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Jennifer Aniston: 'Bounty Hunter' in Theaters Now!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Bounty Hunter' in Theaters Now!

Jennifer Aniston scratches her shoulders while preparing to shoot scenes for her new movie, Just Go With It, at L’Ermitage Beverly Hills Hotel on Friday (March 19).

Just Go With It also stars funnyman Adam Sandler, Sports Illustrated cover model Brooklyn Decker and The Hills star Heidi Montag!

Earlier today, the trailer to Jen and Jason Bateman‘s upcoming romantic comedy, The Switch, was released. Watch it here!

And don’t forget Jen and Gerard Butler‘s latest flick, The Bounty Hunter, is in theaters NOW!

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  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    I thought the movie was really good i loved jen and gerard,s chemistry

  • Gogo

    Rachel Green makes another B-movie/set for dvd release.

  • Uggggg!

    Once again. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol nothing new here. New role and she once again looks like herself which is “Rachel “.

    Enough of this no talent troll.

  • Dawn9476

    Stop saying Heidi is a star in the movie. She filmed a cameo for one day and that was it. And her cameo that could end up on the cutting room floor when the film is finished. Why do you think she was back filming The Hills two days later? Not to mention that it look like her scenes weren’t even with Jennifer considering Jennifer was in NYC promoting TBH at the same time.

    I think this also answers the question as to why Jennifer wasn’t dining with Gerry and his parents on Wednesday. She was probably traveling back to LA that day and was due back on the set of Just Go With It on Thursday.

  • Sandra

    Bounty was mad and fun. Always liked Jennifer starting to like Gerry too! Liked him in the Ugly Truth.

  • AutumnM

    “Jennifer Aniston Scratches Her Shoulders While Preparing For Her New Movie…”

    What’s next Jared? “Jennifer Aniston Takes A #$&@”? Seriously. You’re going over the top with all these Aniston posts.

  • luvd80s2

    @Sandra: Sorry but I disagree, I like them both but this movie was horrible, but am looking forward to the switch with Jason Bateman cause he’s such an awesome actor and I luv him!

  • Go Bananas

    Channeling an orangutan, nice work Rachel. Acting as an ape would be infinitely better than your performance on TBH. She’s pulling the cardigan back because it isn’t tiny enough, she wants it to stretch as tightly as possible across her chest, wants her plastic nips to poke an eye out. LOL She looks angry, doesn’t she? I wonder why……….. HAHAHAHA

  • pixy


  • iris

    good movie very funny

  • Fan reviews

    The fan reviews for BH are way better than the critics’, but I think it’s all about Butler’s appeal. Some people would watch him watch paint dry. If this movie survives, it’s not about Jen. But she’ll try and take the credit.

  • pixy

    ..nifer Aniston

  • annasaurus

    Butler should just stick to tough action roles because he has the charm of a drunken caveman and the romantic chemistry with no one but his beard. Jennifer Aniston should stop trying to sell to the public her independent woman who doesn’t need a man (except when she needs to promote a movie) when really she keeps making garbage movies like these. Yes you have a hot body Jennifer but you really belonged in television.

  • !!!

    I love hearing about Jennifer, even if it’s a lame story about her scratching her shoulder LOL

  • Em

    Why is Gerard taking the Matthew mcconaughey approach to acting.. Mindless simple roles that keep you relevant with zero substance.. He had such a spark.. And she’s just blahhhh.. If you paid to see this movie then life is going to be hard for you.. Seriously

  • more reviews

    Gerard Butler once again demonstrates that his comedic instincts are roughly on par with those of a great white shark.
    -Matt Brunson, Creative Loafing

    Is Aniston impervious to good scripts? Corny, predictable story, no chemistry between the stars and Aniston hides her face with her hair.
    -Victoria Alexander,

  • more reviews

    Even worse than the trailers make it look…
    -Chris Bumbray, JoBlo’s Movie Emporium

  • ?

    i agree with dawn. @ pixy: way to complete your thought lol

  • Jo

    And the Razzie for the worst movie of 2010 goes to…….

