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Rachel Bilson: Hayden Christensen is Like a Human Dictionary

Rachel Bilson: Hayden Christensen is Like a Human Dictionary

Rachel Bilson whisks off into an office building in Los Angeles on Tuesday (March 16).

The 28-year-old actress recently talked to Cleo magazine about her fiance, Hayden Christensen.

We read a very funny comment about Hayden, saying that people need a dictionary when they read his interviews. Yeah, he’s very, very articulate. He has a wide vocabulary and he’s quite a clever guy. There are definitely things where I’ll be like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about right now’ or ‘What does that word mean?!’. We definitely have that every so often.

So he’s a human dictionary for you? Exactly! (laughs)

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  • Gabriella

    Let’s make a list of people that Jared is promoting/stalking while they are jobless and talentless or both: Rachel Bilson, Olivia Munn. Who else?

  • G

    I actually think really smart people know how to simplify words/vocabulary so they are clear and direct and do not cause their listeners to say, “what??”

    I mean no harm to Hayden. A lot of actors/actresses in Hollywood have 4 year college degrees. But please – the best communication is the clearest one. Your fiancee should NOT stumble over your words and have to stop you to explain what you mean. In fact, no one should do that to anyone else. Not because it’s arrogant, but because it’s just tactless and shows poor insight into communication skills.

    KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid

  • max

    Vogue/Bazaar/Elle/Marie Claire/W/Interview….Nope, she only got Cleo Mag!

  • mikey

    well, at least she isn’t shopping.

  • Andrea

    A lot of people don’t like these two, but for some reason I do. I think they are really cute together. Haters please don’t bite my head off, just stating my thoughts.

  • fresh

    LMFAO @ Gabriella.

  • jess

    Hayden is smarter than many celebrities who have made colleges and today are extremely stupid, but it’s a shame he spends his time with a stupid girl like Rachel, but as people say, “love is blind.”

  • Just Jared

    @Gabriella: Amber Rose! Duhhhhh.

  • me

    He does have a fondness for big words. Of course, Rachel’s vocab probably hasn’t evolved much since elementary school.

    Seriously, she makes it SOOOOOOOOOO easy.

  • @suckit


  • lisa

    I also need a dictionary when I see interviews with Hayden LOL

  • http://! ivanka

    @Just Jared: LOOOL

    i love rachel and still i cant understand why people dont like her.. its her life, leave her alone and stop critizing her

  • virginia

    @gabriella Kellan Lutz (10 lines in twlight shouldn’t warrant so much attention)

  • OMG


    There is a whole topic thred bout needing a dictionary……hmm, so now we confirm they read what we write..LMAO

  • Meagan

    Hayden and his entire family are all extremely intelligent and well educated. Even though Hayden is the one that didn’t attend college, he went to a very progressive HS and from all accounts was an excellent student. He was offered a full ride at an Ivy League University, and even though it was for athletics, they don’t hand those out to dummies. Rachel dropped out of Community College and by her own admission has no memorization skills. She has no business being a part of such a family, she must feel like an idiot after five minutes with these people. Unless of course she’s too vapid to realize even that.

  • Serena

    @G: That is stupid. Some people just realize that other words then the simplest forms don’t work as well as larger words. Think before you txt.

  • jamie

    The interviewer read about it on IMDb, not Rachel. And Hayden is not clever, he’s normal guy, the truth is that Rachel is an idiot LOL

  • Ahari

    Have you read the rest of the interview? She practically bites the head off the interviewer when asked when they’re getting married. And board games? Hayden’s family plays Chess, Cranium, and Taboo among other things. She’d probably struggle with Candyland and Connect Four.

  • Viper

    How much of that Ivy league college is a fabrication he was said to want to attend Harvard, Yea not buying that, Ppl can’t believe everything out of this man’s mouth. Plus things this man said are not overly intelligent they are typical of an actor who is given prompting before an interview. Add to this that Bilson can’t read beyond a 6th grade level better still even common words are over her head. Reason he is not seen with her like a regular fiance is possibly bc he can’t stand having to interpret the small words to her. More or less has to spell the really big words to her like “Shop”

  • Jax

    I’m pretty sure she’s got “shop” down pat.

