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Ke$ha: 'American Idol' this Wednesday!

Ke$ha: 'American Idol' this Wednesday!

Ke$ha will perform her smash single “Blah Blah Blah” during the American Idol results show this Wednesday (March 17) @ 9-10PM ET/PT on FOX.

“Party time american idol woot t minus 3 dayz,” the 23-year-old singer said.

Fellow pop phenom Orianthi will also perform her hit “According to You.”

To top it all off, Idol champ David Cook is also supposed to take the stage. He tweeted, “Oh and I brought a present back for everyone. We’ll be performing on Idol this Wednesday! Be sure to check it out!”

Below is K$‘s latest hot collaboration with Taio Cruz called “Dirty Picture.”

Ke$ha & Taio Cruz – “Dirty Picture”
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  • just

    DAVID COOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He is so hot!!!!

  • Mark

    Thanks for warning

  • Talk Sense Girl

    Can’t Idol get a better Performer???

  • ke$haluv


  • Catchy

    ew trash

  • In The Know

    She couldn’t make it as a zit on Ori’s a ss.

  • sasha

    Thank goodness for TIVO….

  • jim

    Kesha on American Idol?… oh come on.. this little ugly wannabe popstar.

  • collegesinglesusa

    She is pretty

  • bebrinet

    good dance track

  • JenniMac

    Ke$ha was awful — amateur — unrealized, pop creation without talent. I was particulary offended by the native head dress A war bonnet? Can you say racist, offensive, ridiculous, 19th century throwback…what was IDOL THINKING…the producers should be ashamed and as embarrassed as this woman who cannot sign. Who signs these freaks? Disguted in the U.S. Haven’t you Brits and Anglos done enough for the First peoples of this land…I have a new idea… social movement….
    stop the warbonnet wearing by weaning white women…..thanks Dr J mac

  • Corrie

    Hello!?!?!?! Kesha single-handedly slapped an entire population in the face tonight.. Reappearing in her slutty costume with a ceremonial headdress on was completely rude, racist, and disgraceful. Her actions were absolutely unforgivable and the producers of American Idol and her management team should be ashamed of themselves. Kesha obviously can’t be blamed – she’s not intelligent enough to be responsible for her own actions.

  • Misty

    She was bad enough on Fallon, what was she thinking doing it again! She thought it would be better with a bigger one?

  • teesee

    That totally sucked. I cant believe American Idol had that trash on there. That is not talent that is just pure junk. Why is that we are going backwards in society, I think its sad that everyone just clapped and cheered and I promise everyone knew how bad it sucked. That just encourages more suckiness!! Having said that, what is up with the whole racist thing, I mean REALLY?? your gonna let that get you down. That girl is too dumb to be a racist. Letting that get to you puts you right there with her in my book. Ohhh my gosh I think we should play the race card thing. WHA WHA, Native Americans are better than that, we dont need to ride the race wagon!

  • Nishinkwe

    That was the most ridiculous, and offensive performance i’ve seen televised in a long time. And yes, teesee, it was racist. Guess what? Dumb people can be racists too. Perhaps that is a revelation for you. It doesn’t get me down though (yes, i am Native). But race issues are not a game. We aren’t playing – we’re simply tired of attention-seeking, simple-minded people using our cultures in demeaning and offensive ways. Like any other group, we have the right to decide what is offensive to us or not and to speak out about it. We don’t need you to speak for us. That said, the performance itself was awful and the response from the audience seemed lacklustre. American Idol producers should be ashamed.



  • Corrie

    Teesee –

    When someone does something wrong, indecent, or discriminatory, ignoring it should be the last thing you do. Moving on is fine, and necessary, of course. The point I’m trying to get across is that someone needs to acknowledge that what she did was extremely hurtful, rude, and inexcusable. Once that point is made, then go ahead. Today’s a new day.

    That being said, I’m pretty sure I acknowledged Kesha’s lack of intelligence in my first post. The problem is that usually people as stupid and disgusting as Kesha aren’t blasted across prime time.

    Bottom line, what happened last night was racist, and ignoring racism is unexceptable. Someone should be held accountable… and then, Teesee, we can move on.

  • teesee

    So what was so racist about it anyway? I suppose the song by the Village People the YMCA was racist as well. Or maybe may my lttle boy is racist because he has one of those little Indian playsets with the headdress and the little tomahawk with some moccasins. Or maybe he’s racist against whoever it would be when he wears his little Cowboy outfit. Maybe it was racist agaist televisions because those guys had the tv’s on their heads!! The perfomance was horrible but its really stupid to make it a racial/discriminatory issue. Your just looking for a reason to bitch!

