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Hugh Jackman Singing in Chinese -- VIDEO

Hugh Jackman Singing in Chinese -- VIDEO

Hugh Jackman proves once again that he’s a talented song-and-dance man!

The 41-year-old Aussie actor crooned a country-western song in Mandarin Chinese on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It’s just a little preview from his new movie, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which he shot in China. Can’t wait to see this on the big screen!

Hugh will also star in Precious director Lee Daniels’ upcoming movie, Selma. The Hollywood Reporter says that Hugh will play a “racist sheriff in the tale revolving around the historic marches staged by King in 1965 in Selma, Ala.”

Click inside to watch Hugh‘s appearance on Leno

Hugh Jackman Sings In Chinese

Hugh Jackman Shows Off Darker Side
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  • Gabriella

    Is there anything this man can’t do? I love you, Hugh. Can’t wait for all your upcoming films!!

  • Ezra

    I love this guy.

  • junebugz

    I like Hugh, but I’m sooooo tired of seeing his face everywhere. He’s overexposed.

  • 8D

    I love Hugh Jackman. He’s hilarious and so sexy and gorgeous. And hugely talented. Way to go, man!

  • Gabriella

    @junebugz: Why is he overexposed? Jared doesn’t post much about Hugh, who is a real star unlike all those other talentless people like Rachel Bilson and Olivia Munn. Where do you see his face everywhere? even if I did see his face everywhere, i would never get tired of him.

  • Tara

    Everywhere? Overexposed? He never shows anywhere where he doesn´t have to. Paparazzi are following him so there is nothing he can do about it. Jay Leno is his friend so that´s why he was there twice this year (and isn´t promoting something). I haven´t noticed he would be everywhere, I think on the contrary. Pattinson, Cyrus, these are overexposed.

  • @junebugz

    I don’t think he’s overexposed. He has 5 upcoming films (the Chinese one, Avon Man, Real Steel, Selma, that comedy with Kate Winslet, not to mention Wolverine 2). He has to promote them.

  • Janie

    LOVE HIM!!!

  • Eric

    What a jackass! Hugh, The Chinese people showed you incredible hospitality and respect, this is how you repay them? by dissing them on American TV? How about showing some respect for the local culture? Not everybody do things the American or Australian way!

    Mind you, the Great Wall wine has won many awards in international competitions – it was recently chosen as the official wine supplier for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games – and is sold in over 20 countries and regions including France, Britain, Germany and Japan. It has become a famous Chinese export brand and number one bestseller in China. I guess it is just not up to your decadent Hollywood star standard?

    Your good friend, Wendy Murdoch was born and raised in China, I don’t think she will be thrilled by your put down of China.

  • JT

    The “clip” that they showed was not from China at all!
    It’s from a TV show from Hong Kong shown round about 3 or 4 years ago :D haha

  • Daliah

    Insincere and insecure…hiding some secret and that is the vibe I gather from this guy. I dislike his fake smiles. His “Perfectness” is fishy.

  • Cindy

    Geez, lighten up on your comments.. This was a fun show. I thought Hugh was great. My friends all thought he was great. Why are you all so serious. The man is one of the nicest and most sincere actors around. He never said he was perfect, just an all round nice guy and very talented actor and singer.

  • Ilia

    He is a really cool dude. He never gets overwhelmed, a true showman!

  • dfggq

    I’m Chinese and I didn’t think Huge made fun of Chinese people or put them down. He certainly had a great time singing the Chinese song. Lighten up, people!

  • handbook

    The Great Wall Wine is supposed to be quite famous in China and has a business in exporting. Used to be served on State dinners. And he said it was pretty bad … Yep I understand but the comment is kind of unnecessary considering his nice guy image. I am sure the wine makers won’t be happy about it.

    But I don’t care.

  • Eric


    Huge? How do you know? :-)

    You should brighten up, by the way.

  • kc

    Hugh did a great job singing in Chinese, I can actually understand him. What he did show was that he had a great time in China… and I think that’s the main point. Lighten up people.

    ANd btw… great wall wine SUCKS big time. You can find it on the sale alley at Welcome supermarket in Hong Kong. No one buys them. I travel around the world, hardly see them anywhere else. The French would hardly want to even try Napa wines, so I don’t think they’d even touch Chinese red wine. Next time, lie better. And red wine isn’t even part of Chinese culture, so I don’t understand the big deal about “pushing” it as a Chinese export. geeshh..

