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Rachel Bilson: Jamba Juice for Two

Rachel Bilson: Jamba Juice for Two

Rachel Bilson keeps it cute as she picks up two drinks from Jamba Juice in Hollywood on Tuesday (March 16).

The 28-year-old actress also picked up a bag of potato chips for a snack!

Rachel recently dished to Cleo magazine that her style has changed since she was younger – “I think there are general trends that were awful across the ’80s,” she shared. “It was, like, you wore the hair scrunchie on your wrist and Doc Martens, but I’m liking Doc Martens again. So, you know, everything does come back.”

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson picking up Jamba Juice in Hollywood…

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rachel bilson jamba juice 01
rachel bilson jamba juice 02
rachel bilson jamba juice 03
rachel bilson jamba juice 04
rachel bilson jamba juice 05
rachel bilson jamba juice 06
rachel bilson jamba juice 07
rachel bilson jamba juice 08
rachel bilson jamba juice 09
rachel bilson jamba juice 10

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  • lily

    oh god jared, STOP IT!

  • brightside

    She would only have been about nine when the Eighties ended! WTF does she know about Eighties fashion – she was still playing with Barbie Dolls and having sleep-overs! She must either mean the nineties or she’s referring to kindergaarten little girl fads that weren’t at all fashion revelant.

    Or, of course, she’s just an idiotic babbler who let’s any old sh*t come out of her mouth without engaging her brain.

  • Gabriella

    Here we go again. Couldn´t you just mention this in her previous not important article about her? I agree with Lily. Stop this. She’s not gonna suck your d!ick, Jared!

  • brightside

    Lets – no apostrophe – oops. Shoots, eats and leaves!

  • max

    well if she doesnt have scripts to carry shes got to find something!



    Isn’t jared gay? Why would he want that?

  • Nate

    uck, her again

  • lulu

    jupííí rachel is back:) every single day on jj (or twice daily hehe)
    please stop this mania or you can make

  • chachhe

    Rachel recently dished to Cleo magazine that her style has changed since she was younger…

    Duh, just about everyone’s style changes.

  • Gabriella

    @NIKKI: Good point. blowjob is different, I think. Doesn´t matter if it’s a guy or girl. As long as someone sucks his d!ck. He’s not gonna bang her, that’s for sure.

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    sick of her!

  • Carrie

    Oh goody I’m soooooooo excited to see Rachel going out of her house again and doing nothing worthy with her life as usual. Gee Jared it so nice of you to keep giving us the latest breaking news of Rachel’s very useless busy life. I don’t know how I will survive the day without a Rachel post. I wonder what new goodies you will post about her later on today? Rachel Bilson: Keeps looking oh so cute while taking a dump. I can’t wait to read another post about this useless twat.

  • annasaurus

    I for 1 think you should keep posting on Rachel Bilson if only to have these entertaining posts.


    WHY Jared? Rachel AGAIN!!! You REALLY need to STOP.

  • brightside

    There are general trends that are awful now (bling, teacup dogs, oversized sunglasses, reality tv, etc) just as there were general trends that were awful in every decade.
    This girl speaks only in twee generalities, she blurbs, she’s a champion blurbler, blurbling away. She’s the verbal equivalent of bumf. Everytime she opens her mouth she makes herself appear about as intelligent as navel-fluff!

    Actually I liked Doc Martins, they were quite seriously the ultimate kick a$$ in bad-stomping, teen angst, so I agree with her there. I used to steal my brother’s and pad the toes with cotton wool!

  • peter

    What’s so great about her? I’ve never heard of her, except here on JJ. She’s an unknown!

  • Fools

    What is ironic is that she sees herself as some hot topic celebrity she can’t locate work so she tells a magazine that she likes to have a b/f who understands the demands of her career. PLEASE she can’t act and you need a job in order to have a man understand demands. He isn’t getting any more work then she is. So how is this a comparison. If the demands are shopping, sucking up jamba juice or eating out the most it’s doing is sucking up his funds. She dresses like a tween b/c rthat is her mentality a tweenager reason that there is seldom any director that will take her seriously. JJ is milking all he can get out of this z lister why guess her PR agent pays him well to play her personal paparzzi.

  • Susan

    She needs a makeover, big time! Please start with the mop on your head, Rachael.

