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Kate Bosworth Lunches at Hugo's in Hollywood

Kate Bosworth Lunches at Hugo's in Hollywood

Kate Bosworth grabs lunch with a pal at Hugo’s in West Hollywood on Thursday (March 18) wearing a neutral ensemble.

The 27-year-old actress stepped out without her rumored boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard.

Kate and Alex were spotted out on Tuesday having lunch with friends – although they haven’t confirmed they’re dating, spies said the two looked like more than just friends!

FYI: Kate toted around a Jil Sander sand tubular handle leather bag.

For more pics, check out X17!

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  • cute

    Cute girl. Needs a new stylist.

  • kdots

    What spies? The publicist who calls the paps for her?

  • brightside

    Androgynous and robotic – disturbing! Very creepy – she looks like a clothes store manniquin come to life!

  • hmmm

    She isn’t very attractive when she’s not dolled up for premieres.

  • canuck

    I love neutrals but this is just plain bland.
    Girl needs some colour.

  • my3cents

    I think the skirt is too long and she needs a bit more makeup.

  • xcited

    Bosworth has a fivehead and should not slick her hair back like that.

  • Casper

    It’s Casper the Friendly Ghost!

  • truly

    kate has a very square chin.

  • T.O.

    Skeleton walking.

  • Nicci

    She is disgusting looking! Like the walking dead! And spies! mean Kate(herself), her publicist, her stylist, and her assistant. Sorry but she is not worthy of these posts you keep putting on here. She doesn’t work and when she does it’s ALWAYS awful. And she is a total sk*ank and completely skankwrecking Skarsgard’s image. She totally called the paps and does all the time so she can get the attention this desperate seeks at all times. These two and their bs makes me not want to see Straw Dogs at all…did in the beginning b/c of Alexander but not now because of this desperate h*. Over it and her! Post about great actresses and good people. She is def not it.

  • Hot spotter

    @truly: She is square from head to toe. Square forehead, chin, shoulders, hips. Bad look for this one.

  • Piper

    ha ha you’re funny, Jared. this girl hasn’t “lunch” since 2000.

  • Nicci

    Isn’t this one a homewrecker too! Hey, Kate, can you hook me up with Coldplay tickets!!! Hahaha!!

  • SHO

    I wonder why the paps are following her. She doesn’t seem to be in the mags too often. Who do they sell these images to? Not much money to be made from selling to blogs.

  • eva

    @xcited: @Casper: @T.O.: @Hot spotter: @Piper: okay can you guys let me get up from the floor now? I am so LMAO right now. You guys are toooo funny. Okay now JJ why is relevant again.?Talking about a fame*****!!! What a chickenhead!!!

  • Nate

    total hottie

  • bones

    Why do chicks with huge foreheads insist on slicking their hair back? Makes them look fug.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …casper the fugly ghost, the fugliest ghost you’ll know. ahahahahahahahahahaaaa..

  • Sway

    @Nate: Nah, she’s a nottie. Used to be so cute too. What a shame. Hollyweird does bad shit to actresses. They stop eating.

  • just saying

    Kate, the center part looks even worse on you than Gwyneth. I know you to be like more ways then one *wink*…but knock it off.

  • Christelle

    This bag of bones again?

  • Stella

    To each his/her own but this is not my idea of chic.
    Kate needs a new stylist or a better one for her every day looks.

  • dipsy

    True Blah.

  • lovely

    KB looks half-dressed and the pulled back hair style emphasizes her thick neck.

  • L

    Not a fan of the outfit.

  • Fugnation

    Hmmmm… do I need to say anything.

  • Sarah

    She looks so boring in that outfit. Like a dowdy alien.

  • Lola

    She and Rachel Bilson should hang out.

  • piperwest12

    She eats?!

  • Squirrel

    Oh dear, the fat and ugly fangirls are out for blood. Kate looks amazing!

  • Ugh we go again. what does this one do to get on here so much. does the check come once a week JJ. she is just on here doing what she does EVERY SINGLE DAY of the week. Get up, call the paps, tell them where you are going to be, then go and pretend to eat, shop, etc, call jj first to post them, and go stick your finger down your throat. this girl has a serious problem. she cannot live without constant media attention and that is sad. there are tons of other celebrities out there actually working please put them on here. they deserve it. not this one. she is totally ruining alex’s image right now. people are ripping him up on the blogosphere and saying that his movies are crap and not to go and see them. all b/c of her image rubbing off on him. this pr game she(they) play is ridic and the public is so much more hip to that now. i’m sure kate hates alex’s fans but they are the ones who made him and the ones who can break him too. just sayin.

  • Sweet

    Kate looks lovely and healthy. Obese fangirls are ridiculous.

  • Phoebe

    JJ, honest to God, why do you keep posting about Kate Bosworth? She hasn’t had a movie out since 2008. Movies that might come out maybe eventually, or might go straight to dvd, are hardly impressive considering the actors out there who actually do work.

    Enough, ok? Please?

  • Simone

    Is that Casper the ghost?

  • Dowdy Alien

    No… it’s the Beige Hornet.

  • Dowdy Alien

    Her special powers include urban camouflage, stick fighting and the unique ability to get her name in the news while doing little to no work.

  • del

    That hair……………

  • Ugh

    @del And those EARS……..?!?!?!?!

  • :(

    dentures fatties here we go again :(

  • cal

    the part in her hair needs to go. And Alex is ugly.

  • reba

    Kate is on here so much b/c she does have style, just like Bilson. That being said, this isn’t one of her best looks… I like the shoes though. Hair and no make-up, not so much.

  • ???

    She just ‘happened’ to go to the same restaurant that Orlando and Miranda were spotted at last week? Some coincedence, huh?
    I guess that she got her wires crossed. She though that Orlando was flying back to LA on the 18th, not the 19th.

  • Katee

    There’s the teenie weenie woman AGAIN. That’s what I get for coming to the JustKate buzznet. Where’s the teenie wiener boyfriend?
    So you’re saying if you don’t like Kate, you’re a obese fatty? Everyone’s a obese fatty compared to that bobble-headed stick person, even you Squirrel and :( Sorry. :D

  • Sandra

    She’s absolutely stunning. One of the few who can get away with no make-up.

  • lol

    @Lola: They’ve been trying to hook up but even Bilson has less free time than Bosworth.

  • brightside

    Her skin looks plastic. I don’t actually think she eats, just oils her parts with WD40 occasionally when they begin to stick. Definitely an android – a less expensive and female version of Data from Star Trek TNG….

    ….or a pod person…

  • evathediva

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? I’m not fat/obese and look great and healthy. Her part in the middle of that big forehead..FAIL!!!!

  • weeeks..

    i dont know how it works in hwood.. i guess people can be famous just by having lunch in some ‘hip’ place .. its patheatic.. i dont think she really eats anyway…
    she does look s like casper though…LOL..

  • sick

    Yuku hate board gals at it again, I see. Ladies I’ve seen your pics & hate to break it to ya but Kate’s prettier than all of you combined. Fact! You still claim she’s “irrelevant” and “boring” but every single KB post, you troop on out and post the same drivel…your obsession is really sad.