Jesse James Apologizes to Sandra Bullock for 'Poor Judgment'

Jesse James Apologizes to Sandra Bullock for 'Poor Judgment'

Jesse James has issued a public apology to his wife Sandra Bullock and his three children, Chandler, Sunny James and Jesse James Jr.

“The vast majority of the allegations reported are untrue and unfounded,” the 40-year-old motorcycle man said in a statement to People. “Beyond that, I will not dignify these private matters with any further public comment. There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me.”

He adds, “It’s because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way. This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them. I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them. I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me.”

The apology comes on the heels of infidelity rumors. On Monday, Sandra moved out of their Southern California house.

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  • 7

    I feel horrible for Sandra. What a year she had. The best of her life. To have that all ruined by your husband. I can’t imagine what she’s going through. I pray the paparazzi leave her alone. Congratulations Jesse you’ve made a lot of new enemies.

  • EL

    Sorry? Or just sorry you got caught? There’s a big difference, Jesse.

  • James

    This Oscar Curse is pretty powerful.
    But how can anybody cheat on Sandra? She seems like the sweetest most down to earth celebrity.

    She even defended him over the child custody case!

  • Hun81

    @el….. HA!!!! Totally.

    This sucks!!!

  • Marieme

    Agree with everything written so far! He can go to hell! What total slime. It wasn’t even a one time, short fling – it was months long. The way he looked her in the eye each time she thanked and praised him is sickening to me. I have such pity and compassion for her. I’d never want my husband to touch me again after touching that skaank. The guy never even wore condoms! He could have given her any number of diseases and the whole time she never knew. I can’t see how she could ever trust him again. Move on, Sandy. Please!

  • lips,tits & ass

    He’s a damn DOG.

  • scout

    Stupidest man on the planet!

  • Tattoos galore

    Perhaps Sandra should have been inked from head to toe too, then he wouldn’t have strayed!

  • NumbaOneStunna

    You guys, he was married to a porn star. I feel bad for Sandra, but I totally believe he is an ahole and really did have an affair!

  • hhhhh

    sandra is beautiful and sweet and successful. he effed up big time!!!

  • David

    What’s with all these cheating douches lately?

  • Dani

    What an idiot to cheat on a gorgeous, classy nice woman like Sandra Bullock.

  • nicca

    I agree with everyone so far. How can he do this to Sandra! This is one of the Reasons why marriage wasn’t for her. I cant believe he was willing to destroy a great thing for one little one night stand! oh and to cheat on her while she was filming The Blind Side? what? he was to lazy to come and visit her?

  • dollhouse

    Most men can’t handle being with a strong, successful woman. They’re so weak, as many of the husbands from the Oscar winners proves.

  • *sigh*

    too little too late. the damage is done and you couldn’t have publicly humiliated her any more than this. and the poor kids. all because you couldn’t keep it in your pants. was it worth it, jesse? was it?

  • Humpf

    Even America’s sweetheart isn’t immune to a cheating husband. I never cared much for her, but this is really too bad.

  • Susan

    “The vast majority of the allegations reported are untrue and unfounded.”

    Well, what is he confessing to? Either he cheated or he didn’t. It’s as simple as that and if it’s gone as far as this, his public apology to Sandy and the kid’s, he cheated. I didn’t want to believe it but I guess this proves it. Way to go Jesse. You truly did blindside Sandy with this one. You’ve proven to be as trashy, if not worse, than the piece of crap you cheated with. You DESERVE everything coming your way and I hope it hurts100 times above and beyond the pain you have caused your beautiful wife. You Douche!

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …he’s a fcuking dirtbag. he fcuking ruined the man-codes number one & two rule.. #1: never get caught. #2: never admit to ANYTHING! dammit, jesse, you fcuked up.

  • Pinkrose

    Oh well, the Oscar curse strikes again. I just wish men would cheat up…not pick through the garbage.

  • ummahyk

    pffffffff…he’s sorry because everybody found out..if the media and his wife would never knew about his infidelity I bet he would have just walk away with it and never would have thought about it.
    I feel sorry for Sandra..I real am….she seems such an wonderful person..and even if she weren’t nobody deserves such low-class betrayal especially if he/she happens to be the father/mother of your kids…your life-time expectations from the one you love are thrown apart.

  • christyjolie

    hes is an idiot! and sandra was so in love with him! she always thanked him and talked him up and now this! she must be DEVESTATED!!!! Cingrats Jessie James you are now the most hated asshole in America!!

  • happy girl

    Eric Benet did this to Halle and she also found out AFTER winning her Oscar – like days after. Now this. MEN!!! I think ALL men cheat. Someone has to give me som e solid proof that this is not the case. I know women cheat too but men have an illness when it comes to cheating. Thet cheat on really great, beautiful women – it’s like they want to bring the beautiful woman down or the smart woman down. Look at John Edwards. Your wife has cancer and is super smart and you cheat with ugly Rielle!!! Ugh!!! Any men on here, you better have som egood justification to prove to women ur not all cheaters. Poor Sandra. Stay strong. And she seems nice too. She should of left him at home for the Oscar. Biker Jerk.

