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Jesse James: Walk of Shame

Jesse James: Walk of Shame

Jesse James takes his daily walk of shame, dropping his kids off at school on Friday morning (March 19) in Huntington Beach, Calif. Pictured here is his youngest daughter, Sunny James.

Yesterday afternoon, the 40-year-old motorcycle man made a public apology to his wife Sandra Bullock and his three kids in light of the recent infidelity rumors.

Flirtatious texts between Jesse and his alleged mistress, former stripper and tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, have been circulating around the Internet.

FYI: Jesse is still wearing his wedding ring!

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  • Bella Coola

    He’s despicable. His ex-wife is a porn star. Sandra should never have married him.

  • loyal

    I don’t care about him, he will get what is coming to him. But leave the kids alone. Don’t photograph them!

  • Rocky

    Look at that little girl’s face. She’s so sad. What a JERK this man is. The hurt he’s caused Sandy and his kids is inexcusable! Only for one lay or two, he’s destroyed a family. When are these men going to stop sleeping with ‘CUN*S’!!!

  • Tate

    I don’t know what Jesse James didn’t or did do, but the texts the floozy is showing now clearly reminds me of someone trying to set up another. Why would someone save texts? Did she have insider info when Sandra would be gone, doesn’t excuse Jesse for anything but clearly would put the bombshell in the light she deserves and expose anyone else behind it if they had other motives.
    Hey paps, if you are going to do anything…find out if the sleazy bombshell and the little girl’s mom know each other.

  • Carolina

    Douche..go back to you Nazi ho stripper.
    You are the lowest of the low.
    I spit on you!

    hurt a wonderful woman like Sandy & an on going shagging.PIG!!

  • Rocky


    ITA with you on the kids, but because of his stupid actions, they will stuffer, because the Papps and media don’t give a crap about anyone or anything. Very, very sad situation this man has created and that ‘CUN*T’ he slept with.

  • janelle

    lol Jared at his daily walk of shame. It’s sad what he did to poor Sandra. Is anyone faithful anymore?

  • A-Hole Alert

    I doubt he’s even ashamed. He’s probably so proud of himself, like, ‘yeah. i hit that and that and that and i got sandra bullock to marry me. i’m a stud’. The kids lost the best mom they could ever dream of having. Let’s see how “bombshell” fares at PTA meetings for your kids.

  • KVB

    It’s now time Sandra Bullock accepts her true self-worth (as the public and her peers who gave her the coveted Oscar accepts her) and move out of this co-dependent relationship wherein she has been attempting to rescue this guy and his entire dysfunctional family. Hopefully, she is listening to the advice her mother would give her right now! She can have it all, including a more exciting and stable personal life, with a psychologically healthy and upstanding non-bad boy!

  • F

    This guy thinks he is in 1990. You can’t marry a celebrity and cheat in the Internet Era!!!

    (IF he really cheated…)

  • Honeybunn

    I didn’t think my opinion of Jesse James couldn’t get any lower.
    Now we are finding out that Michelle McGee aka Jesse James’s mistress of 11 months is a White Supremacist and Nazi Lover. This man isn’t who we thought he was. Jesse had no problem sleeping with this Racist Chick.
    Sandra don’t look back…… can do way better then this trash.

  • CJ

    This is a man that has been married three times..anyone married and divorced more than once..stir clear of that person..there is a good reason they have been married and divorced that many times and its not a good Sandy…wish her well in mending her breaking heart…♥

  • Liz

    WOW, poor kid. Sandra is the only mom she knows… Jessie reeeaaally f*cked up. And he was STILL texting the nazi lover after Sandy thanked him in her speech at the Oscars…

  • Nicole

    What an awful guy. Yuk! Dirty, trifling, and Sandra is not the type to take a bum back. Breaks my heart, she waited so long to get married because she wanted to make sure she was really in love. The only problem is no matter how sweet someone is, trailor park is trailor park and that’s where he went back to with this move. I actually opened up another site (PEREZ) which showed this woman dressed in nazi costumes revealing white power tats all over her body. So not only did he cheat he cheated with a vile and disgusting white supremacist! This is beyond low class.

  • 7

    He completely humiliated Sandra.

  • Shelly

    His walk of shame better include crawling on his knees the next time he asks Sandra to forgive him. What a dirtbag he turned out to be. Did Sandr run off and sleep with someone else when Jesse was filiming his “Dead Man” show? Ugh what an idiot. I agree with everyone else who said leave the kids alone. That poor little girl – her expression speaks volumes.

  • beth

    Whatever he did or didn’t do, the paps should leave him alone when he’s with his kids. They don’t deserve to be punished.

