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Jessica Simpson Gets The Giggles During Meditation

Jessica Simpson Gets The Giggles During Meditation

Check out these clips from Jessica Simpson‘s VH1 show, The Price of Beauty, premiering TONIGHT (March 15) at 10/9c!

Jess and BFFs Ken Paves and CaCee Cobb visit a temple and learn about inner beauty…but 40 minutes into meditation, Jess starts laughing and can’t keep it together!

“I felt like I was back in church and it’s like you’re not supposed to laugh and you do!” Jess said, adding that she didn’t want to offend the monk leading them in meditation. Oops!

Also inside, a Thai tribe that takes pride in wearing traditional neck rings!

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  • anon


  • slambang

    She is so tacky and ignorant. And her show is getting terrible reviews.

  • Dreads

    The neck ring thing is scary since it’d probably break their necks….I mean, that thing is making their necks longer and if they take it off, nothing will sustain it anymore so it’ll just fall off. Eeck. As for Jessica, I can’t stand it when people giggle when they shouldn’t. They look so STUPID. But well, I won’t criticize either since I have done it during my immature times lol. Years ago.

  • Charlie

    Jessica is stupid and immature.

    And now she is a fatty too. If you are put up on a pedestal because you are above average looking, then you should get knocked off that pedestal when you become below average. Go away now Jessica, you are done like the huge dinners you now eat.

  • All Women Stalker

    Well, that’s just disrespectful. But she’s a kid, what can you expect. No hatin’. I actually like her. :)

  • anon

    She’s 28 or 29 – does that still qualify as a kid? Don’t think so. I think she’s not all that bright and she’s silly. Deadly combo.

  • Go Ask Alice

    She is just a kid in that she is so immature and that is what our #5 means.

  • dollhouse

    What a disrespectful B*tch.

    No wonder no one takes her seriously. She has no talent an dno career and how is anyone suppose to learn anything from this show if she’s laughing at it herself? Granted, meditating can be difficult, but you have to be a total dumb airhead not to be able to concentrate for 7 minutes without giggling like an 8 year old.

  • s

    what an ignorant, idiotic bimbo. i cannot even get over how ridiculous this show is, let alone the fact that it’s someone as unwordly as jessica simposn. this chick needs to grow up. her giggling shows her blatant disregard for other cultures. it’s almost making a mockery out of other cultures by having some random air-headed celebrity going around “experiencing” them for the sake of her own personal gain. these are true cultures – they’re not some fun exhibitions made for america’s entertainment.

  • y

    also, can we just point out that her friends’ faces are completely serious and that they look like they wish they were not even associated with her? the fact that even her friends are embarrassed by her behavior speaks volumes of just how inappropriate and disrespectful she is.

  • anne

    @Dreads: actually, it does break their necks and there was one of these women, in africa i believe, that took the neck rings off (i do a lot of research) and she died shortly after because her neck was so weak from the stretching etc.

    As for Jessica, the monks at my temple would have just had her leave. She’s a complete idiot and argh..she frustrates me so, but that’s not the Buddhist’s way. Don’t put to much hate into this one everyone, what you put out comes right back at you.

  • Marieme

    My Gawd. the more I hear, see or read about this ditz and this stupid show the more interest I lose. I now have minus zero. I’m beginning to believe she’s in cahoots with Mayer. That quote of his has given her more attention and press than she deserves. She needs to thank him for that. Can’t believe she’s flattered by it either. Doesn’t mean she’s hot in bed. One man’s napalm is another man’s bore.

  • melissa asherman

    I thought the show was pretty decent. It was interesting

  • NYC

    Jessica really i a genius. She got Vh1 to pay for her and two friends to go on a free vacation all over the world. I felt like I was watching their home video of it.

    Jessica is trying to straddle her dumb blonde image that made her famous and at the same time trying to prove to John Mayer that she is intelligent.

    Bring back the boozers Vh1.

  • brightside

    They are Kayan women, known as Giraffe women, and it’s part of their culture. Unfortunately they suffer from racial persecution in Thailand where they arrived as refugees from Burma.
    This is the story of one young woman who removed her neck rings, and, no, her neck didn’t break.

  • jj

    She is one dumb bytch. Started laughing 40 minutes into the meditation

  • metoo

    she’s and idiot………and looks fat and awful now that she’s older…..
    why is she even on tv??????????

  • eden

    OMG this was just hit my last nerve. I am appalled and offended that VH1 would even showcase other women’s issues and cultures in this manner. Seriously, Jessica, you don’t deserve to go around marching a women’s image parade, when we all know you were masquerading skinnier days in daisy dukes. Don’t rely on PR to save yourself when you’d rather eat junk than hit the gym. BOYCOTTING JESSICA.

  • sipaang

    she act like she’s clever as she see meditation is useless. it doesn’t make her look good in having blonde hair, big boobbies and full lips . idiot

  • collegedatingmatch

    what a keeper

  • bebrinet

    I love her=]

  • Jessica

    The Price of Beauty Bombed; Jessica’s show was beaten by The History Channel and two other shows (one of them being a repeat). HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    Hopefully, her show will be canceled. :)

  • Freida

    Back off of the chick, gosh. You people try to bring everyone down just because your life sucks. If you hated the girl so much, you shouldn’t have watched her d*mn show! Simple as that. Idiots.

  • Mikoo

    She is very cute

  • Zirgs

    She is fantastic