  • Alex

    I don’t get why everyone is so down on Jared. This is Rachel’s fault. Rachel calls the paps and/or makes herself available to them. All Jared does is post pics because people who don’t like her and people who don’t care, but are tired of looking at her, give him the most hits. So he gets cash. She makes him money. Yes, he might have some sort of deal with her PR. Her walking out of her house on Oscar night and him knowing EXACTLY what designers stuff she was wearing, as if she went to the actually oscars is proof. Also the fact that he can just pick up the phone and get an “exclusive” interview about nothing, as he’s done in the recent past, is also a good indicator that there is some kind of business relationship/arrangement there. She should actually thank Jared. He keeps her out there more than anyone else. She should also thank Hayden, because if it wasn’t for him no one would give a crap. Because most of the people commenting are either fans of his or former fans of his that like to talk crap. In other words Jared is just doing his job. He has to make a living as well.

  • faye

    maybe she’s like the Just Jared mascot or something.

  • lexy

    So JJ can you find out who the 2nd drink was for??? Why didn’t the person in go in with her?
    @ Alex – I don’t know – keep an eye on this thread b/c their are people who post who claim to be her fans?? Some are sure are her PR people but some of them are so upset about their favorite has-been they resort to name calling. But I agree – those of us who dislike her are doing are part to help the economy so that JJ and any staff he may have can keep the lights on! Because the REAL hits are in the Jolie/Pitt/Aniston threads and the Twilight fans and those pics aren’t cheap!

  • lexy hates bilson

    post #21 was from me…forgot my “add on” when I’m here and in the Portman thread. Rachel’s fans might try and use my name to type some gibberish about Natalie!

  • what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    are bang on what they say about this numpty,

    no wonder hc cant stand to be around her that much,
    even laughing to her face about how thick she is get’s boring after a while,

    and those thunder thigh’s are comming along nicely, she should
    take her own fashion advice and not wear those awfull jeans,

  • Alias

    @21 & 22 – what’s next? lexy hates lexy hates bilson ?LMFAO
    I still say you should use dys-Lexy-a or lexy is a sh!thead, much more suitable LOL

    You and your haters should thank JJ for his almost daily RB post, if it wasn’t for him, you losers wouldn’t have a life. And when 3 or 4 days go by without a RB post, the haters must go through some terrible RB withdrawal LOL How do you idiots get by?

  • lexy hates bilson

    And yet here YOU are right with us “losers”…her YOU are responding to almost EVERY comment made about Rachel. Correcting grammar and spelling errors?? That’s what’s REALLY funny. How you claim to be so superior but here you are…and God help us if Natalie Portman is seen?? You’re like a dog with a bone hurling insults at her and her fans. Talking all sorts of trash.
    So what are YOU doing when there’s no Rachel posts and no one to insult? Are you out writing letters to government about Polanski?? Picketing his movie? Writing letters to the stars of his lastest movie? Or are you Googling Natalie looking for some more gibberish to post about her??
    Oh and since we’re making suggestions on names how about Alia$$ – not only does it fit you but you can pretend you’re like that Ke$ha!



  • juniper

    I still can’t figure out how this OC-Smurf gets invited to anything or even gets interviewed into something as if she’s promoting her future or even a present project – NON! But what the heck, if she CAN hire some random paparazzo to follow her around as if she’s a bankable hotlister in HW right now; why not too on some never-heard & small-time magazine?!

  • Jax

    Hey people, Katherine Heigl and her hubby had lunch at Little Dom’s today, yet Jared didn’t comment in the body of the post that Rachel also lunches there quite often. You’re slipping Jared, that was the perfect opportunity to turn a post about a talented actress that actually works into one about a useless, talentless, transparent fame wh*re.

  • amaranth

    BilTROLL sucks today, tomorrow and forever. She have to crawl back under the rock where she came from. And spare us all the nonsense, completely fake and empty lifestyle. She is a sad & hopeless example of a human being.

  • riedell

    She has to get out and be seen she has to stay relevant to “endlessly” sell herself. Her pekingese hair needs a trim big time. Her split ends are crying out for moisture but just covered up w/ that fake coloring. I know she’s not busy w/ anything but just media-papping, but can’t she, like, go to salon and ask for a haircut?!

