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Angelina Jolie: Shiloh Bonding Time!

Angelina Jolie: Shiloh Bonding Time!

Angelina Jolie gets in some bonding time with a few of her kids — Maddox, Pax (not pictured), Shiloh, Zahara (not pictured) — on the set of her new film, The Tourist, in Venice, Italy on Tuesday (March 16).

Angie and Shiloh were seen holding hands. What a cute mother-daughter pair!

Earlier, it was reported that Angie helped set up a school for girls in Afghanistan, featuring eight classrooms, four administration buildings, a well and eight latrines. The school can accommodate up to 800 girls in two shifts!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie‘s bonding time with Shiloh

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angelina jolie shiloh bonding time 01
angelina jolie shiloh bonding time 02
angelina jolie shiloh bonding time 03
angelina jolie shiloh bonding time 04
angelina jolie shiloh bonding time 05
angelina jolie shiloh bonding time 06
angelina jolie shiloh bonding time 07
angelina jolie shiloh bonding time 08
angelina jolie shiloh bonding time 09
angelina jolie shiloh bonding time 10
angelina jolie shiloh bonding time 11
angelina jolie shiloh bonding time 12

Credit: Ciao Pix; Photos: Fame Pictures, INFdaily
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  • janet

    Do these children ever smile?

  • Bloodysaint

    Lovely photos! Shiloh is so cute.

  • umm

    Angelina is so hot.

  • brad

    they don”t have to smile if they don’t have too…

  • tota

    ilove angelina

  • stella

    Their family is so beautiful.

  • Jennifer

    Angelina is such a good person and a wonderful mother.
    She doesn’t have to try to be sexy. She Excudes hottness.
    Wish I could say the same for another woman… that tries really had and still can’t keep a man…..

  • Aniston

    Shiloh is cute.

  • Dakota

    Angelina is a very good mother.

  • missy

    Can’t believe people are talking about Shiloh being a lesbian at four years old, this is nuts!

  • Jolla

    So boring. After three pictures I almost fell asleep. How can Shiloh have the same look in all pictures since she first been on JJ?

  • angel

    Angelina is so beautiful

  • Dawn9476


    Who cares? She is just a child.

  • Maria from Texas


  • Dawn9476


    They are just walking from point A to point B with their mom. Why do they need to smile?

  • Syn

    I didn’t realize how tall Shiloh is, beautiful pair, love them.

  • zen2


    Beautiful hair, ANGIE!

  • Sheiko

    Shiloh is just precious.

    Doesn’t Angie also have a girls’ school in Kenya?

  • ENVY

    I cant wait till Shiloh realizes how beautiful she is!

  • Haha

    @Maria from Texas: I totally agree. No one has brought it up here, and #10 was the first one. Disguised hater!!!

  • lsam

    Angie is a very generous and giving person. Not only does she have talent, looks and subtstance, she is also a wonderful parent. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IF YOUR KID WEARS PANTS. Obviously, it is cold in Venice right now, unlike California. Leave it alone. Shiloh is a child. Let her wear pants or anything comfortable for her.

  • sharon

    Shiloh is so beautiful.

  • AshleyS

    Wish Zahara was pictured

  • laura009

    Bonding time? Does she spend bonding time behind closed doors with her. Another PR pic. I wonder if s knows that angie is her mother. Because angie doesn’t act like one. S dreses like a boy not a girl, that tells alot. Gender identity issues at 3 years old very sad.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Jolie is very pretty. Sexy. I love those boots. Jolie puts her money where her mouth is and Brad too in relation to their charity work.
    Igive them credit for that.
    They do not even raise money, but take out their pockets. It seems they still love their careers and it gives them joy and need to work for the support of their family, same as anyone else, but it also seems they do it get the money to fund their charities and organizations.
    They each have an Oscar. Been to every red carpet and the works. Sort of been there, done that in Hollywood.

    Issue-WHY does Jolie AND Pitt dress that poor little darling, Shiloh, butched looking in boy clothes. They chopped off her lovely hair. They do not want her to have long flowing blond locks of hair. They WANT her , it seems, to look unlike her God given looks of a pretty child and of a little girl child, and I do not know, but do they , Jolie I suspect, in her twisted way wants Shiloh’s looks to be downplayed so that Zahara won’t feel any resentment. Zahara is a lovely, sweet looking little pretty girl.
    We are all different but pretty in our looks.
    They only one resenting here will be Shiloh.
    We cannot see Zahara in the pic, but if you look closely, you will see on the other side of Jolie, that is Zahara in a peacoat or little trench coat and silver ballet shoes with a bow on top of them.
    Shiloh got her hair chopped of and is wearing a black leather jacket, faded loose jeans, tennis, plain,unisex, boyish tennis actually. No little Dora or flower tennis shoes for her.
    Shiloh looks like a little dyke. Oh boy,once Maddox outgrows his black cargo pants ,Shiloh can have those hand-me-downs.

  • QQQQ

    Pax was there as well

  • xiopio

    Well, I know that Brad said that Shiloh thought she was Peter Pan and only responded to that name, she wants to be called Peter. I believe that maybe she’s a Tom Boy, but does a 4 year old really have such strong sense of self to say I want to wear boy clothes and wear my hair short short? It seems like if this is the case, nobody is discouraging her…….

