wants attention by dressing like a homeless woman. Or maybe she’s dressing to look “younger” cool but it doesn’t work for an almost 40 year old desperate housewife. I’m a fan too but PLEASE go back to tv Garner where you belong. Let Ben be the REAL movie star and you can support him in the background.

  • bebrinet


  • Mikoo

    She is very cute