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Reese Witherspoon is The Pioneer Woman -- New Movie!

Reese Witherspoon is The Pioneer Woman -- New Movie!

Reese Witherspoon will likely star in the new romantic comedy from Columbia Pictures called The Pioneer Woman.

Deadline reports the flick will be based on, a blog by Ree Drummond that details “how a detour on a trip from L.A. to Chicago led her to Oklahoma. There, she met the cowboy of her dreams and transformed from spoiled city girl to domestic ranch wife.”

Check out Ree‘s blog at!

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  • Geraldbean

    Omg Reese looks so much better with brown hair. She looks much younger and it looks really natural.

  • Tate

    Now this looks like a good movie and like they snagged the right woman to play the role. Reese will do it justice. I bookmarked the blog, looks like an interesting story. Good luck to Reese and Ree!

  • the_boyfriend

    it sounds predictable.

    the writing has to be smart or it’s another ‘i’ll wait for cable’ for me.

  • KB

    Wow this sounds exactly like Sweet Home Alabama, how many romantic comedies can she do where she ends up going from a spoiled brat to a humble country/ Harvard girl.

  • F

    This is probably the lamest idea for a movie I’ve heard in quite a while.

  • m&m

    I love her recipes!

  • Marieme

    I love Ree & I love Reese. As long as they don’t eff it up this should be a fabulous movie!

    ^^ me too M&M. They are delicious & I love the photos.

  • allie

    I have the pioneer woman cookbook, but this is a ridiculous idea for a movie. Now every stay-at-home blogger mom will think her “life story” is movie worthy. Most of them already do.

  • mia

    I love the pioneer womans life in the country! Reese will do a great job, she is a strong woman and can play the pioneer womans life perfect. Reese good look with the cows and be carefull!!!!!!

  • sheila

    This is gonna be hard-work for Reese, it’s a great idea to do a movie about country life, we haven’t have a movie like that for years and this a real story. I know now that i will like it. But who goona play her husband?

  • Chinnychinchin

    I agree this is a cliche just like Sweet Home, etc. all the Reese RomComs out there. And she can use her fake accent again. This will really be a huge hit with her Avon/People Magazine/ Us Weekly demographic. Reese is a brand. She is a businesswoman, not an actress. A movie like this would get my lowest rating. Not a movie I will pay to see, but I might catch it on TV a year or two after it’s released,… unless I’m busy watching my nail polish dry.

  • meh

    I love pioneer woman’s recipes (minus the EXTRA ANNOYING commentary)
    pity this baby voiced cold bearding bitch will play her

  • annab

    She does look much better with darker hair. Ought to keep it that way.

  • aka

    The perfect role for Reese. can’t wait to watch it!

  • Anon2

    This does sound a bit like “Sweet Home Alabama” but Reese’s name has been aligned to dozens of movies that never get made. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if this film gets the green light.

  • Taylor2010

    I’ve never been able to figure out the focus of that Pioneer Woman blog. It’s all over the place. If your interest is cooking you’ll find recipes which, for the most part, are re-hashed from the magazines found in any grocery check-out lane. That’s the primary reason I didn’t invest in her cookbook. On the blog, each recipe is accompanied by an inordinate amount of photos. Have you ever forgotten how to use a salt shaker? Check out this blog–there’ll be a photo to remind you.

    If your interest is photography, you can certainly find photos ad nauseaum on any topic. She also posts about home schooling, life on an Oklahoma cattle ranch, gardening, etc. For her vegetarian fans, it’s a good thing she doesn’t photograph the fate of the cattle her husband raises. With PW’s increased popularity, the multiple ads have become annoying.

    And now Hollywood is going to make a movie about this? What’s the all-important message? A story about a spoiled, rich girl who’s educated at an expensive private university (USC), returns to Oklahoma for a visit, meets a cattle tycoon, they marry and live happily ever after. The Hallmark Channel would be a more appropriate venue for this soap opera. Millions of people read PW solely to live vicariously a life most Americans never will.

  • scrug

    she’s greater in brown hair

  • me


    I wholeheartedly agree. I read various blogs & was shocked to find out that some of them make a living from it! I tried to read PW’s blog, but its too busy-too much information! Its surprising to me that people put so much personal information about their whole families online for the whole world to see! Maybe I’m paranoid, but I prefer every crazy out there not know all about my childrens’ lives! A litte too voyeuristic for me, I guess.

