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Gerard Butler Has Pleasant Parents

Gerard Butler Has Pleasant Parents

Gerard Butler steps out in a leather Ferragamo jacket as he lunches with his mother, stepfather and a mystery girl on Wednesday (March 17) in Soho, New York City.

At the premiere for The Bounty Hunter, the 40-year-old actor tried to explain the good relationship to Jennifer Aniston. “You know, that’s a hard one to explain,” he told MTV News. “Who knows why? You either just have chemistry or you don’t.”

“I’m like a fun-loving, energetic guy, and she’s boisterous,” Gerry explained. “She’s got a lovely personality, and there’s this action-packed, fun script. We’re always going to, I think, have a good chemistry.”

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler having lunch with his parents…

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722 Responses to “Gerard Butler Has Pleasant Parents”

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  1. 1
    sukar Says:

    Where are the pics of the girl? They are all over gettyimages

  2. 2
    Cora Says:

    @ sukar:
    If you click on picture # 5 you can just see the “mystery girl”.
    But you’re right. There are more and better pics of the mystery girl at getty. Where is Mr. Giggles when we need him?!

  3. 3
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    No mystery asbout Anniston. Gerald Butler has said and implied a few times and is still saying they worked well together and were friends.
    Her side did not spin this at all.

  4. 4
    bonnie Says:

    Oh my god the chick looks miserable

  5. 5
    Gia Says:

    So why does she look so sad?

  6. 6
    Are They Aren't They???? Says:

    And there he was the other night according to Curious Carla professing to a complete stranger JA was the love of his life and that we’ll hear wedding bells soon and now she’s had a facelift to morph into a Megan Fox clone. I’ll say one thing for Gerry he normally does not get caught in public with those he dates so she’s probably just a “friend”

  7. 7
    caption of Says:

    images on getty describe her as his girlfriend

  8. 8
    Are They Aren't They???? Says:


    She looks so sad because she probably had to eat more than a few lettuce leaves to prove to Margaret she could develop child bearing hips hee hee.

  9. 9
    Not a girlfriend Says:

    You people are sick, She is his cousin. She lives in NYC and is 23 yrs old.

  10. 10
    looks like Says:

    at this point he is no longer concerned about their TBH narrative

  11. 11
    Are They Aren't They???? Says:

    @caption of:

    I’m sure everyone has noticed the “his girlfriend” – is this another sly move by him to quickly put the Gennifer rumours to bed???? or is this an assumption on Getty’s part and she’s maybe on staff or simply just a girl friend. I’m sure by end of today somebody will post everything about her.

  12. 12
    Gia Says:

    @Not a girlfriend:

    And how do you know this?

  13. 13
    Cora Says:

    Blessedly, it is Roger Ebert who writes it best, “I stared with glazed eyes at The Bounty Hunter. Here is a film with no need to exist.”
    (posted this morning on Rotten Tomatoes)

  14. 14
    I'm surprised Says:

    he described Jen as “boisterous”. Is he just openly mocking the media now?

  15. 15
    sukar Says:

    huh the cousin story actually makes sense.

  16. 16
    oh no Says:

    TBH has slipped from 11% fresh to 9% fresh

  17. 17
    KiTtY Says:

    @sukar: Yeah, he learned his lesson from the Bianca episode.. He’ll never be seen with a girlfriend in public I don’t think. Didn’t he say when he finds somebody really special, we will never see her… something like that.

  18. 18
    oh boy Says:

    Roger Ebert calls it “dreck” and says
    “Have I lost touch, or are bounty hunters routinely deployed to track down criminals accused of no more than a non-fatal traffic violation? Never mind.”

  19. 19
    Cora Says:

    @ sukar
    The cousin story makes sense to me, too. Poor girl if true. Gerry dates young women her age, so she gets ID’d by getty as his g/f. LOL! If she’s his cousin then she’s definitely inherited the family beauty gene (and the height one too)! They’re a good looking family. I always thought Margaret was a beautiful woman.

  20. 20
    why is it never Says:

    Jen caught lunching with mystery man?

  21. 21
    Are They Aren't They???? Says:

    oh well i said someone would come back before end of day with the info and it was here before i refreshed – scary.

  22. 22
    Stupid idea Says:

    @KiTtY:What is he going to do? Hold his girlfriend captive in the basement?

  23. 23
    FART? Says:

    LMAO…It looks like he is farting in someones face on pic6.
    The girl looks pretty..but I seriously doubt that she is his gf, simply because she shows no interest into the conversation or his parents.
    Like she doesn’t want to be associated as his gf….she sure is pretty though…if she would smile.

    Is this his cousin?????Well I dunno…Pretty family members then.

  24. 24
    Cora Says:

    @ Stupid idea:
    Gerry also said (at the Oscars, no less) that he would only bring “a serious girlfriend” to a red carpet event. So he seems to change his mind on whether he would make a g/f public or not.

  25. 25
    Curious Carla Says:

    @why is it never: Simple – no self-respecting man would be caught dead within 100 yards of her for fear of being her next victim. She’ll never get a man on a regular or permanent basis, she strikes fear into men with her whiny, desperate, needy, clingy and “it’s all about me” ways. She’s toxic material for any man, and men tend to run from women like her. That has been evident over the years since her beloved Brad managed his “great escape.” Also, with her never letting herself ever get over Brad, there aren’t many, if any men, who would ever compete with the “ghost of husband past.” She is going to die a lonely, old, shriveled up, hag of a woman, and it will all be of her own doing.

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