  • lisa

    Hayden wanted to go to college, I remember that he said he would go to Harvard like all his family, but he can’t because of Star Wars movies. – $$$$$$$

  • collegedatingmatch

    I hope they get married

  • Reed

    I woudn’t bet the idea she can spell even the words she knows by heart I’m sure Gucci, Posen and Choo are in her vocubulary but give her simple shit and I’m sure she askes what’s that about. Yea I agree she has the intelligence of a green bean and the only reason this dude hangs with her is b/c he needs the beard effect. What man wants a woman who he has to do even simply translations to most guys would say see ya and run the other way. This guy is biding his time is all I feel, guessing the real intelligent woman won’t give him a second look so he has to settle for the really simplistic person like Bilson. God help him I’m sure the reason he rather stay in Canada is b/c he can be around ppl who have their act together and he doesn’t have to give a blow by blow instructions with pictures to make her understand. If he is as smart as ppl claim he is then he best dump this woman soon she is pathedic and sucking his money down the tubes.

  • deshaun

    She will… after she went off w/ that building..

  • OMG

    geez she only cares about clothes! dressing up babies…clothes clothes clothes. she’s obsessed & hypocritical

  • Lola

    @Gabriella: You forgot Kate Bosworth. I’m surprised her and Bilson aren’t best friends.

  • unreechy

    BilHO’s talking about his regularly M-I-A fiance out of nowhere… she’s “insinuating” another photo-ops or a booty-c@ll?!

  • anne

    @Gabriella-so true

    Hayden-define wooden actor.

  • The truth

    JJ why did you say that tshe did it when it was someome else. Need to get your fact straight. Like i said you need to start asking why hayden don’t come and visited her anymore instead are making her look good all the time.She haven’t done anything with herself but she’s doing now. And hayden is not in the picture and no one seem to know why.Don’t know why she wants to mention his anyway when she don’t want to be around him.She need to just tell everyon that she is not going marry him and this can be close one and for all for everyone. And people can stop asking her that all the time.If she want to do it she would done long before this. Someone on E asked about her and what she was doing ( her co-star on O.C. ben k). And he didn’t know what to say..But someone said she was working and that was lied. Its not hayden ‘s faut about being with her.If hayden don’t want to be with her then he don’t have to be.I’m sure hayden can date other people just like she do.Sowhat’s the fuss is all about anyway. Hayden already knwo what kind are girl she is.She just said that because somebody in us weekly said that Adam’s girlfriend was a smart Too. She always coping off are other people and what they say and do. No.12 no one is critizing her but she that to other people and to hayden too.She don’t really care about him at all.Sne suppose to support him not use him like she do.Its all about her all the time like it was with adam. we never hear anything good about him are he doing a good job..She only do thing for benefit and not his.She suppose to with the other actress her age. Not going to office building to be seem.sShe really don’t care anything about him as long it keep her in spotlight and she can Yes he is but see who benefit from its her.So when is coming to visited her again?Is thsi a cover for not asking her this about him not visiting her.Sheowe people an answer about that don’t you think..Many are you will say that’s none are our business.But when other people do it you want to know about it.Its been almost three months and no hayden. He not MIA something isn’t right about this.And she never says nothing about him like this.And no.5 haow they be couple when she don’t want him to be around her.He was only there to get work.So i guess the story in intouch mnagazine was lied.Showing her and telling what she said about him is not enough to get answer about why hayden don’t visited her in la anymore.Its almost three months already. This interview doesn’treflect what going on with her and him now. Maybe its a booty call with someone . She sure is runnig fast. Hyayden is smart and has the talented she will never have.

  • @#1

    Hey at least, Olivia Munn has a JOB that even if she’s a zlister, she’s still not worthless!

