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Gisele Bundchen Works Up a Sweat

Gisele Bundchen Works Up a Sweat

New mom Gisele Bundchen shows off her curves after an intense work-out at the gym on Wednesday (March 17) in Studio City, Calif.

The 29-year-old supermodel recently shared about staying out of the public eye while carrying her son Benjamin. Gisele told Vogue in its latest issue, “I felt like my pregnancy was a sacred moment for me. I stayed in Boston and I didn’t work apart from the contracts I have, and then I only let them use my face.”

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  • anonymous

    Wow! I wish I looked like that after working out!

    Love Gisele…can’t wait to see more pics of baby Benjamin and little John.

  • Roar

    so hot…. look those boobs.

  • karoline

    omg no fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 she looks so hot, even more so then before if its possible. ugh so gorgeous

  • Manny

    what this chick is insane looking for just having a baby! sexy

  • janelle

    She looks good for just having the baby.

  • kanessa

    WOW gisele

  • Nic

    My god, she is a freak of nature, who looks this good, damn you Gisele!

    Complete inspiration.

  • alison

    her boobs look amazing, as does she lol. my inspiration to get my butt up right now. thanks gisele im taking a jog now.

  • lexy

    She’s so beautiful!!! Love her – even sweaty!!

  • Frida

    She was really fit before being pregnant (hello, supermodel!) and really just gained weight around her belly it seemed so I suppose that’s helped her get in shape so quickly. Most women don’t look like this a few months after giving birth though. I’m a bit anti hitting the treadmill as soon as the baby is out, why bother when you can spend time getting to know your newborn?

  • S3WA

    What a body! She’s gorgeous.

  • jacky

    @Frida: Frida she has to. its her job. she has to look impeccable at all times. lol gisele hasnt been seen until today since giving birth. shes had plenty time with her baby. time for mama to get out and enjoy herself a little! She looks Gorgeous!

  • ++Logan++

    Oh my god! She looks better than me by 1000 times and i haven’t even had a baby yet!! So unfair!

  • Dread’s

    I freakin’ hate this chick but damn it, she does have a KILLER BODY! I’d also love to look like that after working out. HaHA! @alison: Me too !!!!! XD

  • anonymous


    Its been over 3 months since she had the baby, most doctors say its fine to start working out again after 6 weeks. In her first post-baby interview (2 months after the birth), she was asked if she had started working out again and she said “No, right now its all about the baby.” So it doesn’t seem like she was in a rush to start working out again, but 3.5 months after birth I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  • Amber-louise

    She’s so lucky. I know she works out a lot but I’m willing to bet genetics plays a part in having a body that great.


    She looks fabulous for just having the baby!!!!

  • ace11

    my bet is that Leo is the father

  • Katie

    Her body looks great Unfortunately,her face is sooo ugly.

  • gross

    she is just gross.

  • http://! ivanka

    great body after having a baby, loving the boobs!

  • major

    beautiful body, but she looks like a dude in these pictures

  • vasquea

    shes so freaking pretty! no offense to her friend, but look at gisele compared to your average chick. difference it HUGE. she is stunning. her face is so tiny.

  • mshells

    WOW just had a baby *jealous* she is so naturally beautiful! her face is stunning. no makeup and I swear her photos look like they could be a photoshoot. no fair this bitch!

  • tricia

    I saw her today!!!!!!!!!! OMG wow even more beautiful in real life. Life is so unfair! she was real nice too. smiling and laughing. enjoying life. well no wonder, she is GISELE!

  • no

    her face is too manly .

  • bb

    Ill tell you what is “gross” the people who call her that! LOL trust me. I’ve seen some of her hate club members (aka tom brady groupies, fat chipmunk face model fans). I wanted to puke after they had the audacity calling gisele freaking BUNDCHEN names, and then showed themselves afterwards. It was quite disturbing.

    they must be mentally hadicapped to think what they see in the mirror is ok, and what gisele see everyday is not…..

    moral of the story: you best be hotter or as hot as Gisele freaking Bundchen before you put her down! and trust me, thats a rare thing.

    bye bye

  • breslin

    wow she a little bit reminds me of Julia Roberts!

  • Tammy

    naw her face is beautiful. absolutely think she is amazing looking!

  • brangelina1

    perfect .

  • cindy

    She is looking even better! Perfection!

  • Gisele fan

    She is so happy! Meeting and marrying TOm was the best thing that could ever happened to her! She glows. Hope to see these two having a large family.

  • fox

    this goes to prove why supermodels get paid for their looks. I mean come on! she just had a baby for God’s sake and looks this good!!!???? she is SUPER. beautiful

  • kelly

    I don’t get it, if people don’t find one attractive why come visit them, look them up, stalk their lives,look up their pictures,google them, what have you….Because Im here for the main fact that I love Gisele and think she is drop dead gorgeous. The people that claim she is ugly but know more about her life then her fans do, well thats pretty freaky and obsessive. lol

    I think those people secretly like the goddess, they just can’t admit it, bc their jealousy has gotten the best of them. such a sad life! get well soon haters. It’s only hurting you in the long run, Gisele has no clue , and could care less! haha she is the one with the life….

  • Angela


    then you look like a man’s poop!

  • Bella Coola

    I love how the same two people keep posting over and over how great she looks while trying to convince people they shoudl agree. Who do you think you are, Anna Wintour?

    This “chick” has the body of a Tranny and the face of a young man.

    Sorry, Wintour, don’t care what you opinion is, this chick is manly.

  • Saeyer

    I love when dumb women prattle on about how getting knocked up is the best thing ever and how ‘sacred’ it is.

    No it’s not. You’re knocked up, that’s what you are.

  • Cutesy

    man face and body.

  • T.O.

    Hot mama.
    Leo should be kicking himself for letting this woman go!

  • carmen

    @Bella Coola:

    oh please you are just used to seeing a fat face and body everyday, thats why. gisele is on jj, you are getting fatter and uglier by the minute stalking her. LOL loser

  • bellamy/a

    @bella cooties: if she is ugly to you why do you look her up? lol that is SO weird to me! I would never look up an “ugly” person. only the beautiful people get my love. Gisele is beautiful inside and out. quit being jealous and stalking all her threads all the time. wow LMAO

    oh and btw: her haters are like minus 1% of the people. they are tom brady groupies who believe they were his best match (LMAO) or models fans who like huge fat bobble heads. deal with it.

    if gisele is ugly then you look like her toilet every morning!

  • lisali

    Um..Wow..she looks like that after she works out??? Candids don’t lie..Gisele is naturally completely beautiful.

  • http://www. GISELE IS AN UGLY MAN. EWWWW


  • Maxim

    damn u tom brady!

  • abs


    LOL u sound like she should go dig herself a grave! lol

    but nope instead she’s the #1 supermodel in the world with one amaizng life. ah envy envy!

  • LA

    to all the haters: the other women with her (wait there are some other people with her?) they are the true beauties right? LMAO

    aww to bad gisele isn’t as beautiful as they! *rolls eyes*

  • InsideScoop

    The real scoop here is her trainer Maria Kelling – the best kept secret in Hollywood and New York!

  • InsideScoop

    Want the look? That’s her trainer Maria Kelling!

  • A-dean89

    I would love to rub my face on that sweat.Maybe i could just stole that tank top and rub it all over my nut and cream my pants.