  • Go Ask Alice

    Go look how cute and frilly and girly that little precious Harlow Madden ( Nicole Ritchie’s baby girl) is dressed.

  • paris

    Why do their kids look depressed all the time? They seldom are smiling; unlike happy kids i.e. Violet Affleck, Suri Cruise, Sadie Sandler, Matilda Ledger, Harlow Madden, Levi McConaughey, Valentina Pinault, etc…

    It begs the questions, is it a happy home? Alternatively, are the parents unhappy? In addition, why are they dressing the girls like boys?

  • Isla

    It is wrong to pick apart a child’s dress in the media. Make sure you never support magazines/media outlets that are part of it.

  • Tim

    Why is the media not carrying more reports about the new school Angelina has helped to open? It sucks that we have to listen to all that crap about Aniston and Butler when there are celebs doing real good in the world.

  • Just-Me

    Love them forever and always!

  • Go Ask Alice

    So if Shiloh wanted to be called Miss Piggy , Kermit, and wanted to dress like them,the Pitts would encourage her. Color her pink or green. Buy a Miss Piggy or Kermit costume for her to wear.
    Ifshe wantsto be Swipper or Boots from Dora or even Dora, do the same?NO!!!

    This is bs.
    There is something twisted about how they dress this pretty poor little thing.

    If anyone has young kids, you know they might want to wear their cartoon pajamas out to the store in 35 degree weather no less. They cannot determine things like. You let them chose their clothing for things staying inside. Let them wear a swimsuit in inside when it is snowing outisde. So what because it is75 degrees inside..

  • getalife

    Wow, talking about jeasousy and hatred from you guys to these kids!
    You hatred for these kids is (becasue they belong to Brad and Angelina).
    I mean to go so low and attack the kids man, that is beyond hatred.
    I guess the kids are the only weapon you can get back at Brad and Angelina. LOW!!!!! VERY LOW!!!!! How old are you again?????

  • paris

    @Tim: Wow, you would think that you do not file income to the IRS; celebrities, rich people donate large sums of money not necessarily for the cause but the tax credit, they pick a charity they like and donate, but if, they did not have the money they would not donate.

  • paris

    @Go Ask Alice: agree with your comments they are bang on!!!!


    4 kids on set and where was bp? one month of filming and bp only visited her once and made sure to get photographed kissing her? she went to birthday party at her director house alone. they don’t say when there is a smoke , there is a fire for nothing. i’m smelling something in here. the big guns aka the twins are out , kissing pics are out now we will get that infamous break up announcement soon. someone is not just that into her. 4 kids on set at the same time and bp didn’t bother to come along? hmmmm


    Shiloh is the cutest haaaa


    lol, poor trolls, comments on ignore,i love it.

  • Love them

    Hello J/P fans! Beautiful family, Shiloh is gorgeous and so tall! She is a stunner already. Love them…..

  • shilo

    Love angelina cause she just do her thing and live life for brad ,kids and her work . Angleina again bumped Oprha to be the most powerful woman on Forbes list.
    I love her cause she is her own person and no wonder some women jeaousy and hate her.
    You go girl !

  • getlife

    Jasmine- you are the one that needs to grow a brain.
    The kids are normal and very beautiful and becuase they are brad and angelina you attacked them.
    Do you have kids?
    If you do than you should shut-up and get a life!
    Shilo is only 4 years old so what if she wants to wear pants – let her do it !

  • lurker

    Angie spends a lot of time with her children.
    Shiloh looks like she is going to be a lovely tall girl. Brad and Angie have good genes.

  • Anne Tagonyz

    She Actually held her own child’s hand ……..Wow ……blown away

  • cee

    The haters are going crazy as usual trying to make any negative comment they can against Angie but when they run out of things to attack her with they do like their Maniston idol attack Brad and Angies lids. How low can you get. Apparently not any lower than Maniston fans.

  • cee

    The haters are going crazy as usual trying to make any negative comment they can against Angie but when they run out of things to attack her with they do like their Maniston idol attack Brad and Angies lids. How low can you get. Apparently not any lower than Maniston fans.

  • gg

    Shi and Angie looks sooo cute. I agree with someone who said in other site Shi could be the next generation of female action and drama star like her mommy.

  • happy girl

    i wonder at what age some lil girls decide on the look they feel comfortable with. i always loved dresses. but now i love heans – with cute shoes of course. i know a teen boy who loves to dress favulously in ruffles and stuff. never know i guess.

  • Mother

    Angelina wears a brand new pair of boots, but Shiloh has dirty tennis shoes on. How sad is that.

  • Jaliah

    Looks like the ordinary, mediocre folk are out in force today. It would appear gendergate is back on.
    Clothes do not create gender issues clothes are bits of material and these bits of cloth, we are told, should come in blue for a boy and pink for a girl. In other other words question not and do as you are told and accept other peoples ideas and notions relating to gender, clothes and corresponding colour and you too can be devoid of imagination, creativity and any sense of originality. The difference between Shiloh and all you braying donkeys is that she has been given the right to choose for herself, enhancing her sense of self……you braying donkeys on the other hand are typical follow the leader types and I’m sure you will produce children that you can dress like dolls, in frills, bows and lots of fluffy wuffy things just like Cher did with her daughter – a look you donkeys so approve of.