  • Melissa

    Does all this mean Butler is not in love with her? Where did all that BS go? Oh, Gerry. I still love you. But don’t con us again. You can only go so far on your looks. I’ll live happily watching Attila and forget every thing after. But, you are one hot mess.

  • Hope

    Jason Bateman is cute, but he’s no big star. If Butler can’t save her, Bateman sure can’t.

  • http://www. Angie: I envy Jen’s body

    Ok Angie it’s understandable

  • mslewis

    So, Jennifer has a movie just out; a trailer for a movie to come; and she is currently filming a movie. And, through all this HER HAIR NEVER CHANGES!!!! She is now officially a JOKE!!

  • happy girl

    All the critics gave it one and a half out of four stars. It has some of the worst reviews ever. Wow. Sad for her.

  • jen A. the aging porn star

    She pulling back her cardigan inorder to show those nipple out, so predictable !

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    do not like them!! very ugly

  • Swansong

    Did Gerard Butler give her crabs?

  • jen A. the aging porn star

    She is so predictable.
    If not parading those ass, wax coochie, fake boob, IT’S THOSE NIPPLE! but can’t blame her those face is so fugly and old!

  • Ilia

    The only reason actors get hired in Hollywood is the capital associated with their celebrity status. Just because one or two individuals on this forum have decided to acquire multiple user names and bash Jennifer Aniston bears no importance on reality. I personally couldn’t care less about her, although she was amazing in Friends, but that had to do more with the overall dynamic not her individual ability as an actress. There are a lot of people who enjoy her simple, lighthearted romantic comedies. Is she an exemplary actress? – HELL NO! Does she a lovable/likable celebrity persona? – YES! Get over it Angelina fans, who by the way is no better actress than Jennifer. Just because she received an Oscar doesn’t mean she deserved it.

  • Heidi montag smells

    So does this mean that there won’t be a “Bounty Hunter 2 ?”

  • !!!

    Jennifer Anniston would “absolutely” do another lame-brain derivative formulaic rom com!

  • AGA

    This is so enjoyable reading the stinking/terrible reviews from lots of different critic’s..and then reading the Hens excuses are coming think and fast already.
    My bet is…This is where they will lay the blame—
    Director,producer,lighting guy,costume person & definately the script writer. But they chose to do this shite,so the blame is on them.They tried the faux-mance(got called out on CNN&other’s) That’s it…the hens will eventually blame Butler!! Bad Move Gerry

  • April88

    OMG..LMFAO—Anitson is filming with Brooklyn Decker(?) & Heidi Montag?? That’s just to funny Anitson and Montag,they deserve each other LMAO

  • African Girl

    Lmao! This is ridiculous!

  • dan

    love Jen!


    don’t get why this woman keeps getting movies when she is so average she shouldn’t be given much screen time.
    there are much better comedians like christine taylor, or christina applegate for example wo have movies and tv under their belts like anchor man and zoolander who are fantastic who would have better cemistry. There are loads more actressess as well i could do a list,
    bultler isn’t a natural comedian either, his interviews are never funny bit flat and try hard too.

  • Bloodysaint

    Actually, I trying my best to forget the existents of “The Bounty Hunter”….I love Gerard Butler, but this is a movie I really don’t want to see…

  • chaos

    She is really getting old – the close up in the film showed a tired looking Aniston. How much longer can she do this type of rom-com?! Does she need the money? IS the humongous divorce settlement from Brad not enough?

    Did she not say that she was taking a year off so why is she already on a movie set? Heaven spare us from another Rachel Green movie.

    PS The reviews for The Bounty Hunter are near-Gigli level. Should we expect her and Gerard Butler to sweep the Razzies next year?


    cinema tickets are too expensive to go wasting on rubbish movies that shouldn’t even have been made. The reviews are all absalutely horrendous.