  • brightside

    Can anyone point to interviews where Hayden Christensen has used a vocabulary that people have failed to understand?
    Although I can well believe that, Rachel, as she so helpfully pointed out, fails to understand what he is saying!

  • deshaun

    She’s a brunette & an emaciated version of Jessica Simpleton.

  • brightside

    Well done to JJ though (and Cleo, too)! In one fell swoop they have managed to make Hayden (the plank) Christensen come across as an averagely intelligent, nice guy into one with delusions of intellect and arrogant about it, as well as portraying his love interest as the sort of girl who has all the intelligence of a lima bean.

    Now that’s what I call character assassination!

    I’m sure that this article is really going to be so helpful to both their images…..

  • Abcdefgh


  • blairite

    Rashchel’s always at lost for words everytime and would try to mimic what others are saying and would try to make it on her own.
    And now she had remembered or re-browse from her invisible fiance’s imdb thread when there’s “nothing” to talked about to about her this time and actually for a very very very looooooooong while now.
    And obviously, it really looks like that she’s regularly visiting “his” imdb thread – where his very few loyalist fans “castrated her into pieces” just by mentioning/stating her name in there.
    I’d say Rashchel is a Human Trick-tionary & a Thick-Faced-Moron!

  • People should read

    blairite as mentioned on page 1–the interviewer looked at the Imdb board, and found and used the comment for a question, not Rachel.

  • unreechy

    @ I don’t know what you’re talking about right now’ or ‘What does that word mean?!’. We definitely have that every so often.
    And that’s what Ms.BilHO to all you… as the ULTIMATE BRAINLESS WONDER!
    Waiting For Forever has been re-titled as “Waiting For DVD”.

  • lexy hates bilson

    What is Cleo magazine and how desperate are they that they interview Rachel? Couldn’t they get a Kardashian or that Kendra chick?
    Was Hayden accepted to Harvard? I’m sure many would like to go but they don’t exactly let everyone in.
    I think that Jessica Simpson crack is pretty dead on – reminds me of her and Mayer when he would say stuff so she would shut up and drop to her knees. He probably uses the big words around her b/c it’s a turn on that she’s so dumb!
    Maybe she should buy a dictionary next time she’s out shopping. They have those little pocket ones and electronic ones!

  • Alias

    Seems to me it’s the haters who need a dictionary, these idiots can’t even put a sentence together without a spelling or grammatical error
    See #29 (wtf is that) and #34(desparate?) just as an example

  • aberfitch

    And just how credible is that (utterly trivial) magazine interview – catching up an idea for questioning from an obvious bias fanboard whose mainly full of sweet nothings?!
    But nevertheless / whatever, RaTchel is absolutely & undeniably the “Eternal Sunstroke Of The Incurably-Demented Mind” of Hackden.

  • The truth

    Alisa you can’t either why you’re talking about others . WE can said what we want and how we want to write it rachel is going to have haters and no one is going top like her all the time. Rachel is the one that said that hayden was a human dictioinary and that she didn’t understand what he was saying. We here can write and say say waht we want here ok .if you can’t stand the truth about her then don’t read it .I let you know that you probably can write past what you say. Rachel dug her grave and she got to get out are thuis herself. Talking about hayden is not going get an acting gig by saiding nice things about him. She made that decision tro that to herself. no one told her to get involved for that reason. And will the the way ilike thanjkn you very much. And the one that said that Olivis mum don’t have job she does. As for alisa You can make peoplem like her any better. we all know why she hooked with hayden don’t we. Caus to promote her caeer and she don’t want to be seem with him anymore in la.Hayden should have been mention if she think he’s so smart. And she don’t like for him to be that way . people here has their opinion are her the way they like.She has done some nasty things to people by opening her mouth. So just leave me and others alone about the comments we make. I don’t like what you said and not ashame to tellyou about it.What make you so special anyway. Im don’t see you are rachel writng a book about anything. She is what she is to go and say that she don’t understand what he say.She so caught up in what he’s doing she won’t do nothing for herself. That’s all she’s about now.Nothing else for her tokiss up to him when he hardly don’t want to be around her. And the ones that say that he like her for mind like that think again.He would rather be with a smart girl than her. And she rather be with someone that act just l;ike her and things that she do. Hayden is toosmart for her that’s why she don’t want him to be around her too much.Nothing like thatn has rug out on her. She’s the same girl he met three yesrs ago and haven’t change one bit.He can’t tell her nothing so she spreaking so highly are him when he don’t support her in nothing that she that’s dumb too do.If sproke highly are herself like that she wouldn’t be depending on his for her career. She need to deal with herself first intead are hayden . He already got things for hisself And don’t need her anymore..Don’t she get it. So alisa and others leave alone.Deal what you comment on.

