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Ke$ha Blah Blah Blahs on American Idol

Ke$ha Blah Blah Blahs on American Idol

Ke$ha performs her hit single “Blah Blah Blah” with 3OH!3 on Wednesday’s episode of American Idol in Los Angeles.

K$ is rumored to release “Your Love Is My Drug” as the third single from her debut album, Animal.

Also last night, Idol vet David Cook tackled the Rolling Stones classic “Jumping Jack Flash.” Watch both performances below!

Ke$ha Performs “Blah Blah Blah” on American Idol

David Cook Performs “Jumping Jack Flash”

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Photos: Michael Becker/PictureGroup/FOX
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  • dundies

    absolutely dreadful, and this is our future. a steaming pile of shit

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..first thing i seen on the news this morning was them bashing her and this performance. first thing i heard on the radio while driving to work was them bashing her. she’s really fcuking bad. ahahahahahaaa..

  • amy

    she’s trying too hard to be cool, and failing.


    This is the girl who said Britney Spears should not lip sync….


  • Nancy

    DC rocks. Kesha Sucks.

  • James

    She looked hot but she’s sooooo bad live lmao

  • Dean

    @Nancy: DC sucks also. The alternative grunge rock genre should have died years ago.

  • PJ

    @Dean: I call his music butt-rock. That annoying gravelly Nickeback style, not as bad as Nickelback but close.

  • Talk Sense Girl

    This is such a STUPID song!

  • Tanya

    I wouldn’t mind going partying with her (it was literally a drunk party on that stage) but how the F did she get a record deal? And why was she singing on a singing show when she can’t sing lmao. And holy cow those 30H whatever guys were atrocious.

  • Ian

    Kesha looked but she suuuuucks live. She can’t sing and she can’t rap, and she can’t dance. How did this zero-talent get a record deal ?? You know, maybe if her music was rock instead of pop she could get away being a “hot mess” but it isn’t. David Cook’s music is crap too (who even owns his album aside from just his Idol fans) but he was still better than everyone else this Season.

  • LOL

    David Cook has a huge peanut-head.

  • ugh

    They both always sound the same. Next.

  • Lauren

    Kesha is so freakin gross and wtf she cant dance at all

  • amy

    When Ke$ha walked out on stage with the Native American headress, she initiated a whole new Trail of Tears. Can she please GO AWAY?!

  • Jana

    Why do people call Kesha gross? YOU KNOW if she was a dude you wouldn’t be calling her “trashy” but because she’s a fun, carefree party girl who writes in her own words “stupid songs about stupid things I’ve done” — [ SHE doesn't even take herself seriously! ] you all have a problem with her. That makes me so mad, she breaks out of the norm what is expected of generic ladies and you can’t take it? Some of you are so uninformed and uneducated of lifestyles outside your own. Kesha and her family are Hippies, the fact that a lot of people call that “gross” is f—-g offensive. It’s like calling a Gypsy that. I f-n hate ignorant close-minded people!

  • ffs

    She’s not being anything she’s not, she’s a like a drunk funny (y’all should watch some of her proper interviews for once!) cheerleader at least she’s genuine and not pretentious and fame-affected like CaCa who takes her Art SO seriously you can’t even talk to her. Kesha writes playful songs about everyday things that have happened to her, she’s just honest and fun and to the point and yes, she can sing – listen to “Animal”. There is nothing she has done to deserve you bashing her she is a NICE girl. I bet those of you bashing this girl listen to Justin Bieber — who should step AWAY from the charts along with Taylor Swift, The JBros, Alexandra Burke, Sean Kingston….who have all done their bit to ruin music.

  • Jen

    I have not figured out what Kesha’s appeal is. I thought she was terrible lastnight. It was definitely a slap in the face to the contestants who are working their butts off trying to get a record deal and who can all sing circles around her.

  • Michael

    Last night’s elimination of Lacey was truly a shocker. Most thought she would last well into the middle of the competition, if not do better. Tim, Andrew, and Katie are probably going to be the next to go – but this is still very much anyone’s game. Unlike last season, which had the final four locked up pretty early on, this season’s anyone’s guess. Here’s mine:

  • Lydia

    The edited lyric-changes in this were hilarious. I actually like this song (harmless mindless dance track…I love dancing and partying) but this was….not great. She really needs to work on her breathing too. I wonder if she’s ever had a vocal coach.

  • yo sista

    Well at least Britney sounds decent Live. This talentless trash can’t sing!

  • Ben

    Crap singer but I’d f–k her. I love her mouth and the way she speaks with her tongue, it’s so damn hot. …Don’t ask.

  • jesus mary and lucifer

    this season sucks so bad looooooool

  • Becki, 23

    Why do people take her seriously – SHE doesn’t lol. She knows her image is Wild but that’s who she is, you’re only young once. Why can’t she bring some cheeky fun to the charts? Why are people so uptight these days? Don’t any of you party? She may not be a musical genius but at the end of the day, she is having so much fun and making money from it!

  • turned on?

    @Ben: lol! I could make a totally inappropriate comment right now but I won’t ;)


    I can’t bring myself to hate her. Why do I have to have her again?
    She’s cute and she’s fun and she’s totally candid about her music. It’s not brain surgery, it’s POP music.

  • jmo

    “I have not figured out what Kesha’s appeal is”

    She’s fun, her songs are straight-up yummy pop songs, she’s real not a fake celebritiy, I like the way she speaks and sings. etc. etc. etc.

    Stuh stuh stop talkwin thaaaaa

  • Alissa

    Gawd, she’s just effin awful


  • Alexa

    LOL the contestants on the show can sing better than her

  • mmm

    I agree, she tries too hard, and it comes off that way. But whatever, she is making millions now and I am just judging her based on her crappy music.

  • Whamo

    # 7 Dean @ 03/18/2010 at 11:50 am

    The alternative grunge rock genre should have died years ago??????

    You cant know too much about music if you don’t know who’s song this is, and to top it all off you’re not familiar with alternative OR grunge

  • lol….. wow

    woww…. n ……………….lllllllllllllllllloooooollllllllllll dats alll i can say!!!!!

  • Pierre

    David and his band really sounded good last night.

  • SL

    God, Kesha was awful. I think the producers just brought her on to make the contestants feel better (since they all suck too).

  • sasha

    She was even worse than I expected.

  • Ckayed

    Her performance on American Idol was horrid and the song seriously sucks. OMG how do people like her make it big? It is such a mystery as to how this pathertic excuse of a singer is so popular – her performance last night was absolutely a waste of air time as well as my time.

  • ad

    LOL @ this performance.

  • See Megan Faux b4 surgery

    first time i saw her perform. absolutely horrible. average voice, could barely hear it bcz it was so computerized, no stage presence, stupid song, not very pretty, can’t dance. all she did was jump around. it was like a child performing. how the hell has she made it this far???? i turned the channel and waited till her performance was over.

  • kristie

    david cook rocked! it was an amazing performance! as for kesha, no comment.

  • Popplerganger

    @Jana: Kesha would be equally nasty as a male, if not moreso on account of having a dirty dick that is more thoroughly designed to transmit STDs. She also breaks zero norms since everything she does is swiped from someone else.

  • steven segal

    this isnt the 1950s your ignorant if you think thats why people dont like her when was the last time you saw a “generic lady” in the 21st century.