  • Karen

    You know everything is just too easy these days….it’s like everyone needs immediate gratification. P**n on the internet is apparently just a click away..if you want to hook up with someone just “twitter” them, no offense but some men seem to be too lazy to try to be faithful…I am just shaking my head at this one..can’t even figure it out. Sandy is so beautiful, sweet, hard-working, and the list goes on. Do you think he are just a little messed up? Jeez,..what an idiot!

  • martha

    Oh, so some of the details were wrong Jesse? But obviously, you are admitting to cheating with this sleazy sleazy skank.

    Sandra may not be a perfect person for you, I don’t know her, but if something was missing from your marriage, you should have tried to work it out with the woman you married, who made a home for you and your kids, not bed this sleazy ho and risk everything for a fling.

    I just don’t understand why high profile men think [but of course, they're thinking with what hangs between their legs, not their minds] they’ll get away with bedding sleazy women. Did you think you could trust her to keep quiet? Like Tiger trusted his floozies?

  • Ellen

    If he really did cheat, then he’s an ass. Sandy’s way better off without him, good that she moved out. She’s such an amazing human being and so beautiful, I can’t believe someone would cheat on her. He’s such a pig.

  • happy girl

    marry on your level women! marry a guy who makes more or just as much. marry one who is as educated. marry one from a good family. marry one who is not threatened by you. still no guarantee but at least you are halfway there. what a jerk. jesse james tat cheater! yuck.

  • S3WA

    I don’t see how a public apology helps Sandra or his children. His admission of guilt just confirms what was just speculation. Just when you think it couldn’t blow up any worse than this he opens his mouth. What was he hoping to achieve from this?

  • BS

    And yet you Loons still love Brad Pitt–you little dim wits need to grow up. Men cheat because they can–got that? Your idiol AngieHo is no better then this bimbow–just has fewer tatoos. Give the guy the same break you gave Goat Boy.

  • marg

    Funny how just the other day, people were saying that they were the ideal couple. It just goes to show that nothing is what it seems; nothing is perfect; nothing is ideal. We should all take what we have and make the most of it.

  • Cayenne

    this gives me the worst chills that i can imagine for sandy.

  • Jeez

    For once can we have a big Female Star cheating on her man. The way the girl tells her story … it makes it seem like he does random hookups a lot. She was just one of many.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Ok, you are married to a good girl in every sense of the word, but ummm,ummm, unbeknownst to the public, she can be a freak in the bedroom.
    LOL, Iam sure Sandra goes to Sandria .OK!!
    She ispretty.Young looking in a wholsome way, looks younger than her 45 ,looks fresh,clean,comes to you with a ton of money that enables you to go anywhere on the planet with her…name the vacapalce-St.Barts, Aspen,weekend in Vegas, as only those with big money can have all of the big perks,…your three kids from two previous relationships adore her and she is good for them in every sense of the word,…your career which you built ypourself is different from hers and you can enhance your career too through hers, …she loves you YOu and all of YOu like the mess with with your ex girlfriends and Mamababy of Sunny and she will work with you and the courts to take good care of Sunny, and Sandra is no0t dumb,fat, ugly ,but kind,smart, pretty and
    WT is wrong with you?????????????????

    Jesse, the best thing you do here is EAT A BULLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Put the gun in your mouth and pull.

  • Jeez

    @marg: And now Sandra is teh spokeswoman for all cheated on women. She is on a pedestal… but like you say… we don’t know these people personally. She could be the biggest Biiitch behind closed doors. The American Sweethearts are not really sweethearts. #1″ homewrecker “and American Sweetheart Julia roberts , anyone?

  • teri

    First off neither party admitted to cheating as their friends denied it also. It’s easy to assume what you want but until either claim it then you don’t know sh!t. This is in so many ways different BS, you are just to damn stupid to see it. Moving on fast doesn’t mean cheating you tard, it might sting like he!! though. The way Sandra faught tooth and nail for that little girl to have a healthy and safe home and for Jessie to betray her is just evil. Moving on out of a marriage for someone more appealing isn’t cheating.

    BS @ 03/18/2010 at 5:26 pm -1
    And yet you Loons still love Brad Pitt–you little dim wits need to grow up. Men cheat because they can–got that? Your idiol AngieHo is no better then this bimbow–just has fewer tatoos. Give the guy the same break you gave Goat Boy.

  • blahh


  • dualie

    The real douche bags are all those who have posted comments about a couple they don’t even know, based on supposed “facts” they read in [cough] People Magazine or on some web site such as this one. You should all be ashamed for being presumptuous fools, but sadly, most are too ignorant to even realize how shameful they are.

  • Morgan

    These men, from John Edwards to Tiger Woods now this Scumbag.
    How in the world do they think they can get away with this? They all get caught eventually. When I think of at the Oscars and she thanked him, and he sat there with that sleazy smile, ugh! This biker needs to go back to his “doublewide” and forget Sandra, she’s waaaaaay too good for him.

