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Heidi Montag Just Goes With It in Malibu

Heidi Montag Just Goes With It in Malibu

Heidi Montag puts her breast foot forward on the set of her new movie, Just Go With It, on Monday (March 15) at El Matador Beach in Malibu, Calif.

Her #1 cheerleader and ex-manager, husband Spencer Pratt, sat behind-the-scenes as Heidi filmed her cameo.

I can’t wait to see the cast photo of Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, Brooklyn Decker… and Heidi Montag!

“I just had THE BEST day of my life filming my first comedy movie!!!!!” Heidi tweeted. “It was beyond what I could have ever dreamed!!!!! And I am wearing my sailor shorts I designed in the movie!!!”

15+ pictures inside of Heidi Montag just going with it in Malibu…

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heidi montag just go with it malibu 01
heidi montag just go with it malibu 02
heidi montag just go with it malibu 03
heidi montag just go with it malibu 04
heidi montag just go with it malibu 05
heidi montag just go with it malibu 06
heidi montag just go with it malibu 07
heidi montag just go with it malibu 08
heidi montag just go with it malibu 09
heidi montag just go with it malibu 10
heidi montag just go with it malibu 11
heidi montag just go with it malibu 12
heidi montag just go with it malibu 13
heidi montag just go with it malibu 14
heidi montag just go with it malibu 15

Credit: Nathanael Jones; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, KOKOPIX/WENN
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  • eliott

    Kidman, drop out of this movie. Pronto.

  • amy

    I don’t think Heidi inserted QUITE enough exclamation points in that tweet.

  • steph

    she looks really good here. i guess when the puffiness from the surgery went down, it looks a lot better.

  • ….

    she looks really pretty…

  • Cheery

    This poor girl. I cannot imagine the self-esteem/image issues one must have in order to mutilate themselves like that. Unfortunately, I suspect she is still going to be unhappy and can only hope it won’t manifest itself more tragically. In all seriousness, I wish her the best.

  • alycia

    bahaha i laughed out with the “her breast foot forward on the set of her new movie” line.gosh, she is so fake.i really can’t stand her.

  • peter

    Is this the look she really wanted? Pamela Anderson – fake breasts?? They look ridiculous.

  • brightside

    Not being a man, I have never really understood the whole male ‘mammary attraction’ thing……..but are men really attracted to those? I think they’re gross! She’s the stereotypical dumb blonde thing…and, even that, she had to fake. Hopefully no young girls will ever see her as a role model…hopefully!

  • annasaurus

    Who is writing for this site now? Too many bad puns, too little time.

  • Raquelle

    i actually think heidi should keep getting more plastic surgery. it will eventually better her self-esteem, and she looks really ugly, so it will make her pretty :) NOT wow what an insecure loser. get a brain.

  • infamous


    Nice to know a Man actually finds Boobs like hers unattractive. Thanks Peter.
    Heidi is scary, and certainly psychologically messed up. Plastic Surgery is just a band-aid for this chick, and sadly if she ever does get help for the real issues she may regret it all.

  • Career Over


    What career?

  • Cee

    I couldn’t imagine being Heidi. I think her biggest problem is Spencer as she comes across as having no real control in her life because he’s so domineering – maybe that’s why she’s is continuously going under the knife? Sad.

  • Jasmine

    @Cee: spencer is the world’s biggest douchebag, but i don’t think EVERYTHING wrong in her life is his fault. she has to be a real dumbass to begin with to make the decisions she’s made.

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  • Hen

    WOW! her ta tas! :D
    Are they real?

  • Dreads

    @brightside: Well, some men once told me that they enjoy “licking” and “squeezing” women’ boobies. If that gives you an idea of the “mammary attraction” problem. One can have weird desires, huh. :/ As for Heidi, she sure went the Pamela route. Which is sad since Pamela looks better at it.

  • lisa

    People can say what they want. She is going to be in a film with Sandler, Kidman and yep Aniston.. We can call her all the names we want.. What does that say about the people she is working with in this film

    It is more a commentary on Sandler, Kidman and Aniston..

    i didn’t know they had started filming. Nicole is the one that needs to drop out of this C list bomb in the waiting.. Sandler’s last couple of films have done very bad at the BO.. but then the same can be said of Kidman and Anison.. hmmm

  • A.Aguilera

    Nice body. I hope the breasts are still inflamed.

