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Kate Gosselin Returns to 'The View,' Is Not Dancing Diva

Kate Gosselin Returns to 'The View,' Is Not Dancing Diva

Dancing with the Stars contestant Kate Gosselin returns as a guest co-host
on The View on Wednesday morning (March 17) in New York City.

The 38-year-old reality TV mama was asked to set the record straight about the rumors that she “snubbed other contestants” and is “behaving frostily to the crew members.”

“I’m 3,000 miles away,” responded Kate, who was later seen lunching at Sarabeth’s. “I was out [in L.A.] once for five days and met everyone and had a great time.”

Kate will make her dancing debut on the season premiere of DWTS on Monday (March 22) on ABC.

15+ pictures inside of DWTS mommy Kate Gosselin

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Credit: Mike Disciullo, Fame Pictures; Photos: Donna Svennevik/ABC, Bauergriffinonline
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  • athena

    I wonder who will be watching her 8 children….while she’s out prancing and dancing. Wow, I think I need to get a reality show so I can be on these A B listers shows….hmmmm, Kate, you have a great publicist.

  • sister

    She is gross.
    Exterminate The View.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Jared why on earth do you keep covering this narcistic, abusive witch? How much are they paying you?

  • lexy

    There must be some idiots out there who like this loser. Why else would she be on the cover of People, a popular show like Dancing with the Stars and she keeps turning up on The View. I guess there are a lot of angry bitter women who’s husbands cheated on them who are big fans of this shrew! It’s pretty sad!!

  • notbusy

    People said she and Jon should go out and get jobs that did not involve their children. Kate got a job on dwts and is getting paid and it does not involve the children and now the same people are saying she should stay home with the kids! She put a dance floor in her basement so she’s home. Jon is not working at all! He can watch the kids the 2 days a week she’ll need to be in LA! Somebody has got to work since jon cut off their source of income and he isn’t bringing in any money!!

  • kizbit

    I’m still not understanding the whole “dance floor in the basement of her PA home” thing. She’s always in NYC. Why is that? None of it makes sense. And why is she allowed to have dancefloor at home? No one else gets that special treatment. As a matter of fact, many NYC based stars are unable to commit to DWTS because of the time they need to spend in LA practicing. It’s all so ridiculous.

  • Reality post

    It is TLC and Kate pr.

  • Reality post

    You said it!!!
    So true.

  • Reality post

    Jon-pays $10,000 a month child support,will be bankrupt by years end, is not marketable being divorced dad,etc,is not bankrolled by TLC, is most likely worth half a million at divorce, probably leases that NYC apt.rumor is Kate forbids him from staying at her Penn.estae when she she is gone sevearl times a month.
    Custody was already arranged in divorvce,nothing more,nothing less.

  • potatopeel

    Of course she’s going to say everyone is wonderful – you really think she’s going to admit she’s a diva? She thinks SHE’S wonderful – and why aren’t we all just jumping on the “Kate is gorgeous and talented” wagon? I don’t believe she has many qualities that people would just love to pattern themselves after – too bad that the press just won’t quit covering her. I do so wish she would go away. But – she’s been bitten by the “celebrity” bug and to heck with the kids. I don’t buy the “I’m working to provide for my kids” bit at all. Ridiculous.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    shes 34 right? well i guess with 8 kids 34-38 old is old right? LOLOL she never answered the question, was she a snob or what? im guessing YES!!!! shes a b*tch all the way!!! good luck witch!!

  • Jill

    @notbusy – ITA w/you! Nobody said anything about Brooke Burke who has 4 kids dancing… nobody said anything about Sara Evans, who had 3 kids, at the time (now 7, w/new hubby) dancing… Everybody wants to hate on Kate. I totally get not loving her. Don’t love her. But don’t hate. She’s doing what she can to provide for her kids… like she said, she can’t work as a nurse, even 5 days per week and make enough to keep her kids in the million dollar house that she committed to when she had a husband and a TV show. She’s trying to minimize devastation to her kids. Her ex husband is a scumbucket, and everybody knows it now, after so many defended him when Jon & Kate broke up. I have no doubt Kate is no saint, but if I had been raising 8 kids plus my husband for these years, and being hated for every choice I made to try and make life better, I’d probably be a bitch, too! I really wonder – how many people who complain about her would turn down the chance to be on DWTS, or to have a reality show that provided so many opportunities for money, for vacations, for career possibilities, etc… if they had the chance? I’m betting not many… Kendra Wilkinson is on Today saying Kate should stay home with her kids ’cause she just wants to be with her little Hank, even though she’s away from him for 3 days in NYC doing interviews… Kate was home when her kids were months old, too, Kate… get back to Kate and all of us when little Hank is 6 or 8… and your husband has been cheating with the babysitter, and has cut off your primary means of financial support…

    I hate doing this, ’cause I’m not a fool… I can see for myself that Kate’s not a super nice person,…but I do think she’s doing the best she can with the cards she’s been dealt… and everybody just criticizes her, no matter what she does…

    Didn’t your moms ever teach you if you can’t say anything nice, not to… oh, nevermind… obviously not…

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    Kate is not doing this to support her children. Don’t fall for it’s “all for the children” crap. Kate is doing this because she is a delusional narcissist who lives for the spotlight, even though her 15 minutes of fame should have died when Jon and Kate did. Anyone with a cadre five nannies is obviously not there for her children on a regular basis.
    No one is criticizing her right to work. It’s the type of work. This woman has no talent, other than a clown uterus that birthed 8 kids. She has altered her body through plastic surgery, boob jobs and hair weaves, money that should have gone to her children. How many times has she changed the hairstyle since the first of the year? And why is whatever this no-talent famewhore does with her hair news?
    Don’t get me started on the dogs coming back. The woman couldn’t hide her contempt for them when they lived at the McMansion. Now they are coming back. Someone call the SPCA ASAP!
    And that photo of her in her sleeveless blouse pretending to have fun with two of her children the other day? A pure PR move. See, I do spend time with my kids! It was probably a five-minute break in between rehearsing and running to the tanning salon.
    Anyone who falls for this crap is an idiot.