  • mina

    Hugh is not so famous in China. The chinese people are not so into hollywood celebrities because they have their own mega stars making millions in their own chinese film or TV industries. China is a very big market. The people in china watch their own television network and films. The only foreign films they watch are probably from other asia place like Hong Kong and Taiwan. The stars from Hong kong and taiwan are more famous. I can see why Hugh got yelled at all the time by the production crew. The big celebrities in china don’t get treated like that. Hugh is funny though. He seems to enjoy it.

  • Terry

    Where exactly is he dissing them? He had obviously a great time in China and as an unknown culture for him, he said what he saw. And that he didn´t like the wine? So what? He was sincere. Someone here yelled that he is insincere and when he is sincere and says “it wasn´t good” you are dissing him again.
    Give the guy a break, he is only a human being, not a perfect man as media are trying to present him. I personally think he is funny and one of the most sincere persons in showbiz.

  • Patty

    Hugh is adorable! And I don’t find his reference to China, or the Chinese director or people, disrespectful or anything, because that’s the way Chinese people talk: they kind of shout when they speak, that’s how they are. Nothing wrong with that of course.

  • Karen

    I love that Hugh commands the interview – so many times Jay, Dave, etc do all the talking and don’t let their guests get a word in edgewise.

    Although I’m sure he meant no offense, he probably shouldn’t have done the funny Chinese accent because other stars have gotten into trouble for doing that.

  • Cindy

    Just thought of something funny…. I had never heard of Great Wall wine. I am going to buy some to see how good or bad it is. This mention by Hugh Jackman on American TV will really increase their sales! They should be thrilled.

  • Terry

    Could not understand one world what he is singing. Es he sining in Chinese?

  • Davi

    is that really not true from nude pic?? I was surprise, that is joke. great picture, Hugh. *ROFL*
    I did not believe, he sings with language chinese, maybe is weird??
    I was not longer see with fan of Hugh Jackman…

  • Davi


    sorry for the word, I can not say. They are really over 18 years old, I am too older and know about privacy policy… sorry for mate.

  • Davi


    yes he does.

  • Aussie

    He’s gay. Nothing wrong with that.

    But he’s gay.

  • Jokergurl

    I love Hugh Jackman he’s so talented, he’s funny too. I love how he and Betty White were playing off each other on Leno. He just looks like he’s a nice guy (who could bench press a small car if needed) I wish he would have hosted the Oscars this year too, he did a great job before.

  • neighbor

    Although I’m bisexual and not homosexual, my “gay-dar” is usually dead on and having had at least a hand full of conversations w/ Hugh ( my friend and I bring her kids to the same park he brings his) I DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get a gay vibe from him. BUT… I also dont get a 100% straight vibe either. Perhaps its due to his personality, easy going and open minded, or maybe at some point in his life he fullfilled curiosity, either way, it doesn’t really matter because he is simply an amazing man.

  • Leren

    this was an excellent show, I have seen it within the Netherlands. Jackman singing Chinese, incredible. This proves that not al actors are suffering from low IQ ;)

  • cindy

    cindy7:16 am
    I am sorry, But if Jacky Chan goes to China and do a big country TV talk show interview after making a movie in American and all Jacky did was joked about how America’s subways smelling funny(llike urine) and 90 percent american are really BIG…(fat) and joke about it. Or maybe Jacky said some place in USA people don’t even know what’s IPOD. That they are so behind technology wise. I guess it’s all good fun and Jacky was just expressing he was shocked by the American behavior and how behind they are in some state.

    Like lighten up when people are shocked with the American and jokes about it on big network TV watched by millions. RIGHT?

  • cindy

    And it is not poking fun, that is how American people are. Majority are BIG (fat) and the public transportations smell funny. The people in some states live like farm people never been out of town, never heard of IPOD nor ever even used a computer. It is the truth. Nothing wrong with it. It is just the way it is.


  • Schuhprinzessin

    Great video – I love Hugh Jackmann, he has some really great movies out

  • Whity

    The Historical drama “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”is based on the novel by Lisa See, an American of Chinese descent. The focus is the friendship of two women in traditional China of the 19th Century: Lily, daughter of poor farmers learn early on how little is in China, a girl’s life worth. One day, Lily receives a letter from a girl called Snow Rose is developing a lifelong friendship – until fate strikes.