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Jennifer Aniston & Jason Bateman: 'Switch' Trailer is Here!

Jennifer Aniston & Jason Bateman: 'Switch' Trailer is Here!

Check out the trailer for The Switch, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman!

The film, formerly known as The Baster, is about Kassie (Aniston), a woman who gets pregnant with help from a sperm donor (Patrick Wilson) despite the objections of Wally (Bateman), her best friend.

Unbeknownst to her, a last-minute switch changes everything, and Wally doesn’t discover it until seven years later when he meets Kassie’s son.

The Switch hits theaters August 20!

‘The Switch’ Trailer
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  • TIM

    Another crappy film?

  • K

    i like her. but I’m sick of seeing her in the news every day

  • Lisa

    She has had three awful films in a row. God she is an horrid actress.

  • Yu

    I can’t stand her – she is so ugly and old.

  • Hula

    What an ugly old dog – no wonder every man dumps her.

  • janelle

    Hopefully Bateman can save this film. Aniston is the kiss of death.

  • Helen

    This film is going to suck as well.

  • John

    She has lost her beauty.

  • Carolina

    ugh..another crappy film she churns out that’ll flop!
    SHE CAN”T ACT!!! She flips her hair & talks w/her hands
    in a cigarette voice.
    give me a break.

    I’m so sick of this woman w/her zillion films that will only flop.

  • Ellen

    Another crappy movie from an aging crappy actress.

  • Tina

    Go away you old hag

  • George

    I used to find her so attractive, but not anymore. God she is ugly now.

  • bandit

    This movie doesn’t come out unti August yet they are showing the trailer 4 1/2 months early?? Hmm..smells damage control for Jennifer’s career because f The Bounty Hunter is looking like a GINORMOUS bomb.

  • Lily

    She looks so desperate hanging off another guy – who will reject her.

  • Sarah

    Yuck – she looks awful.

  • Dawn9476


    LMAO. I love how you think Jennifer has so much power that she decides when trailers for her next movie comes out. Actors have nothing to do with when trailers come out. The studio decides that, not actors.

  • constance

    watching this for jason bateman. he’s awesome.
    jennifer aniston’s actually a pretty good actress, she just has trouble choosing the right films to do.

  • pkz

    sorry to say that I won’t go to see this movie specifically because she is in it because I bet Bateman can save this film and I would like for him to do well I just won’t give Aniston any of my money

  • Elsie

    Compare this trailer to the pictures of Angie in her most recent post – OUCH! Aniston looks so old and desperate while Angie is the radiant beauty. Gotta hurt old cougar Aniston.

  • Mindy

    I can’t believe anyone finds this old slag attractive – fake tan, bleach blonde hair, botox head and that awful ciggie breath and voice. GROSS and DESPERATE!

  • Maimi Girl

    “Oh lookie” Jen has yet another movie coming out…She must be a really popular actress…She has movie offers rolling in left & right…Hollywood knows the best when they see it…I could not be more proud of Jen…She is so successful, all the producers want her in their movies…How’s that workin for ya’ll???? hahahahaha LMFAO….

  • Dawn9476

    LMAO. I love this post already ready. You Jen haters are not disappointing.

  • Len

    Her Bounty Hunter got HORRID REVIEWS – her last few films have been total flops. Why does anyone like this old cow? Check out what Us Weekly says about her latest film – just another rendition of Rachel Green from friends. HAHAHHAHA!

  • Angelove

    This movie looks great. I will defiantly watch it.
    I am an Angie fan thus the Angelove but I am not a Jenn hater. Grow up people. Angelina would be ashamed of you!!!

  • anomymous

    I find it hilarious how Jennifer looks the same, right down to the hairstyle andn haircolor in EVERY MOVIE she is in!!! She looks in EVERY MOViE the way she does in her own life, even the clothes she wears. Wow, she really knows how to stretch as an actress..she can’t even dye her hair for a role??? Maybe her agent should suggest a makeover??

  • Miami Girl

    You say “oh another movie”, but it is another movie all the same…She is in such high demand, someone must think she is great!!! “Oh yeah” that would be all of Hollywood…hehehehehe…Ya’ll make this soooo darn easy for me…..

  • 50 cent

    eww. why is she always teamed up with men who make her look even older? i think she’s past the age where she can use her body and looks and tabloid fodder to sell movies. that’s more along the lines of younger actresses like megan fox, lindsay lohan, paris hilton. by now she should be selling movies based on her acting chops or smart scripts. seeing a middle aged woman flaunting her assets does not a good movie make. i’m really curious what her target demographic is. no one i know finds her attractive and wants to see her movies, so who are these “fans”?

  • Sanne

    Jason is too good for this crap. :/

  • 7

    This one looks a lot better than all her previous films combined.

