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Jennifer Garner: I Can't Believe It's Butter!

Jennifer Garner: I Can't Believe It's Butter!

Jennifer Garner has her hands full as she carries both of her daughters, Violet and Seraphina, after picking Violet up from preschool on Tuesday (March 16) in Santa Monica, Cailf.

The 37-year-old actress is gearing up to begin filming Butter next month in Louisiana!

The film is set in the Midwest and “centers on an adopted girl who discovers her talent for butter carving and finds herself pitted against an ambitious local woman (Garner) in their town’s annual contest, according to Variety.

“I can’t wait to start churning,” Jen, whose production company, Vandalia Films, will take on the film as its first project.

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  • kacee

    stupid. she can’t carry a lead role even in her own production company that ben told her to set up. enough already of the double baby carrying. we know you have nannies, help, a whole team….just no husband to help. single mom. you can’t always get everything garner….something’s gonna give.

  • Sue

    Cute pigtail on Sera! :D

  • http://justjared katrina


  • Anna

    If she doesn’t want to get attention, then this is the weirdest way to accomplish that. I am sure she can give violet all sorts of rides on her back at home, then why gain extra attention with this?

    This movie sounds tiresome and she has never opened a movie as a lead, so unless she gets some huge stars to co-star, this isn’t anything to write home about.

    I also read right now that Weinstein co. are going to distribute….. and all I could say was “duh!” Weinstein is a buddy of ben affleck and it seems like he is doing Affleck a favor.

    Even though I think she is a talented, though limited, actress – does anyone seriously think that a former television star like her would ever get a deal like this if Affleck wasn’t a hollywood heavyhitter?

  • Diva

    She has such beautiful girls!

  • Abcdefgh


  • Siobhan

    I dont see Jennifer sitting on a gossip blog putting down people she doesnt know. So that is one thing she has over everyone one of you losers.

  • Kate

    LOL haters is gonna hate

  • Liv

    Um, the Rachel Bilson comparison is ridiculous. Alias was a show loved by many, and Garner worked as the lead character on if for 7 years. If anyone “deserves” to be famous it’s people who have worked their butts off like she did. It’s b.s. to call her out when this page is covered with The Situation, the ginger from 90210 and some other random people.

  • Truthteller


    Right on Anna!. Goes to show that in Hollywood it doesn’t matter how worthless you are as an actress at the box office its who you know and are married to..This must be part of the divorce deal, Ben gets the weinsteins to make his wife’s movie and instead of a 40 million dollar divorce settlement, garner settles for $20 million. It was reported that Ben was with Harvey Weinstein at Sundance, please Harv, pretty please make my wife’s movie.

  • Pippi

    I love Jen and her beautiful little girls. Such a delightful bond between them. Ben is one lucky man. He really hit the jack pot and is so fortunate to have such a happy family. Seraphina and Violet both are gorgeous girls just like their sweet mom. Love that pic of Violet. Thanks JJ for these awesome new pics.

  • Nantia

    She is gonna drop a child..Lol..Why she always carrying her children ? Violet is too old to be carried!She thinks sh protect them?W are not going to steal them Jen!
    And btw what awful looks..I know she is a mum but she could dress better..She is like a cleaning lady!

  • Fan

    Can you guys answer me this question – If you don’t like Jennifer and her girls – why don’t you just scroll past this post on the front page instead of clicking into it and posting?

    Don’t get it – why do you have to post your negativity – just move on to the people you like and leave the ones you don’t – can’t figure out your logic unless it is just your nature/personality to be nasty and you like to share it – if so what joys you would be to be around.

    Didn’t your Moms ever tell you – if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all – just keep it to your self.

    Go to your favorite celebs and view there pics and let us who adore the Afflecks enjoy ours – then nobody bothers nobody – get it? Common sense people.

  • Get A Life

    Nantia – Violet is 4 years old – which is still very much a little kid, she is getting a piggy back which is a favorite thing for little kids. She will only be little once – she has plenty of time to walk and face all the realities of life, let her enjoy her childhood and the little things that are fun.