  • gina

    I really wish they would leave the kids alone. They can’t help that their father is a loser.

  • Dawn9476

    His poor kids. Now they have to deal with the paps following them around while their douche bag father takes them to school.

  • maria66


    i totally agree. It’s hard enough for the kids as it is, for them to be hounded by photographers. They should catch him at his workplace when he is among adults. I have no respect for this kind of journalism and Jared should not post this.

  • outing fame-hos

    Brunette Miss McGee claims she made email contact with James in April 2009 when she was looking for a modelling job with his company, West Coast Choppers. A week later, they met and had sex on his Los Angeles office couch ‘two or three times’.

    Read more:

    Wonder if this floozy knows the little girl’s mother? After all, she contacted James 1st, saved any texts, which seemed to mostly one-sided and it is her word against his. What was McGee hoping to gain from James and why wait until after the Oscars?

  • outing fame-hos

    Hmm, 2 or 3 times? That many? Most people can remember how many times they had sex in a setting. Usually if they have sex on a damn couch…it is only once. I thought that garage was a busy place, people going in and out all the time.

  • happy girl

    He is fug. And a cheater to boot. What a pig! Team Sandra!!

  • happy girl

    He is fug. And a cheater to boot. What a pig! Team Sandra!!

  • Holly

    When a story like this breaks, its one thing to photograph the cheater, its another to photograph his daughter and include her picture in the story. The kids need to be left out of this, its bad enough that their family is probably ruined now, they don’t need to be stalked to boot. I can only imagine the questions and comments from curious classmates that hear their parents talking at home….

  • Josie

    LOL I love the title. He is a scuzzbag. I feel so bad for the little girl. Sandra is the only mother figure she has in her life and now, because of her father’s selfish actions, she will be taken away from her.

  • Avid Fan

    He seemed so fortunate to be with someone like Sandra. I can’t believe he’d throw that all away just to be with some disgusting side show reject no decent man would ever give the time or day. What an a**hole!

  • Hun81

    Okay … Over this ….. this guy gonna go over the edge. Leave him and his family alone now so he can work it out.

    Hopefully Sandra has left him for good … but he need to deal with that know. All these photogs in his and his kids faces is NO GOOD. Let them be.

  • middle-aged hippie

    It appears that he has made the mistake of his life. However, let’s not be too quick to judge. (Even though he has apologized for SOMETHING!) I frankly do not trust McGee in the least. She may be setting him up. A white supremacist is not the most trustworthy person on this earth.

  • Rhonda

    the little girl looks pissed!

  • Avid Fan

    @middle-aged hippie:

    Who cares what her political views are? The point is she’s a disgusting Skank that would make even the Fuhrer himself want to throw up.

  • Rocky

    @Avid Fan:

    OMG! Too funny! Like the Fuhrer would have her. Adolph didn’t like tats! She would have been sent to concentration camp for the low class Nazi’s to have. I mean, low class to low class — HEAR ME JESSE!! LOOOOOOOOW CLASS!!

  • martha

    Jared, don’t publish papz pictures of the innocent kids. I’m really displeased you’ve done this.

  • happy girl

    why else would a low profile dweeb like him send out a public apology??? and sandra moved out. he CHEATED. like john edwards, he will pretend it did not happen then admit to it later on. but the apology clearly says he cheated. anyone who can’t see that would also be taken for a ride by a guy like this. he cheated on a nice woman who was way too good for him. move on sandra and don’t look back! and he is fug!

  • Paty

    What he did to Sandra was low, but what he did to his kids is inexcusable. Look at that poor little girl, daughter of a drug addict porn movies star, who lost her guard due to negligence. Sandra was the chance of a stable home and remarkable parent for this little girl, who I can only imagine has already been through hell….and back again….
    Disgusting dick head and lame excuse for a ‘man’.

  • Cora

    @Holly: I agree. I’m happy for the paps to humiliate Jesse as much as possible but I wish they would leave the kids out of it.

  • sabrina

    Paparazzi, gossip media, and etc…..all leads to Jesse James as a cheater! He feels sorry? Why he’s still wearing his wedding band? What a joke.

    I really thought JJ and Sandra made a kick arse couple. I guess not.
    I hope Sandra leaves this jerk she deserves a MAN not a douchebag!

  • Jokergurl

    Leave his kids out of these photographs please, it just isn’t right. As for Sandra, she’s strong, lovely, talented, she will bounce back, it just sucks that all the focus is on this scandal and not on her acting accolades for The Blind Side. HUGS for Sandy.