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Alexander Skarsgard & Fares Fares: Lemonade Lads

Alexander Skarsgard & Fares Fares: Lemonade Lads

True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard lunches with actor pal Fares Fares at Lemonade On Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood on Friday afternoon (March 19).

The 33-year-old Swedish stunner and his father Stellan Skarsgard will lend their voice talents to the animated family 3D feature, Moomins And The Comet Chase. THR reports the father-son pair will voice the characters of father Moominpapa and son Moomintroll.

20+ pictures inside of Lemonade lad Alexander Skarsgard

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alexander skarsgard lemonade 01
alexander skarsgard lemonade 02
alexander skarsgard lemonade 03
alexander skarsgard lemonade 04
alexander skarsgard lemonade 05
alexander skarsgard lemonade 06
alexander skarsgard lemonade 07
alexander skarsgard lemonade 08
alexander skarsgard lemonade 09
alexander skarsgard lemonade 10
alexander skarsgard lemonade 11
alexander skarsgard lemonade 12
alexander skarsgard lemonade 13
alexander skarsgard lemonade 14
alexander skarsgard lemonade 15
alexander skarsgard lemonade 16
alexander skarsgard lemonade 17
alexander skarsgard lemonade 18
alexander skarsgard lemonade 19
alexander skarsgard lemonade 20

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  • Skarsgal

    He’s a cutie!

  • Rachel

    Yummy. =)

  • wowowow

    i love him SFM!!!!!

  • Weber from Brazil


    He is freakingg hot

  • Ugh

    Have to admit he is a hottie! But not when he is with Kate Hos-worth! Wait..don’t tell me he is starting to call the paps when he goes to eat, shop, sh*t, too! Please no! Just let this be a coincidence!
    Love me some Askars!!!

  • Jessica

    He looks great, but I do feel badly for him that those camera’s can track him down ANYWHERE…He can’t even have a quiet lunch with his friends anymore. The paps followed him all the way to his car! Luckily he’s said in interviews that he’s used to the press because he’s been doing it since he was a kid. But yeah…it’s getting kind of brutal.

  • wowowow

    to UGH,
    i don’t think it’s a coincidence that he and bosworth were photographed on the same day. it seems they’re only pgotographed together or certain days where both are seperately photographed. then they go a couple of weeks were no one sees them. i think it’s weird. i mean paps aren’t going to spend their time trying to find them. they don’t sell well enough. i don’t like the idea of him becoming a famewhore. makes me a sad because he’s legitimately talented.

  • Becky

    @Ugh: I’ve lived in LA for the past seven years. It’s not the actors or their publicists that tip off the Paps, it’s ALWAYS the restaurants and shops themselves. By calling the Paps, they get their businesses mentioned in the press.

  • true blood

    He looks great.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • true blood

    @wowowow: They weren’t photographed the same day. Her photos are from yesterday.

  • wut


    honey, are you kidding?
    he is hot but still not very well known
    he goes to pap places all the time no one forces him to
    he needs to get more recognition.
    this poor famewhore celebrity busyness is offensively stupid ugh

  • Mary

    He’s so sexy. I would seriously be willing to pay money just to kiss him. :)

  • zee


  • jingles

    Alex is with his pal, actor Fares Fares.

  • tony

    what do the journalist want us to know? lots of similar pictures. but he is nice, charming, with a lot of fans

  • pr guy

    @Becky: Sure businesses sometimes call them but many celebs and publicists do too. I don’t think Skarsgard does though. He doesn’t seem happy to see them or play to the cameras like certain celebs.

  • Just Jared

    @jingles: Thanks!!!

  • nanny825

    What’s not to love? He’s gorg. Fares is hot as well. Gotta luv the swedes, what a great race. More mafia pics, please!!

  • sweetie

    Beautiful and talented man. :-)

  • wut


    ugh swede is not a race omg
    his hair looks shorter

  • squirelmeat

    People – Askars fans – thank the stars that we see him sans you know who. Be happy. Given Stephen and Anna were papped here a week ago, I’m guessing this is a spot in Venice that gets attention. glad to see him solo and lookin’ good.

