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Kate Bosworth & Alex Skarsgard: Doughboys Delicious

Kate Bosworth & Alex Skarsgard: Doughboys Delicious

Kate Bosworth and her rumored boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard, have lunch with friends at Doughboys Cafe & Bakery Restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (March 15).

Kate, who was seen wrapping her arms around Alex, took a bit of sweetness home with her — a slice of red velvet cake!

And good news for all of your vampire fans! True Blood kicks off its third season on Sunday, June 13. Errriiiiicccc!

More pics at X17!

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kate bosworth alex skarsgard doughboys 01
kate bosworth alex skarsgard doughboys 02
kate bosworth alex skarsgard doughboys 03
kate bosworth alex skarsgard doughboys 04

Photos: X17
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  • true blood

    Alex looks good. Who wouldn’t want to hug him?
    Thanks, Jared!

  • Rita

    There’s some sort of desperation about Kate Bosworth that’s very unappealing.

  • Umm

    Dude, that’s the BEST you can do? Baffling.

  • R&M

    Looks like Skarsgard has secured his future on the c-list.

  • Sintia

    Same thing all over again… I’m gettin’ tired of her.
    She surely has a good publicist though

  • Liz

    Well, she’s a lucky girl. But sooo skinny!

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l’s sad to see he has horrible taste in women.

  • Sporty

    There is some touching going on but Bosworth was all over producer Ryan Kavanaugh at a charity event in 2009 and insisted she wasn’t dating him.

  • truly

    he looked more affectionate with the dark haired girl.

  • Eon

    Looks like friends having lunch.

  • Rachel

    Such a cute pair! They always looks so happy together. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

  • Squirrel

    They both look good, but I agree the pics only show friends having lunch. I don’t get the animosity towards Kate. Perhaps she isn’t the best actress in Hollywood but there are worse.

  • JustJoanie

    Was she wiping his mouth? LOL!

  • banana

    Why does jj keep posting about this has been? And I don’t get his appeal, at all. Blah all the way around. Next!

  • Jason

    @…I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: She looks like a teenage boy in a wig.

  • 3-2-1

    SHE looks happy because she’s getting papped with a hot up and comer. Frankly he usually looks sad around her.

  • TC

    I don’t think they’re a couple but she’s a cute girl. He seemed happier in the photos from last week where he was with that cute Swedish girl.

  • kaching$

    I think Kate is a beard for this dude.

  • jenn

    desperate…and grossly thin

  • wowowow

    watch the video at x17. kate looks at the camera twice. she knows they’re there. she probably called them.

  • sweet karma

    The video at X17 makes it look like he’s dating the dark haired woman.

  • pr guy

    It’s an obvious photo-op to dispel the Nelly Fang rumors.

  • Josie

    two generic bland blondes.

  • two dollars

    Dude is known to hit it at clubs. He’s not dating this one but maybe he has a FWB arrangement going on.

  • Nicole

    She is so absolutely disgusting!!! She wants fame so bad and is desperate to keep her career going. It is sad that he is attracted to a girl who slept with her bf’s husband when Alex said that loyalty is one of the things he is attracted to in a woman. So sad for Alex that he is THAT dumb!!! I honestly think this is ploy for his fame and upcoming season on True Blood and for her to get more roles. Is she actually eating that cake to ‘beef’ up for Barbarella that she is supposedly get push from Jane Fonda(also a loon!).

  • Tim

    Probably just pals like most say but if not, proof he’s gay. Too bad for the ladies.

  • Nicole

    And Kate definitely called the paps for this one!!!!

  • T.O.

    The most enduring showmance o f 2010.

  • yeah

    @two dollars:

    If that’s true, then they are perfect for each other! Though usually she prefers married men.

  • Sophy

    Just because he’s hanging out with a costar doesn’t mean they’re dating. He hangs out with his GK costars too. Granted those were a bunch of guys and Kate is a girl, it still shouldn’t make a difference. I honestly see these photos as photos of friends. Plus, Alex must see through her desperation. He can’t be blind. He knows he can do so much better.

  • JustJoanie

    @Nicole: Alex seems to say lots of things that turn out to be a bit… deceptive.

  • Seriously

    Does anybody really care about these two? He’s kinda hot, but Bosworth hasn’t been relevant in years, if ever.

  • pfff

    What’s she done again? Besides showing up at every possible photo-op, I mean. Good lord, he has awful taste in women. She looks like an emaciated boy.

  • Shay

    @two dollars:
    More details, please!

  • zoegirl


    Yeah, Alex is not going to get offers for movie roles because of who he is dating. That makes a lot of sense.

  • Katie

    The fangirls can hardly deny it now, though I am sure they’ll try.

  • loove

    i think that kate is more into alex than alex is into kate. no ?

    i mean she saw that people were there taking pictures , so it looks like she wanted to be seen touching alex and laughing and everything. ‘Cause i’m sure they’re just friends ….but maybe kate wants more. lol i dunno.

  • Sigrid

    Cute, they both wear half booties. Gäspning. Perhaps Andreas Wilson if Swedes are in now.

  • Rachel

    If baffles me that so many readers in this forum seem insistent on only seeing the worst in people. When I look at this footage, I see a group of friends having a lovely meal together.

    I don’t waste my time trying to create elaborate stories that imply the people at this meal had motives other than spending time together and eating food.

    Honestly, I think that a lot of the readers have forgotten that Alex and Kate are just normal human beings. The fact that their career of choice has put them in the public eye does not change the fact that they are regular people.

  • Ohyeahyeah

    She’s a passable beard for Nelly Fang.

  • Sarah

    I used to think Alex was hot, but his shine has worn off since he started hanging out with such a celebutard.

  • loove


    haha indeed. i mean she was looking at the camera and everything!
    i saw more picture on another site ….it’s obvious she wants people to think they are dating. I mean , alex is not a dumb guy ….and i saw her smoke once …he already said he hate smokers

  • liz


    Just this one Swede is in

  • Nicole

    Yep the shine has worn off for both of them especially him. just had to come back and check to see how many comments were here and very low compared to before. no one cares about either of them anymore. too bad alex ruined himself with this one.

  • laura009

    Desperate girl, bad outfit on her. I don’t know him, looks boring.

  • liz


    I agree slighly, but I think the main reason why there are less comments than before is that Jared banned the crazy hater’s IP. No more loony hater, no eager defenders=no heated (stupid) debate=less comments.
    All the better, I say.

  • karey

    alexander looks gorgeous.. lucky kate

  • Latin Lover

    @liz: Wait! JJ banned the crazies???… ¿Por qué, JJ ¿Por qué

  • hans


    No id say they are still here…

  • amy

    im jealous of her to have snagged such a hot guy