  • Pamela

    I thought the show was Dancing With The Stars, not Dancing With the Tards/Wannabes/Can’t Get the Hint and GO AWAY

  • Rhonda

    she’d run over those kids if it would get her a show on TLC. She must be the Chelsea Handler of TLC, she has to be screwing the boss, at least Handler is funny. There has to be an explanation of the cram down our throats of Kate Gosselin. OR a lot of bitter, bitter women!

  • Diane

    Hi Butterflier,

    Did you notice in Kate’s photo op playing with her kids that she has her purse over her shoulder? I don’t know about you, but, I never wore my purse when I was playing with my kids. It keeps sliding off my shoulder. That was absolutely a photo op to pretend she is a caring mother who plays with her kids. Too bad we seldom saw Kate play with her kids on her 100+ episodes of her reality show. She said it was the realest reality show. So, I guess, Kate played with her kids that 1 time on the games gosselin play episode.

  • rural mom

    The View gals did a great job of letting Kate know she is not wanted on that set. If she had any talent at all they would have enjoyed having her there, but when they are forced to have her on because of network and advertiser deals, no wonder they do so reluctantly. She really sucks at celebrity work, she should go home to her kids.

  • rural mom

    The View gals did a great job of letting Kate know she is not wanted on that set. If she had any talent at all they would have enjoyed having her there, but when they are forced to have her on because of network and advertiser deals, no wonder they do so reluctantly. She really sucks at celebrity work, she should go home to her kids.

  • dvsntt

    There is nothing special about kate. The only thing she done is had 8 kids. Who cares. I don’t know what people see in her and her husband. I wished they would replace her on The View. She is playing the game. She cares only about herself and as her ex.


    She is so out of her boundaries on the View, should do what she has been protesting all along and be a mama to her 8 instead of a celeb, so not her. Take some advice from an old mama, raise your kids and when they are finished with college and have good jobs then you can say your work is complete,,,until then shut up lady and raise them

  • Jaxx

    Her hair looks ridiculous. I know everyone made fun of her short haircut, but short hair suits her–at least much better than this Farrah 80′s look.

  • Katie

    I am SO freakin sick of this witch.. She is so self absorbed so rude and the way she treats people is going to come back and bit her right in the big ole bootie her kids are going to end up hating her SO much and they are going to treat her the way she treats everyone else. She is a lousy excuse for a mother.

  • kdona

    She says she’s doing this to support her kids. My question: why didn’t she bank that $75K she & her then-husband were raking in per episode when the show was active? Instead, they spent it on a fairly lavish estate, sports cars, other autos,Starbucks, wardrobe, and God only knows what. Ever hear of saving for a rainy day??? Looks as if the rain has started.(Or maybe they got taxed on all those freebies they got and had to pay the IRS. )
    When they underwent in vitro fertilization, how were they planning to support the multiples that so very often result? Talk about irresponsible reproduction….
    They get no sympathy from me. Should have planned better, all the way around.

  • Peggy

    Kdona#23. She DID save. Where do you think the $235,000.00 came from that Jon looted from the money market in violation of the arbitrator’s order & the money that she’s put aside for the kids? On the other hand, raising 1 kid much less 8 is not cheap. In addition, I haven’t seen any indication that she either wants or needs your pity. People kept complaining about the kids being filmed. She found a way to make a sizeable sum without the kids being filmed and people are still bellyaching.

    Also, you might try bothering to get your facts right. She had IUI (intra-uterine insemination), not in vitro fertilization (IVF). IUI is much less expensive than IVF, but the down side is that it is far less controllable. Reputable (i.e. not Nadya Suleiman’s doctor) rarely insert more than two embryos at one time. IUI involves use of fertility drugs.

  • Peggy

    @kizbit: @kizbit: # 6. It’s called negotiation. They obviously wanted her on the show. She asked for the home dance studio. They agreed. You have no idea what other deals people have made with the show.

  • Peggy

    @kizbit: @kizbit: # 6. It’s called negotiation. They obviously wanted her on the show. She asked for the home dance studio. They agreed. You have no idea what other deals people have made with the show.

  • Nancy

    Why was Kate Oslin chosen to be on Dancing with the Stars? She certainly could not dance and all she did was complain about her life and be negative about anything her dance instructor tried to teach her. Why was she chosen, when there are so many other people who are talented and wanted to dance and do their best to entertain and be the best they could be without putting down their instructor? We did not need to hear her complaints on DWTS, we already hear them or see them daily in the newspapers or on TV. She is a glory hound. She does not seem to really care about her 8 children.