    Plus if you had a stalker and 20 paps around, I am sure you would view it different. It not that their kids can’t walk – They carry their kids to get them to the car and into the car so they can get out of there faster and away from the lens. Walk a mile in their shoes before you are so quick to pass judgement, and I know they did buy into this life, but their kids did not. If carrying their 4 year old is the worst thing they do – then the crime is not too bad. Ease up a little and don’t sweat the small stuff.

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ leave this woman and her kids alone! Again when she’s out and about by herself or with Ben she’s fair game. But stalking schools like some sicko pedophile is disgusting!!

  • Marine

    Seriously ?? It’s been weeks we have those pics twice a day ?? “Picking up Violet at school, deoppind off Violet at school” who cares ?? it’s always the same pics, I love that family but I’m enough to see them EVERYDAY in front of school ! that’s ridiculous ! When paparazzis will be tired of it ??

  • tawi-tawi

    She is so boring.
    Ordinary women with kids, not celebrities, are often more interesting to look at than this.
    And she dresses with no taste at all. She could at least care enough to make her jeans shorter and wash them, so they’d look elegant, and not ugly and dirty like that.
    Kids are cute.

    to Fan – i have scrolled past her posts like 100 of times already, it’s like a perpetual deja vu every time you open, it’s disturbing.

  • kizbit

    First of all, all of you who proclaim Jen needs to “dress better” to pick up her daughter from preschool, please post pics of yourselves all dressed up for a night on the town as you head off to pick up your own kids! Or do you even do that? Or do you have a babysitter do it??? If you’re not giving your own kids piggyback rides, it’s time you start. It’s fun and they’re only little for a short time. And finally, if you were surrounded by strangers day in and day out snapping photos of your children as you picked them up from preschool, I bet you’d carry them too to keep them safe. That is what parenting is. Protecting your children.

  • really

    Jen does not need to anything but BE JEN, and be the beautiful mum she is, and keep it pushing way past weak people (haters).

    I love her! I log onto just jared, just to see her and her beautiful kids, she is so inspiring!!!!! and just natural, which hollywood needs!

    she definitely slam dunks, and simply marvelous in jeans!

  • really

    @katrina: I SO AGREE!

  • Anna and Truthteller obsessed

    @Fan: You are asking too much common sense for Anna and Truthteller (maybe the same person, who knows?) who act like they hate Jen THEN KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT HER MOVIE DEAL WITH THE WEINSTEINS!!!!
    That takes some googling constantly on Jennifer Garner. Finding out all they can about her. Makes you wonder why people who act like they don’t like a star, spend all their time finding out the intimate details of their movie deals, life etc. etc. WIERD ISN”T IT????

  • Honeybunn

    Seraphina’s pigtail is super cute. Ben and Jen make pretty kids.

    What is wrong with you people? Jen is smart to produce her own movies. The roles for women in their late 30s and 40s get fewer and far between in Hollywood. Jen is doing what Sandra Bullock is doing and creating her own work. There is nothing wrong with using connections to get your movie made? Why wouldn’t you? I would. You have to ambitious to make it Hollywood. Jen isn’t waiting around for some interesting role be offered to her. Jen Garner is a star but, she isn’t Hallie Barry or Reese Whiterspoon. These women probably get more movie offers then Jen. But when was the last time they made a movie? “Butter” sounds like a sweet little movie geared towards families with kids.

  • http://google toni

    Sera is so cute and violet, what a loving family.

  • Go Ask Alice

    The paps need to stop taking pics of her , Halle and of hers doing just ordinary life things as we all do esp.when they are with their kids.

    Kids are kids.
    She is putting them out there at a Hollywood event.

    The girls look adorable and are dressed like the little kids they are and dressed for the weather, season.

    the bawby has to be carried.
    The 4 yr.can walk. Safer to let her walk. Piggy back ride is fine at home on the carpet.

  • Shawna

    Jen Garner is a great actress and she has tons of fans and I’m sure she doesn’t care what all the losers on here think about her.

  • hong kong
  • Kate

    The only reason she has Violet On her back and Sera in her arms is because can you imagine how many paps are around them? its basically for the girls safety. You’d rather have Vi on her back then where the paps can trample over her. people need to leave Jen alone because shes an amazing mother!