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Hilary Duff: 'Beauty & The Briefcase' Stills!

Hilary Duff: 'Beauty & The Briefcase' Stills!

Check our these cute new promo pics of Hilary Duff in the upcoming TV movie, Beauty & the Briefcase.

The Duffster, who also exec produced the flick, stars as a fashion journalist who takes an undercover job in the business world to write an article about dating men in suits. Check out the official website at!

Beauty & the Briefcase premieres on Sunday, April 18th @ 8-10PM on ABC Family. Supporting cast includes: Matt Dallas (Kyle XY), Chris Carmack (The O.C.), Michael McMillian (True Blood) and Jaime Pressly (My Name Is Earl).

15+ promos inside of Hilary Duff in Beauty & The Briefcase

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hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 01
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 02
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 03
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 04
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 05
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 06
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 07
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 08
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 09
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 10
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 11
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 12
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 13
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 14
hilary duff beauty and the briefcase stills 15

Photos: Bob DAmico/ABC Family
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  • Avery

    Can not wait to see this film! Hilary’s body is amazing!

  • Great TV actress

    Sorry, still laughing from when she said she was a better actress then acclaimed Oscar winning actor Faye Dunaway.

    TV is where she belongs.

    Fluff and nonsense, oh, yes indeed, the plot and material is PERFECT for Hilary Fluff,

  • Hmmm

    Bit of a stumpy chunk, eh?

  • Blah

    Cute teeny bopper who is quickly outgrowing her 20′s.

    No talent has been evidenced so far.

    Agreed. Definately, TV sitcom material, if that.

    Does she have any presence or comedic timing? Doubtful


    The wardrobe on this tv show are horrendous.

    Miss Duff appears to wearing clothes better suited to a cartoon character.

    Is Duff one of those Disney kids?

    Didn’t Disney BUY ABC television?

    Hmm, this explains quite a lot.

  • NativeNYker
  • Talent Check

    I see a cheap tv copy of “HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS”.

    Kate Hudson did it better,

    My 13 will watch this, but then I will have to explain no bleached hair and packed on make-up for girls in high school AGAIN.

  • Matt

    Young, bleached hair ,nose job, veneered teeth, clothed in short skirts, and lacquered.

    Talent? notta

    Hiedi with a better management team.

  • Lucas

    @Great TV actress: She doesn’t say that, ok? She just defended her self.
    About the movie, I want to see it!

  • Diana


  • Brit

    One, Hilary is a natraul blonde. And you couldn’t even get on TV if you wanted too. I’m sure your unattractive and heavy set. Hilary is pretty and has load of cash on top of that!

  • Margaret

    What indigenous variety of trailer rash uses the vernacular, “load of cash”?

    One assumes the same variety that identifies “loads of cash” with talent or a “classiness”?

    Laughable , but exempllies Duff’s fanbase, ignorant lower middle class teens. When did America become filled with SO MUCH IGNORANT TRASH.


  • Jen

    I don’t see why people hate on her. I think she is really pretty and seems like a sweet girl

  • iN tHE kNOW

    The TRUTH … not hating on someone.

    She is a Disney Channel widget with very average cute looks and very little real ability to perform or act.

    She can thank her lucky stars she has as much as she does.

  • cindy

    Yikes! From looking at pics and not reading into the premise of the show….i thought of UGLY BETTY (America Ferrera’s edition).
    Somehow, I don’t think this show will do well. Go back to singing, Ms. Duff!

  • Tina

    You commentators are so nasty there’s a difference in being honest and straight out being mean. This is Just Jared not Perez Hilton’s blog..

  • http://google toni

    Nice smile, life must be good. God bless you Hilary, hope your career goes well.

  • Jasmine

    What puzzles me are these comments really people? Hilary if she wanted to doesn’t have to do this film she’s filthy rich her clothing line Stuff by Duff is the best selling clothing line ever ever made for tweens. This is just a side project.

  • Amber

    Hilary looks super cute! The fashion looks hotttt! Thanks Jared!

  • Amber

    this isnt a tv show! its a movie geez learn to read hun

  • Amber

    @Great TV actress: she never said she was better than Fay. Show me the quote. Dont go putting words in her mouth

  • Jasmine

    Hilary never said she was a better actress than Faye you seriously need to do research before trying to out Hilary on Blast… Hilary said that her fan-base is different than Faye’s older fan-base!

  • longchamp

    a definite oscar contender

  • sammm

    FYI i don’t think tv movies can even get nominated for oscars?

    it’s not a show retard, it’s a tv movie

    and you’re some upper class, highly educated snob aren’t you?
    that’s why you know SOOO much about hilary duff’s fanbase right?

    don’t worry, your worse! maybe you shouldn’t waste your time commenting on posts you find “pathetic”

    everyone on tv shows and movies are airbrushed

    “TIM GUNN”?

    riiiiiight, was heidi klum next to you when you wrote this?

    have you seen the movie? no, so shut up

    @Great TV actress: when did she EVER say she was a BETTER actress than faye dunaway?
    someone please let me know cause she didn’t. the only thing she ever did was defend herself when faye claimed “they should have hired a real actress”, to which hilary responded, “i might be mad if i looked like that” [paraphrased]… not once did hilary say she was a better actress

  • Amber-louise

    She looks good in these pics actually

  • @#2

    @#2 What a STUPID IDIOT YOU ARE. Hilary never said that. You are so f—ing STUPID!!! Oh and HIlary Fluff? LMAO. LAME!

  • Avery

    DEAD at #2′s comments. Hilary NEVER EVER said that at all. The amount of negative comments Hilary gets is amazing because she is actually one of the good role models left in Hollywood.

  • Jose

    Seriously who and what mind would compare Hilary who has had a respectable career for over 7 years to someone who’s an attention seeking reality star? Hilary Duff has had her share in success throughout her years of fame. Heidi who’s had like 20 plastic surgeries in one week is a reality star. You just cannot compare it’s not even something to even talk about… Seriously people think about what you’re going to say before saying it! That was just so stupid.

  • Linda

    What I find funny is that most if not all the people that commented will watch the movie anyways but are afraid to even say it.

  • Tiffany

    Who cares if it’s a TV movie at least she is working and has money the last time I checked she was on Forbes top paid actresses. Oscar contender? was that suppose to be a joke? This is a romantic comedy it’s not suppose to be a serious drama…

  • Vitor

    I can’t wait, the video in abc about the movie is amazing! hilary is so talent, I believe in her. GO, GO hilary, love U.

  • MissDignity

    She is my God..!

  • Boss

    Hilary is just an actress with a very limited range. She can do the whole cutesy preteen well (Lizzie Mcguire), very well. But any adult roles are just beyond her grasp and the movies she chooses to do (like this one, another Disney production) are not helping her. If she wants longevity in the industry she really needs to increase her range and work on her ability to portray and adult in her roles. However, if her goal is to milk the “I talk and act like a teenager” thing in movies for as long as she can, then I guess keep doing what she’s doing.



  • Emeline

    Weird, I’ve already seen it in France.