  • Chuckles

    @lexy hates bilson: Thank you!!! I’ve been trying to say that for almost a month now but indeed apparently Lexy is too superior for us. I support what you are doing… but sadly there is nothing to do with retarded people; they are born like that. Anyway, her hate will cosume her one day!

  • Chuckles

    @ARABIAN NIGHTS IS BACK: ahhaha not a 13 years old girl but more like a 35 years old fat ugly b**** you wish she was angelina jolie or Rachel Bilson to make it in the context

  • andie


    Everytime Jared puts up a post about Rachel, drink!
    Everytime Jared mentions Rachel’s fashion style, drink again!
    Everytime Rachel talks about HER fashion style, drink again!
    Everytime Jared shows Rachel wandering around, drink again!
    Everytime Jared shows Rachel going to some casting agency business meeting whatever(in other words, an employment agency), drink again!
    Everytime Jared mentions Hayden Christensen in a Rachel Bilson post, drink again!
    Everytime Jared shows Rachel’s engagement ring, drink again!
    Everytime Jared shows Rachel with little sister Hattie, drink again!
    Everytime Jared shows Rachel with her sex therapist mom, drink again!
    Everytime Jared shows Rachel shopping with thatfriendofherswhoismarriedtoJoshSchwartz, drink again!
    Everytime Jared mentions Rachel carrying a bag from some designer, drink again!
    Everytime Jared mentions Rachel wearing boots from some designer, drink again!

    And so on and so on and so on. You can add more to this list!

  • brightside

    LOL – but don’t encourage her fans….most of them are alcoholics and drug addicts already.. :-)

  • zzz

    love her :)

  • Alias

    @25, I was wondering when the loser you are, was going to use aliass, it took you THIS long? LOL
    At least I don’t post using 2 different names in back to back posts like you do. And how do I respond to every insult about RB( I just point out the stupid ones that make no sense, as there are many) , unlike you and your mob who responds to every RB post with the same hateful cr@p. Check it out, not even close, my furry friend. At least with NP, I point out the hyprocrisy of a person who carefully protects her good girl image by admitting she’s a pothead.
    And also I’d like to point out the hypocrisy of haters like yourself who complain about JJ posting about RB all the time but have no problem filling her threads with posts. See the problem that?

    And if you need suggestions with some other screen names you’d like to use, I’m happy to help, really! original lexy hates lexy hates lexy hates bilson, just for starters

  • Idiot


    Good girl image man you certainly don’t look past the dogshit that your stepping in. This rerun on JJ each and ever day is posing to be just that. As this ” I want to be seen as this good girl or the girl next door” when in fact she is far less. And don’t think for one second if someone told her to sign a petition for a director she wouldn’t do it. RB proves time and again the sheer waste of the US education system on her. This woman is far from any type of role model and before you sling mud about NP Bilson is a perfect example of LA party girl.

  • Alias

    @37 – your screen name speaks for itself LMFAO!

    And your little miss good girl is such a good role model, oh yeah, the pot and cigarette smoking homewrecker. No wonder Benjamin doesn’t want to be photographed with her, did you see NP’s last post, the guy was walking so far back you’d think NP must’ve a farted or something.

  • shadowy

    Why do some “insular-minded” always say that you are jealous or pathetic if aren’t particularly a fan of someone who’s famous (but in her case) its just famous for just being (in)famous?!
    Gossip blogs like this are meant to be “commented” even everyday or even by the same person regardless of if you like the person or not… just looked at those 2 lead stars of that Twi-Tard movie huh, even them who’s genuinely popular & a continually-busy-working on numerous projects spewed a lot of hate in the blogs & tabs – so what’s more to someone like this El Lay H0 who’s just playing exclusively & forever-till-the-end a “”Gossip Internet BUM”?!

  • Di

    I like Justjared, I like Rachel B and would be perfect. For all of you, skip her threads or get a life!

  • comrade

    Even if this Lil’ Moe couldn’t even pass an audition on the American Idol… I would like to hear “Simon Cowell’s” thoughts & predictions (if there’s any) about/on this nut-job tartlet.

