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Jessica Simpson to John Mayer: You'll Never Have This Napalm Again!

Jessica Simpson to John Mayer: You'll Never Have This Napalm Again!

Jessica Simpson makes the rounds on the morning talk show circuit on Monday (March 15) in New York City.

In response to her ex John Mayer referring to Jessica as “sexual napalm,” she exclaimed, “He’ll never have this napalm again!”

Jessica did admit that John‘s comments were “embarrassing. I’ll walk into a restaurant and I feel like men are looking at me — but I feel like they’re undressing me.”

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson making the morning talk show rounds…

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jessica simpson john mayer napalm 01
jessica simpson john mayer napalm 02
jessica simpson john mayer napalm 03
jessica simpson john mayer napalm 04
jessica simpson john mayer napalm 05
jessica simpson john mayer napalm 06
jessica simpson john mayer napalm 07
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jessica simpson john mayer napalm 09
jessica simpson john mayer napalm 10
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jessica simpson john mayer napalm 12

Credit: Mike Disciullo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Steve Fenn/ABC
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  • LoveAnnny

    Dear Jessica Simpson,

    Please stop using John Mayer as an attempt to make yourself relevant again.

    Have a nice day.

  • Mark

    I love her

  • eden

    hOly boobies!!! consider it a compliment…you ain’t no sunday church girl like daddy wanted lol.

  • Ronda

    I like Jessica so much. She cracks me up. You tell him Jess!!

  • Mark

    and I’m going to watch The Price of beauty tonight =)

  • oow

    Oh dear.. stop talking about your frustrations and go to the gym! You put on some weight hon!!

  • Celia

    Why is she getting press?? Does she have an album or movie coming out?

  • Anon

    Dear Jessica,

    John Mayer apologized but it did put your ass back on the map. Why do you keep bringing back up if you are so upset? At least he is honest, quite refreshing, even though he has diarrhea of the mouth. He outed Jenny for the bore she is, stuck in 1998, year she met Brad Pitt. I feel sorry for the men that must have to listen her carry on.
    Hope you don’t do that about Drew, he was the best thing that ever happened to you, too.

  • Anon

    Oops, wrong brother, Nick. Drew is a nice catch also.

  • dfdf

    I’m starting to believe this statement was a deal between him and her.

  • twpumpkin

    Beautiful girl but needs to lose about 30 pounds.

  • noelle1217

    She needs to shut her mouth. Her career is going nowhere and she is gross. Usually when something you don’t want said about you is said, you don’t keep bringing it up. And I’m pretty sure John Mayer wouldn’t want her back anyway. She needs to keep dreaming, or better yet, go back to Texas and stay out of the spotlight because she is only making herself look even dumber.

  • Haha

    Is it me or her boobs are getting bigger?

  • Jen

    I love her hair, did she dye it or something?, it looks different, but really good and I think she is really pretty.

  • Katsaridoula

    OMG the fat p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e is back, everybody hide!!!

  • Dog Lover

    Just shut up about it already

  • ke$haluv

    don’t think mayer wants that napalm again, it’s TOO much for him now would crush him LOL

  • Denise

    She doesn’t seem all that bright.

  • KC

    Although Jessica Simpson has her shortcomings, John Mayer NEVER should have revealed such personal information about their relationship. She is WAY better off without a guy like that!

  • mickey

    I think he was kind of done with her napalm anyway.

  • Roar

    maybe is what John said that make men look to her like that or maybe its the red W*ore dress….

  • gab

    jess… looks… matronly

  • BB

    I agree with all of the above comments.
    She needs to STFU and go drop a few lbs.
    No duh.
    Also, people, check your credit cards for a fraud called
    they charged my card without me knowing.

  • brightside

    I did wonder why Mayer used the word napalm to describe Jessica? I could be wrong but doesn’t napalm cling to you, scar you terribly and, generally, make you feel like a whole load of painful sh*t….just saying

    I wouldn’t be too happy to be described as napalm by any guy… is supposed to be a fun experience….

  • Elle

    She should be thanking John Mayer. We all know if it wasn’t for him, she won’t be having this much press period.

  • tams

    Jesica, honey, they’ve been doing that. Hello!

  • lexy

    Oh please we all know Papa Joe probably paid Mayer to say those things about her. She and her lame show need some PR & Mayer needs some PR – suddenly he’s talking about her and their sex life.
    Next up her and Papa Joe will launch a sex products! A big old Jessica blow-up doll for those who want to get their groove on home alone. She’s probably already trying to pitch a TV show to VH1 where she offers sex tips & advice!!

  • jared fan


  • Go Ask Alice

    Jessica is very pretty. Kind hearted really. Sheltered by her ever present family and staff who work for her and her dad who is her manager.
    She is 29 but is immature due to being sheltered.
    Her parents accompany her to events even with a man in her life
    ( Tony Romo and Jessica and her parents in Cabo and some other Dallas Cowboys and their wives).
    She is one of those too needy women. It is a turn off for guys.