  • who needs the dictionary?

    I think it is amazing that people come on here thinking that Rachel is the one that brought the topic up of people needing a dictionary to read his interviews. @ Jamie #17 and People Should Read #36 plainly state, as well as the post above, state that it is the INTERVIEWER who read the comment about people needing a dictionary for Hayden’s interviews. That means Rachel DID NOT bring up the topic, she was answering the question from the interviewer. And people think she reads all these comments on here? That is funny! If you are going to make fun of someone not being smart, at least be smart enough yourself to read properly, and spell with proper grammar in your post, when saying someone else needs a dicionary, lol!

  • gilmorie

    HC is clever?! DUH!?
    When he hooks up w/ NON actress/celebrity who looks, acts & thinks just like that; and whenever he acts on screen, its a surefire that he’ll be once again be critically lambasted… that goes to show that his so- called cleverness is hardly been existent.

  • jamie

    Just Jared is an international site, I believe many people like me use the translator – that never works right – If I write correctly portuguese someone would understand? I think not.

  • shadowy

    What a highly amusing no-brainer! HER regularly few fans (who got bored on her full of just photo-ops & nothing more fansite & who now stalked her patronized JJ articles) seems to be shy away to state now their old but obvious (tag) names; afraid that haters (who always rule on this thread) would cut their heads off LOL

  • Abcdefgh

    @ alias yes i am dumb, but what i wrote was true, you know it and thats why you are mad at me.

  • Reed

    If anyone takes notice of her comments on that interview she lies around almost everything she has said in the past. She obviously has short term memory loss to add to the ADHD or other issues she claims to have. She professed that she wants to raise her kids with these HW friends of her. PLEASE isn’t this the woman that said no kid should be exposed to paparazzi and she will wisk herself away to know man’s land when she gets knocked up (giving the indication she isn’t looking to be married in any event). But now tells us she wants to raise them surrounded by these friends.. Also where does some doctor give q-tips to put up your nose with a sinus infection NOT unless he got his degree at Walmart he won’t put q-tips up your nose and allow her to walk out the door.. Then indicates there was no OBGYN on the medical sign board. I don’t believe this woman has any idea what an OBGYN is let alone spell it.

    Anyone with any degree of higher intelligence would talk over this woman’s head. Hell Sesame Street is more her speed bc they do spell out the words for her. I’m pretty sure HC is finding time in Canada to spend with others who do dazzle his intelect there is only so much of a shopaholic that one person can take. Reason thus I don’t see this relationship lasting too long past any marriage he will get board having to use small words all the time.

  • Randome

    Wow i never new these two were even dating. though they were in jumper together.

  • juniper

    I still can’t figure out how this OC-Smurf gets invited to anything or even gets interviewed into something as if she’s promoting her future or even a present project – NON! But what the heck, if she CAN hire some random paparazzo to follow her around as if she’s a bankable hotlister in HW right now; why not too on some small-time magazine…

  • kosher

    @ I don’t know what you’re talking about right now’ or ‘What does that word mean?!’. We definitely have that every so often……

    Poor Mini H0. She is so IQ challenged. Every single time she reveals something or comments on something it gets worse and just laughable. Someone should “tape” her mouth shut, asap. Her and Jessica Simpson who are both equally annoying, talentless & dumb as a box of rocks should be the ultimate Sillywood’s BFF.