  • lexy hates bilson

    and here you STILL are AliASS – with your name calling and arguing with us so-called losers and insulting Natalie Portman. If you want to talk about pathetic hypocrites, I suggest you look in the mirror! BTW, you never answered my questions – you just deflected with your usual name calling and insults on Natalie! But wow you do get worked up over Natalie don’t you…you can almost feel the jealousy and anger spewing out of your comments about her!
    Also AliASS, there are a few spelling and grammatical errors in your friend Arabian Night’s threads – but you didn’t point them out.
    You said it Jax!! But it’s a good thing – Heigel is a star. The waiters probably tipped off the paps that Heigel is there hoping their restuarant will get some PR from a REAL star!!

  • Reed


    And your princess is so much a saint she is a pot head past with Mischa drinking etc..Plus Natalie said she tried it ONCE in college gee where most ppl do . In RB case her BFF’s and Gay man still do it behind closed doors. RB rolls out of the bars needing her friends as crutchs b/c she can’t walk straight. Gee lets start swinging the dirt if you like. Show me any real celebrity that can say they don’t have skeleton’s in closet and RB and HC have plenty to worry about there.

  • Alias

    @ lexy hates bilson hates herself …- looks who’s talking, the pot calling the kettle…, and why should I respond to your questions, like you’ve never responded to mine, why is Benjamin walking so far behind NP in the last JJ post? He looks pretty unhappy about it all, unlike that oompa loompa of yours who’s smiling. And tell me if she isn’t a homewrecker why hasn’t she commented about this part of her private life but she felt it was necessary to comment about the Penn rumors? Maybe because they’re true. And why did Natalie who is proud to be a good girl out herself as a pothead? And tell me if you’ve seen “The Professional”, you know why she supports Polanski.

    As for Arabian Nights, she p!sses all the haters off especially you and brightside or is it you as brightside, for that she gets a free pass for anything. lmao And even so, she is but one compared to the bigger number of loids who pass as haters. All I can say is that the haters are a lot dumber, all you have to do is look at the haters’ posts like your own for example.

    And it’s Heigl (see what I’m talking about when it comes to the intelligence of haters like yourself) , the only person that loves Heigl more than her hubby is herself. But that’s another thread for another time.

    Finally I admit there’s typos and then there’s bad spelling and grammar, the haters have cornered the market on the latter.

  • Alias

    @43 – does RB smoke, no, is RB a homewrecker, no. Does RB’s significant other walk so far back when they’re out together, that he’s basically out of state, no. And why does NP protect her good girl image by confessing to be a pothead? Kinda counter productive wasn’t it?

    Show me any proof of your lies and BS and I may change my mind about
    RB and please no links to perezhilton LMAO

  • what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ ALIAS

    i think you will find that many time’s rb significant other has walked
    far behind her on many time’s,

    here one example hc+rb papya pair monday 12th oct 09
    such a gent he even lets her carry the shopping,

    and the times they have been papped coming out of the supermaket
    he’s been more into his phone and coffie the he is her,

    also the last lot of pics in canda first one where they are walking
    down the st, yep looks so into her-not!!!!

    2nd where they have the boat trip and she is sfuffing her face
    yep look’s like he really looks bothered about her,
    that why he spends more time on his phone!!!!
    a really happy couple we have there.

    3rd time could only look half happy because they have been told to,

    any show of any thing its because its being paid for.

    p.s i’ve said this before if they are so happy together why not stay in
    canada? i mean the phone is not ringing of the hook with
    job offers for her, is there?.

  • periwinkle

    Let me help w/ you some “live footage” (lol) on how Mr. Christonesen
    still trying to make it real but still come off as fake – on how he truly
    truly adores (?!) Ms. Bratchel…

  • Alias

    @ lexy hates herself hates lexy hates bilson – you wouldn’t happen to be the one who are giving all the negative comments + ratings and I and the others – ratings as you’ve threatened to do before? glad to know you’re good at something in this world LOL

    @47 – at least RB and HC are with each other unlike Benjamin being the 3rd wheel in that picture. NP is standing closer to that guy than with her bf. Benjamin looks like another person in the crowd in one of those pics from that post, he’s so far back. Even JJ missed him.


    And it’s Christensen, I rest my case, I told you people the haters can’t spell to save their lives. You’re not lexy in disguise are you? The haters all must have dropped out of school,LOL

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Does RB’s significant other walk so far back when they’re out together…

    Such a comedic piece this time of the day! Well hold on to your seat and here it goes – ZZZZZZZZ…

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    And here’s another one w/ the “master & his maid” LOL