    She should have let John Diarrhea Mouth Mayer ‘s comment be. Don’t comment on the comment. Say” I have nothing to say.”

    Nick Lachey could put up with her high maintenance, parents ever prsent,ever present ken Paves hairsylist.
    Her dad figured it was time to end that.ifthey were at a certain point due to being young, he could have persuaded them the other way instead of divorce.
    Her family hates and rags on Nick
    Google articles.
    He treated her the best and NEVER said all or much about their breakup. He never said the good stuff.
    All that was out from his side is that the guy wanted his fair share from their money earned together(Dessert Line,Newlyweds show,tv shows,etc.)

    She has dated duds since:John Mayer,Tony Romo, and did not realize these guys are for marrying now or finding Ms.Right, but just Ms. Right Now.
    Add Levine from the rack band, maybe the guy Bam,maybe the one of her costars from Dukes, wow,out there picking up the guys who are not ones you want for keeps.

    I wonder if she regrets leaving Nick.

  • Tina

    Has she always been that top heavy or is it weight gain??She looks like Dolly…I also notice that she just lights when she’s asked about the John Mayer Question.

  • Ryan

    no one wants that napalm honey, you’re lucky you’ve gotten any men since nick!

  • Tim

    A lot of people think John was dissing Jessica with that comment.He was talking about her farting in bed..It was and inside joke with his friends.

  • Ryan

    @Tim: really?

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …john mayer’s given jessica simpleton’s career 5 more mins. `if he didn’t make those comments nobody would be talking about her.
    …she’s far from ugly, i’d hit (twice). she’s pretty thick, nice booobs. that’s about the only thing special about her.

  • Qiana

    She needs to just let it go. If she doesn’t care about it, stop talking about it. Sorry Jess, you are no Britney Spears. No one likes you anymore.

  • In The Know

    She looks quite fat. Has very little real talent in any direction. But she generates clicks and that’s why you see her here. SAD

  • steele

    Why did Jess do that to her two front molars.? I liked her teeth the way they were. Her two fronth teeth were longer than the rest of her top teeth and gave her a cutie look. She had them shortened so now thay are all the same and it changed her smile.
    I think it’s really noticeable and it’s too bad she should have left them the way they were originally. Dumb Move!

  • So Judgemental

    “Why is she getting press?? Does she have an album or movie coming out?”

    Nooooo. Those attempts at relevancy all failed. She is back to Reality TV. A show about the price of beauty around the world and what different cultures consider beautiful.

    And if she is still trying to sell that she is a size 4 then I am convinced her assistant crosses out the 1 before the 4 in all of her clothes and she is too stupid to notice.

    Size 4!! LMAO!!!

  • Nay Nay

    she is a size 12

  • sasha

    Jessica is a southern girl in her looks and actions. That is not a bad thing but it is a hard pill for most fans and celebrities to swallow even though John Mayer doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. I think Jessica should give him credit for recognizing what I’ve known all my life…southern women are sexy.

  • ganymede30324

    I’m sure John’s got two palms that are getting some use.

  • Ali

    whoever is dressing needs a new career. the clothes she is wearing make her look matronly. and she is not that old. the worst shape ever for her figure. what are they thinking?

  • she shall remain nameless

    OMG she sureeee likes bringing up this topic doesn’t she??? Now she’s just as disgusting as John Mayer because she keeps bringing it up. I’m pretty sure guys don’t wanna date her for the long run, just wanna use her. Good luck with finding the right man!!!

  • http://justjared deke

    Jess doesn’t look good lately. Her BFF, Ken Paves, needs to do something with her hair and her choice of dresses makes her look older. She is a very beautiful woman; however, she does need to lose a few pounds, and I mean that in a nice way.

  • slambang

    Holy COW! Mooooooooooooo!

  • TV Watcher

    Jessica, people don’t need to undress you when you’ve already shaken your boobs in a pink bikini in all our faces. You’ve given up the goods!!! Stop blaming John Mayer.

    Oh – and why is it ok to sleep with him before marriage? After you’ve done it you don’t have to save it anymore???

  • peter

    She’s gaining weight… she should exercise

  • thighmegatampon

    the best thing she coulda done if she really wanted to kill the issue was to just ignore it and pretend like it never affected her. but she’s the one who’s blowing up his words bringing attention to herself.

  • http://nil deanie

    Welldone,Jessica! You got nerve! You are beautiful & sexy,that why people like looking at you!

  • brightside

    Me thinks that Jessica spent too much time reading s*x tips in Cosmo – no wonder John bailed out and….….

    referred to her as ‘sexual napalm’. Very painful….