  • jingles

    @Just Jared: yw, Jared. Thanks for all the great pics!

  • Rachel

    @pr guy: “He doesn’t seem happy to see them or play to the cameras like certain celebs.”

    I completely agree with you. He’s never overtly rude to them, but he makes it clear that he’s not interested in their agenda.

  • Venus

    I feel bad they’re invading his privacy but it’s still a treat to see new candids of this gorgeous, gorgeous man.

  • repeat

    Love the new photos. I hope he gets more quality film and tv roles. He really is a great actor.

  • Emma

    Me too, I hope to see him in a bunch more movies…. WHEN IS ERIC RETURNING TO BLOND?

  • GreenCAT

    Thanks JJ for all the lovely Alexander pictures!!! I can’t wait for season 3 of TB!!!

  • Yikes!

    @UGH… What are you?… some kind of Alex hate stalker? Do you live to post negative about him. Sad. Very sad.

  • Yikes!

    @Wowwowow…. so the man is a fame whore cause he eats lunch? I feel sorry for any person who cant walk down the street or go to a restaurant without it being recorded.

  • cal

    He is so boring and ugly.

  • Ugh

    @Yikes Why don’t you try posting your opinion about the actual JJ post instead of always getting on here defending both Alex and Kate…are you them or the publicists? Haha..hope your getting paid well. Anyways IF you clearly read my post I said he is a “hottie” and the ” love me some Askars”. How is that bad? Anyways all I said was that I hope he is not resorting to calling the paps like Kate is known to do. In the English language that is called “sarcasm”. BASICALLY stating if you hang around crappy people you can sometimes pick up their habits. That’s all. Have a good one, sweetheart!

  • Yikes!

    @ Ugh and Wowowow… I am not trying to be nasty to you. I really don’t understand posting negative.

    And agree, thanks JJ… you give us great pixs… and seem to treat Alex and others fairly. *thumbs up*

  • Shay

    Oh, he is HOT. Love the t-shirt…it shows off his shoulders beautifully. Yum! Keep the pics coming Jared!

  • sarah

    Yummy, yum, yum!!!

  • Lauren

    alexander looks absolutely gorgeous!! The gray shirt definitely shows off his sexy body

  • PAW


  • Flo

    He looks amazing! Love him – keep the pics coming of Askars.

  • Deedz

    Omg. He’s totally in Eric mode. I think I love him again.

  • nobody

    i really wish he stop doing this.. he has been seen twice this week… and its too much..he is a good actor, very talented.. but this famewhore thing..its just too much..he really should keep it low..

  • Amintad

    he’s STUNNING

  • Norma Stitz

    Tall drink of water………….Yum.

  • Emily

    could he get any hotter?????????????

  • ali

    beautiful man

  • vanessa

    Yummy! Tall and delicious

  • Ace

    Only reading this because I’m bored at work. I know that isn’t a singular occurrence! Why does everyone insist on pretending that this beautiful man and his angeleno love life are actually relevant? That being said, he is faboosh. June 13th cant come soon enough — Eric. naked. nowplease.

  • Lola

    He’s so adorable!<3

  • Amy

    so freaking hot! damn can he get any hotter

  • jangles

    He is so incredibly hot!!! Good grief! It’s ridiculous how yummy he is, and gimme a break, he’s talented too. Did I mention that he’s hot? Thanks Jared!

  • Veruca

    With the popularity of True Blood and the rumors that he’s being somewhat considered for Captain America (apparently nothings a done deal yet with Chris Evans), he’s kind of relevant in pop culture. I mean, Lindsay Lohan hasn’t worked in how long and she’s constantly followed. Plus he’s gorgeous. He doesn’t seem to enjoy the cameras being around him (like when he and Kate were caught at the movies), plus he quit acting when he was a teen because he hated seeing his picture everywhere, so I doubt he’s fame wh**ing himself out. He’s one of the hot, single actors of the moment so of course paps want his picture.

  • beby

    OMG look at his arms… those are good arms to have!