  • allie


    I wholeheartedly agree. This is barely even suited for a bad Lifetime movie starring Melissa Joan Hart. Who wants to pay $10 to watch a attention seeking blogger stare at her husbands Wrangler clad butt for 2 hours?

  • cheesecake

    So she’s a one-note actor. I get it.

  • AMY

    My auntie in the states is adicted to her blog!!!!!!!!!! She has an amazing ranch….AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Hasn’t Reese already made Sweet Home Alabama?

  • Jimmy

    I wonder how much she’s being paid for this? What is her present quotation in Hollywood? She needs a big hit if she is going to keep up her income. Will have to wait and see how it goes.

  • allie

    I can’t imagine that a movie this lame would have the budget to afford Reese. Hopefully she isn’t producing this bomb.

  • Chinnychinchin

    You’d be surprised what kind of money gets floated around to make this kind of crap. It has mass appeal. it is also a perfect vehicle for product plaements. Reese is very savvy when it comes to her movie and product endorsement deals. She gets PAID, over and over and over again. I wouldn’t worry about someone who’s net worth is in the $hundred million category. If she never did another movie for the rest of her life, spent all her time shopping, she’d never have to worry about a thang.

  • halle

    why does everyone seem so jealous…bunch of grumps!

  • alex

    Farm life can’t be all that great or she wouldn’t be blogging to get attention.

  • Sgt Friday

    If they’re going to start making movies about bloggers, I want “The Life and TImes of the Comics Curmudgeon” stat!

  • txcountrygirl

    FYI… the movie isn’t based on the blog… it’s based on the love story saga she wrote on her blog about her courtship with her husband. She is very witty… and the story is very alluring. She did a great job at leaving her readers in suspense at the end of each installment so they would come back to read more. Don’t talk trash about the story line if you haven’t read the story. She is a very talented and successful woman. She deserves this. Do the research, look up her blog and see for yourself! The story is called Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.

  • Melissa


    You have commented the exact same comment on every story I have read on this. You sound jealous. If you cant figure out her blog you are also stupid and jealous. There are 5 blogs with different themes on her webpage. You figure it out by the tabs. Duh.

    And the movie will not be about the blog, it is about her black heals to tractor wheels book she is writing. Which if you read the first half of on her blog, (you need to be able to find it on her sidebar though, so it may be hard for you, sorry) is pretty good. I liked the story, and she writes very well.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Reese Witherspoon is fugly and overrated actress, there is no way I would pay money to see her movie.

  • Patriot

    I think Brett Favre could play Marlboro Man!

  • Someon

    Um, Reese be prepared for a LOT of criticism due to the over-rated ‘blog appeal’ of this blogger mommy. Has her kids pictures all over the internet, no respect for THEIR privacy, address offered publicly, scary stuff. I just hope you have more sense than this woman regarding your safety and security.

  • Someon

    @Anon2: Totally agree, maybe Reese will find out this is a loser of a movie idea!

  • christie

    @Chinnychinchin: Not a fake accent; Reese is from Nashville, TN. While there are definitely variants among southern accents from state to state (and even county to county, in some cases), Reese can “speak Southern” because she is. :)

  • Rhys


    A-freaking-MEN. I’m a professional photographer, and the fact that Ree Drummond markets herself as ANY sort of authority on photography is a HUGE joke, and totally disgusting. She’s not a photographer, she’s just some lady that likes to take pictures and photoshop them. She has no idea how to light a photograph and even says that she doesn’t know how to take photos when it’s dark on one of her blog posts.

    I’m glad someone else noticed that all the recipes contain an INORDINATE amount of photos. If you go look at Saveur or any other reputable culinary publication, you will only see anywhere from 3-6 photos accompanying the recipe. It i not necessary to include a photo of shaking salt or cracking eggs. And it’s certainly not necessary to include 25 photos. Also, some of the photos she includes are HORRENDOUS. There was this picture of meat she included that was disgusting and did not look appetizing at all.

    If you haven’t noticed… I’m not a Pioneer Woman fan and I wish they’d take the budget for this film and use it to feed homeless people. That would be so much better.