  • Katsaridoula

    I have to laugh… the more the sane people want to see less of this ugly hag, the more JJ pushes her under our noses. I wonder whether her publicists are that desperate to keep her in spotlight, it seems to me that it is the case…. look at her manly face, uuurgh… She should have some serious plastic surgery done to her horseface…. yyyhhhaaa yyyhhhhaa

  • mellina

    ELLLES @ 36
    The other actresses, although better actresses with some range, were not married to or divorced from an international A-list hearthrob. If they had been there would be no animosity and ‘team’ business to use and give them publicity because they are independent women not girl women. This team business has been used with effect by J Anitson’s PR and they were right! If they hadn’t she would be viewed the same way as Matthew Perry with the same level of publicity and same offers of films which is ’0′. She is still offered film roles because of the publicity it brings not because she is any good but more about her whining.

  • The Real One

    You know just because a movie has the critics raving about it means that the public is going to want to watch it.
    Similarly, just because the critics dont like the movie, completely pan it, doesnt mean that people wont see it.
    The Bounty Hunter will do well financially and that is because a lot of people out there in the real world like Jennifer Aniston’s “girl-next-door” appeal.

  • karen

    reposting.. this is just so true.

    She does have a lot of money.. but the point is

    That is the underlying tale in all of this. She has wanted to be a Big Screen Movie star more than she wanted to be married.. have children…I will say there is nothing wrong with that. The thing with her is she has bought into the hype of who she is.. Who the world saw her as. And that is seared into her head.. She believed she was America’s Sweetheart.. But America is fickle. and She turns on a dime..

    Ask Goldie, Meg Ryan, Reese. ad the countless other women that America wanted as the perky blond. America is fickle and she likes you when you are that perky blond at 20 or 30.. but when you are older.. the perky blond is no more.

    So yes she may be laughing all the way to the bank.. but Aniston wants the recognition at the Awards stage. She still has a freakin acting coach that travels with her. She is 41 years old. If she wants to hone her craft.. go and do stage work, take some acting classes, do theater.. do more supporting roles.. Sometimes those have way more meat .. Look at Monique.. that was an award winning supporting role. And no I don’t count HJNIY.. She should stop needing the STAR role and just look for the STAR part.. and that does not mean the headliner.

    I will note that many actresses take on small roles in films and own those roles.

    I know I will have tons of thumbs downs. I am not a fan of hers, but even a non fan can tell the truth.

    I am telling the truth. maybe the two films before this one should have been an eye opener.. but I am sure she will Produce another film to try and get the STAR to the Awards stage..

  • Haiti MONEY

    Jen what happened to the benefit you were holding for the people of Haiti. I don’t recall her talking about it at the Access Hollywood interview for her big birthday..

    Did she already have it.. and did they reach the $500,000 that she pledged.. I don’t recall seeing it in the media.. but then she is so private..

    oops but just on how she helps others. she is never private on fake relationships and advertising her birthday, or opening her home. including her bedroom and bathroom to complete strangers.. but she is private when it comes to helping people..

    my bad

  • RuFairy

    How can we forget? U’ve been bombing us with this crappy movie propaganda for sometime now Jared.

  • Ori

    Excellent fun movie. Love Jen and Gerry.
    Jen is beautiful, fun and humble. People tap into her spirit and enjoy her roles no matter what the media and some NASTY PEOPLE are trying to do they will not succeed and it will make Jennifer even MORE famous. Take that!

  • The Real One

    And just why do you think JustJared loves Jennifer Aniston so much?

  • idani

    Jared are you on the pay roll for this movie? It is mediocre in the extreme and here you are pushing it down our throats at least once a day!

  • iDani

    @Haiti Money

    Don’t forget–she said she held her birthday in Mexico because it helps the local economy. Very generous of her don’t you think??? Helping otu one hotel and a few employees?

  • The Real One

    @ idani @ 03/20/2010 at 10:16 am
    JustJared, like many, loves Jennifer Aniston ;)