  • ++Logan++

    OMG i want to pop her breasts…they are way too big for her!! She looks cheap. And her face still looks ugly even with all the make up she’s wearing. She needs to dump that husband of hers and get some serious mental and physical help asap!

  • Alea

    what I dont understand is how she became so curvy!?!?Wasnt she stickthin with zero curves at the beginning of the hills?And Im not on about her breasts………

  • BB

    I really feel sorry for this woman.
    So young and so plastic.
    She should keep her face out of sun as much as possible.
    Can you imagine her in 10 yrs?
    She is going to look like a lion.
    The next doctor she should see is a shrink, to help her figure out what is wrong with her on the inside. True beauty comes from the inside and goes out. She should travel to the east and explore her options.
    Whoever does surgery on her again should lose their license to practice.

  • Amy

    I miss pre-op Heidi !!!! :( She literally MUTILATED herself, its just so sad, especially since she’s not even 25!!!!

  • UGH!

    From cute to Vile.

    Hopefulyl, she cannot breed.

  • Paula

    too late for her now. Bimbo big time

    hope she never bears children! She and her nutty husband would ruin them!

  • Mr. Yogi

    Tumhein Jo Bhi Dekh Lega
    Wahi Dil Thaam Lega

  • Dawn9476

    LOL. She is only doing a cameo. People who do Cameos don’t do cast photos.

  • Dawn9476

    And considering the way she is dress, she is definitely filling the role of the buxom blonde extras that this movie put a casting call out for.

  • AMY

    “MY first comedy film..”

    someone please tell her she just made a cameo…i mean I think her name isn’t even going to be in the credits!!!

  • brightside

    Seriously this girl is so vapid she is beginning to scare me – a lot!

  • Dawn9476


    And her cameo may not even make it isn’t the final cut of the movie. Cameos can end up on the cutting room floor.

  • Dawn9476


    That should be make it in the final cut of the movie.

  • Toni

    Primed proof that men are stupid.

  • Andy

    No; …. MEN ARE REALLY STUPID. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brit

    She looks like a real life barbie. Her first boob job was fine. I mean I don’t support it, but you know its her life. I just think she did way too much with the tripple D’s. Now she wants them bigger? I loved Heidi Montag. She was soo sweet. Then came Spencer who brain washed her. I really hope the best for Heidi. I don’t want her to learn the hard way, but with a ‘boy’ (he doesn’t deserve to be called a man) like Spencer he might leave her once she ages. She and every other woman on the planet deserves an amazing guy. I just wish she would wake up and see that Spencer just wants her to be his fantasy barbie, and not his life long partner. Chin up Heidi, and stay strong.

  • Toni

    Yes and look at the stupidness of the men making this movie.
    exploitation movies. All these weird Hollywood movies are
    low class exploitation movies; exploit women, sex , war , violence, drugs,
    freaks, psychos, on and on ; cheap low class exploitation movies.
    Hollywood Pig money.

  • skinnybitching

    It’s probably just the light, but she doesn’t even like human in the picture on the right (on the main post)…more like a wax robot. I clicked through on one of the pictures and it may have just been her expression but it just added to how baffled I was when I saw her first pre-surgery pictures. I’ve never been a Heidi Montag fan, and I thought she already looked pretty plastic after her nose job. I was literally horrified when I found out how she looked now, compared to this she was REALLY pretty before (keep in mind, I said I thought she looked fake back then). Anything but this…I just hope she doesn’t get any more surgery. Also, what kind of husband is Spencer for letting his wife do that?! I used to despise Speidi but now I just pity Heidi and hope she gets some much needed emotional support

  • Frida

    It’s probably only a cameo, Jared. She’s playing herself after all and I doubt that she’s a huge part of the cast. Atleast I hope not….. oh and #22 Alea What curves?! Aside from her humangous boobs she’s still stick thin, it looks awful!

  • Toni

    O can’t believe that skank is going to steal amandas boyfriend.

  • Toni

    Melrose place Amanda