  • teesee

    I guess we’ll have to throw away the headdress and play suit for my little boy out of fear of offending somebody. I guess I need to get rid of my iIndian paintings and artifacts that I bought from an “Indian”, He must have been discriminating against his own people by selling me that stuff. Your ridiculous!!

  • http://dsd giand naheu


  • dave (radio)

    Kesha was f……. rubbish terrible the worst singer in the history of music

  • Vanessa

    Teesee, your little boy isn’t racist for wearing a headdress. You are for buying it for him and putting it on him. Every person raised in white culture is inevitably racist, including myself. You can’t develop respect and appreciation for other cultures and learn to see those different from yourself as full human beings without understanding their history. Your comments imply you have an appreciation for Native culture. Your repudiation of the perspectives of Native folks here, however, reveals your ignorance. Yes, maybe you should throw away your son’s headdress and “play” suit. I would never allow my children to wear such things. Rather than throw s the artifacts away, why don’t you pick up a book and learn about the history of the tribe(s) they come from? Maybe then, you’ll begin to understand why “playing” Indian is so offensive. I can recommend two books: Blood Struggle by Charles Wilkinson and How It Is by Viola Cordova. Anyone else have suggestions?

  • http://aolmusic cute

    i love this song and dont know what it is called!?

  • Just Me

    I was absolutely shocked by the performance and, in particular, Ke$ha’s sporting of a Native headdress! I actually attempted to look up her cultural heritage to try to figure out if there was any sort of sense behind this move – nope! I absolutely could not believe that AI producers allowed that to happen. I understand that some cultural appropriation of fashion etc. is inevitable, but this maneuver obviously lacked any kind of thought, consideration, appropriateness. It’s a superficial/ mindless song and wearing a headdress was disrespectful – she threw it on at the end of the awful song, bounced around, with no context or respect! Mind-boggling!

  • Mikoo

    She’s very beautiful.

  • teesee

    Vanessa your an idiot!! You know absolutly nothing about me. I would be will willing to bet I have more education than you. What makes you think that I know nothing about Indian culture. What makes you so sure I dont have Indian heritage in my background? I tell ya, you are just ignorant!! Im so tired of everyone making something racist out of nothing, We should ship all your asses off to an island somewhere and never look back. Isn’t racist of of you to be mad because some white girl put on a headdress? Isn’t that racist in itself? Its because of ignorant people like you that America is so screwed up right now. You probably dont believe in prayer at school either or the good lords name on our money because it could be offensive to someone. Loser

  • self-hating pigeon

    She’s stupid. Why is she even on there? She ran into a T.V., has no class, and is a drunken fool. Can someone cut her already? hahahahahahaha!

  • Corrie



    I think “Black Elk Speaks,” John G. Neihardt and “Indian Givers,” Jack Weatherford are great also!

  • GetReal



    I can see your lack of vision very clearly. You should have said that every culture is racist…. I guess you never walked around in South Central LA as a “whiteboy”. Or hung out with Koreans for any period of time. The problem with racism is that people really believe that they are different from each other, but the fact is they aren’t. No one is any better than anyone else. When the idiots of the world stop thinking that they deserve more than their fellow man or that they are better than someone else then we might really have equality. Until then jokers like you that bring up racism only serve to perpetuate it.

    I am not saying ignore it, but do something about it. Don’t give away your personal power.

    People tend to find what they are looking for, you ever notice that after you have purchased a new car that all of a sudden you see your car everywhere? If you are looking for racism you will find it or it will find you. People have a funny way of seeing something and then making it mean something, they makeup a story about it. Kesha performed on American Idol during her performance she wore a headdress. Those are the facts. THE MEANING YOU ASSIGNED IT MAKES IT RACIST. Therefore you are the racist.

    If you really want to change the world and it’s inequality, start with your own kids, your friend and your spheres of influence. Teach respect for others and that we are all in this world together. Own it, make it your life, then share with others the commonalities of the human experience and make a difference.


  • yay for being anonymous!

    1. boy, kesha is the perfect symbol of this annoying, stupid, and trashy generation that i am growing up in. how can such a talentless piece of white trash shit be so popular? i’m disappointed.
    2. erm, what i don’t understand is how is buying your kid an indian costume racist? i mean, i know that white people were horrible to native americans in the past, but i don’t think that everyone who buys something that has to do with a culture/race besides their own has bad/racist intentions. i own a japanese teacup. i’m european. i’m not racist. it’s a pretty cup. although, i can see why people would be offended by a whore like kesha bouncing around in a native american headdress. she doesn’t deserve to wear something impressive :)

  • Mike

    Lol you guys are stupid. Kesha’s great. She looked good in that headress. Anyone who thinks that’s racist is actually racist themselves. That’s like saying only white people can wear pants or something.