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Joslyn James Releases Tiger Woods' Text Messages

Joslyn James Releases Tiger Woods' Text Messages
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  • Go Ask Alice

    What about showing the real Joslyn p o rn Star?
    Why did she hire Gloria Allred?
    Why has Gloira Allred lowered herself in represting this sh anks wh ores?
    Represent what?
    Why did Joslyn P orn Star not release her messages asking,asnwering Tiger?
    The texts alone of Tiger are rather usless and silly.
    It is like a one sided converstaion?

    As a society, and media , we really need to rid ourselves of these sha anks:
    Ashely Dupree, Rachel Uchitel, Michelle Bombsehll McGee, ReVille Hunter, etc.

  • Ilan Ben Menachem

    I do not know why she publish her all the mesages

  • Sandy B.

    This Joslyn chick is pure trash. She needs to give it up no one is going to sympathize with you in this situation.

  • BeReal

    You ask why? Isn’t it plain to see? She has zero self-esteem, that’s why. Who knows how many men abused or molested her when she was a child??? I feel sorry for the path she chose. Better question is why are so many men ABUSING so many women and then calling them whores? What does that make the man? An angel in white entitled to spit on women.

    It’s disgusting all the way around. God have mercy on their souls…

  • ert

    testing 123

  • Tealeaf

    I bet Gloria Allred encouraged her to do this…

  • ICU

    Please! This woman or any of those women involved were not lied to, they knew Tiger was married and exactly who he was, they know what type of moral character they have or they would not be screwing a rich, married man and they also knew what he was using them for. These women did what they wanted to do with a married man, knowing that he was not going to give up his family for them. Tiger DID apologize to the ONLY people that MATTER, his FAMILY. He was completely wrong and also has no moral ethics, but now all of these sluts are pulling out the ‘victim’ card? Come on!

  • Rhonda

    she’s a whore, paid for sex! Gloria Allred defends the whores, they want more money! Whores always want more money! they should a whore union!

  • sillyme

    Geez, I guess this Joslyn James didn’t get paid…or the offer wasn’t big enough to keep her quiet. If I was Tiger, I’d just ignore it and move on. Everybody already knows he’s a jerk for what he did. Once she runs out of text messages, then what’s she gonna do? Probably write a book, I guess. But, even that won’t sell too much because nobody cares.

  • Ryan

    Joslyn James, from the quorum of bosomy broads who diddled with Tiger Woods‘ doodle…or is it doodled with his diddle. Actually, neither, if you go by the salacious texts that poor, little victim of poontang, Joslyn endured…then released to the media…really?!? Who can feel sorry for anyone that makes choices with open eyes and hires someone like Gloria Allred. Is Gloria Allred their madam…or what? Read more at Huffington Post approved blog, IMeanWhat?!?

  • fed up mistress are famous

    ALL OF YOU Tiger is not around to see any of it…so there goes the
    thrill of seeing dirty messages.. to bad you can’t do this to everyday
    people and blackmail them and tell their wives .. you would get more
    of a thrill ..Gloria is for all the pig Whores …. Rielle Hunter is one of
    them tooo.. so get to work Gloria

  • BeReal

    Oh please! If if his so called family MATTERED in the first place, he wouldn’t of done any of this to begin with!!

    He’s just sorry he got caught. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • She’s Delusional

    She’s bordering on extortion…where are her texts to him? “America deserves to know…?” All of these pathetic creatures are delusional if they think most of America is like them and want to know of their creepy sex lives. We don’t want to know as we are not trailer park white trash druggies. They can all crawl into a big cave and let a wild bear ravage them.

  • Boo-Hoo Bitch

    Why is she crying when she is a porn star use to having freaky sex with men, women and everything else with a pulse, for money. She’s a skank and Tiger is a freak, they belong together. men will do things with sluts like her that they would never do with their wives.

  • nursedatingsite

    I love Tiger

  • MR. Sekss


  • Jokergurl

    Yeah by all means lets give another idiot woman that claims she cheated with Tiger Woods the spotlight, just shut these women up! I’m sure his wife Elin has heard enough about these women.

  • edenfantasys_sex_toys

    Honestly if my Husband cheated on me like this I would boot him out, divorce him and take him for as much as I could. And then if I had the money and time I’d take his mistress on too. Why? Because Im vindictive.
    That’s why I’m not gonna judge this woman, because I can imagine what kind of pain she suffers..,
    Please, leave her alone…