  • AutumnM

    I feel so bad for Sandra. She seems like such a lovely woman. I Just don’t know what’s wrong with some men. They have beautiful, caring women like this and still mess up. Pathetic. He doesn’t deserve a good woman like Sandra if you ask me!

  • Go Ask Alice

    Pardon my typos, but you get it.

    teri, cheating is cheating, but some cases you judge case by case.

    Brad wanted kids. It seems from he said,Anniston said, rumor said,she did not but he thought after Friends or was led to believe after Friends they would have a family.
    He cheated with Jolie.
    Marriage finish. But there was no way they would be married today. Pitt would still be waiting for every B-Movie to be made by Anniston before a family. Anniston is high maintenance. they had no kids. They were both actors.
    Different case.

  • Go Ask Alice


    Sorry teri.

    Pitt-Anniston-Jolie was a differnet story.

  • teri

    As I watch her acceptance speech again I do see alot of heartbreak in her eyes. I just wonder if she knew then. That other woman looks like amy whino look a like, Jesse you really screwed up this time.

  • Go Ask Alice


    Agreed wth you and everybody.

    How low could this guy go?

  • to go ask alice

    Sorry teri.
    Pitt-Anniston-Jolie was a differnet story

    oh really!! sorry to break this to you but you are dead wrong. .jesse james had an affair with another woman while still married to sandra. brad pitt had an affair with angie while still married to jenn. can’t bash jesse without bashing brad. if you defend brad you gotta defend jesse. can’t have one rule for jesse and another for brad. doesn’t work that way.

  • Jen

    I feel for her. It doesn’t matter what she’s like in private, NOBODY deserves to be cheated on, it’s one of the worst betrayals imagineable. There is no justification for cheating, period. Nice try though.

    All I can say is I hope she does leave him. Maybe women need to do that more frequently to get the message through that they are not going to take this kind of behaviour from men. I really wish these guys would think about their wives and kids BEFORE they unzipped their pants for other women, instead of claiming to be ‘sorry’ later. We all know what such apologies are worth.

  • Sandy B.

    I feel for her right now because I truly believe she thought her and Jesse would make it to a ripe old age. Right now Sandra is doing the right thing by staying out of public view. She’s probably in Austin with family and friends. One thing you won’t see from her when she do decide to surface is her talking about it for pity. She’s a strong woman raised by a even stronger woman. So don’t go looking for the VF tell all from Sandy.

    We may not see her for a while because she don’t not have any new projects lined up. Which is good for right now.

  • kk

    Im so sorry for her…she had such a great year and he just effed it all. Cheer up Sandra!

  • hold it

    can we just hold off on the ancient news about the whole pitt aniston divorce. this isn’t about them and for the umpteenth time THERE WAS NO CHEATING in that situation. that marriage was over before he met angie. there were already rumblings of marital problems before brad started working on mr and mrs smith. if you have always been a fan of aniston, you would know that! or did you jump on the pity party wagon just because you hated the woman brad fell in love with?
    in this instance, sandra’s husband was by her side throughout the whole award season acting like the perfect, supportive and loving husband. i doubt sandra had any inkiling about the other woman. she doesn’t seem the type to stick around for the sake of her image. plus, why would they be seen lovingly together after the oscars if she was aware of jesse’s infidelity?

  • Marieme

    You know I have to wonder what person had the unfortunate job of revealing this to Sandy. You want your friends to know the truth, but I can’t imagine being the one to break the news that’s going to split a person’s life open.

    And while I have to agree with Teri #41 that there IS a possibility she knew and they waited until after the Oscar’s I also find it hard to believe Sandy would play into this game by feeding the public a bunch of bull by acknowledging her husband as some stand up guy when he’s so not. That doesn’t seem like her.

    And lastly to the morons who can’t rid their brains of the delusion that Brad cheated on fug – there is a huuge difference btwn falling for someone who is a better fit and breaking up a relationship FIRST before you pursue that than someone who hooks up with a sleaze, lies to them about the state of your relationship, bangs them on a dirty couch on that 1st night and then continues on in their marriage lying to their partner. People marry the wrong person all the time. I have no problem with someone fixing a mistake. I DO have a problem with an adult who refuses to grow up and wants to live their life lying to those nearest and dearest while trying to get away with as much as possible as opposed to manning up and doing the right thing. Brad did the grown-up thing. He made the decision to leave fug w/o Angelina’s input or hand. THEN when it was over he moved on. If you so badly want – need – someone to be mad at for breaking up a relationship then focus your dumb lasers on Julia Roberts. Her actions were inarguably rotten.

  • dee

    YAY YAY.. YAY.. Sandra needs to go back to where she belongs… !!! Keanu Reeves’ arms… yeah.. couple make in heaven.. but Keanu is shy person.. so Sandra..go to Keanu !!

  • Sandy B.

    Thank you “hold it”. ITA with everything you said.