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Jennifer Aniston Would 'Absolutely' Work with Gerard Butler Again

Jennifer Aniston Would 'Absolutely' Work with Gerard Butler Again

The Bounty Hunter is finally here!

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler each sat down with Moviefone and talked about what it was like to work on their latest project.

“What you see is what you get,” Jen said of Gerry. “He’s just a good, fun, jovial, excited to be there.”

“He’s so loving and so good to everybody, the whole crew!” Jen added.

As for whether Jen and Gerry would work together on another film, both said yes! “In a heartbeat,” Gerry said simply.

The Bounty Hunter is in theaters TODAY (March 19)!

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  • loonies are really loonies

    @Manny, formerly ManLESSton: you are really obsessed! do you have another life beside hating or being up brangelina! lol

  • loonies are really loonies

    @Lisa: the critics dislike a lot of movies the general public likes! that is a fact! next majority of the critics said the same thing about other movies so really no one really listens unless they dislike the person in the movie like the brangelinas…….so no merit!!!!!!!!move on – hate to hate!

  • are you for real

    @tyre: Please look at Megan Ryan! such a liar you are! by the angelina makes the same old actions – that is what sells her examples: changeling and i can’t remember the title – the journalist who got killed – Pearl. look in the mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • so

    @idani: not a flop – #2 after Alice in Wonderland for Friday!

  • no talent damon not talen law

    @Dawn9476: so is wimpy a family movie, what about matt damon’s movie or jude law! jennifer and gerard bet them both! so i guess they don’t have any talent no even in their little toes! lol jennifer’s movie will make more on friday than their does all weekend!

  • Jordan

    @Manny, formerly ManLESSton: lmao – what about angelina’s Mighty Heart! only 5million – now who has lost the most money? management was an indie film! lol! also aj lost money in Changeling……….you are so bitter? you don’t even know jennifer personally … i am only mentioning aj because then you can get the half the picture – never think you will see the whole……too most hate to hate.

  • such liars loonies

    @Chin needs to quit: Why? Jennifer has plenty of fans and her movies make movie a couple of bad – but who hasn’t? julia roberts, brad pitt, george clooney, angelina jolie, matt damon to name a few have had a at least of couple bad movies………so to me your point is about angelina not jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cloudyday

    Gerry is such a big guy on screen. He is truely built to portray larger-than-life characters and action heros. In TBH he is so burly he looks like he can squash Nicole with one swap of his huge hand being twice as big as her. I don’t want to be on the receiving end of his punches. I can almost hear a gushing silence in the theater in the bathroom/shirtless scene. He looks amazing even better than the nekked scene in LAC. “fanning face with hand”. But in many scences (half of the time), his face is slightly pudgy (none like in 2008) and quite wrinkled. The other half of the time he looks good although the hair cut and hair color are just wrong. Whoever the stylist was should never be hired again.

    The first 30 minutes is a bit slow just trying to lay out the background of the story. The second half gets a lot more laughters and actions. There are no hugely funny parts in this movie; most are mildly funny.
    Don’t know what to make of the Stewart character. Anyhow, like any movie it has its share of shortfalls and merits as well. Judge for yourself I’d say.

  • angelinafraud

    @Jill: the movie with matthew and kate hudson – fool’s gold it’s opening weekend made only 21 million with a budget of 70 million…so I guess they can’t act either……….

  • gossiphound

    @no talent damon not talen law:

    Except the studio was apaprently expecting 32 million opening weekend.

    Butler can act but doesn’t show in this movie, Aniston plays herself which to some extent is common in the American films. Kevin Costner started playing himself in movies, Mel Gibson stopped acting with Lethal Weapon and yes I guess that is what the public wants. What did PT Barnum say you can fool some of the people all the time.

  • get real

    @gossiphound: @gossiphound: not what I read they were expected 21 millions!!!!!!!!!!! not 32 million

  • Jill


    I didn’t say a movie loses money solely because the actors can’t act. Sometimes it’s just a lousy movie. As is the case with Bounty. Jesus Christ, anybody could see from the trailer that this movie would suck like a Hoover vac.
    And this is to Jordan: Changeling made $115 million. You want to talk about bombs? Let’s talk about Management. That stinker wasn’t a bomb, it was a total thermonuclear meltdown.

  • Mary

    I really don’t see why the Big Deal is, Jennifer’s movie is doing good. Look at Sandra Bullock’s All about Steve and Bradley Cooper! only 11.2 million opening weekend! – Green Zone with Matt Damon a movie that cost over 100 million to make – 11 million opening weekend and just now at the 20 million mark – Bullock and Reynolds The Proposal was 33.6 opening weekend the #1 movie and Sandra’s largest ever opening weekend at 33.6 millions – in over 10 years! So let’s be honest…my girl Jen is doing greatttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

  • nursedatingsite

    They should get married

  • confused

    Gerry is an actor and creates the look of the character. He does not look like Mike Chadway in TUT nor Milo in the Bounty Hunter. He is thinner and better looking. That is why he looks better in interviews – that is the real him. His hair was kept black for the New York Cop/Bounty Hunter. If you look at some of the other actors around, they look the same in each part. Not Gerry, just like now, he is getting ready for his next part – beard and fit build..Check out all of his roles, he looks different in each one..

  • Saw it

    I enjoyed Booty Hunter. I think a problem may be that it is misrepresented as a romcom. It’s not really. It’s more of an action or ‘solve this crime’ film. It starts slow, but gets good as it goes on. I saw it mid-afternoon and there was a good crowd. But, what I found odd, was that there were a lot of senior citizens. My kid actually said, ‘what’s with all the old people here?’ It’s either they like Aniston or the wives are hot for Butler.

  • gossiphound

    @get real:

    No the movie pundits were expecting 21 million, after sizing up the competition, the studio according to Variety was expecting 32 million.

    Since TBH opened on more screens than The Ugly Truth, which opened at $27-28 milliln they assumed they could haul in $32 million and the reviews were not that hot for TUT either but it went on to make $200 million dollars. But reality is TUT would appear to be a better movie and there was no need for a fauxmance to promote that movie. What will Aniston do, her next two movies her male leads are married?

    Green Zone suffered bad timing IMO – Hurt Locker/war movie fatigue. Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Repo Men only started showing their commercials in the last 2 weeks so if Wimpy out performs THB as the pundits are also predicting, how interesting. Wimpy is going head to head with Alice for much of the same demographic as well don’t forget.

    The Bounty Hunter promo started in high gear on Super Bowl Sunday night. We’ve have been bombarded with the TV ads for almost 6 – 8 weeks with very prime placement and the tabloid nonsense started last year.

  • vs

    @Saw it:
    It doesn’t surprise me that senior citizens were at this movie. What
    else is out there for them?
    I was more surprised to see seniors at “Knocked Up” a few years ago.

  • tuncay

    I love you jennifer