  • Maria from Texas


  • Miami Girl

    Alea ~ Who will she take to walk one of her many red carpets you ask??? I’ll do the honors of answering that question for ya…She will take anyone she wants…Jen can get get any man she wants at this point…She is not only in high demand for movies, but every single guy in Hollywood wants to date her…Truth hurts I know, but you have to deal with the fact that she is not going anywhere anytime soon….Suck it up girl…

  • Liz

    Wow, there is one obsessed person on this site! At the beginning, all the comments are not even a minute apart! SO the same person! YOU are pathetic!

    Anyway, this film looks funny, and I for one like Jennifer Aniston. She has the same “nice, beautiful girl next door” quality as Sandra Bullock! Unfortunatly for both, their husbands cheated on them… :(

  • Whamo

    I’m with you Liz I like Jennifer as well although her latest movie looks like a total bomb.

  • happy girl

    how many times does she have to make the same movie??? and all at one time???!

  • Alea

    @Miami Girl:

    Well Brad Pitt certainly doesnt wanna date her ;-)) Okay so if man wanna date her how comes that all the costars shes been linked with maid a BIG FAT POINT THAT THEY ARE NOT DATING MANISTON??

    If she can date any1 how comes Mayer dumped her twice and this pathetic loser Chin took him back?Oh and also the last time they broke up it was cuz Mayer wanted that….and then he said shes stuck in 1998

    Poor Gerard went so fr as having a seperate interview on Letterman cuz he doesnt wanna be linked to this ugly horseman nomore….lolz

    get ur facts straight

  • Dawn9476


    Um, Letterman always has operate interviews with co stars. Co-stars never do interviews together on Letterman. Gerry and Jennifer did do interviews together over the weekend at the press junket. Maybe you should get your facts straight.

  • Dawn9476

    That should be separate interviews.

  • Alea


    Answer my questions………or better not huh…..cuz then u would have to embarrass Chin Chin..stucked in 1998 LOL wasnt that they year she met Brad…..god sooooooooo pathetic

  • Oliver48


    WHY, WHY, WHY, do you have to bring up the whore’s (ANGIE) name
    anytime Jennifer is mentioned. Brad (THE CHEATER) and Jennifer have been apart for over 5 has nothing to do with the other.
    LET IT GO!!!

  • Piper

    I am guessing Jen Jen doesn’t follow the “less is more” philosophy.

  • Piper

    I am guessing Jen Jen doesn’t follow the “less is more” philosophy.

  • RioNemesi

    This looks really funny :D
    Can´t wait

  • Alea


    Ask that chin u donut…..she is stuck in the year she met Brad…..or ask Mayer

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …`i love movies filmed in NYC, they’re always good. jason bateman rocks, he always plays likeable characters. bateman and the kid look like they’ll be cute and funny together. every minute of the movie that [x] isn’t in should be good.
    …i wish they would of got another actress for this role, instead of that horrible career sidekick.

  • Dawn9476


    Why should I? You are just going to twist my words around like you did with the John interview. And the fact that you and others choose to focus on him saying that Jen was stuck back in 1998 in terms of technology instead of the fact that he said that his penis was a white supremacist shows that you are not worth trying to argue with.

  • roja

    She really is gorgeous at 2:13


  • Alea

    If I was Jenny Aniston’s spokeswhore, I’d make her swear on her favorite real baby that she will not talk about men, relationships, Brangelina, Maddox or anything sex-related during interviews. You know, I’d demand that she only talk about kittens, puppies, unicorns, rainbows, Cathy the comic strip, candy canes, cocaine and ice cream! Those are safe topics. If she stayed on those topics, quotes like the one she gave Marie Claire would never come back to bite her in the nalgas.

    In a joint interview with Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin for that GET ME A MAN NOW movie, Jennifer Aniston confessed this: “I still have the cassette tapes of messages from my first boyfriend, my second boyfriend, my husband… it’s like saving love letters.”

    HUSBAND! Oh, Jen. It’s time to burn the entire cardboard box you keep near your bed labeled: WHY BRAD WHY?!!!! This is just Kleenex box sad. I totally picture her listening to those tapes while cuddling with the teddy bear she made using hair she stole from Brad’s hairbrush. I bet she spent hours taking soundbytes from each tape to get Brad to say, “Hi, gorgeous honey. You are the most beautiful girl in the world. Marry me again. Angelina is a hose.” She couldn’t find a bite of him using the word “whore,” but she figured “hose” was close enough.

    Click here to read the entire interview


    So dont u Jenhens say she is over Brad she aint over no1

  • Dawn9476


    Jen doesn’t decide when her movies come out. Just like Gerry didn’t have say in the fact that he had three movies that came out within three months of each other last summer/fall. The same goes for Sandra Bullock. She had three movies last year that came out within four months of each other.


    Will Rachel take responsiblity for the failure of the Bounty Hunter? Another trailer before the bomb explode this weekend. They already hoping you forget about this dud. I smell another rotten tomato.

  • mmm

    I think it looks like it could be good, but they gave everything away with this trailer. I feel like I just saw the movie.